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  1. Fredericton Transit update.

    Wiki updated; thanks. 8981 is the last remaining Fredericton Transit bus with both a Detroit Diesel engine and an Allison transmission.
  2. Can't log into new Wiki page

    Hi - I've been a Wiki editor for years. I just tried logging in to the Wiki site for the first time since it moved to MediaWiki, and I can no longer log in. When I try logging in (using my CPTDB credentials, as always), it says "The supplied credentials could not be authenticated". If I click "Forgot your password" and put in my username and email address, it says that no account under that username exists. I used the provided "sign up" link to make an account, thinking that you just need a separate account to edit the Wiki now, but that seems to have only made a general MediaWiki account, and I still can't log into the CPTDB wiki. What gives?
  3. Fredericton Transit update.

    Thanks for the report! I also saw 8172, yesterday afternoon. I don't have ReadyPass due to lack of a compatible phone, so thanks for reporting what RTS's are being replaced. I'll start updating the wiki later. Edit: Wiki pages updated. There's something melancholy about having to change the introductory sentence of a bus's Wiki page to past tense..
  4. Fredericton Transit update.

    You beat me to it. Just came to announce that 8021 has indeed been retired. 8981, 8982, and 8983 will also be retired once 8172, 8173, and 8174 enter service. Didn't know 8171 was on the road already, so that's good to know!
  5. Fredericton Transit update.

    I received word that four new buses, numbered 8171 through 8174, have arrived in Fredericton. No word yet on what RTS's they will displace.
  6. CTHF 2017 Fan Trips

    How does one attend one of these charters? Is there anything to purchase or sign up for?
  7. Saint John NB Transit

    In Saint John!?
  8. Fredericton Transit update.

    8072 is back in service, after being sidelined for two years due to a transmission issue. I was on it tonight and it seemed to be working as normal. TheDuke sent me a video earlier today of 8013 driving into the garage, under its own power, to be dismantled for parts.
  9. Fredericton Transit update.

    Funny you bring that up. I know one of the early 3rd-gen low-floors (either 8111, 8112, or 8121) have doors that move so slowly, that you're sometimes 100m down the road before they finish closing and you can ring the bell!
  10. Fredericton Transit update.

    I have received word that Transit will indeed be getting the funding to purchase four buses next year, and four more the year after. This will wipe out all buses up to and including 8042.
  11. Fredericton Transit update.

    Wiki pages have been updated. Thanks to TheDuke for the shot of 8162!
  12. Fredericton Transit update.

    Fredericton Transit 8161 and 8162 have gone into service. 8013 and 8984 have been retired. 8981 is the last remaining RTS with the original "tape strip" stop calling mechanism in place.
  13. Saint John NB Transit

    Saint John Transit heads toward deficit as ridership shrinks: http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/new-brunswick/saint-john-transit-financial-troubles-1.3736926
  14. Fredericton Transit update.

    $17.3 million allocated for public transit upgrades in Fredericton and other cities: http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/new-brunswick/infrastructure-federal-deal-1.3726897
  15. Fredericton Transit update.

    Two buses were ordered a few weeks ago; no ETA on them yet. I've received word that Transit aspires to order 10 new buses in the next three years - enough to retire all buses up to and including 8041 and 8042 (as those two buses also don't have wheelchair ramps). It's a very ambitious goal, one which would require a good deal of federal funding to achieve.