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  1. MiWay D60LFR charter - Sunday, April 22

    Just a reminder that the charter will be on Sunday, full details in a post above. If you haven't let me know you are coming please do so I know who's coming. There is lots of space with an artic. A note for those driving to Dixie Transitway the address is 4440 Dixie Road (corner of Dixie/Eastgate). Take note of the attached map and follow the red line from Dixie to access the parking lot. The access is through a bunch of industrial side streets.
  2. MiWay D60LFR charter - Sunday, April 22

    The MiWay D60LFR charter will depart Dixie Transitway Station (eastbound platform) at 12:00pm, returning for around 5:30pm. There will be no lunch stop but there will be opportunities for restroom breaks. Parking is available at Dixie Station. For those taking transit note the following suggestions: -From Square One, routes 107 and 109 both serve Dixie Station. Consult schedules on MiWay website -From Long Branch GO, take 5 Dixie northbound at 11:17, arriving at Dixie Station at 11:46 -From TTC Islington Station, take 109 Meadowvale Express northbound at 11:15, arriving at Dixie Station at 11:39 -GO Transit routes 19 (Finch/North York) and 40 (Hamilton/Richmond Hill) also serve Dixie Station. Consult the schedules on the GO website. COST: $45, payment in advance via either interac e-transfer or paypal is required. If you are interested, please send me a PM indicating you are interested and I will provide you the email address to make payment. Thank you! If you have any questions feel free to message me.
  3. MiWay

    Given that Abubakkar has posted false info and assumptions before his info and that of his 'messenger' should be taken with a complete grain of salt. 0862 is currently in service on route 5 this afternoon so it is clearly not retired. The only units that have been confirmed to be withdrawn at this point are 0853, 0856, 0865, 0869, 0871, 0877, and 0882.
  4. MiWay D60LFR charter - Sunday, April 22

    Thanks for your interest in the charter, please keep April 22 in mind. I should have more finalized details next week after the easter weekend. Generally I like to wait until all the details have been finalized before posting them/opening up payment as it is less confusing for people.
  5. With MiWay receiving 30 Nova LFS artics, retirement of the 2008 D60LFRs is on the horizon. Even though MiWay plans to keep at least 5 of these buses a bit longer this is not guaranteed (plans can change) and if the remaining ones get sent to Malton that complicates the logistics of the charter. There will be a charter with a MiWay D60LFR bus on Sunday, April 22. The charter will be a minimum of 4 hours with the possibility of extending it to 5 hours should there be enough participants. More details such as start/finish times, location, payment etc. will be posted closer to the date. This post is meant as a 'save the date' post and to see what interest is like for this charter.
  6. Last Days of MiWay E-Z Riders

    I'm kind of late to this but just want to note that the companies listed (not just City View) have purchased some of the buses. The Eldorados were sold by the unit individually (not by a entire lot of 35) so some companies likely only bid on specific units, and only had the higher bid on specific units. Both City View and Mississauga Bus, Coach and Truck (MBC) have already started taking their units. MBC already has taken 0889, 0891, 0892, 0893, 0894 and City View has already taken 0890, 0895, 0899 and at least 5 more.
  7. Orangeville Transit

    Orangeville is proposing to relocate their existing transfer point at 4th and Broadway to the Edelbrock Centre on Centre Street just south of Broadway which is a few minutes west of the existing transfer point. The new terminal will help with scheduling challenges on existing routes and provide more room for the 30' buses as well as the planned 4th bus route in the future. There is also going to be a contest to design a new logo for Orangeville Transit. Maybe we will finally see some sort of livery on the Vicinity buses. There is a 3rd Vicinity bus (new build, not a demonstrator) that is to be delivered within the next few months. https://www.orangeville.ca/assets/files/mediahandler/documents/p1c7hebgdhkh31s82qso1md9mp4.pdf
  8. MiWay

    Nope, because it's plainly obvious that's a poorly modified route 53 map. The 'Purposed' routing (spelling?), the fact that Mavis Road is pasted onto the map and Fairview is labeled should have been enough of a hint.
  9. MiWay

    I agree with the benefits of a wide rear door and was hoping they'd come with them too....but I'll point out Nova does not choose the specs for the transit system, it is the transit system who has control over the spec. As for why the standard rear door was selected, It could be something as simple as maintaining a minimum seating capacity, the wider rear door could take away seating capacity, there are minimum hip to knee room requirements in most tenders and perhaps a wider rear door would have compromised that leading to less seating capacity. It could have also been a cost thing, perhaps wider rear doors are a more expensive option and with the bid prices for the buses coming in much higher than expected perhaps the extra expense couldn't be justified (the Novas don't have frameless windows partly for this reason, as well as frameless windows being more maintenance intensive).
  10. Not necessarily restricted to peak service only, just that until training is complete, restricted to drivers that have been qualified to operate the Nova Buses. Peak service is usually the easiest way to ensure that only qualified drivers are assigned the bus as most peak blocks are garage-garage (no relief driver) with the same driver. There are some evening/night blocks that are garage-garage as well that Novas have appeared on. Novas have also appeared on all day blocks but are usually always changed off at some point when there is a driver relief as often the relief driver is not Nova qualified. Training will be ramping up soon but it will take a while still until all drivers are qualified.
  11. Grande West Transportation

    The rear axle is not shifted forward, rather there is an additional 2.5' (approximately) added to the rear which makes the bus around 32' long rather than 30', allowing for a traditional T drive setup with dual rear wheels. The rear of the 35' version is also designed this way. The giveaway is the last passenger windows at the rear are about half the size on the 27' and 30' versions compared to the 32' and 35' version. Hard to tell from the first photo due to the wrap, here's come more clear ones from flickr that show it, from users "J. Mc." and "Articulated": It seems the 32' version came about because of the customer insisting on a T-drive design, I assume Grande West would offer this version to other customers that insist on T-drive designs as well. Vicinity 32' CNG Demonstrator by J. Mc., on Flickr Burlington Transit 7026-17 by Articulated Photos, on Flickr
  12. MiWay

    If you enter the bus number manually on transit55 (such as https://transit55.ca/mississauga/bus?id=1731) it will show if the specific bus is active and the block information. As Articulated said they are able to be tracked from the map and there is always transsee as well. Anyways, yes the Novas have hit the road adding another new model to MiWay's fleet. A few photos are up on my Flickr page.
  13. MiWay

    MiWay's Central Parkway facility consists of 2 garages, CP (the main building) and CX (additional storage building opened in 2008). MiWay also has Malton Satellite Garage. Both CX and Malton Satellite are closed on weekends so everything is done out of CP. The hybrids have been at CX since they were new, due to the low height inside parts of CP they are banned from CP and are only at CX. This is why hybrids are almost never used on weekends. Sometimes there is a rare exception, such as a bus being available for service straight from the maintenance department, or a operator bringing the bus back to CP by mistake without anyone realizing.
  14. MiWay

    The buses were purchased using PTIF funding which required projects to be approved with pre-determined project budget amounts. Because the project budget amounts were approved before the project can begin - in this case, bus purchases, the city has to work within the budget for that specific project. The bids for the buses came in much higher than anticipated due to factors such as the low Canadian dollar (a big factor), engine emissions changes, and spec changes. Because the bids came in higher than expected and the funding for bus purchases was already set (with very little wiggle room elsewhere) it led to the small reduction in buses purchased.
  15. MiWay

    There are 49 40' LFS being delivered. 37 of them are being delivered now and numbered in the 1700's and the remaining 12 won't arrive until later in 2018 so they will likely be numbered in the 1800's. With only 37 40' LFS being delivered right now there is enough room to fit them all into the 1700's.