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  1. drum118

    Today's Sightings

    8005 on route 40 of all thing. First time on the new style airport bus
  2. drum118

    Bombardier Flexity Deliveries

    TTC was to see 2 cars in Oct, let alone Nov, But that never happen. 2 months gap between the 2 cars that did show up. Word is, a car has been sent to Kingston and maybe TTC will see another car in May. As far as I know, Metrolinx has only seen 3 out of the 6 cars to be ship by Feb 1 and no idea if anymore have shown up since then. 4531 is doing 301 testing on Queen to the point I caught it going west on 501L as I was going east on 501L early in the day
  3. drum118

    Bombardier Flexity Deliveries

    4528 in service bay and been here 25 days so far 4530 arrived at the Barns after being out all night testing. 4531 In service bay 4532, 33, 34 waiting to be delivery to Hillcrest 4535 in transit. This means Thunder Bay has ship 14 cars this quarter so far, with TTC seeing them as well. This leaves 68 more cars to be ship and most likely be coming from Thunder Bay since Kingston not shipping any thing as schedule. Been over a month since 4573 was ship. No idea if Metrolinx got their other late 3 cars.
  4. drum118

    Bombardier Flexity Deliveries

    4527 has enter service on 509 (BAEX) after being here 12 day. 4528 heading home by Queen after been out all night testing. Looks like 4528 is having break issues, as it was out testing the yard the last few days on track 21 running back and forth before going in the service bay every so often. This is on top the 2 days of testing before this, after being in the service bay for over a week. March 4 was its last test run on 501 and being out. It has been here 24 days so far
  5. drum118

    Bombardier Flexity Deliveries

    4531 is out testing for the first time on Queen at Spadina Ave. Not bad for being off loaded Mar 12.
  6. drum118

    Bombardier Flexity Deliveries

    4530 is now tracking
  7. drum118

    Bombardier Flexity Deliveries

    It been ready since early morning to enter service and guess it was held back until the parade was over. 4527 was out testing last night and earlier today. May see service this coming weekend. 4528 been in the service bay for a fair number of days and next to enter service. 4530 still not tracking and should be any day since there is room for it now to start testing. 4531 & 4532 could show up this week for off loading.
  8. drum118

    Bombardier Flexity Deliveries

    4529 has enter service on 510 (kg510) after 12 days 4573 still in the service bay after being here 19 days 4527 was last night testing.. Its out testing on 501
  9. drum118


    A subway requires 15,000 p/hr and Dundas isn't close to it now nor 20 years from now. Route 1 sees 10-12 minute service on weekday and 101 every 10 minute per direction. The best you will see is about 1,100 per direction per hour on a weekday at top end for a few hours of the day. Thats far short of an LRT, let alone a subway. BRT was rule out on Hurontario based on the fact that it was seeing close to 25,000 at the time of the EA with a projection of 75, 000 by 2050, if not sooner.
  10. drum118


    Metrolinx wants one mode of travel from Burlington to Kipling and that can only be a bus. Oakville has had an BRT in their Transportation Plan on Dundas over 15 years to the point it or Halton Region has down grade it since there is no real development along it now or down the road to support one. The best would be an express bus at this time. West of Hurontario is low density that is best to be service by express buses and why there is no true BRT ROW in the current plan for a Dundas BRT in Mississauga for this area. During the EA for the Hurontario LRT, Metrolinx was pushing an LRT on Dundas to Kipling, with a yard on Dundas for it. Hydro One rule out an LRT under their overhead at Kipling. Under the Big Move Plan, the Gateway Hub was to be at Cloverdale area and still in the Master Plan. Under the original plan by TTC, the subway would run in CP Corridor to the Cloverdale area, tunnel to Sherway and back to CP corridor. It would then run in CP Corridor to Dixie Rd. Its a 5-10 minute walking distance to get to Dundas to catch a bus, without rerouting the buses to the Dixie Station and wasting riders travel time who have no need for this stop. At the same time, CP will not allow the subway in their corridor as plan, especially now with Metrolinx wanting to add more tracks in it. One thing Toronto is good at doing is going from buses to Subway and not looking at streetcars/LRT as the next step or to see if a subway is really needed in the end considering streetcars built the city in the first place. The same applies to BRT. Other than a councilor or 2, Mississauga has no subway vision as RT in the city and seeing more LRT on other routes. As I noted in the past, if a true development took place on Dundas from 427 to Hurontario, a subway will be needed, with the current BRT being upgraded to an LRT and then to a subway overtime. The current BRT ROW is being design for conversion to LRT when the time comes. As much as I love to see LRT now, can live with BRT, but no subway. Hurontario will be the end point that an subway can be built to, unless you tear everything down along Dundas to support a subway. Even then, most likely only support an LRT. As it stands, Kipling and the Queensway are protected for LRT between Dundas and the Lake Shore. Even if the whole area around Sherway Mall became high density, will it be high enough to support a subway and when would it happen?? We know today that there is land set aside at Cloverdale Area for a larger transit hub than the small Kipling one, including the new Regional Hub. A new GO Station can be built at Cloverdale. There are a fair number of development already plan and approved along the south side of Dundas to the point 2 sites are under construction. By moving Kipling to Cloverdale. it will reduce traffic some what on Dundas, but save TTC & Miway Money in travel time to the point you could put more service on those routes with the same equipment and still have money left over.
  11. drum118


    Hurontario LRT has been given full approval to move forward, but requires some major changes that I can't speak to until the Ministry of MTO approved the changes. Opening date subject to winning bid that will close after the changes are approved, but could open in 2023. Some construction will start late this year, with full construction in 2020. Haft a mock-up car that will be built in Brampton and ship by truck at 50 m long, will be on display at City Hall July 1st
  12. drum118

    GO Transit

    Woodbine Racetrack to get a new privately funded GO station
  13. drum118

    Bombardier Flexity Deliveries

    4527 is now tracking. 4573 been outside the last 3 days and currently waiting for a space in the service bay on the west end track 11 since yesterday. Its the first time in a week it has seen the outside of the service bay. Been here 16 days so far. 4531 & 4532 waiting pickup in TB and looks like 4530 is in transit.
  14. drum118

    TTC in the news

    TTC celebrates accessibility at St Patrick Station March 4, 2019 Tomorrow, Mayor John Tory will join TTC Chair Jaye Robinson, Councillor Kristyn Wong-Tam (Ward 13 Toronto Centre) and Mazin Aribi, Chair of the TTC's Advisory Committee on Accessible Transit, to officially celebrate the completion of accessibility upgrades at St Patrick Station, the 45th accessible TTC subway station. Date: Tues., March 5, 2019 Time: 10:30 a.m. Location: Concourse level next to Collector's Booth, St Patrick Station on Line 1. St Patrick Station now features a barrier-free path to all levels of the station, including: - New accessible entrance and two elevators to access the street, concourse and platform levels. - Accessible fare gates. - Improved signage. Accessibility improvements such as these support the TTC's Family of Services model, which gives Wheel-Trans customers the option to use accessible conventional transit services, such as buses, the subway and the growing fleet of low-floor streetcars. Family of Services is a part of the Wheel-Trans 10-Year Strategy that aims to re-imagine and transform the accessible public transit services that are delivered to customers with disabilities. The TTC is committed to becoming accessible by 2025 under its Easier Access Program. Seven other stations are under construction for further accessibility: Dupont, Royal York, Wellesley, Yorkdale, Wilson, Runnymede and Chester.