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  1. It enter service at 11:30 am after arriving Sept 30. It almost at Main Station. Should note 4400 out testing and been out since last night
  2. No meat on the bone for the next 5 year plan. Changes for 2020 may not happen for route 8 and 20 as plan. Still recommend 20 either use TTC Mills loop or leave it as is, as all other routes fail. Strong backlash for any change to 20. I call for max 7/24/365 15 minute max headway for all trunk lines and less at peak time. 109 needs 60' buses most the time if current headway remain as is. Need a few more 24 hr routes to increase ridership. New hybrid-electric buses We’re introducing 10 next-generation hybrid-electric buses that are convertible to full battery power. These hybrid-electric buses: Have lower greenhouse gas emissions Provide up to 25 per cent fuel savings Include ‘plug and play’ components, helping to simplify the maintenance process One of these new buses will be on display at the City’s Climate Change Action Plan outreach event at Celebration Square on Wednesday, Oct. 16 from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
  3. 4021, 4155, 4141, 4123, 4183, 4182, 4184, 4042, 4124, 4147 were on 506 Sunday that I saw
  4. Saw 20 & 26 use the new Bloor today. Wouldn't be surprise if 20 & 26 stay as is, since they will be moving to new routing once the new terminal opens in the next 6-9 months anyway. 20 will be not be part of the picture when the new terminal opens and still say it should terminate at TTC mills Loop. It will be a pain in the ass for riders to have to change buses, but it will be the same thing if it terminates at the Transit Way. Not everyone is going to/from the subway in the first place. Again, changes to the Dundas/Kipling are taking place on the fly with no warning or being delay. This is an early opening surprise to all and a first. Kipling itself should be fully open in 30 days, but not all sidewalks. That left turn off Bloor from the subway to Dundas is a bitch now that Bloor is open. Unless that left turn gets advance green, going to take a few light before you can turn compare to the past.
  5. Today I only saw CLRV's on 506 and buses on 511. Will have a look on Monday at 506. At Russell I Saw Track 22 see 4207, 4221, 4001 & 42?? on it with poles up and headlights. Track 21 see 4146 + 2 CLRV on it With pole down and no headlights. Track 20 sees 4079 and 3 other CLRV with poles down no headlights Track 19 sees 4204 with pole up with a gap between it and 4249 and 2 other 42?? poles down, but still have headlights 501 cars were using track 16 to layover before going back westbound. There were 3 Flexity on it. Edit: For some reason 4001 wasn't showing up on track 22 in my posting and added it again.
  6. Saw something yesterday that I have never seen before and that was 3 old car cars as coaches on a train. Seen a lot of single cars on trains, one 2 cars on a train, but 3? 251 car car was on the rear of a train heading to Union and still see it from time to time on various lines. Caught 671 & 680 MPI MP40PH-T4AC Mu on an eastbound Lakeshore train as well 669 & 675 Mu on an eastbound Lakeshore Train
  7. Problems with Bombardier’s streetcars have been overstated
  8. 4400 just left the yard for its first test run. 4483 is out testing on Dundas
  9. 4583 is now tracking 4577 has been out testing the past few days 4400 still in the service bay
  10. Still BBD problem since the contract calls for to be on TTC property. BBD must factor in delivery time, especially around Christmas and New Years. Have said that, BBD can't be held responsible if CP has their system plug up like they have at time, as well major snow storms and cold spell not normal for that time of year. Was a typo on my end using the A in place of B for 4582 as I was in a rush to get out the door.
  11. 4582 has enter service on 504 (504A) after arriving Sept 24 and that's 12 days 4577 and 4400 in the service bay. With 85 days to go, 23 cars still need to show up, plus 4401 by Dec 31.
  12. That make 392 days since 4400 was loaded for QC and 400 days since seeing service.
  13. The LRT bridge over the 403 has no impact on a Kingsbridge stop. The business case of a stop there is superior than anything ML has come up with to date. ML opposed a stop there due to cost and speed. Even if the LRT is elevated over the southbound lanes of Hurontario, there is room for a ramp to grade well before the intersection. MTO wants the LRT to go south of the on ramp to the 403. The 34 is a mix bag and goes against the Grid idea. The service along Kingsbridge will still be there, but with poor headway by ?. With no buses servicing Credit Valley will be like other systems who are doing a Grid system. GRT, TTC never took buses off route to service the hospital next to the routes that come to mind at this time. It been 15 years or so when I first proposed a route along Huntington Ridge/ White Clover/Kingsbridge/Elia as an east/west route only very 30 minutes.
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