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  1. 4459 is off loaded and sitting in Leslie yard now. It had to be off loaded Monday Leave it to you and other for off loading and in service info as we leave for Europe on the 20th on a fact finding trip and holiday until Aug
  2. That is my take when I saw it over a week ago. Need one for the 103 unless they plan on moving the current location to the layout which means a route change. The 103 will disappear once the LRT is up and running. Since all existing stops are to be service once the LRT is running, either the 19 is brought back that will either stay on Hurontario 100% or doing the split with 2 and 17. This is still an on going review, but all existing stops are to be service due stop spacing and locations.
  3. What the Hell..............Where the communications???..................Does the right hand know what the left is doing??? Taking the other haft to the eye doctor today and waiting for our bus, noticed the #8 bus turning off Central Parkway, not Elm Dr like it normally does that was odd. Head to Heartland to swap data from the old laptop to a new on after the Dr. Hit CCTT and scratch my head at what I was seeing at the terminal. CCTT was closed to all buses a week ago to allow things to be install across the driveways. All of Rathburn was fully pave where it hadn't been paved as well. Saw cutting was under way in front of CCTT to install a gas line as I saw the marking on the road last week, Excavation was to start at City Centre and go west to Duke of York for the gas line. Why not do it when there was no paving in place?? Was told they were doing it backward. Got on the #3 bus with no problems until we turn onto Elm and came to a complete stop. The bus and traffic couldn't go east on Elm and cross Hurontario St as it was close and block off. The bus backup to go backup to Burnhamthrope to get to Hurontario to get to Elm. Elm is 100% close on the west side of Hurontario to allow various infrastructure to be install. The bus driver had no info on the road closure and was on the phone to Dispatch about the closure. Either the closure happen after he pass through the area to get to CCTT or was a relief driver who wasn't told the buses were on detour or how long it would be. No info at CCTT to inform riders that the 3 and 8 were on detour. Did the contractor not pass on info onto Transit management about the closure or did transit fail to inform everyone of the plan detour?? Then the contractor has add asphalt curbs in front of the existing shelter preventing buses get to the sidewalk once traffic is shift to the south side of Rathburn in July. Are they going to put the wood platforms in front of the curb to allow riders on/off the Buses??
  4. 4457 has reenter service on 501 after arriving in Lambton May 4th and off loaded May 24 Looks like 4466 still in the service bay
  5. Hard to say when 4459 will be off loaded as 4466 has been in the service bay the last few day. It could be next week if 4466 is loaded and CP Swap cars or the following week. Then, 4466 could not be going to QC and only the flats being remove to place 4459. Time will tell.
  6. Thanks. I assume 4466 was on site like the others and never check it. Since this is supposed to be last one unless things have change, 4466 will be place on the flat at some point. 4459 could be in Toronto this week or next if the 70 plus days is kept subject to CP timeframe for movement. 4460 is about 2 weeks behind 4459
  7. 4458 has been off loaded and 4466 has taken its spot on the flat. Should be in Leslie Yard on Wed. Unless things have change, 4466 is the last car to be ship to QC. If short turn around remain for 4466, it should be back early Sept and reenter service either by the end of Sept or early Oct. This well close the book for the weld issue. Now we set back and wait for the return of 4471 and 4478 that are still in TB that have been off TTC property close to 1300 days. At the same time, we can look forward to the deliveries of 4604-4664 starting late 2023
  8. 4458 is at the dock to be off loaded. Another car in Lambton yard at the west end of the yard, but can't see the number as behind other cars. Could be 4465 or another car. 4466 should be the last car to be ship to QC after it replace 4458 spot on the flat.
  9. 4452 has reenter service on 512 after arriving May 10 As for 4464 error, I thought I fixed it to 4465 as I did else where. From what I have been told, 4401 welds have been fixed like all the other cars that have been shipped La Pocatiere. The reason it took so long before being shipped to Thunder Bay, a full inspection was done on the car as well the weld to make sure there were no other things to be fix under warranty work. Since 4401 was the first car to see welds fix, various option/method were looked at to see which was the best way to move forward on the other 66 cars as well make sure staff was doing the welding correctly. Aluminum welding is a lot different than steel or stainless steel welding that not every welder have the skill to do 2 or 3 methods, let alone aluminum.
