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  1. Going to be interesting how 2 and 103 will be reroute for this mess pertaining to the LRT construction. QEW and Hurontario intersection will see a full Hurontario closure Thanksgiving 2021 or 2022 for 65-72 hours non stop work. There are a few major issues to deal with before hand that has surface with low water table and flooding being one of them. This could change to Labour Day or ?
  2. The 4409 show up in the service bay a few days later and has done 3 or 4? days of testing since then. It been in the service bay since Thursday. If 4411 is off loaded Monday, it will be 139 days since it was loaded for QC
  3. 4409 was up on St Clair last night and noticed it as I was heading to bed at 2 am.
  4. Going to be interesting if TTC going to have another bus supplier Proterra unveils the Proterra ZX5 next-generation battery-electric transit vehicle
  5. 4409 finally has started testing again after 38 days after its first test. Currently westbound on Queen At Spadina. Note: It was a short testing as it sitting on the yard service track and no idea when it got there.
  6. The barriers had nothing to do stopping 28 and 91 from using the new bus bay at the parking structure. The road between the condo has been the way the GO buses have been using to get to the bus bays and have the option of using the old route to Hillcrest or the new John St exit. 91 & 28 will use the old route leaving the bus terminal. I haven't seen any liability issues since late Aug that is stopping 91 & 28 from using the new bus bays. If 53 is to go to the GO station, either the headway will have to be increase for the extra travel time or another bus will have to be added to the route that will decease in headway. Due COVID-19 losses fare wise, 53 will most like remain as is until sometime in 2021, if then at all for 2021.
  7. Is 4409 up at Hillcrest getting VISION install as it hasn't been tracking for days??? Been 33 days since it return from QC and only done one day of road testing that I know of. Will we see 4471 and 4478 this year as they are months over due??
  8. TTC now has the largest fleet of electric buses in North America on the road with arrival of third new electric bus model Sept. 8, 2020 Today, the TTC is pleased to announce that it is operating the largest fleet of electric buses in North America. The milestone comes as the TTC's third new electric bus model is now road ready and starting to go into service. "Public transit allows Canadians to get around in cheaper, cleaner and faster ways," said The Honourable Catherine McKenna, Minister of Infrastructure and Communities. "Our government's investment in the TTC's electric bus pilot program is a sign of our commitment to made-in-Canada clean technology and an important step toward our target of 5,000 electric buses in Canada's fleets over the next five years. Canada's Infrastructure plan invests in thousands of projects, creates jobs across the country and builds stronger communities." "I'm proud to help launch these new electric buses and to celebrate the fact that Toronto is now officially operating the largest fleet of electric buses in North America. This fleet of 60 all-electric buses was only made possible thanks to an investment by the City of Toronto and the Government of Canada of $140 million," said Toronto Mayor John Tory. "Our eBus fleet is one of the many projects that our City government has jointly funded with the federal government through the federal Public Transit Infrastructure Fund. I want to thank the Government of Canada for providing this funding that helps keep Toronto residents moving by investing in modernizing, expanding and upgrading our transit and transportation infrastructure. This is the right and responsible thing to do for our transit system, our city, and our environment." In November 2017, the TTC Board approved procurement of 30 all-electric vehicles. In June 2018, the Board approved the purchase of 30 more. The TTC acquired the 60 all-electric buses from three manufacturers: BYD Canada Co. Ltd., New Flyer Industries Inc. and Proterra Inc. The TTC's Arrow Road Garage was the first location to be outfitted with leading-edge charging infrastructure for its New Flyer Industries vehicles. Mount Dennis Garage followed with vehicles made by Proterra that use the same charging technology. BYD vehicles, which have now all arrived on property and are based out of the TTC's Eglinton Bus Division, require a different type of charging infrastructure. While the other eBuses use DC or Direct Current electricity to charge, BYD vehicles use AC or Alternating Current. The differences between all three eBus models, including the effect of how they charge on overall performance, will be put to the test as the TTC progresses with its head-to-head comparison to inform future procurements of battery-electric buses. Approximately 35 eBuses are already in service across the city. The first BYD-manufactured eBus is being put into service on the 116 Morningside route today. The remaining 25 eBuses, currently undergoing final testing and commissioning activities, are expected to be in service by the end of September. "Electrification is the future of public transit and I'm proud that the TTC has been established as an industry leader in this regard, as the owner of North America's largest fleet of eBuses," said TTC Chair Jaye Robinson. "The TTC Board wholeheartedly supports the TTC's forward-thinking plan to achieve a zero-emissions fleet by 2040." "The TTC is pleased to be leading the charge on such an important project and transition for the transit industry and the city," said TTC CEO Rick Leary. "We're grateful for the ongoing support from our partners at the City and at Infrastructure Canada to sustain our pledge to prioritize network-wide service improvements and ensure the TTC provides the reliable service that our customers deserve." The electrification of vehicles is a key component of the City's TransformTO climate action strategy, which targets an 80-per-cent reduction in local greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. To meet that target, 100 per cent of vehicles in Toronto must transition to low-carbon energy by 2050. The electrification of buses, which is targeted for 2040, demonstrates the City's commitment to lead by example. Vehicles generate about one-third of the emissions in Toronto today. The TTC's new eBuses operate on truly green propulsion technology with zero tailpipe emissions. The Government of Canada and the City of Toronto have invested $140 million in this project under federal Public Transit Infrastructure Fund (PTIF). The money is being used for these electric buses and to begin laying the infrastructure for future expansion of the TTC's zero-emissions fleet. This fund is helping keep Torontonians moving through investments in the repair, modernization and expansion of the city's transit and active transportation networks. In total, up to $1.8 billion is being invested in Toronto through PTIF, which was launched on Aug. 23, 2016.
