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  1. At this time, TTC has 9 cars off site and 4 cars being prepared to reenter service. All 4 cars will be in service in Aug with the possibility of a few out of the 7 cars off site in QC. Cannot see TTC being short cars for service come Sept with 9 cars being off site as well no 501L, Humber cars and 504 cars not going west of Dufferin St. The CEO should be chasing 4471 (835 Days) and 4478 (905 Days) that are off site in Thunder Bay and were to be here Q1 2020. Almost 3 years since they last saw service. With GO coaches completed, these 2 cars are the only thing in the plant other than
  2. There were only 10 cars park in the parking lot at La Pocatiere, QC today. Either staff been cut back or on holiday. The plant is on an angle to the main road and you can see nothing of the rear or test track including the siding to CN. Other than walking the CN track to the rear of the plant, impossible to get any shots other than walking about 500' from the road on private property. Using a drome you could get shots, but don't use them. 4423 (117 Days) should be here now with 4424 (111 days) right behind it. Could be in service by Sept 1. 4428 is (111 Days) so far with 4429 at
  3. We are travelling on the east coast and the first chance to look at return cars. By the looks of it, 4438 reenter service on July 12 on 512 4439 in service bay that arrived June 23 4422 and 4423 should be here this week since they are about 109 days off site with 4424 a few days later. 4428 could be here by the end of the month. May see 4432, 4433, 4436 as the next batch to be off TTC property.
  4. Who said I was an expert as it wasn't me nor want to be one??.........................You on the other hand make yourself out as Mr. Know All..................Please keep on reading and researching for us since you seam to have the time.
  5. That been part of the thinking of Metrolinx since 2007 based on the London UK model as well York Region. The idea has been that all systems under Metrolinx control and areas would use GO Transit uniforms and equipment like York Region, but routes would be contracted out from a single route to X numbers. Quality of service would be under the cities/towns control. Most riders don't care what colure the bus is or name so long it get them to where they want to go and when they want to travel. I have said in the past that Metrolinx should be known as Southern Ontario Transit System cover
  6. 4439 at the Barns now. 4402 was off loaded today after 105 days We could see 4422 and 4423 either next week or the follow as they been off TTC property 96 and 95 days so far. 4424 and 4420 should finish off July for delivery.
  7. 4437 has reenter service on June 22 on 504. 4460 still sitting at Hillcrest. Odd no car was place on the flat 4435 arrived on and will it happen again for the other 2 cars? Will 4439 be off loaded Wed or we going to see another 4435 off loading timeframe?
  8. I recommend you take a look at the work taking place and you will see I never said tracks were removed or would be, but in a different position. I have before shots of the area and shots of the work taking place now. All the switches are being rebuilt to match the new ROW on the Queensway I am saying that once the cars can start to use the entrance/exit off the Queensway, the switch for the north gate has to be rebuilt as it doesn't match the new tracks south of it at this time. If you look closely at the new tracks, they are 6-12+ inches to the west and not going to bend the rail to matc
  9. Still in the works as well how you will have access to your current TTC station. I don't think you will have to pay an extra fare if you are paying for a TTC fare now. If you live in Mississauga and can use 49, you are part of the cause for a blood bath for 3 business case for taking over TTC 49 before now with 20 being added to the picture when it does happen. Since Mississauga is about to start the 2022 budget process, guess it time to come off the sideline and deal with the lack of new buses that are past due to be order and not wait for the Fed's funding process. We got buses going in
  10. Thanks. Wasn't sure if 4460 pull 4438 off the flat or to be the car to go onto the flat since it was the only one of the remaining cars at Hillcrest. Rest of the cars were mostly in service or sitting in the yards. Based on the length of time to off load the car, maybe TTC wasn't sure yet what car will go next. This will delay when 4439 can be off loaded now. With 4438 sitting at the loading dock on June 5, it was saying car most likely off loaded on June 8 with a turnaround of 112 was a jump based on the past number of cars. Even now, 4439 is a jump over the last batch of cars at 11
  11. 4438 has finally been off loaded. 4435 has reenter service on 501 after spending a few days in Russell carhouse. It arrived May 6 Looks like 4460 will be taking 4438 spot
  12. Alstom signs EUR 275 million tram contract for Toronto Virtual Community Consultation on June 21, 2021! This engagement will cover: · Initial design work for the extension of Queens Quay from Parliament Street to the Distillery Loop, including options for getting under the rail corridor · Design updates for the surface section on the LRT and Queens Quay East streetscape, including an update on the Yonge Street Slip · Progress update on the design of the underground section of the LRT from Union Loop to the proposed portal locations on Queens Quay East, and a new design concept
  13. 4434 has reenter service on 505 After arriving May 04. May see 4435 and 4437 back in service this week as well I was expecting to see 4438 sooner as it was loaded Feb 16 (110 Days now) follow by 4439 on Feb 26 (100 Days now) that was follow by 4402 on March 16 (82 Days now). Either CP taking longer to pickup or drop off or Alstom has slip in turn around. TTC should see 7 cars return this month with another 7 been ship.
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