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  1. Thanks as cars are not showing correctly the last few days and over an hour stale. Still the effect from the hack. With 4432 still on the flat, it explain why there is no car at Hillcrest to take 4432 spot. I thought it was odd that if the car was off loaded in the AM that it would be at Leslie so soon compare to past off loading the following day. As for off loading, it has been strange that cars are sitting days to be off loaded these days when it rarely happen in the past. 4440 has reenter service on 501 after arriving Oct 5, 51 days ago.
  2. 4432 is sitting in the Leslie Car Barns Now. No signs what and if will take 4432 spot on the flat at this time. 4432 was loaded Sept 9, and now holds the fastest turn around at 75 days 4442 was shipped Aug 3 and now 111 days when it was loaded and has been past by others shipped after it that have return now,
  3. Sorry about that, but 4430 reenter service Oct 26 and 4429 on Nov 18. Not sure why I was using Nov 15 other than for another car.
  4. Ontario Superior Court denies ATU Local 113’s request for an injunction Nov. 20, 2021 Today, the Ontario Superior Court denied ATU Local 113’s request for an injunction relating to the TTC’s Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccination Policy (the “Policy”). The next phase of the Policy goes into effect tomorrow, Nov. 21. TTC employees who remain unvaccinated or refuse to disclose their vaccination status by end of day today will be placed on leave. As of today, roughly 90 per cent of the agency’s 15,061 active employees have shared their COVID-19 vaccination status. To date, the TTC has held 61 vaccination clinics for employees and customers. Almost 9,500 shots have been administered at these clinics. See below for a statement from Rick Leary, TTC CEO: Safety is a core value at the TTC. Ensuring the safety of our employees and our customers is the reason that we introduced the Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccination Policy in September. Since the beginning of the pandemic, the TTC has been a leader in safety – and we will continue to do all that we can to protect our community. From the moment an employee steps onto TTC property, it is our duty to do everything in our power to ensure their safety. We know that getting vaccinated is one of the most important things that people can do to put the pandemic behind us. As an essential service, we need the TTC to be a safe place for everyone. I want to thank all the employees who have complied with the Policy and I want to thank all our customers for their support. Together we will get through this.
  5. I have seen VIA store trains on that 3rd track in the past. If Metrolinx plans on running more trains to London as well VIA, going to need a 4th track and a layover area. They have built an accessibility platform on platform 1 near the east end.
  6. 4429 has reenter service on 505 after arriving sept 16, 64 days ago
  7. I not in town and don't have the list with me, but it around 17 more cars to be shipped. Will know real number when I get home tonight, 4429 is out testing and could reenter service in testing just like 4430 since it been over 60 days since it arrived.
  8. GO needs to change arrival time for London to 8:33 from 8:13 due no track space at London because of VIA Trains 8:10 Train https://youtu.be/5_rh_m0NeLA 8:22 Train https://youtu.be/FaerCJYc0tc 8: 30 Train https://youtu.be/WE9j18ChNuk
  9. https://pub-mississauga.escribemeetings.com/filestream.ashx?DocumentId=17270
  10. 4450 has been off loaded as it was loaded Aug 18, 84 days ago. If off loaded Friday, it would have been the fastest turn around car. 4444 has taken 4450 spot on the flat. Is 4442 in town as it should have been here before 4446?? Ship Aug 3, 99 days ago.
