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  1. This driver was just been an ash hole since he is the only one I have seen not telling riders not to pay a fare and to pay it on the next bus. Drivers do not have to cover any short falls since there are no short fall between what put in the fare box and what the system says. In many cases, there is more money in the fare box than should be as various riders don't have the correct change and put in larger bills to cover the trip. There are times drivers will allow riders on that are short in change. For the senior, that $1 2 hour transfer trip became a $3.10 trip as their round trip was after 3:30pm. That may seem small to some ppl, but not to some of the riders based on current cost of living on a fix income. A $1 here, $1 there adds up very quickly. I have stated for over a decade that not every riders has the funds to buy tickets, passes, Presto Card and have funds on it or be top off as they only earn money on a daily base nor a bank account
  2. New bus bays on Dixie Rd have been built that are longer than the current one at Dixie Mall. Both Dixie Rd Stops at Bloor under construction with stops south of Bloor The driver of 1019 on route 3 should be given a holiday and pay back the riders he rip off by not telling then that the printer wasn't working and pay their fare on the next bus they get on like all the drivers that I have seen saying this. The driver said nothing until riders ask for a transfer and said the printer was working. Over a dozens riders were caught with no transfer after paying their fare after I got on until I got off and expect a lot more were going have the same thing happening to them until the problem was fix. Went up to the driver after a few cases and said why don't you cover the fare box and tell them to pay on the next bus like other do when the system crap out. His response was you pay your fare to ride my bus regardless if the printer/system not working. No customer service person who waiting for that retirement day. A number of riders going to complain about this driver. All riders will have to pay a double fare thanks to this driver. It leaves a black eye on the system and other drivers.
  3. LRV Arrived September 29/2012 As A Prototype, LRV Shipped To Thunder Bay July 22/2013 (318 Days), LRV Arrived Rebuilt July 4/2014 (357 Days), LRV Enter Service August 31/2014 (58 Days), LRV Shipped To La Pocatiere Quebec For Welding Issues September 07/2018 (1479 Days), LRV Return October 03/2019 (291 Days), LRV Re-enter Service November 21/2019 (49 Days), 4466 was the 67 and last car to have welds fix, but it was determined that it wasn't needed. I am assuming TTC made the call and other can correct me if this is wrong.
  4. 4460 has finally reenter service on 501 and this close the books on the welding issues for the 66 cars 100%. Since 4460 was off loaded Sept 13 and going into service today, it taken 68 days. This is the longest returns to service since 2020 and goes hand in hand for its 190 days for its return trip. 4460 is still showing last see 8 hours ago like it has been doing for the past 2 weeks. It spent Friday and Saturday out testing. This thread should be dead now for the 6-9 months until 4471 & 4478 show or the Frist of the next 60 cars been added to the fleet.
  5. It going to be tough to see service on Finch by the end of 2023 based on my trip along it yesterday. A lot of infrastructure still has to be done before the guideway can be built and still saying early 2024 opening. Still in line what I saw for the first time this year for an opening date. Still taking 10-15 minutes to go a few blocks like the last time. My trip was unplan and try shooting videos with the DSRL since my video camera die and waiting for a new one that most likely not show up until 2023. After 4 tries to shot the videos, gave up as I was having a hard time keeping the camera on the dashboard caused by the rough road and the weaving. Very rare for me to be in this area in the first place to do any shooting. The best two videos I could save with normal speed and fast speed. First One between Keele and Jane <https://youtu.be/z58EWxpAuvw> <https://youtu.be/GLuyh6vtIPc> 2nd one west of the 400 <https://youtu.be/VhH0xh48d5g> <https://youtu.be/xgbuRe-JXQk>
  6. Wondering if Mississauga had issues like a number of US Systems had for their Nova Buses that NovaBus issue a recall on various buses back on Aug 10 regarding the steering system. Supposed to be an 3 hour fix "Canada-based Nova Bus issued a recall notice Aug. 10 for defects in steering equipment on some buses"
  7. It will be interesting to see where GO, go for it next batch of buses. None of the transit system I saw in Europe this summer don't have double deck buses anymore. Compare to 2012 trip, 60' buses have replace the DD and most are eBuses. Rode 5 different types and they had different charging system, this includes 40' buses. Most have different type of pole raising from the bus roof up to the overhead charging system that are at bus terminals or end of the route. Milan and Rotterdam 40's use overhead while the rest use plug-in at the garage. Most charging was done within 10 minutes to a point some didn't need to be charge. Milan use a dropdown system for their 40's Pass a number of towns by rail like 2012 and saw no DD, other than 40's and 60's that have replace them.
