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  1. Steering wheels are outsourced. I'm fairly certain that Gillig themselves do not actually manufacture the steering wheel itself for the low floors. The hub --horn button insert-- can be ordered with the bus, truck, or chassis manufacturer's name in the middle. IMMI is one of the largest, if not the largest manufacturer of steering wheels used in buses, trucks, and motorhomes. For instance, I believe Metro's Gillig Phantoms used the IMMI Vector series steering wheel ...shown HERE on the IMMI website but most were the padded version. Gillig ordered the hub insert emblem with their name
  2. Thank you for your nice --and encouraging-- words. It's just when I go back and re-read what I've posted, it always sounds as if I'm being a declarative expert at what I'm writing when in actuality, I'm not. Should I post again, I will make sure that each time I'm prefacing my comments with such a disclaimer. I do appreciate your response ...it means a lot. As to your deflector inquiry, I'm not sure now. I really didn't pay that much attention to it at the time for as I commented previously, I really didn't notice the "spray problem" when the Phantoms were new as we all did when the
  3. Man, as usual, you're always right! After I had written that, I wondered about it as I started to question them being there when new but I also never remember having the same spray problem when new as the Flyers did either. Turns out to be "not so excellent" but I appreciate the thought. I've been pretty good lately about not posting stuff as I do realize that most of what I remember from those days decades ago is so foggy and not really clear in my mind but my writing comes out sounding as if I'm an authority on the subject. I attempt to post because I at least want to try
  4. Hi MVTArider! I may have posted this before but I'll summarize again (from my hazy recollection, lol). I believe it's for the same reason that they were installed on the D900 flyers under demand by drivers at the time to find a solution to a situation that was considered to be a safety issue. When the D900 Flyers were first received back in 1979, we immediately noticed that there was a horrendous problem anytime the roadway was wet in that the spray kicked up by the front tires would somehow accumulate on the left side drivers window and also on the left mirror. So much so that we cou
  5. Point of history: The predecessor coaches to 3198 and 3199 were 1850 and 1851. 1850-51 were 35' D900 Flyer coaches. The 40' D900's were the first wheelchair-lift equipped coaches that Metro acquired and were the backbone of the fleet (1979 to about 1998) until replaced by the Gillig Phantoms. Center Park is located at 2121 26th Ave S. The residents of Center Park during the late 70s were instrumental not only in initiating the special bus service at Center Park but for a lot of input on how the wheelchair lifts could be improved on buses. I remember serving on a committee at the ti
  6. I certainly agree with J. Mc. The more he plays golf at this point, the better. Again, I'm a believer in science and not conspiracy theories combined with a lot of nonsense (e.g. injecting disinfectant and powerful light into the body as a cure, etc.). Therefore, trump should stay on the golf course as much as possible and leave the decisions pertaining to getting the virus under control to scientist and medical professionals. Again, I apologize for letting my political stance clearly known. J. Mc 's post is extremely poignant and spot on using succinct wording and appropriateness.
  7. True, I agree with your specifying it being more nuanced and your perception is spot on. Republicans generally see it as you described. Most Democrats do not. Again, I used to be a Republican voter and spent thousand of dollars through the decades supporting Republican campaigns but never again will give a dime to any GOP candidate because of the lack in believing in what is essentially "science" and their very shallow and short-sighted thinking. But anybody reading what you wrote should see the absurdity in the logic of those claiming that their rights are being violated. Again, mas
  8. Pertaining to the efficacy of face masks, I tend to take as truth what "the scientists" (e.g. U.S. CDC) are advising. The use of a non-medical face mask isn't to protect the wearer. It seems many are not interpreting the efficacy in terms of who it's protecting. The wearing of a non-medical face mask is to protect those around you from YOU. Since we know that Covid19 can be asymptomatic, many might have it and not know it. Therefore, wearing a non-medical face mask is protecting those around you from your spittle just in case you are carrying the virus. The U.S. CDC's exact wor
  9. Thanks, A. Wong ! The article didn't mention the left mirrors, however. I may write to the reporter and have him view this thread. And maybe to Bradshaw too. Although bus manufacturers have some responsibility in making the windshield A-pillar as thin as possible, Edmonton Transit, in my opinion, is derelict by using those mirrors. Believe me, it makes a world of difference by not having the mirror housing blocking your vision being mounted at eye-level when making a left turn in a bus. Being able to easily see over the left mirror housing is the difference between night and day
  10. Yes! Definitely. I've always been angry at the LFR windshield design with its thick pillar. The Xcelsior's pillar design was a definite improvement. I initially thought that the Xcelsior's design was a result of the law suit that came about from the horrific 2010 TriMet accident that killed two and injured three others in a left-turn accident where the driver did not see the group legally crossing the street because her vision was blocked by the left mirror housing and A-pillar. However, the Xcelsior was designed much before that accident happened. BTW, as I said in my post of
  11. Thanks for posting. I can't tell you how much it hurts to see these accidents continue to happen especially when discovering that an agency continues to use the exact mirror and mounting position that just increases the chances of a driver not seeing a pedestrian crossing the street. The bus involved in this accident was Edmonton Transit System coach 4790, an NFI D40LFR. Edmonton Transit continues to use one of the longer/ taller left mirrors and some are mounted where they can block the vision of a driver seeing a pedestrian crossing the street as the bus is making a left turn.
  12. Hah, interesting. So the "era" continues. I'm kind of chuckling to myself. My fiddling with the wiki is futile and kind of stupid especially since it's so awkward and time consuming for me as an "elderly person" with no tech skills to struggle with the language. I'll move both the 1100s and the 3600s back to the active section and leave it to others more "in the know" to adjust the wiki page going forward.
  13. Thanks. I'll adjust the wiki when I can get to it ...unless somebody else wants to jump in to do it. It is the end of an era but not anything groundbreaking as this was scheduled to be done way before this time. Now, all the primary fleet is low-floor and hybrid, battery-electric, or ETB, correct? Because of the Sound Transit overlay, however, I suppose there will be traditional buses --high-floors, straight diesel, etc.-- around the area for a long time to come.
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