  11. This is a "MUST" not only for TTC, but "ALL" systems. Then There Should Be A Bill Requiring TTC and All Systems To Have More Washrooms For The Public Than There Is Now. Been on buses and streetcars where the driver had to take a washroom break as well getting food and drink while on route due to the lack of time at the end or nothing to get there. When nature calls, you need to go ASP requiring finding a place to go. Been caught a number of times having to go with nothing around or 15-20 minutes to a subway station with a washroom while on the subway. Bill 27 Inclusion of Washroom Access for Toronto Transit Commission Drivers
  12. I have 4426 with the shortest turn around at 83 days that was loaded Jan 19 and off loaded April 12 4446 was doing break testing before noon as an Inservice car and found in the afternoon today as an Inservice car heading east on King to the Barns. Noticed 4442 that was shipped before 4446 arrival and pending 4450 off loading will be off loaded after them. It was loaded Aug 03 with 4450 on Aug 18
  13. 4446 has been off loaded today after leaving Aug 10, 86 days ago. 4448 has taken 4446 place on the Flat. Edit: 4431 has reenter service on 501 after arriving Oct 5th, 22 days ago,
  14. If 4450 is off loaded this week, it will have the fastest turn around under 83 days. 4450 is currently at 75 days now and 4446 at 83 days. 4426 turn around is 83 days. Drop of 40+ days from the last number of cars
  15. Not sure where this should go and can be move if require Nova Bus unveils its new, long-range 100 percent electric LFSe+ bus in North American market
  16. After arriving Sept 23, 33 days ago, 4430 has re-enter service on 511
  17. Arriving Aug 31, 55 days ago, 4428 finally re-enter service today on route 511. I thought it would enter service s few days ago while it was at Roncesvalles on the west side after spending time in the service bay. It looked like it was going to do it Sunday as it had an in service arrow with no route. It ended up an hour later at the Barns after using Dundas to across the city. It look like 4429 was also going to enter service today as well as it was at the front of the line for service cars, but at the end of the line on the service track. Leslie Barns has 4429, 4430, 4431 4440 being service and should be in service by late Dec. with 4440 being the last one. If I use 135 days for turn around, we will see cars around as follow 4441 Feb 04/22 4442 Dec 16/21 4443 Feb 22/22 4446 Dec 23/21 4450 Dec 31/21 4453 Jan 13/22
  18. I have ridden lines in Europe in the rain that had grass and no issue as it was the same as concrete lines. Short length grass is being use as it doesn't require cutting. Seeing it first hand a few weeks ago as well when the first test section was place, have seen no issues at all. Even saw the sprinkler system being use on my last visit. When Queens Quay was rebuilt, it was to have grass, but EMS wanted to use the ROW and it had to be concrete. EMS hasn't use that ROW since day one. The current plan for QQE extension as well Cherry street calls for grass and look forward to seeing it. Maybe when it comes time to rebuilding all the concrete ROW, grass will replace the concrete. It helps the storm water system a lot better than concrete.
  19. The law is the law and if you don't follow it, you get the ticket. My route sees drivers doing 10-20 over the limit daily with a few doing more and some at or below the limits. Been on other routes and seen it also. Since cameras are coming to my route has seen a drop in speeding by drivers, but still a number doing more than they should with schools open. This applies to other systems as well. Far too much speeding by the car folks and look forward to these cameras to start to cut the speeding down. Its the pit for drivers travelling construction zones as some can change daily and then deal with fool drivers who cut them off or illegal try to pass them. Took a drive on Finch Ave west of the 400 a few days ago and you will not see me on that road until 2023/24 as its a war zone and worse than Eglinton when the LRT construction was first started. Feel sorry for anyone who has to use it between 27 and 400 as its a real zig zag road with long backup cause by left hand turning. Transit riders have no choice to deal with longer travel time compare to drivers who can bypass the area. The drivers on 2, 17 and 103 still have another 3 years to deal with the construction of the LRT on Hurontario and only going to get worse in 2022 with the rebuilding of the 403 and 407 bridges. Between Matheson and Top Flight next year, it will be 2 lanes only to allow the building of the guideway as this will be the test zone for the vehicles as well training drivers.
  20. Thanks I type 3 different ways and that page never came up while the others show other years Was sure it was an NFI Bus, but not the year.
  21. Anyone can tell me why bus and year 2020 is??? I don't see it in the wiki list Thanks https://www.flickr.com/photos/drum118/48765406461/in/photolist-2hiesjp-2hieso2/
  22. 4431 has been off loaded with 4443 taking it spot on the flat. 4431 was loaded on May 26 with a turn around of 139 days 4430 is in Russell carhouse with 4428 & 29 on the Barns yard service track. along with 4440. 4440 was out testing late last week, 4442 is the next retuning car and will not be here until early Dec at current turn around follow by 4446, 4450 for this year. 4453 should show up in Jan.
  23. If I remember right, 2023 is when 4604-4624 or was it 4634 are to arrive with production starting in 2022. This is assuming parts are delivery on time, considering La Pocatiere, QC is supposed to build the frames. Rest are to arrive by 2025. With La Pocatiere, QC still working on TTC fleet that still needs another 22 cars to be ship to them including 4441, what impact will they have on the new cars frames being built starting in 2022?? Don't know if La Pocatiere, QC has any part in building Metrolinx cars as well cars for TTC Finch Line and Edmonton order. Wouldn't be surprise if they doing the frames. Its possible production will start in 2023 and why only a small number of cars will be delivery yearly for the 60 cars order. Based on current ridership, TTC current fleet can handle it until ridership return to pre COVID levels and a spike in new riders. We may see 4471 and 4478 in 2022 as a test run for the setup for the new cars that may see some changes from the current design.
  24. 4440 has been off loaded after after 146 days when it was loaded onto the flat on May 13 4441 has taken 4440 spot for a trip to QC. 4428-30 still in the service bays Will we see 4431 this week as it was loaded May 26?? If not, it should be next week and no idea if it in Lambton yard now.
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