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  1. Streetcar News

    CP will bring all 4 flats for safety reason and clearance between the loco and the 2 cars or 3 with no idler at the rear. The rear car would be the first to be off loaded with the rear idler on the north track. Once the first car is off loaded, that flat and the idler between the 2 cars would be put on the north track. The 2nd car would be off loaded and all 3/4 flats return to the yard. It shouldn't take more than 90 minutes to off load a car. This will be a test run for the day when TTC could see 3 or more cars at the same time. It will be a test run for testing 2 or more cars at the same time.
  2. Streetcar News

    Got to laugh that 4451 could show up on Nov 23 that I stated a week ago it could show up. A feather for BBD to have 2 cars on a CP train to TTC at the same time. Are we going to see another 2 or a 3 car set next week??
  3. GO Transit

    GO and UP Express Service Changes This Weekend TORONTO: November 17, 2017 – This weekend there will be service changes for both GO Transit and UP Express. Due to track maintenance, tonight and Saturday evenings, starting at 8:00 p.m., UP Express will depart hourly until the end of service. The last northbound train to leave Union Station going to Pearson Airport will be at 00:45 and the last southbound train to leave Pearson Airport going to Union Station will be at 00:42. On Sunday, avoid traffic and parking and take GO Transit to the Annual Toronto Santa Claus Parade. GO Transit will offer special train service on the Milton, Kitchener, Stouffville and Barrie lines. Lakeshore East and West will run regular service every 30 minutes. Special fares will be available, $5 for kids/seniors, $10 for adults and $20 for groups (conditions apply). Don’t forget, UP express is always an option to get to and from downtown. We encourage customers to sign-up for GO Alerts. For more information visit Just GO or UP Express.
  4. MiWay

    I haven't heard how inspection turn out today by Mississauga, but it did not meet their standards a week ago to open on Nov 22. Until everything meets Mississauga standards, buses will remain as is until all requirements are meet. Lack of shelters is one thing, missing concrete from the new street level to the stations are 2 things I know of, but no clue about inside or the new platforms problems.
  5. GO Transit

    GO bus stopped for speeding on Guelph's troublesome Gordon Street
  6. MiWay

    Nov 16 and lots up on site
  7. GO Transit

    There been a full 12 car train in the new livery including power for about a year or so on the Lakeshore Line. I uselessly caught it going west to Burlington around 1:12 pm. I have seen another set on another line going into service at PM peak from the yard.
  8. MiWay

    Renforth Station goes into service Nov 22 with TTC and GO posting info on servicing the station. Will there be a ribbon cutting event Friday as original plan on Nov 17 by ML and a MiWay Open House on the 18??? MiWay has no info posted on this opening.
  9. Streetcar News

    4450 Enter service on 509 today as expected and surprise. It was inside for 2 days over the weekend giving the indication it was going to go into service on Tuesday. Was out Monday doing testing on 509 and assume it would enter service on 509 on Wed. Cars was inside Tuesday and noticed it was returning to the Barns by Queen that night and expect it was going to be Friday for service. First time I have seen a car doing testing the day before entering service other than it was testing the pans to make sure it could go on 509. Now we set back and wait to see if 4451 or any cars show up for this month deliveries as well the ones from Oct.
  10. Streetcar News

    Seeing 4449 in the yard last night was a sure sign it would ender service today. Since 4450 arrived 4 days after 4449, then it could see service either Sunday or Monday depending where it is testing. Haven't follow 4450 that much to see where it is in burn in stage. Since no sign of 4451, staff will have a break and deal with the current cars to see if the can get the failure rate up.
  11. Streetcar News

    Lack of new cars to be assign to the route and the route will not fully converted until 2018. Only a few new cars are require to be on 512 at this time with new arrivals being assign to (cars been move to it from other routes) it as they enter service. Currently 7 new cars on 512 Then there is the failure rate that keeping cars out of service. The failure rate is suppose to be 35,000, but only got up to 19,000 for Aug and back to 7,500 for Sept. Doors leading cause of failures. 4449 looks like it will see service starting Thursday or Friday with 4450 next week. We may see 4451 in service this month if it shows up in the next 8 days. Unless there is a major shipment of new cars in the coming weeks, the reduce number of 65 on site will not be meet for this year. TTC is already 5 cars short for Oct and 8 due this month alone. It takes between 9-30 days for a car to enter service from the day it arrives, with 14 days being the norm.
  12. Waterloo Region Rapid Transit

    ION light rail car testing begins in Waterloo
  13. General Subway/RT Discussion

    Internal Metrolinx report found Scarborough subway ‘not a worthwhile use of money’
  14. Streetcar News

    Yesterday was the first day been tracking and did a Run to Main Station and Back to the yard. It went back out later for normal testing. 4449 has being having GPS location problems like a few others lately and doing more km burn in than require. It was on schedule to go into service yesterday until the GPS issues rose and doing more burn in. Looking at it yesterday, it was in the service bay and look like it was been ready for service come Friday, but currently sitting outside the building on the in track on the south side. Anyone see or hear of any other cars leaving Thunder Bay after 4450 since 5 of Sept cars are still missing and all of Nov cars?? On course of not seeing the 65 cars now plan for this year, down from the original plan 70. If BBD maintain the 7 days between cars, we may see 4458 here by the end of the year and closer to the 60 cars TTC CEO said he was going to see. It will be interesting to hear what the CEO has to say about the deliveries at TTC next Monday meeting. We may hear something regarding the RFI on future cars either at a special meeting on Nov 28 or at the Dec 11 meeting. No TTC agenda on line yet.
  15. MiWay

    As I noted, 109 is faster than the others, but not as much as it was thought it would be back in 2004 during the EA. Its closer to what I said time would be, but the real saving time wise will be for the people who live in the north west corner. Where the other time saving will be is in the quality of service for the 109 over the other 3 routes when service is every 5-10 minutes depending on the time of day and the day of the week. Since the other 3 route will not be seeing real service increase for years (moreso when Toronto allows it), especially on weekends and holiday, 109 will gain more riders off these routes to a point. Since I am 10 minutes by bus to Sq One, its still faster for me to keep using the local service and not to backtrack even on the weekend. Again, MT will only pay a small part in ridership in this corridor with GO doing most of the lion share. When 100 starts in 2018, it will be 16 years after I started to push 15 minute service to the airport 7 days a week, considering its in our backyard in the first place.