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  1. Aug 25 Unless something else is plan for the 26 for Bloor/Kipling closure, routes 20 & 26 will remain on route as it not finish. The new Kipling road is not all pour along with curbs and drain an east side sidewalk. The new Bloor extension is missing drains. Once the work is finish, it has to be pave. No idea if they will put the new Bloor Extension into service when they do close the current intersection to raise the roads to match the east side. Its possible 20 & 26 will turn off Dundas to go north on Kipling, but a lot easier doing that off the Bloor Extension. Riders who get on these bus routes will have to use 76 and then transfer to their route in Mississauga. The closure of the Bloor/Kipling intersection will have impact on route 3 both direction. Most the steel is up for the new Kipling Hub and be enclosed by year end. The first section of the tunnel from the hub to TTC tunnel is having its roof form, but the whole thing will not be done until 2020. The high noise wall at the west end is haft built and the residences I spoke to for the condo said the wall not going to help the noises from the buses using the hub. Maybe miWay and Go will adopt the shutting off the engines if idling more than 3 minutes that other system do or when they stop. Seen it first hand for shutting the engine off once stop at a bay or a layover. I guess that's why no detour notice are up or on line with the delay closure.
  2. One can only hope to see bar signals for any streetcar line in Toronto since its the better way to go with. 4 out of 6 USA lines plus KW we have ridden this year had bar signals. The first block of tracks almost in place starting at O'Conner Dr going east. From what I could see yesterday, tracks in place from Mount Dennis Station to the portal.
  3. Anyone heard/seen what going to happen to route 20, 26 now that the Bloor/Kipling intersection will be close until Dec starting next week? Will not know until tomorrow if the new Bloor Extension will open next week, when the the traffic is shifted to the new northbound Kipling road. If it is to open, 20 and 26 will bypass Auckland. GO riders that get on 20 & 26 will either have to pay a TTC fare to Islington or take 76 to make connection with 20/26. No idea how long Islington was close yesterday due to Broken Water Line. miWay Riders were being pickup out on the street.
  4. 4565 enter service late this afternoon on 501 after arriving August 07
  5. 4564 Has enter service on 510 (510L) 4576 has finally been moved into a service bay after almost 2 weeks been on the service track It will be interesting to see what the CEO has to say in his Sept Report on the new fleet as well the existing one.
  6. If so, it was a short live run as it been in the service track area for hours and still is. It was in the service bay when I looked at it at 8 am. 4576 still in the service track area for the past week. 4566 out testing.
  7. LOL as I reported it in service Sat. Out of the country and left the spreadsheet at home. 4565 & 4566 out testing.
  8. 4566 is tracking in the yard along with 4576. The rest of the test cars still in the service bay. No new cars in service since 4561
  9. 4562 has enter service on 501 after arriving July 25 4563 heading to Roncesvalles from St Clair testing
  10. Yes the Kingston cars take longer to get into service and TTC taking more time to make sure things are up to standards as the rest of the fleet. Car arrived July 11, 4575 has the shortest time from arrival to service under 20 days. 4564 has been tracking the last few days.
  11. 4561 has enter service on 501 (501A) After arriving July 19, 2019 4562 out testing yesterday
  12. 4560 has enter service on 504 (br504A) after arriving July 15, 2019 4561 been out all night testing
  13. 4543 has enter service on 504 (br304am) after arriving on April 29, 2019 4562 up on St Clair Testing
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