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  1. Was by the place beginning of Jan on a Sat and it was a full house of work taking place in side, with the large amount of vehicles parked out side. More vehicles than I have seen in the past. The south end was trap off and most likely concrete being pour for the outside parking area for the buses.
  2. To do that, you got to buy the steel fabrication plant up 100% that there now, as that curve will eat most of the land up. How is this going to help the Canadian when there no east to north curve off CP tracks other than the Lambton connection to Mactire sub and then the Westin Sub?? It will add more travel time as well. To put in 4 tracks at Long Branch as well rebuilt it will require rebuilding Brown Line whole intersection area as well the overpass. The existing north platform would be remove that would require a tunnel to the street there. The bridges will have to be rebuilt as well over the creek. To do an north-west curve for the Milton Line, you got to deal with Hydro transmission towers and will eat up some on the plan TTC yard, but not a big deal.
  3. 8 going to the Transitway is a waste of resources consider the station was down graded from day one as ridership was going to be next to none. The most cars I have every seen at Cawthra Station is 15 and took a few years to do that. To do what you want, 8 needs to go to Derry Rd by 410 to Courtneypark and then one of the roads on either side of 410. I said in 2004 EA Report that ridership at Cawthra and a few other stations will never meet the numbers call for considering the Transitway is a GO Thing in the first place. 7/34 will be replace by 35. There was talk that 35 wouldn't go to Kipling once the new terminal open to free up bay space. Only 10 bay for Mississauga. What you want is not what riders want who are more important than you. You need to spend time riding these routes at all hours of the day and each day they operate to understand what takes place on these routes as well where riders are coming from. To put a real transit system in Mississauga, you need to rip up 60% of it to build a grid system with more density on them compare to the current areas. Need more crossing over the Credit River, but going to piss off the owners of Millions Dollars Homes that these new grid roads will run by. The Mayor lives in one of those home and why the Queensway will not be extended west to 403. Taking 14 to Sherway is another waste of resources considering 4 goes there today with very few riders. One of the 2 routes needs to stop at Dixie.
  4. That was 4051 As for 4193 wire, its red and running to the underside at the rear
  5. It must left before I got there. 4061, 4170 & 4040 that I could see still have headlights. 4184 has no pole with a tow bar between it and 4053. 4123 has protection where the headlight used to be. 4024 is still tracking.
  6. It took close to a year to get 4400 & 4402 rebuilt as production cars. 4400 was shipped to Ottawa for testing and then to Thunder Bay Sept 2013 and return July 4, 2014. 4402 was Shipped To Thunder Bay June 12, 2015 and return November 24, 2016 4601 still sitting on the service track in the yard and been there over 2 weeks. No idea what wrong with it considering it arrived Jan 21 4406 is back tracking after been off line a week that arrived December 19, 2019 and 4405 was last seen a day ago that arrived February 3, 2020. Could be they are having VISION installed in them. 4471 & 4478 still in Thunder Bay. 4401 could be here by June.
  7. Over the years there has been talk that GO buses will service Kipling 4 bus bays with one or more routes going to/from Union to it. Buses will using Kipling Ave to get to/from Union. As to what routes will service Kipling, I don't know since I don't follow that and leave it up to others who do. I do know that a new route will service Kipling-Union, but that's it.
  8. Only during AM peak time you can catch a GO Train at Kipling to Union where you can transfer to an eastbound GO Train. You will have to tap off the Milton train and tap on the eastbound train. You can buy a ticket at the fare machine to cover your trip if you don't have a Presto card. Come this fall and depending when GO start running buses to the new Kipling Regional Hub, you most likely can take a GO bus to Union all day, 7 day a week to catch a eastbound train. Only if there is 7 day all day bus service to Union.
  9. Anyone know what up with 4601 that been sitting on the service track in the yard the last 2 weeks considering it arrived January 21, 2019? It should be in service now. 4406 is not tracking anymore for the last day or so and was last seen 2 days ago when it was tracking. Arrived December 19, 2019. 4405 was last seen a day ago after it arrived February 3, 2020 and has spent most of its time in the service bay. I am assuming 4407 is still sitting in Montreal due rail closure. That was a nice PR Photo of 4471 sitting in TB plant that was to be ship to TTC since no reports that it been ship or off loaded so far.
  10. 4405 is out doing its first day of testing after arriving February 3, 2020 4603 is now an 510A car.
  11. 4603 is westbound King St and has enter service as a 310 after arriving January 24, 2019. Will become an 510 (kg510) once on Spadina. 4406 and 4601 are out in the yard on the service track most of Friday and still there. They have spent time this week on that track
  12. Now 4407 is on its way from Quebec, will Kingston see it first or will Hillcrest?? Was loaded June 7, 2019 at Hillcrest for Quebec. 4406 is taking longer than 4400 for reenter service and spending time on the service yard track these days that its GPS was missing over 2 days 4601 been spending time on the service tracks as well was out testing Tuesday and early Wed. Looks like 4603 may go into service before 4601, as it and 4405 are the only cars out of the 4 currently in the service bay.
  13. I have heard the same thing that TTC was keeping 7 C months ago. I expect some will be for parts.
  14. It also tracking at Hillcrest. 4406 and 4603 out testing last night and currently in the service bay with 4601
  15. I posted on Monday that 4603 was doing in service testing. In fact, it was in service testing as a 501 and 301 rest of the day and night and became a dot well heading to the barn. Considering the fact that 4603 was off loaded on Jan 24, impossible for it be in service 5 days after arrival when the shortest has been 8 days a few years ago. 12-17 days these days. It along 4601 & 4406 in the service bay at this time. 4601 been here 11 days so far and 4406 been here 44 days
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