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  1. According to a conversation I had with a senior manager at OC the size of the tank is one of the issues....note I said one, not the only issue.
  2. One of the reasons they won't be used in late evenings is that OC specified smaller than average fuel tanks in the double deckers to increase seating capacity, therefore they cannot be used on a full day service as they would have to return to the depot for refilling at some point.
  3. Not true, 40" buses have slower dwell time on busy routes.
  4. I have been sent a response from one of the councillors who attended the meeting with a broad outline of the problems, however there is a further report to be produced and until that has it would be unwise to make any further comments particularly on a forum such as this.
  5. The initial meeting took place this morning with the councillors and OC Management. The councillors themselves released the numbers last week when announcing that they had requested a meeting, both are on record as describing the recent service levels as "unacceptable".
  6. Councillors Mathieu Flurey and Tobi Nussbaum are to have meetings with OC Transpo management to discuss the poor level of service in their respective wards. In the month of March there were 236 recorded cancellations of service in the area together with numerous delays, recorded incidents include a 90 minute gap on service 1 between Springfield and Rideau, gaps of 60 mins on the 9 at peak hours between Downtown and Hurdman , 20-30 minute gaps in service on the 12 at peak periods and 60 minute gaps on the 19, both councillors offices have been receiving numerous complaints from local residents regarding the level of service, local business have also voiced concerns as staff are often late for work due to cancellations and delays.
  7. The 9 and 12 always end at the Rideau Centre on a Sunday!
  8. Spot The glaring error in that notice......
  9. Some buses were actually running up to the Muséopark yesterday when I was there, despite the road being closed.
  10. Statistically those living in the downtown core are more likely to rely on Public Transit as there is higher car ownership in the suburbs, those living closer to town are likely to live in poorer neighbourhoods with lower levels or car ownership and use transit not only for commuting but also for shopping, leisure, medical appointments ect. unlike those in suburbs who basically use transit into town to get to and from work and can travel by car if adequate public transportation isn't available.
  11. Crossrail is taking 9 years to build, much of it on existing track.
  12. Yet another worker injured in an accident in a tunnel http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/ottawa/worker-severely-injured-in-lrt-tunnel-1.4031489
  13. There was no increase in cars coming off the MacDonald-Cartier bridge into Ottawa this morning, traffic was flowing normally from what I could see.
  14. Setra - Do not make city buses Scania - committed to liquid biogas technology Volvo - although committed to electric technology they own Novabus Van Hool - unlikely to return to the North American market on a large scale Man - have no desire to enter the North American market Mercedes - did bring a Citaro to North America but nothing came of it, also they owned Orion NABI - No longer exist of other manufactures ADL only produce lightweight single deckers of their own manufacture or they also body Scania chassis and now electric vehicles with a Chinese chassis. The Chinese are the largest manufacturers of electric vehicles and are way ahead of other manufacturers in that technology. There are also trials of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles manufactured by the likes of Van Hool commencing in various parts of Europe. What you have to remember is two main things, with trade restrictions it is extremely difficult for any manufacturer to gain a foothold in North America if it is not a North American company, and under the current US administration likely to get significantly more difficult. Also North America is very parochial when it comes to their vehicles, they want big heavy gas guzzling machines, not lighter more fuel efficient environmentally friendly vehicles, which may have a shorter working life, but in fact are more common now all over the world, and what operators in those countries want.
  15. It was reported on another thread hours ago https://cptdb.ca/topic/3969-oc-and-sto-service-disruptions/?page=42