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  1. hmmm, okay. I'll show them active again. They are being used again after evidently being in the boneyard for over a month.
  2. While the Swedish Issaquah terminal might makes sense, it's still not a completely logical reason they're still hanging on to the 1100s. The reason I say this is that occasionally, we'll see 3700s on the 200 and 40-footers on the 236/238. Therefore, if they were to completely retire the remaining four 1100s, they could use 3700s on the 200 and 7300s as needed on the 236/238. eta: I just looked at the Swedish Hospital loop on Google SV and I don't see the reason it would prohibit using a 40-footer (I don't think they'd want to use a 40-footer on it regularly anyway, however). Is that routing flagged somewhere as a hazard where they do not want a 40-footer in that loop? And, there was once talk of the route 200 being privatized --perhaps Hopelink or similar. Since it's heavily subsidized by city of Issaquah, I know at one time the city was considering contracting with a service that would cost less than using Metro. A bit of history: When the 200 was first started in the mid 90's, it used very small cutaway vans that were painted white ...smaller than the Champions that would be used later. It was mostly funded by the developer of the Issaquah Commons and ran from the Park and Ride to the Issaquah Senior Center by the way of the Commons, down Gilman, up Front Street to the old location of the Senior Center at Memorial Field. I remember it more for the controversy that involved the union and Metro at the time. The Issaquah shuttle was the first Metro route where vans were used. It was negotiated that Metro was to pay the drivers of vans at a lower rate of pay in exchange for paying a premium for driving artics (it was referred to as artic premium). Metro at the time wanted to use more vans and the Union wanted to prevent Metro from privatizing that proposed expansion they were planning involving more van routes. So I remember there was a lot of controversial negotiations going on at that time but it was eventually agreed that our own represented drivers would be paid less for driving vans but paid a bit more for driving artics and mass privatizing was able to be delayed. Of course, as drivers, we were very much opposed to privatizing where a private company would be contracted that would use non-union workers. That pay structure didn't last long, however. In fact, the way I remember it, it was only in effect for a very short period of time. Being paid less for driving vans was first to go and then, later, artic premium was dropped. As drivers, we never understood "artic premium" as generally, it's actually easier to drive an artic than it is a 40-footer. But the pay structure was based purely on "premium pay for hauling more people and less pay for driving a vehicle that potentially carries fewer people." It was really a strange time for awhile during that period. As usual, my memory isn't always accurate so this is just a little of what I remember and if anybody can add or correct any of my recollections, please feel free to do so.
  3. Another left-turning-bus-hitting-pedestrian-in-marked-crosswalk fatality. This time in Las Vegas. Woman dies after being hit by RTC bus in downtown Las Vegas Observe the left mirror head they use and the height it's mounted --exactly what I'm opposed to-- in the news clip video ...HERE (go to about :13)
  4. As of today, there are only ten new Gillig Low-Floors (7430-7494) (HERE*) remaining to be activated. There are approximately 20 D40LF coaches (HERE*) still in service yet to be retired. Therefore, I'm guessing that the new Gillig LF coaches will not quite replace the 3600s one-for-one ...about ten short of doing that? Does that mean that they will have to keep at least ten 3600 coaches in service indefinitely? And let's not forget about the four 1100 coaches (HERE*) still in service that should have been gone by now --so that's another four coaches that the new Gilligs will not replace on a one-for-one, direct or indirect basis. The incoming Proterras may allow the complete retirement of the 3600s and 1100s as they are eventually added to the fleet so it may be awhile before the D40LF and 30-foot Phantoms are completely retired. Any other 40-footers on order? I don't have any inside info so please update wiki if you have any knowledge as to what's exactly on order and/or waiting to be put in service. * I'm doing my best in attempting to see that the following wiki pages are updated on a daily basis if needed: 1100, 3600, 7200, 7300-7400 and when time permits, the 3700 and 2600 series. I'm ignoring the rest of the fleet as it's impossible to do everything myself so if any other editors out there want to pitch in, I'm sure we'd all appreciate it.
  5. For those who aren't following Dan Ryan over on STB, Metro is accelerating the goal for the transition to fully electric from 2040 to 2035 but considers it a goal and not a requirement. Is Los Angeles still using 2030 as their projection? January 21: County considers fully electric bus fleet by 2035 despite warnings of service cuts January 22: Battery bus amendment sets 2035 goal, not requirement
  6. I went ahead and made the changes you've pointed out with the exception of 2642. 2642 shows active on January 18th/19th which was over the past weekend on Saturday with its last trip starting at 12:16 AM or a bit after midnight on Sunday operating the route 7 / 49. Let's leave that one showing "active" for awhile longer. The rest on your list haven't been observed in service for over a month so it's safe to assume that they are actually retired. Should you acquire editor status, please keep an eye on the 2600s and update as needed as it's tedious for me to navigate such a large wiki page. It sounds as if you may already have the skills necessary for wiki editing? I'm an old fart who has a difficult time with it and it takes me a long time to make sure my edits are being done accurately.