  8. Look for them around the summer of 2023 as they should arrive just ahead of 4604 or 46xx what TTC is going to use number wise. It only been 1291 days since TTC saw 4471 and 1371 days for 4478. Both most likely will have the various changes TTC wants in the new 60 cars.
  9. 4465 has finally reenter service on 510 after being off loaded Sept 13, 43 days ago. This leaves 4460 that could reenter service around the middle of Nov to close the book 100% for the weld issues.
  10. As it stands, buses are been allocated to routes that need more service than others regardless of size and colour that there is an imbalance of both colour and size fleet wise. Some of those so call extra trippers are buses schedule to go into service on X route for peak service and this is killing 2 birds with one stone. With the delivery of the first 165 hybrid buses to to start showing up mid-late Nov and fully deliver in 2023, the issue with imbalance within the fleet cannot be fully address until then. Surprise surprise, late delivery is due to supply chain issues. Don't expect to see any new buses in service until Jan 1st, unless there are more failure with the buses due to retire before then. As for the northbound stop at Bloor on Dixie is both an safety issue as well a non accessibly stop. Time to close off those turning lanes to build the side walkout along closing the south entrance to the gas station and put the bus stop there, or put it at the corner on the south side. They are doing this on Hurontario now with Eglinton being the first one done. More buses are been assign to route 2 for Oct 28-31 to dealing with traffic delays as well longer trips time and staying with the schedule time. Route 8 will remain as is.
  11. 4460 has finally return from Quebec and is now off loaded at Hillcrest. It was loaded on April 12 This close the book for the welding issues and car going to/from Quebec 4465 still not ready to reenter service after been return Sept 13
  12. Here is the plan route change for Oct 28-31 for Route 2 QEW and Hurontario Construction Notice.pdfQEW and Hurontario Construction Notice.pdf
  13. Stay away from the QEW starting Oct 28-31 in Mississauga as you will be in a major traffic jam. This was to had taken place Thanksgiving weekend with a 65 hour closure, but wasn't ready for the closure considering it was known 2 years ago. The east side of Hurontario St is close and will be dug up for both direction to allow for the push box for the "NEW" 3 northbound lanes to be push into position and the existing QEW lanes rebuilt. "ALL" QEW traffic will use a 2 lane off/on ramp to bypass the closure. The existing Northbound lanes will be converted for the LRT. As far as I know, no Hurontario traffic will be allow to use the ramps as it would slow down the QEW traffic a lot more. Route 2 is on Major Detour by the Queensway-Cawthra-Lakeshore as far as I know at this time <https://blog.metrolinx.com/2022/10/13/weekend-restrictions-on-qew-partial-closure-of-hurontario/>
  14. Oct 9 It been 11 years since I last shot this locomotive pushing an Westbound Train A Port Credit GOT 647 was a hell lot quitter than 671 that was real loud arriving at PC and became quitter after starting to move again. Have never heard 671 been this loud every time I have seen it to date.
  15. True, but not the way Council looks at it. They want to know how many boarding takes place yearly and how to keep transit from eating a bigger chunk of the yearly budget. Today ratio is nearly the same as it was 20 years ago, yet the population has exceeded its projected numbers by 20% and will be seeing over 1.2 million come 2040 with a transit system not able to handle it like today. Can't have density in a few areas like what been plan as it will not help a system as a whole, not a part here and there with no real connection city wide.
  16. The question is , what is the model split today and what was it 20 years ago?? What was the population of Mississauga 2002 and what is it today? What was the projected numbers for Mississauga population for 2025 and what is it today? What year was it based on? What does it cost to put someone in the driver seat today based on 10 minute service 7 days a week and what will it be in 2040?? What is the load number based on off peak and peak hours for 40's and 60's buses? What will the numbers be for LRV's?? What is the current ridership numbers for 2, 17, 103 and 502 in Mississauga today and back in 2018? What were Hurontario numbers back in 2010? What does it cost to buy a 40 and 60 hybrid bus compare to a diesel Bus? How many buses demean spare are dead buses? How many systems are short personnel on all levels? Does this includes Mississauga?
