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  1. will be in NYC early December...what routes can impossibly find the MTA proterra on
  2. seems like we are going back to Lettered routes...i live on the 47 and 347 (James Mowatt and 30 Ave SW) that will now become SW17...
  3. id like to submit a photo. Edmonton Radial Railway Society streetcar #42...it was built in 1912 by the St Louis Car Co. Ran in Edmonton from 1912-1951. This photo was taken inside Fort Edmonton Park outside the Ukrainian Bookstore
  4. i drove that bus several times when i was at ETS and it was a nice ride...
  5. I have recently rode their route 10 (operates midday and weekends) and ridership was pretty good ...and ya apperently the airport has started their own system with the bus area where the 747 stops as transfer point...
  6. Hey I'll be in Montreal overnight in October from the 15-16 if anyone wants to get together to transit fan I'd love to get together shoot me a message
  7. I had received notice ETS XD40 # 7000 is inside bay 6 at Patterson
  8. id like to put up WOOSH (Ft McMurray, AB) NFI Midi 2017 on the rte 99 MacDonald Island or ROAM Transit in Banff, AB on the Rte 2 Tunnel Mtn
  9. some photos from my journey to Banff/Canmore
  10. We have 5 Vanhool if anyone interested and I've driven one of then
  11. Hey guys I'm planning my 1st ever trip to Las Vegas in December from the 4 to 7. 3 days only...where is best locations to get some decent bus shots...also if ya know any train fanning areas as well great but catch is has to be accessible by transit. Your help is greatly appreciated
  12. ill be in Canmore/Banff March 25 for 1 night...ill get some photos and share
  13. i saw 6905 this morning driving WB on the Whitemud@ 122 St around 1030am...
  14. I'll be in SSM in few weeks I hope that 1 classic is still running...would love to get a ride on it....planning to get a ex OC Orion VI for sure as well
  15. Hey I'm looking to obtain few BT maps from 2000 or earlier. If anyone has any to spare can ya shoot me a PM. Thanks
  16. Saw a 2 SCT Prevost and unknown GM new look at Osman Auctions on 199 Street
  17. I've noticed a few U2 train sets have their destination signs working
  18. I saw a ROAM vinicity in a wrap but no destination signs working on Hwy 1 driving WB on Monday on my way back from BC. Dunno if was in service or not and since I was driving I could not get a pic
  19. Nice shot of my bus...loved the fact the AC was working on it
  20. If anyone is going to Heritage Festival today. I got 6006 out on the Davies Park N Ride till 1700 hrs. Very rare except special events that the orions go out on weekends
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