  9. There is a 2004 and 2007 business case that calls for Mississauga to take over TTC 49 & 50. Both cases were presented to TTC commission and staff was to respond to the 2007. Never has along with several reports related to TTC requested by the Chair of TTC and the Commission at the time. It was also presented to Mississauga Council. Mississauga would break even on Route 26 at that time providing service in Toronto using TTC fares. Route 3 would be a blood bath for it and would require funding from TTC. 48 was never look at as far as I know since the bridge connecting the 2 cities has never been built. I am sure the riders of route 20 would oppose doing TTC 48 as it would not benefit them at all. TTC would walk away with about million dollars saving plus the buses as well that could be put to better use elsewhere in the system. Both 26 and 3 would require service to be beef up to handle the extra TTC riders on those routes. Metrolinx has used the 2007 business case not done by them or an outside firm as a model how service could be interlined with other systems. It has been presented to other system during public meetings. Route 26 would follow TTC route 50 while 3 would end at Kipling like the 49 but would not service the loop 49 does today. In fact, I have recommended that 26 stay on Burnhamthorpe 100% to South Common Mall and Oakville would take over the west end of route 26. There are several routes in the GTA that should be taken over by other systems that will benefit everyone. May not happen soon, but the writing been on the wall since 2007 using the UK model. A lot has happened since 2007 business case and needs updating. When one looks at the various TTC route rating for over 10 years, 48, 49 and 50 were among the various route to be cut first if TTC became tight for money.
  10. I already stated it will be year end, but more like early 2021 before the Hub open. Cannot open the Hub with no elevators to GO platform, TTC PPUDO and work just starting on TTC parking lot. It does not look like the walk-in building on the north side have the elevator in place as well. Lot of finishing material to be install along pouring the concrete driveway for the Hub. Most of the platform is pour with snow melting system in place. No idea what is out standing inside the Hub or the tunnel. Until all elevators are working, Hub close to being use. The city has signed an extension with TTC for Islington up to the end of the year and most likely a short option for 2021. TTC want Mississauga Bus bays at the south end so they can tear the old terminal down in 2021 that was supposed happen before now. As for the 5-year plan, the city currently not allowing the public to attend any council, planning committee or other meetings until sometime in 2021. Based on what taking place, easy to push the plan down the road as it will not have any impact on current service for sometime. I sit on a City committee and all meetings for the rest of the year will be online. The last meeting 4 months ago was online. Its the same way for a Toronto EA committee I am on and we are supposed to have a public Open house by year end. No idea at this time how it will be done or if it can be done. Tweaking of routes will happen for schedule change periods and based on ridership as well for this year. Tweaking routes has always been an ongoing thing since 2001 and saying we are doing something. As for Hurontario LRT, it still on schedule for fall 2024 start up. Britannia to Matheson will be the first intersections to have construction traffic light. Guild was working on the poles for guide wire supports I saw last week. Once install, the rest of the medium will be removed along with the traffic light.
