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  1. You seem to be a very angry person, chill out
  2. You really have no clue what you are talking about.
  3. First Group looking to sell Greyhound https://www.bbc.com/news/business-48456840
  4. ADL has been sold https://www.scotsman.com/business/scottish-bus-builder-alexander-dennis-bought-in-320m-deal-1-4936221
  5. There are many BYD buses operating in the UK with no problems whatsoever, including on intensive routes in London, maybe it is certain North American operators inability to adapt to new technology that is the problem. There is also an element of xenophobia where Chinese manufacturers are concerned too.
  6. Stagecoach have sold their North American operations. https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-scotland-scotland-business-46630321 Scottish-based transport company Stagecoach has pulled out of the US. The firm, which has its headquarters in Perth, has been running bus services in North America for 20 years, but has had to significantly write down the value of the operation. Stagecoach has sold its North America division to a private equity firm for $271m (£214m). It said it planned to concentrate on its bus and rail services in the UK. Stagecoach had reported a £22.6m pre-tax loss for the six months to 27 October, driven by a writedown of £85.4m on its US division. Stagecoach said the writedown reflected a "revised view on long-term profitability". Its North American operations have been hit by increased competition, as well as rising fuel and staff costs. Like-for-like revenue for the division fell over the half-year by 3%, with megabus.com North America revenue declining by 1.7%.
  7. Fareboxes are common in many parts of the UK, particularly in urban areas eg. Glasgow. However many operators are now investing heavily in contactless payments and app based fare collection.
  8. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of Enviro 500’s in Service all over the world, not one of them is used on intensive long distance coaching work. i am genuinely surprised that on An enthusiasts group people do not know the difference between a bus and a coach.
  9. Because it is a BUS not a coach, the chassis is not built for long distance highway work.
  10. Who said it was over engineered to be driven into the ground in the city?
  11. Maybe onthe highway, but not for a considerable mileage, an Enviro 500 would soon struggle if it was regularly banging up and down the 401 between Toronto and Montreal for example. The level of comfort inside the vehicle is irrelevant as the Enviro is based on a bus chassis, as I have already pointed out, and is not built for sustained long distance highway running.
  12. One big difference, the superlo is based on an ADL BUS chassis, it’s lineage dates back to the Dennis Trident, it is built specifically for high intensity urban work not for sustained highway running. Do you not think that Megabus, owned by Stagecoach, based in Scotland, and who’s owner is a major shareholder in ADL, would purchase Van Hools if ADL provided a vehicle suitable for the type of services Megabus operates? Even in the UK Stagecoach buys Van Hools for long distance double deck service coach work rather than ADL products, although they have recently bought a small batch of Plaxton (part of ADL) bodied Volvo double deckers, although even they are bodied on Volvo coach chassis.
  13. Alexander bodied BYD electric double deckers to operate in London, UK https://busesmag.keypublishing.com/2018/06/20/two-london-double-deck-routes-to-go-electric/
  14. you do realise that bus in the background is built by the same manufacturer that makes "Boris" buses? Also they didn't "kill off" the New Routemaster, TfL decided not to take up the option of ordering any more after the initial contract for 1000 had been completed. There has been no deal made with a rival manufacturer, in any case Wrights "rival" manfacturer is ADL!!! There are only 3 main double decker bodybuilders supplying vehicles in the UK now, ADL, Wrights and MCV. The quality of recent Wright products has left a lot to be desired and many former buyers in London are now switching to MCV, and outside London both Stagecoach and First tend to order ADL products. First used to split orders between Wrights and ADL but order far more from ADL now.
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