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  1. MiWay Eldorado charter - Saturday, October 21

    Thanks to everyone that attended the charter yesterday! Here's the group photo
  2. MiWay Eldorado charter - Saturday, October 21

    Just a quick reminder for everyone coming tomorrow that the charter starts at 10:30 am from Erindale GO, finishing at 3:30. Please show up on time so we can get going at 10:30. Note that the washrooms at Erindale GO are not accessible on weekends however there are a few fast food places along Burnhamthorpe between Creditview and Mavis to take care of your needs beforehand. There is no lunch stop so make sure you eat beforehand, however there will be several bathroom opportunities and some chances to purchase drinks/snacks during the charter. For those taking transit, route 20 westbound departs Islington Subway at 9:33, arriving at Erindale GO at 10:20. On the way back near the end of the charter, a dropoff at Square One around 3:20 can be provided for those who request it. I can accommodate 2 more people so send me a PM if you wish to come. Thanks everyone and see you Saturday.
  3. MiWay

    Edited the list to include 2 units I forgot. As for 0879 there are photos on page 318 of this thread that show what happened.
  4. MiWay

    0702, 0704, 0705, 0706, 0707, 0708, 0709, 0711, 0712, 0888, 0889, 0892, 0893, 0898 and 0941 have been retired. 0891 and 0894 have been removed from service but not retired as of yet. 0879 (failure) and 0920 (fire) will also not be returning.
  5. There will be a MiWay Eldorado charter on Saturday, October 21. These buses will be retired by the end of the year. Departing Erindale GO Station at 10:30, returning at 3:30. There will be no lunch stop but there will be several opportunities for washroom breaks and to purchase drinks/snacks. Cost: $45, payment required in advance. There are already several spots filled and space is limited due to the low capacity of the buses (25-27 seats). Please send me a message using the PM feature for more details and how to pay for the charter. Thank you!
  6. MiWay

    There was a order of 3 door Orion VIs that were built for the Copper Mountain Resort Transit Service in Colorado in 1998. Photos of these buses are hard to come across, but here's one that does show the 3 door configuration. http://www.alamy.com/stock-photo-bus-letting-off-skiers-and-snowboarders-in-copper-mountain-colorado-583026.html AC Transit in Oakland also came close to ordering 3 door Orion VIs, but it was cancelled and the order was built by NABI instead.
  7. MiWay

    Nope, because the local Orion VIIs have forward facing seats in the rear.... If MiWay wanted the sideways facing seats on any other bus order they got they could have, so it's surprising they want with sideways seats this time. There were also some Orion VIs built in 3 door configuration. Both the Orion VI and early Nova LFS also had that full low floor configuration you talk about, it was not well received as some of the design elements needed to make it work (axles, engine placement) were expensive to purchase replacements for and/or made maintenance a lot more difficult. The Nova artics are for replacement of existing 40' buses, not expansion. The order as is right now stands at 51 40' buses and 29 60' buses, all in Milocal scheme.
  8. MiWay

    It is MiWay that controls the specification of their buses, just like every other agency that orders buses. It is true that all previous orders have requested frameless windows. However, frameless windows are a more expensive option upwards of $10,000-$15,000 per bus (sometimes more) as a general range based on length and window material chosen. They are also heavier which reduces fuel efficiency and can cancel out any potential aerodynamic gains. Repair time is also a issue, because frameless windows are bonded to the bus body repair takes much longer as the window panel has to be removed and the new window has to have time to bond, sometimes it can take up to 24 hours for bonding after a repair. The bids for the local buses came in higher than Mississauga was expecting, and there were some unexpected additional costs after the Nova order was placed due to the way they do their pricing that led to the buses being over budget. Because 50% of the costs of the new buses are being covered by government funding which was approved before the orders were placed, it's possible frameless windows on the local buses may have just been a casualty of trying to stay within budget. After all, 2 buses had to be cut from the Nova order to meet budget.
  9. MiWay

