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  1. It's a good design but it's missing the white stripe at the top of the windows (where the "Region of Waterloo" logo is). It needs that to be closer to the LFLRV's.
  2. What is the point of this thread? I guess I just can't understand how there could be more posts in a thread for posting that you "saw a bus" instead of construction updates on the most ambitious project the Region of Waterloo has ever undertaken.
  3. So will the busses that run on the ion route have wraps this year? Or will they just say iXpress on the side? That will confuse people.
  4. It's still in the hands of hydro, as far as I know, doing their electrical work.
  5. Construction getting under way along Caroline, Fairview Mall, as well as the Operations, Maintenance and Storage facility. Lots of track work going on yesterday (Saturday), too.
  6. Construction at Can-America aBRT stop:
  7. How would you recommend improving it, 2281?
  8. Lots of work (finally!) going on along Caroline. The whole intersection at William is a huge mountain of dirt, 4 m high!
  9. Construction seems to have resumed; I saw crews yesterday at Pinebush/24. There's a huge pit on the West side of 24 with a big strange-looking concrete foundation nearly complete! Exciting to see these stops erected - this is the first time we'll get a preview of what the eventual LRT stops will look/feel like.
  10. Construction stalled out on 24 for the last couple of weeks - I wonder what's up. 24/Canamera looks exactly like it did a month ago, just dug up a bit with cones everywhere.
  11. So it's a hydrostatic transmission then? Diesel engine drives a pump, either with variable displacement or a proportional valve, and there are hydraulic motors in the axles? That's not terribly complicated. As a kid my buddy's parents had a lawn tractor with that setup.
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