  7. *bonks self in head* ...makes perfect sense. Believe me, I'm not as stupid as I look. Or maybe I am? Thanks Articulated!
  8. I really hadn't noticed this before and it could have been this way all along and I just didn't notice but I see that whenever I make an edit, the date that corresponds to it is one day ahead of the actual date. Example, the edits I made today, January 21, I now see are all labeled "January 22" Perhaps the wiki time zone is set for another continent by default? If so, can it be reset to the North American continent?
  9. I've been busy attempting to update the 3600 page pertaining to retirements and also tracking and updating the new Gillig arrivals so haven't been able or have had the time to edit the 2600-2700 page. Hopefully, I'll be able to get to it eventually if another editor doesn't beat me to it ...it would be nice to have somebody else beat me to updating that page, however.
  10. Thanks, Tom! I was hoping that somebody such as yourself would step in to correct me as I was just guessing based on my limited knowledge of bus history. I was just focused on that windshield but had I done further research before posting, I would have been able to see the characteristics you mention like the "the side windows, headlamps and Thermomatic intake" are wrong. I just now searched for a 1940 Yellow Coach TD4502 and now I see what you've pointed out ...here's two restored Los Angeles Yellow Coach DT4502s I just pulled up and I now see what you're saying: --examples one, two Thanks!
  11. Very interesting comments! And I didn't realize the recent spike in BLDP as I haven't paid much attention to it for the past decade or so. I did read recently, however, that they are still not making a profit.
  12. I initially believed in the future of fuel cells. However, it's been a rocky road. When Ballard Power Systems (BLDP) offered publicly traded stock in the U.S. during late 1990s (earlier, however, on the Toronto SE), I bought some. I watched it skyrocket along with the tech boom (i.e. "bubble"). I eventually sold it in 2002 at a very tiny profit before it bottomed-out around 2005. It hasn't done much since and has bled red ink for years. This Canadian company is focusing its future on heavy duty vehicles such as buses and trucks. However, fuel cell technology is losing ground to electric battery buses as we all know. I still wonder if fuel cells can overcome their inherent weaknesses and compete with battery electric buses sometime in the future.
  13. Wow! I'm impressed with that photo. Is that bus still around? I'm thinking it's rare to actually see one of the very first series of an "old look" Yellow Coach. Those more into history can correct me, but I believe that the 1940 to about 1942 Yellows --this was when Yellow was partially owned by GM-- had flat windshields on the 4502(?) models and not the traditional "inset" ones that we normally see built after GM completely took over Yellow around 1942 or 43 or so.
  14. Thanks, MAX BRT. Had it not been for your suggestion five years ago, I would not have thought of using this forum for chronicling these "left-turning-transit-bus-hitting-pedestrians" -type of accidents. As I've stated several times during the course of this discussion, it's an extreme concern of mine because I had two incidences of coming within inches of hitting a pedestrian while making a left turn in a transit bus. Yes, I realize that after the first one that there shouldn't have been a second close call but this is what concerns me. Even though I was "rocking-and-rolling" in the seat while making the turn*, I still missed initially seeing the pedestrians. I look back on those two incidences, both so clearly in my mind, knowing that it was for by-the-grace-of-God that I did not create a news story like the drivers did in these chronicled occurrences posted in this thread as I was able to see the pedestrian in time to stop by rocking-and-rolling in the seat but still coming within a inch or two of making contact ...way too close to being anywhere comfortable. * rocking-and-rolling is the term transit agencies use to instruct drivers how to see around this massive blind spot created by a faulty-positioned left mirror head and A-pillars that are much wider than necessary on modern transit buses. Mirror heads and A-pillars used on transit buses back when I first started driving buses in the 1970s did not present these problems or at least not in the same manner that they did until the arrival of the Gillig Phantoms and similar buses in the 1990s. That is about the same time transit agencies started using these unnecessarily large mirror heads mounted at a driver's eye-height. But yes, several reporters have done features on this problem. And as mentioned earlier, the Amalgamated Transit Union is now fully aware of the problem and has been putting pressure on transit agencies to 1) use smaller left mirror heads and mount them in a lower position, and 2) work with bus manufacturers to design buses that have thinner A-pillars. I am seeing that some transit agencies are retrofitting their left mirrors by using a smaller head unit and mounting them lower but am also observing some agencies still using the old larger mirror head and leaving it at a driver's eye-height. Although it seems that these left-turning-transit-bus-pedestrian accidents are decreasing in frequency, it is obvious that they are still happening. I believe that ATU's campaign should be more widespread and forceful. Put pressure on agencies to retrofit the left mirror ...stage a walk-out if necessary! I believe that all transit agencies should be retrofitting their fleets with smaller left mirrors that are mounted in a position that ANY driver operating the bus can see OVER the left mirror head so that the rock-and-roll shouldn't have to be as dramatic as it is to see around BOTH the mirror head and the A-pillar. Thanks again MAX BRT.
  15. Elderly man struck by RTD bus in Boulder dies at hospital -- Boulder police: Pedestrian was reportedly in crosswalk 😧
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