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  1.'ll get to ride a LFS in Mississauga soon enough. The Malton Eldorado allocation is typically 0701-0705 and 0707. 0704 and 0705 have been at Malton for a few years now. We will have to watch 0701 and see if the move is permanent or was just swapped for maintenance work. Malton used to require 5 Eldorados for service, 3 on the 24 and 1 each on the 52 and 55 which have been cancelled. The 30 also uses Eldorados although infrequently.
  2. or those o you interested in such stuff MiWay is now on Transsee which allows for bus tracking with fleet numbers. Note that MiWay does not currently support live bus tracking (coming this year) but only estimated arrival time. You can see what's out by going to and selecting a route, then clicking route vehicle locations. You can also scroll to the bottom of the page and enter a range of fleet numbers and it will show everything that's out within that range. Examples: 1001-1020 1101-1143 0301-0735
  3. Ok, except the post I replied to was asking about Eldorados in the west end and whether it was a city wide change. All I was pointing out was the Eldorados have always been used on various routes across the city.
  4. Eldorados have always been used across the city on various routes, not sure what your question is about. The routes that use Eldorados right now: Weekday - 14, 24, 25, 32, 46, 47, 48, 49 (rush hour only, all day bus is 40'), 64, 67, 73, 90 Saturday/Sunday - 8, 16, 28, 29, 30, 44, 45, 46, 48, 51, 68, 90 Although it should be noted 40' do appear on these routes during the times specified. As you can see, those routes are spread out across the city.....
  5. Info like? There's been tons of discussion about the orders in this thread. The wiki is usually updated as the new buses get delivered and retirements occur.
  6. Eldorados are being retired early due to the high maintenance cost, poor reliability and poor utilization. There will still be some Eldorados left likely the 09xx batch only There are 35 Eldorados and if half of them are in service on a weekday then that's a good day. There are just not enough routes anymore to fully utilize them on, some routes that initially used 30 foot buses have been eliminated (31, 33, 41, 52, 55, 60, 62, 63, 65, 72, 74) or had the assignment changed to 40 foot buses (21, 29, 49, 68/91) Additionally the MiWay Five plan will result in some routes currently using Eldorados to be eliminated as part of route changes (24, 25, 32, 90) The lack of routes to utilize them on is why Eldorados often appear on routes they shouldn't be on especially during rush hour if they are short buses and the Eldorados are all that's left in the garage. By replacing them with 40 foot buses it will allow for better utilization. As for reliability and maintenance, the Eldorados have required a significant amount of maintenance just to keep on the road, in addition to regular maintenance repairs. From a passenger perspective I can't wait for the Eldorados to go. Good riddance, they are awful buses.
  7. Yes, rear window has been a mandatory feature in all tenders for buses since 2013.
  8. The only expansion buses are the 27 XD40s for MiExpress routes, all the Novas (52 40', 30 60') will be local buses and for replacement of the 2003 D40LFs and the 2007 and 2008 Eldorados. However it should be noted both the MiWay Five plan and PTIF fundung has triggered a review of the fleet plan going forward. The Nova artics will be local buses and are around $890,000 @drum118
  9. The reason for sole sourcing is due to the tight timeframe that is in place due to PTIF funding as well as limited production capacity. Both manufacturers also have steady US business and the PTIF funding will result in a lot of Canadian transit systems ordering buses at the same time. As well the funding being available it has led to a review of MiWay's fleet plan which could change things moving forward (see: decision to replace most of the ElDorado buses by the end of next year). As MT0603 mentioned, ridership on both Eglinton and Derry corridors is growing rapidly to the point where capacity is becoming a issue even with both 35 Eglinton and 42 Derry having 10 minute rush hour frequency, so it's possible the decision to purchase more artics was only made recently. And with the planned elimination of the 34 and the 7 being cut back to Skymark Hub making the 35 the sole route on Eglinton the capacity issues aren't going away anytime soon.
  10. Bus purchasing season has kicked into full gear. 40' MiLocal, low floor buses - Awarded to Nova Bus. 37 buses initially ordered with a option for 15 more to be approved by April 1, 2017 for a total of 52 buses. 60' articulated buses - Awarded to Nova Bus. This was a sole source negotiated order that is a recent development, however the quantity should be around 30 buses. 40' MiExpress buses - Awarded to New Flyer. Order is for 27 buses. As these buses are purchased using PTIF funding delivery of the majority of the buses is anticipated before March 31, 2018. There will be buses replaced and at this point they will be all 42 2003 D40LFs and 24 30' Eldorado buses (likely the 2007 and 2008 orders).
  11. Temiskaming will be getting 2 30' (not 35' as initially listed in the tender) New Flyer Midi through Girardin. The report lists the buses as stock buses with a quick 8-12 week delivery timeframe so they could be ex demonstrator buses or inventory Girardin already has. Bid prices: Grande West 35' - $395,000 ($446,350 HST) Girardin 30' stock buses - $415,587 ($469,613 HST) Girardin 35' - $463,869 ($524,171 HST) City View 35' - 464,225 ($524,474 HST)
  12. The Vicinity bus is being delivered this week and will be on display this Saturday (December 3) from 9 to 11am in front of city hall as part of Orangeville Transit's 25th anniversary celebration. There will be 2 more Vicinity buses purchased in 2017.
  13. Cape Breton will be receiving 2 Nova Bus LFS and 2 Grande West Vicinity 30' in 2017. Vicinity buses cost $394,500 each. The Novas are $507,440 for the first one and $499,280 for the second one (the 2 buses were tendered separately within a few months of each other due to funding)
  14. January 2 service changes bring upon the next phases of MiWay Five. Winston Churchill Transitway Station begins being serviced by MiWay. 3 Bloor - Route 3 peak frequency is revised to 10 minutes (from 9 minutes) and midday frequency is 16 minutes (from 14 minutes) with 1 bus being removed from the route. 4 Sherway - Route 4 Midday frequency has improved to 25 minutes (from 36 minutes). Due to bridge reconstruction on Paisley Boulevard, revise routing to operate via Hurontatrio Street, King Street, and Camilla Road. 45 Winston Churchill - Extended weekday evening service 48 Erin Mills - Revised routing to serve Erin Mills Station 57 Courtneypark - New 6:41am trip from Meadowvale 66 McLaughlin - Route 66 peak frequency has improved to 10 minutes (from 13 minutes) and midday frequency is 13 minutes (from 16 minutes) with 1 bus being added to the route. 108 Meadowvale Business - New 6:00am trip from Islington 109 Meadowvale Express - New Sunday service introduced with 22 minute frequency using 6 buses. The Span of Service will be 7:30am to 11:00pm. Revised routing to serve Erin Mills and Winston Churchill BRT stations, no longer serving Erin Mills Parkway or Erin Centre Boulevard. 341 Ninth Line-Thomas - New school route serving Stephen Lewis and St. Joan of Arc and serving the Southwest area of Churchill Meadows (Eglinton/Ninth Line/Thomas area) GO schedule changes - revised schedules and trip times on routes 20, 28, 32, 37, 44, 45, 49A, 64, 67 for GO connections
  15. Tender out for 2 more low floor buses. Document lists minimum seating capacity as 32 seats so probably looking at 35' buses PW-RFP-014-2016 - Supply and Delivery of New Transit Buses