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  1. Thanks I type 3 different ways and that page never came up while the others show other years Was sure it was an NFI Bus, but not the year.
  2. Anyone can tell me why bus and year 2020 is??? I don't see it in the wiki list Thanks https://www.flickr.com/photos/drum118/48765406461/in/photolist-2hiesjp-2hieso2/
  3. 4431 has been off loaded with 4443 taking it spot on the flat. 4431 was loaded on May 26 with a turn around of 139 days 4430 is in Russell carhouse with 4428 & 29 on the Barns yard service track. along with 4440. 4440 was out testing late last week, 4442 is the next retuning car and will not be here until early Dec at current turn around follow by 4446, 4450 for this year. 4453 should show up in Jan.
  4. If I remember right, 2023 is when 4604-4624 or was it 4634 are to arrive with production starting in 2022. This is assuming parts are delivery on time, considering La Pocatiere, QC is supposed to build the frames. Rest are to arrive by 2025. With La Pocatiere, QC still working on TTC fleet that still needs another 22 cars to be ship to them including 4441, what impact will they have on the new cars frames being built starting in 2022?? Don't know if La Pocatiere, QC has any part in building Metrolinx cars as well cars for TTC Finch Line and Edmonton order. Wouldn't be surprise if they doing the frames. Its possible production will start in 2023 and why only a small number of cars will be delivery yearly for the 60 cars order. Based on current ridership, TTC current fleet can handle it until ridership return to pre COVID levels and a spike in new riders. We may see 4471 and 4478 in 2022 as a test run for the setup for the new cars that may see some changes from the current design.
  5. 4440 has been off loaded after after 146 days when it was loaded onto the flat on May 13 4441 has taken 4440 spot for a trip to QC. 4428-30 still in the service bays Will we see 4431 this week as it was loaded May 26?? If not, it should be next week and no idea if it in Lambton yard now.
  6. They are in the process of building an LRT bridge over the creek at the west end of the yard and will start on the ROW from there to Terry to Top Flight to Hurontario. This area and south to Matheson will be the test zone for the new LRV's. Some work taking place on the ROW now.
  7. 4424 has re-enter service on 510 after arriving Aug 17 (43 Day) and 7 days after 4423 that is still having issues. It is and currently on the yard service track. It been 139 days since 4440 was loaded onto the flat for QC and no word if it is in transit or will be here next week It will be late Nov or early Dec before 4442, 4446 and 4450 return from QC. Depending on when they return and are ready for service, late Jan or Feb 2022 when they re-enter service.
  8. TTC has installed a new sound barrier wall at the west end of Russell that roller coast where it need to be by houses next to it. They have used steel post in place of the wall barrier post that the post are being use to support the new OS for the yard that well be higher than the current one. The last 4 tracks don't have any OS over them and out of service for EllisDon who will be rebuilding the yard. The posts have 3 plates on then with 2 on an angle with 14 holes in them. The rebuilding of the yard is being delay by Toronto Hydro for the Queensway ROW and the Roncesvalles Intersection that 501 and 504 will not return to normal routing until early 2022. Until 501 and 504 cars can be move to Roncy yard, it pushing back when work can start on Russell. Since June, my visits have become longer between visit as signs were there that the project was falling more and more behind schedule to the point that there been no one on site nor any changes from the last one. Time for another visit.
  9. 4430 has finally been off loaded after being loaded May 6 140 days ago. Don't know why TTC taking longer to off load once cars are at the dock. Looks like 4436 has taken 4430 spot on the flat and if so, complete all the cars up to 4440 been fix. 4440 should be here next week to be off loaded as it is next in line follow by 4431 4466 is currently in the service bay at Leslie. Edit: The next 4 cars ship in Aug will not be seen until some time in Dec and re-enter service late Feb to early March. Since 501 and 504 will not resumes normal route service until 2022 thanks to Toronto Hydro, good time for TTC to ship more cars to QC to complete all cars up to 4466 sooner than later. At current rate of turn around and in service, all the remaining cars will not be in service until 2023
  10. Starting next months and the rest of the year, routes 3 & 8 will see temporary detour with the closure of Elm Dr due to work on the LRT. As to how long the detour will be and when is unknown, but short time frame for notification for these changes will happen as needed. Off hand will say a few weeks at times.
  11. Sorry, but it doesn't work that way at MT. Like it or not, its a pure BS decision and a poor one at that considering the 10's of 1,000's buses on the road in NA. I haven't heard of another system doing this or have issues as this. Rode 6 systems on the east coast this summer as well talked to a few systems personnel that were not drivers and nothing was stated like MT issues and before MT issue. What about the world?? Why are manufactures still building buses this way if there a safety issue with these seats?? Sorry, but far too many drivers have a lead foot regardless which system it is that you are toss around when coming to a stop. One of the 2 drivers for MT gave you a nice toss as well 4 TTC bus and one streetcar driver on Sunday. The other TTC drivers were ok.
  12. July 6 saw 4420 off loaded and today (74 Days) it finally re-enter service on 506
  13. Once MT takes over TTC routes, the close door policy will be history for those 2 routes only. One one route is to see the change this year and more toward the end due to funding issues and both systems signing off to the plan, especially TTC MT is sure running out of buses due to not ordering new ones while waiting for the Fed's to pay for them. Since council decided only hybrid buses are to be order, there is an extra cost doing so that council hasn't wrap their head around as well low ridership due to COVID-19.
  14. Until tracks are brought up to Metrolinx standards, service will be slow and servicing a different market. Not everyone will be going from end to end and that the idea behind this plan. Once Woodbine station is built and if UPX service it, it will offer service to/from the airport for some riders from London. That idea goes back as far as 2008 of offering service to the airport from London and in between.
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