  17. TTC to ‘stay up all night’ for Nuit Blanche this weekend Sept. 29, 2022 For the first time since 2019, Nuit Blanche is set to return in person this weekend. To help customers travel around the city and view the exhibits with ease, the TTC will be operating all-night subway service this Sat., Oct. 1 through to the morning of Sun., Oct. 2. Service on Lines 1, 2, 3 and 4 will run overnight until Sun., Oct. 2 at 8 a.m., when regularly scheduled Sunday service resumes. Night buses and streetcars will operate as usual. In addition, there are no scheduled subway closures this weekend. “We’re pleased to help welcome Nuit Blanche back to our city for the first time since the pandemic began, by providing a safe and reliable transit option for riders,” said TTC CEO Rick Leary. “I encourage everyone to take the TTC to get out and see the exhibitions, including the art at subway locations.” Two of the exhibitions will be located on TTC property - one at North York Centre Station and the other at Kipling Station. Designed by artist Teho Ropeyarn, and titled “Anab amalitadthi wutpu anaamu atinyima anab apudthamang anama,” the large-scale prints explore spiritual narratives between people, land and ancestors. The title translates to “We inherit this ancient blood, and our ancient land, water and sky.” Customers can enter North York Centre and Scarborough Centre stations at no charge from 7 p.m. Sat., Oct. 1 until 7 a.m. Sun., Oct. 2. Customers should keep their transfer, or their tapped PRESTO card/PRESTO Ticket as Proof-of-Payment and be prepared to show it to TTC staff if requested. Some routes will also be diverting to accommodate Nuit Blanche festivities, including the following: • 19 Bay • 72B Pape • 121 Esplanade – River • 172 Cherry • 501 Queen • 320 Yonge Customers are encouraged to visit ttc.ca and subscribe to e-Alerts or follow @TTCNotices on Twitter for more information.
  18. At this time, 4460 still hasn't return from QC and over 120 days so far. Only the cars frames for 4400-4465 (4466) that were made in Mexico were to have the welds fix since there was an issues with them for putting them together in TB. 4467 up frames were build in QC due the issues in Mexico that fixed the weld issues. As for lighting, same as most Trams out there today and will be up to TTC to make that call at the time of mid life rebuilt. Same goes for other things or what Alstom may suggest.
  19. The plan closure of Hurontario plan for Thanksgiving weekend will not take place as plan. The box itself and other things are not ready for the move and will/could take place either in Oct or Nov. The box will be for the new northbound lanes for the QEW and it will require the closing of the QEW to put the box in. The LRT will use the current lanes. Traffic will use the on/off ramps to get around the closure that it will cause a few miles of traffic backup to place the box. It is wider than the existing bridge to allow another lane of traffic mostly for the new bridge over the Credit River. MTO is calling the shots, but currently under review that will see Hurontario close at the Queensway, the Lakeshore and the South service Rd at Hurontario as well a 2nd one south of the Service Rd. Route 2 will use the Queensway, Cawthra and the Lakeshore to/from Port Credit GO Station with unknown date at this time. Work on the other box at PC is to start again in Oct with GO using buses in place of rail on weekends.
  20. You got to be kidding. Unless you plan on having a line shut down, no way can another streetcar pass it. Then, where are the tracks to do the event when none exist nor able to get to X??
  21. Looks like 4465 has finally been off loaded after sitting in Lambton Yard almost a month. Loaded May 24 for QC. If current time frame remain, it will reenter service the week of Oct 2 4460 will be the last car to be off loaded and close the book on cars going to/from Quebec. It will be fully close once it return to service in October. As for numbering, I used the add on and surprised someone has posted the info on the 2 PCC like they have in the past. I stand to be corrected, PCC numbers are internal and doesn't effect of the new cars numbering. As noted, easy to tell the PCC numbers from the current fleet even though there are 2 same numbers.
  22. The next batch of 60 cars are supposed to be started to be delivery late 2023 number 4604-4664 4462 has reenter service on 503
  23. 4464 has reenter service today on route 505 after arriving Aug 15 Looks like 4462 could reenter service tomorrow after arriving Aug 09
  24. 501 is supposed to use Sunnyside Loop Thanksgiving weekend, but most likely continue use carhouse loop unless a fire is lite under Toronto Hydro. Still need hydro work done before 2/3 TTC poles foundation can be pour to allow TTC to string the loop. The eastbound traffic curb and lanes can't be built until hydro work is done on the south for the full block Toronto Hydro really screw TTC and the city over and over by been late a few months to almost 2 years and KQQR work is a good example. What do you expect from an Bus CEO who has no use for streetcars and subway.
  25. No Buses that were to be retired stating with the 2003 to 2007 are still in service today or in the dead end line. 15 years is the life cycle after being raise from 12 that was drop from 18+ some years ago. This means there are 15-19 year old buses on the road today with high maintenance cost. The articulated buses have being having issues since day one meeting the 12 year life cycle, let alone 10 years with NFI. Lot more years to see if the NovaBus make the 12 year cycle. The city been throwing transit under the bus for decades with great talk, but no action and with buses being order years late is another example. The idea of going green with hybrid buses come with a higher cost that council fail to understand doing so. Rule of thumb from the top is what every in the yard that is ready for service goes into service regardless if it the wrong bus for the route or colour. Been riding a lot of express buses on local routes over a year and more so in the last 6 months. Lot of riders only go by the colour of the bus that they either get on the wrong bus or wait till the right colour comes along, not the route number.
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