  11. All printers are to be offering 2 hours transfers on the buses, but as noted a few were not 2 hours for some odd reason. As for Cooksville, platforms number backward and only can see 3 MT bus routes servicing it. 53, 28 and 91 are the only routes I see going there. A few bays will be use for GO to layover and one bay will not be use where the bollards are and that leaves 11 platforms for X service. The current new GO platform was built for track 1 & 2 once there is 4/3 tracks in the corridor. All they got to do is to build a retaining wall on the northside of the platform and track 1 when track 1 is built. Track 4 will be on the southside of the current 2 tracks. This keeps GO and CP running on their own to tracks from the Humber River to north of 403, as well not interfering with each other unless CP decides it need to use track 3. Cannot see a south platform at this time. It would require new elevators being built from the tunnel and the walkway, as well a set of stairs for both areas. You could put in a walk-in access from the Kiss & Ride area at the east end. Based on yesterday visited, looks like they are shooting for Sept 7 completion or as much as they can by then. All 6 levels of parking is now open, but 6 needs more work as well 5. Piers are at Hwy 407 and you must look over the sides to see them. Cannot be for Hwy 403 since the LRT is elevated on the westside only. Construction of the LRT Guideway is not to happen until late 2021 or and early 22. This applies to the whole line. COVID-19 may have something to say about dates. There is a reason for how I post and will leave it there. As for Kipling, that a good question as what will be completed first. The PPUDO will not be the same as it was before, but a GO style. The road leading to the PPUDO will be the same, but swing on an angle to the north-west corner to get to the west side of an east-west Kiss & Ride area found at all GO Stations. The east side for taxis only. The south side is public space and a walkway to/from TTC station. You should see the change now as they were supposed to pour the curbs for that road this week. The next 2 months will give us a better picture when we will be using it. As for Six point, COVID-19 has had a impact on it as well most things and not surprise at the slippage for it. Dundas and Kipling will be finished this year with Bloor, old Dundas and Dunbloor in 2021. Then things have been moving slowly since day one for the whole project, other than the removal of the bridges. I do know the builder has a larger crew on site now compare to the past and things may get done sooner than later As for the 101A, wasting most riders time going to/from UTM like it has happen on other routes so a few riders can have a short travel trip and not having to transfer. As for the 5-year plan, either late this year or early next year and it will depend on COVID-19 conditions at the time. As for the photos, I guess I could broken my post down into a number of them than just one posting.
  12. There are a number of buses due to retire getting new seating arrangements. Been on a few brown seat buses where the duel seats behind the driver are now single seat as well the first row of seating has been remove. The passenger side has a new divider where a set of seats where. Been on a few buses where the printed 2 hours starts once printed to a point a few where short change of all things. Then there was the new Presto machine. Based on my last visit to the Kipling Hub, 2021 is start to look like the new opening day based on the amount of work still to be done. Platforms at the Hub have snow melting system in them with less than 50% pour on the north side and none on the side side. No elevators install for the GO Platform. As for those who complain about the moving of the westbound stop, you will have to deal with it until Sept until new sidewalks are built for the north side. Work taking place on the south side at this time. Traffic has been reduce to single lane in both direction. Haven't looked at Dundas east of Kipling and expect it has also seen top coat asphalt placement when they pave Dundas to the east west of Beamish this past week that also include Beamish. The centre lanes east of Aukland being used for construction equipment. The south-east corner of Aukland can't see new sidewalks until the construction hording is remove. Lanes and crosswalks waiting stripping. By the looks of things for Cooksville GO Station, 28 and 91 will be using platform 10 & 11 at the west end come Sept changes since all of that area is completed and clean up up to the kiss & ride. Platform of the east section is pour with finish material to be install. I noticed a couple days ago new piers being built next to the 407 overpass for Hurontario that are to be use for new off ramps to allow the LRT to be built on the bridge. All those nice trees in Brampton medium will met the same faith as in Mississauga this week. Counted 12 vehicle in the 407 parking lot. Most 502 going south in Mississauga at 90% capacity with a lot of standees. The 103 I rode was 40%.
  13. The TTC will get $400 million emergency bailout. Tory says Toronto no longer facing ‘four-alarm’ budget crisis
  14. 4414 has reenter service on 512 after arriving July 1st by truck. If it wasn't for having the VISION install, it would have been the fastest returning car to reenter service 4409 was out yesterday on 509 doing testing. Is the next car 4411 going to be delivery like 4409, or was 4409 was an odd ball?? 4411 was loaded May 05 2020, follow by 4415 on May 27.
  15. That even faster than BBD 19 week turn around plan. Sounds like the car bypass Kingston that has add extra time to the shipping time. Lets see if TTC will be spending more time getting the car ready for service compare to other cars so far with this change. 4414 GPS still has the system outside of Toronto.
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