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  1. I photographed it on George St this morning, about a minute after I photographed the "6"!!
  2. This morning on Rideau!
  3. Are you trying to start a record for the amount of threads you can start on one day on basically the same subject?
  4. OC have already stated Double Deckers won't be used on either all day services or services serving Downtown, there will have to be further investiment in 40" buses as the Invernos are approaching retirement age, even those which are being refurbished.
  5. It's had that for at least 2 years, there's another one too but I can't remember the number.
  6. 8154 has left ADL in Falkirk and is on its way to Canada.
  7. The PowerPoint slides are just those that OC used during the presentation, I would hope there will be a further update with details of what was discussed at the Round Tables which took place after the presentation.
  8. I suspect the 17 will also replace some journies on the 7X. As I said the routings are not confirmed, at the meeting some of the comments were; (I) the routing of the 9 Downtown, much comment that it should maintain the same route it does now, and the fact it will no longer serve Elizabeth Bryere. (II) the routing of the 18 along Laurier instead of Rideau, (iii) The route 19 split, also the awkward turn into Olmsted from Montreal and it's proposed route along Vanier and Donald other comments were, the fact no more buses would serve VIA rail station. and a request to consider a direct service from the area to Trainyards. One other prediction, which has been hinted at at a couple of meetings I've attended, I wouldn't be surprised if there is a pretty major change to the 12 once LRT commences. oh and the new 17 is likely to commence in the December service changes.
  9. The latest version of the proposed route system in the East End after LRT commences. Note this is only a proposal and subject to change eg. Once work has been completed on Hemlock to make it suitable for buses the 17 will run along there rather than St Laurent and Montreal to reach Wateridge.
  10. As explained earlier in the thread the US plant is currently at full capacity with other orders.
  11. It was in service practically every day last summer! The sightseeing services only re-started a couple of weeks ago, so aren't at full service yet. The open toppers are ADL buses, but they are Enviro 400's, which was the standard UK model, only 25 Enviro 500's were ever built for the UK. The Enviro 400 is only available in North America in open top form, I'm not actually sure if ADL is still producing it for NA as it has been replaced in the UK by the MMC version.
  12. For someone who calls themselves a geek your knowledge of buses is very limited......the post above yours tells you exactly what type of bus it is. Correct me if I am wrong but people do pay to travel on a sightseeing service, therefore it is in revenue earning service, as it is earning revenue for its owner, it is also in service far more often than 7901, which only makes sporadic appearances in public. Also it would have been nowhere near London when it was in service in the UK, London Transport never operated Bristol Lodekka's.
  13. No, there are no Routemasters in Ottawa. Its a Bristol Lodekka
  14. This is the oldest bus in regular service in Ottawa, and probably sees more use than 7901
  15. That's not unusual!