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    Football (thats the proper one not that crap they play here in the US which is actually rugby for really fat blokes) Music, public transport (especially UK and particularly buses), travel.

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  1. Centralsmt

    Ottawa Double Decker Sightseeing Buses

    From the style of the rear window and destination equipment it’s an RT .
  2. Centralsmt

    Commuter train? Groups Names ?

    This is never going to happen in any of our lifetimes.....
  3. Centralsmt


    It was confirmed days ago...still not like the Citizen to be first with the news
  4. Centralsmt

    STO bus spottings

    Bikes are for cycling, not carrying on buses....I think cyclists should be charged for carrying a bike on a bus, after all they delay all the other passengers putting their bike on and off the rack.
  5. Centralsmt

    FREE - UK Buses Magazines

    Don’t have time, Moving and need to clear things out.
  6. Centralsmt

    FREE - UK Buses Magazines

    Last chance or they are going in the recyling tonight
  7. I have the last couple of years copies of the monthly UK Buses Magazine. They are free to anyone that wants them although you have to pick them up from my home. PM’s only to arrange pick up, if they don’t go in the next few days they will go in the recycling.
  8. Centralsmt

    GOA Special Spottings

    There are blinds were the windows were that can be pulled down in bad weather. I suspect there are probably structural reasons why the roof couldn't have been removed. The Red Astromega has been running around for a couple of weeks, its definitely painted, not wrapped, I see it every day. Its possible that the blue one reported earlier was repainted fairly quickly. Its possible that there are two and the blue one is now being prepared for service, I suppose we'll just have to wait and see.
  9. It wasn’t a swap, it was a trade in as part of the total cost.
  10. Not all of them are though.
  11. Centralsmt

    Ottawa Double Decker Sightseeing Buses

    Has anyone seen the Bristol Lodekka out on sightseeing duties this year?
  12. Centralsmt

    GOA Special Spottings

    The Enviro 400 Open topper is no longer in production and ADL do not have a replacement for it.
  13. Centralsmt


    Might help if admin change the thread title, it’s not a question now, we know what type of vehicle is coming.
  14. Centralsmt

    Invero Light Rebuild Project

    Why do you think they should have gone for the Excelsior over Nova, is it a better vehicle? The 1997 Nova NLFS is a very different bus to a 2018/19 model
  15. Centralsmt

    Alexander Dennis

    Alexander bodied BYD electric double deckers to operate in London, UK https://busesmag.keypublishing.com/2018/06/20/two-london-double-deck-routes-to-go-electric/