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    Football (thats the proper one not that crap they play here in the US which is actually rugby for really fat blokes) Music, public transport (especially UK and particularly buses), travel.

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  1. Time these assholes were cleared out of our city, Downtown residents have had enough.
  2. Why blame OC? Any disruption is solely down to the brainless rednecks clogging up the city.
  3. The Enviro 500’s are a good bit taller than Megabus Van Hools.
  4. I’ve no idea if it’s an ex-Grey Line, I’m not even sure they had VR’s I thought the only ex-UK rear engined deckers they had were Daimler Fleetlines, , but it’s way way overpriced, try $3000 rather than $30000!
  5. I work for the Federal Government, permanent homeworking will never be an option for the vast majority of Federal employees, it’s logistically impossible particularly in areas like the handling of sensitive documents ect. I cannot do my job from home, it can only be done on site.
  6. It’s only a number that is used identify a particular bus. Buses are numbered in a system by the operator which suits the particular software that they use, as long as they can track that bus by its individual number that’s all that they are concerned with. There is absolutely no need to have a year based numbering system as it would not offer any advantage to OC Transpo over their current numbering system.
  7. Its only Greyhound that will no longer be using the terminal, other operators will be continuing to use it for now.
  8. The point of it being closed on Saturday is so people can go shopping!!!! Of course this now means that those using buses to get to Bank St are actually taken further away from their destination, but you gotta keep the middle class, voting, cycle lobby happy don’t you?
  9. It is very easy to make your own cloth mask, my wife has made a number of them for both ourselves and our kids. There are numerous instruction videos on You Tube if you can’t work out how to make them yourself. People need to take personal responsibility rather than expecting everything handed to them on a plate.
  10. You seem to be a very angry person, chill out
  11. It seems for the obsessives the need to spot and ride buses and to be first to provide “news” trumps their health and the health of others around them.
  12. There’s an awful lot of essential journeys in this thread.
  13. You really have no clue what you are talking about.
  14. You should only use the bus for essential travel ie. to and from work, and you should only travel to work if you are an essential employee who has too. Apart from shopping for essentials, and that should be done at your nearest store, there is no other reason to be using public transit at this time. In pretty much every European country that is on lockdown, the UK being an exception, ridership is down somewhere between 80-90%, even during peak hours.
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