  10. May 24 4457 has been off loaded I assuming 4464 has taken 4457 spot on the flat leaving 2 more car to be ship
  11. Na, it was a 50-50 shot based on past moves with the first car remaining the last car to be off loaded. Nice to see it was wrong. 2 more to be ship and will be done once 4458 is return with 4466 been ship the first week of June. Don't use Nextbus for tracking cars. Thanks for the update
  12. Maybe wrong, but looks like 4457 will be next to be off loaded after arriving May 4 in Lambton. 4452 racking a lot of time in Lambton since it arrival on March 23
  13. Saw this yesterday and not sure if it was in service or going to the garage after departing Hurontario Stop on Dundas St E going east. No large group of riders waiting for a bus after it departed. This bus die 2 minutes from my stop on Cawthra after waiting 15 minutes for it. The next one show up 30 minutes later at crush load and standing by the driver that it almost went close doors.
  14. 4454 has reenter service on 511 after being off loaded April 12
  15. This is an election year and MT budget saw the same thing like it has in the past that has no meat on it. With the lack of buses and low ridership and drivers, it best to use what is on hand for the most ridership routes. 100 has perform poorly from day one; 110 is a waste of resources south of UToM and 104 is not needed at all. 101 is not needed west of Erindale Station. Quality of service has been poor on a number of routes that you have 2-3 buses missing in a row at various times. Seen the first bus on Sunday on Route 3 show up 10 minutes late too many times. Route 3 is seeing a higher number of riders going into/out of Toronto since the first of the year. Construction on a number of routes doesn't help schedules or the riders as well lack of funds to put extra buses on those routes. Ridership on a number of routes have increases to the point you have peak load and crush load during off peak. Council has held back the last 4 years funding bus replacement while waiting for the Feds to fund them to the point buses fleet are below what what is needed for spares that is too low in the first place. At the end of the day, lack of riders has hurt every system in NA and their budgets. Mississauga is maintaining the $1 fare off peak while Brampton is free for those over 65.
  16. 4456 has been off loaded. Assume 4463 has taken 4456 spot on the flat
  17. My dates are the same as yours. I use https://www.timeanddate.com/date/durationresult.html to put in the date the cars are loaded and off loaded to get X dates. Don't use the extra 1 day. Unless I used the wrong date for off loading or in Lambton for the wrong timeframe, but it looks like I haven't done updating for some time based on the current update for my errors. As for 4451, I sure miss that as I haven't been following it daily it like I normal due for the others for some reason. Never check that day as I was out of town. Its also the first car to reenter service under 20 days. TTC has to be at the bottom of CP moves to have cars pick-up and drop off at Hillcrest these days that range from 5-3x days. 8 days so far for 4462 to be pick-up.
  18. Thanks for the corrections as a few typo on my part. As for 4456 and 4457, based on CP deliveries these days is why I said end of May or earlier/later for being drop off at Hillcrest. 4456 is currently 54 days, 4457 is 34 days, 4458 is 30 days. 4456 has the best chance being back on TTC property this month. 4451 enter service on April 24 and late posting it 4452 is supposed to be at Hillcrest to be off loaded this week. It currently 108 days
  19. 4449 is off loaded and assumed 4462 has taken it place on the transporter. It was loaded on Dec 3 for shipping. 4452 will be the next one to be off loaded that has also been sitting in Lambton since March 16 like 4449. Based on CP moves, 4452 maybe off loaded next Tuesday. Next car to be off loaded will be at the end of May or so. 4 more cars to be ship.
  20. TTC has started to string KQQR intersection, Tracks are installed west of Sunnyside loop waiting for more roadbed to be pour as well rail before concrete can be pour to anchor them. TTC will be using the poles of the carhouse to help with the stringing of Sunnyside Loop.
  21. https://www.infrastructureontario.ca/Partner-Selected-RER-GO-Regional-Express-Rail-Corridor/ https://www.infrastructureontario.ca/Backgrounder-Go-Rail-Expansion-Program-On-Corridor-Works-Project/
  22. 4455 is showing been off loaded and assuming 4461 has taken it place. The tracker I had show it sitting at Hillcrest last Thurs as well the last few days. I took the sitting at Hillcrest with a gain of salt until TTC rider posting. The few times I been to the yard lately, haven't seen the cars
  23. Toronto’s TTC Awards Contracts for 565 Buses to NFI
  24. Some way I was sure 4455 (76 days) was the next car to be off loaded Thurs, as it started tracking at Hillcrest and the other were no showing up at all. Will 4449 be the last to be off loaded considering it the longest car off site when it arrived and still is at 136 days??
  25. 4454 is now off loaded after being loaded Jan 19 (83 day) 4460 has taken 4454 spot on the flat. How fast will CP remove this flat and replace it with another this week??
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