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  1. The opening of the Hurontario LRT is still on schedule for fall 2024 and we may get an idea early 2024 what the headway will be for the buses once the LRT start running as well how they will run. Prefer to see buses remain 100% on Hurontario and will save time not going to the Sq One Station or transfer one section to the other if the LRT line does get split. Thanksgiving 2022 will see the 2 bus on detour for 65-72 hours Work is to start around June on the elevated guideway for the 403 area. Starting June to Dec and it depends on zones/phases, construction of the new road and sidewal
  2. It arrived on Dec 11 and only took 43 days to re-enter service. One of the fastest under 50 days. Based where it was yesterday in the yard, was expecting it would/could enter service today and fail to look at it this morning. Don't expect to see 4412 in service until March or April. We may see 4427 early Feb and 4413 late Feb at this time
  3. I thought 4418 had VISION installed in it before it went to Quebec. If not, then that is why it up at Hillcrest at this time. Otherwise, no clue why it up there now. That mean we may see it in service late next week
  4. The Master Transit plan for Lakeshore call for BRT later than sooner with LRT running from Long Branch Loop to Mississauga Rd by TTC once the Imperial Oil Land is redeveloped by 2040. This BRT is to handle the Waterfront Development underway at Dixie Rd. There are 2 other development to happen there on the Lakeshore itself. Wondering if the city has got any extra funding to replace the current fleet since the 2003 are entering their 18 year of service and 3 year longer than normal and the 2005 were to be replace last year. Then all the buses from 2006 to 2017 that needs to be replace
  5. Mississauga Receives Transit Infrastructure Funding Through the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program
  6. 4412 will be delivery to Hillcrest in the next day or so as its at Lambton at this time. Loaded July 9/20 4410 and 4418 still in the service bay and spending a lot of time on the yard service track. 4471 & 78 are getting close to 700 days off site considering they were to be here Q1 last year. As for "panto drop", will be an issue until the overhead is fully rebuilt that is a few years off. This includes replacing all intersection to remove frogs for poles and any other locations. There is an power issue since the pans will draw more power.
  7. Try walking from Dundas for route 3 to TTC and it a lot faster than going to the Hub and then TTC. As I near the entrance to TTC, saw my bus turning at the east end to get to the bus bay, This will be good for good days, but a lot of riders will still do it regardless of the weather. That a saving of about 7 minutes of current travel time and faster when 3 went to Islington. Was in the 3rd car from the west end of Kipling with grocery and it took me 10 minutes to get to the bus bay. When I got to the bus bay, my bus was there, but schedule to depart in 10 minutes. We had an wait up to 3 m
  8. https://youtu.be/3btmaZW12mU https://youtu.be/9LCKSVvLcJY https://youtu.be/zYbVyy0BVb8 https://youtu.be/bOej0q7mVlU
  9. When did Mississauga start running buses to Islington Subway Station as well pickup riders at TTC bus Terminal??
  10. They need to be every where since not everyone goes to CCTT in the first place or community centre. This also applies to TTC as well as since not all riders use the subway or the bus terminal in Toronto. One reason small hand held machines need to be at places that sold the old style fare as it was easy for the rider to get fare there than it is today. You need to service the public as much as you can outside terminals, subway stations, GO stations to make it easy to get their fare added to their card or a ticket to ride X vehicle. This includes the Day Pass or any type of pass.
  11. Looking at the photos I shot on opening day, the route 1 bus bay problem is cause by having 1 in the bay and another behind it waiting to get in it. Having cars park on the side instead at the south area removes space for buses to layover or bus drivers not leaving enough space for a bus to get in either in front or behind them. Having a ramp to the fare area is no help to an accessibility rider since the tunnel is too low to gain access to TTC ramp to the bus terminal. Having a ramp from the tunnel to the surface is the best option, but requires more space and remove the fear what to do
  12. Lot of bitching today regarding that long walk in the tunnel. 60' bus and Route 1 bus bay needs to be relocated as buses over hang and block buses going around the terminal or exiting. Same goes when using the GO bus bays. GO Bus bays being use as drop off, or layover. Lack of signage at both terminal showing how riders get from one to the other even with Mississauga personnel on site cause a lot of confusion for everyone. Even where riders find their bus on the platform. No surprise on my part as expecting this. The stairs in the tunnel that close being replace with a ramp.
  13. Given the fact only a few 60' have made 12 years, a real hard sell for 18. Most were crapping out at 10 years, especially the 1997 buses. 40' buses will make 18 and we already have that with the 2003 buses and the 2005 are at 15 and going on to 16. Since miWay buses are to only to last 15 in place of 12 years due to cost, the 2003 are longer due to lack of funding and meeting the timeline for the Feds to kick in extra funding. That guarantee needs to written lock solid so NFI can fulfill it between the 15 to 18 years. Most things can last longer if you throw money and time at it
  14. Waiting for the light on Dundas at Kipling going east tonight, watch a 3W come south on Kipling and go west on Dundas. Must be a driver that hasn't drove the 3W at night and deal with the change. Only 3 more night and it will be history. Will have my last ride to/from Islington on Sunday as well get my first ride to/from the Hub on Monday. On Jan 4, all able body walkers will be using the tunnel between the Hub and PPUDO and the PPUDO stair to/from TTC. The PPUDO elevator floor is about 3.7 cm below the tunnel floor with the doors open. Is it 100% operational, I can not tell. Th
  15. Starting today, you can now use the north PPUDO at Kipling as well the parking lot. Saw no machines to pay for parking there and could becoming in 2021. Standard GO style for Kiss & Ride and looks like they have done away with Taxis on one side with riders on the other side. The tunnel to the station/Hub is close until sometime in 2021 at this time. If work is taking place by the fare area, the tunnel between the Hub and PPUDO could be in service sooner than later. No idea if the elevator is working.
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