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  1. Anything from the States would likely have to be converted to meet Canadian standards, which could be costly.
  2. Pulling a couple of buses from major routes like the 6, 7 or 12 has the potential to leave gaps of up to a hour in service, pulling them off other routes, many of which only run on 30 minute frequencies at night or weekends could possibly leave even larger gaps.
  3. It shows a complete lack of self awareness for customer service if they pull vehicles off regular services if there are problems with LRT. This will create an impression of a two tier service where LRT users are treated more favourably than customers who rely solely on buses, if there was a shutdown of LRT for any reason on a Saturday afternoon on the lead up to Christmas for example the entire system could collapse if buses are pulled off regular routes leaving gaps in the service. More bad publicity is the last thing OC needs at the moment.
  4. When the R1 is running where are the vehicles used sourced from if it is outwith peak hours? I read today that 17 buses were used when the LRT was down, that is a lot of buses and drivers to have sitting around "just in case". Are buses pulled from regular routes when required from the R1 and if so what are the routes affected?
  5. My thinking is if there was a posting limit, some people may think twice before making irrelevant postings.
  6. Like others I agree that we should have a separate sightings sub-forum. I have said before I have suspicions that there are some posters on here with more than one log-in, do new members have to be approved by a moderator before they are allowed to join the board? Some other boards which I am a member of impose daily posting limits so that certain individuals do not flood the board with a large amount of posts, many of which can be irrelevant eg. posters who post "I saw that too" on a sightings thread, or posting weeks old articles from newspapers. Possibly set a limit of 10 posts per person in a 24 hour period? The copy-write issue needs to be addressed, a picture without crediting the original source should be automatically deleted and a warning sent to the poster. No-one should be posting pages from any commercial publication, and obviously no-one should also be disclosing the contents of internal work related notices, as has happened on here on a few occasions, that can actually be a breach of your (the individual making the posting) terms and conditions of employment. I agree that having a mod with a deeper knowledge of Ottawa and the surrounding areas could be an advantage and would assist the current admin team.
  7. Actually people do care about incorrect information being posted on the board. You did it this time and got caught, it’s reasonable to make the assumption that you could well have done it before and passed incorrect information off as fact. Ive been on this board for many many years and it’s always been blighted by individuals posting false information, in fact at one point it nearly got closed down because a certain individual kept posting it, so excuse me if I get a little pissed off at people who could jeopardize the integrity of the board by making things up.
  8. There you go again making a posting without knowing what is being discussed. READ THE MAYORS STATEMENT, THEN COME BACK AND TELL ME EXACTLY WHERE IT SAYS THE 19 BUSES TO BE DELIVERED IN JANUARY WILL BE EITHER NOVA BUSES OR DOUBLE DECKERS? Loud Invero AKA The OC Transpo master or whatever other log ins he has cut and pasted the statement, then added Nova Buses to it. NOWHERE IN THE STATEMENT DOES IT MENTION WHAT TYPE OF BUS WILL BE DELIVERED IN JANUARY.
  9. The statement doesn’t say Double Deckers either.
  10. It says neither NovaBuses or Double Deckers in the statement so you are not being specific if you mention anything, you are making an unsubstantiated presumption.
  11. The actual statement does not include the words NovaBuses, why are you spreading false news?
  12. Nowhere in that statement does it mention that the 19 buses will be Novas.....
  13. So you dont actually know then.....you really dont need to answer every single time someone posts something. As I said before being obsessed can be unhealthy. Not quite true, 1201--1203, 8001-8075 & 8144-8160 were built at Larbert 8101-8143 were built at Napanee. 8144-8160 were only built in Scotland because Napanee was at full capacity due to the GO Transit order.
  14. Does anyone know if the new order is being built at Larbert or Napanee? If they are due by year end they should be in build by now.
  15. There are many Transitway photos in here in this thread which has been running for many years
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