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    Football (thats the proper one not that crap they play here in the US which is actually rugby for really fat blokes) Music, public transport (especially UK and particularly buses), travel.

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  1. Centralsmt

    GOA transit news, info etc

    Seriously that is your first thought? Oh dear, it could so easily have been you, hug those closest to you a bit harder tonight. Ah the good old “I heard this” speculation is already in full swing. These sort of tragedies really do bring out the worst in people, somein particular are almost gleeful in their quest to be “first in the news”, it’s the most exciting thing that’s happened in their little lives in months, if not years. I’m fully expecting some “on the spot” reporting live from Westboro shortly. Social Media is both a great and terrible thing, have a look around various news pages and you’ll see all sorts of rubbish written, I’ve already seen posts “get those killer double deckers off our streets”, idle speculation about what caused the accident, and even racist posts regarding the drivers ethnicity!! In the next few weeks we’ll get all sorts of hysterical overreaction in gutter rags like the Sun and Citizen, all written to provoke reaction, and we will have all sorts of platitudes from local politicians all trying to make themselves relevant. Before you hit the send button, sit back, think about what you are posting and the manner in the way you are presenting it, and be respectful.
  2. Centralsmt

    STO bus spottings

  3. Stagecoach have sold their North American operations. https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-scotland-scotland-business-46630321 Scottish-based transport company Stagecoach has pulled out of the US. The firm, which has its headquarters in Perth, has been running bus services in North America for 20 years, but has had to significantly write down the value of the operation. Stagecoach has sold its North America division to a private equity firm for $271m (£214m). It said it planned to concentrate on its bus and rail services in the UK. Stagecoach had reported a £22.6m pre-tax loss for the six months to 27 October, driven by a writedown of £85.4m on its US division. Stagecoach said the writedown reflected a "revised view on long-term profitability". Its North American operations have been hit by increased competition, as well as rising fuel and staff costs. Like-for-like revenue for the division fell over the half-year by 3%, with megabus.com North America revenue declining by 1.7%.
  4. Centralsmt

    GOA transit news, info etc

    From what I understand the individual involved contributed massively to her own misfortune.
  5. Centralsmt

    Wheel Forward Buses

    Fareboxes are common in many parts of the UK, particularly in urban areas eg. Glasgow. However many operators are now investing heavily in contactless payments and app based fare collection.
  6. Centralsmt

    OC Bus Spottings

    I would have thought a Master would know these things........
  7. Centralsmt

    OC Transpo 2019 40' bus order

    If you email the individual he may ask how what could be an internal document came into the public domain.....
  8. Centralsmt

    Alexander Dennis

    ...and BYD chassis
  9. Centralsmt

    OC Bus Spottings

    Artics are regularly scheduled on the 9, its my local route. They have no problems whatsoever negotiating any part of the route. OOS Deckers have very occasionally also used Crichton in the peaks to head Downtown if St Patrick is jammed.
  10. Centralsmt

    OC Bus Spottings

    To the best of my knowledge a decker has never worked the 9, where did you spot it?
  11. Centralsmt

    OC Bus Spottings

    If you knew it was wrong why did you post it?🤥
  12. Centralsmt

    STO and OC Transpo Routes

    I really do not see why the 11and 12 cannot be reinstated to their previous routings, it’s as if OC Management are deliberately trying to piss off passengers and drive them off buses and into cars.
  13. More chance of Pinecrest being closed as there will be excess capacity after the withdrawals.
  14. Centralsmt

    OC and STO service disruptions

    LRT wasn’t running 🙄
  15. Centralsmt

    Alexander Dennis

    There are hundreds, if not thousands, of Enviro 500’s in Service all over the world, not one of them is used on intensive long distance coaching work. i am genuinely surprised that on An enthusiasts group people do not know the difference between a bus and a coach.