    Unfortunately some of the last few posts are based on points where the posters clearly do not understand the facts and the implication of the points they are making. Nothing under 10 minute service? Let me share with you routes that have 10 minutes or better weekday rush hour frequency: 19 Hurontario - 6 minutes 107 Malton Express - 8 minutes 109 Meadowvale Express - 8 minutes 110 University Express - 9 minutes 3 Bloor - 10 minutes 5 Dixie - 10 minutes 35 Eglinton - 10 minutes 42 Derry - 10 minutes 66 McLaughlin - 10 minutes 101 Dundas Express - 10 minutes 103 Hurontario Express - 10 minutes The generally accepted standard in transit for frequent service (not having to consult a schedule) is 15 minutes or better. Using that standard the list expands even more: 51 Tomken - 12 minutes 1 Dundas - 12 minutes 11 Westwood - 11-12 minutes 23 Lakeshore - 14 minutes 6 Credit Woodlands - 15 minutes 26 Burnhamthorpe - 15 minutes 28 Confederation - 15 minutes 44 Mississauga Road - 15 minutes 45 Winston Churchill - 15 minutes 61 Mavis - 15 minutes 76 City Centre-Subway - 15 minutes By using the GTA as your benchmark for comparison you are suggesting that even systems like Milton, Oakville, Burlington, and Durham Region offer better frequency and service levels than MiWay. Your comment that MiWay has nothing under 10 minutes is also proven wrong and you could have spared the embarrassment of being completely wrong by taking a few minutes to consult the MiWay route schedules rather than just trying to pull stuff out of thin air. How many times has it been discussed in this thread that the Eldorados are being retired beginning at the end of the year? It's quite obvious you haven't been paying attention. Are you suggesting buses should be taken off the road to deal with minor issues such as stickers? Are you also suggesting that buses be taken off the road for repaints which can take weeks, therefore potentially impacting the level of service provided? MiWay has generally always replaced their buses on a 12-15 year life cycle and has performed major preventative work on their buses when and as needed, even if the bus is close to retirement. For example, you have clearly noticed all the 2003 and 2005 D40LFs with body work over the past few years. There are costs associated with operating and maintaining a fleet of buses that go beyond just potentially refurbishing buses. In what way? Are you aware that if transit was a regional responsibility, there would be obligation to serve places like Caledon, Bolton, and the huge swaths of rural area north of Brampton meaning potentially less service being offered in both Mississauga and Brampton Peel Region does not just consist of Mississauga and Brampton after all. This is the first problem with your 2 posts which are more general rants not necessarily supported by actual facts. You are using GO Transit as the basis for your posts about MiWay. In fact, you even admit that there is a difference between the two systems later in your post (reference to mostly highway use) which would defeat a good chunk of the arguments you attempt to put forward. Second, your anger is misplaced and in some cases you display a selfish, arrogant attitude which is getting in your way of not only presenting facts, but also understanding and accepting facts which I will break down below. Another person making a statement without knowing the implication of it. Just like I mentioned to FlyerLFR, by making this statement you are suggesting that systems such as Milton, Oakville, Burlington, and Durham Region offer better frequency and service levels than MiWay. There are many examples of your selfish and arrogant attitude in these 2 excerpts taken from your last 2 posts. Are you a transit operator with experience driving a transit bus? If no, you have no credibility to judge the driving skills of transit operators. Second, Your comments about drivers showing no sense of urgency is both a selfish display and misplacing your anger. If drivers are driving slow, it is in most cases to maintain schedule adherence and/or maintain safe operation of the bus. By suggesting they have no urgency and driving well below the speed limits, you are making the implication that buses should sometimes operate ahead of schedule, inconveniencing other passengers and/or in a unsafe manner so "people can get where they need to go". This is a very selfish viewpoint. Clearly you do not know much because you continue to make inaccurate assumptions. Relief drivers coming off other buses is very common, they are called 'hook ups' by the way. Do you even know what you are suggesting? First, you acknowledge that we need every bus we can get right now, then suggest that buses should be taken out of service to be repainted. Are you aware that to to body work such as repainting to a bus could take weeks to complete, therefore removing buses from service and impacting the level of service that can be delivered? The buses you list are not all going to be 'kicking around for another 5-6 years'. The budgeted lifespan of a MiWay 40 foot bus right now is 14-15 years while an articulated bus is budgeted for a 12 year lifespan. Most of the buses you list will be in service for less than '5-6 years'. Take note of the word budgeted, this means that the buses in question could be replaced sooner if additional capital funding is obtained for bus replacement. Another example of your arrogant tone, you clearly show no understanding of how the process works and once again your anger is misplaced. You mention newspapers, gum stuck on the floor, people putting feet up on the seats. Who is responsible for creating those conditions? MiWay passengers. Why don't you put some of the blame on passengers who are responsible for this (as you partly acknowledge by mentioning feet on seats). A bus can be in service up to 18-20 hours per day and there are almost 500 buses in the fleet. Yes I will question this because you clearly know very little and your arrogance still shows. There is already another express service between South Common and UTM that operates 7 days a week and takes far less than 15 minutes. It is called route 110 University Express. You wouldn't be wasting our time if your provided some suggestions on what you would like to see improved and how. Where are your suggestions anyways, after all you suggest we should all propose ways to improve MiWay yet I don't see a single suggestion from you. By the way, service hours refers to the total amount of service provided. 1 bus in service for 6 hours = 6 service hours. 10 buses in service on route 19 for 12 hours = 120 service hours. So yes, it does matter how many service hours are provided as it shows how much is being invested in transit. Or were you just quick to dismiss it because you think you're right and it didn't fit your narrative? All these have been lumped together because they make the same argument without any facts to back them up. There is clearly a need for the transitway and the service provided on it yet you all embarrass yourselves by knowing nothing about what you're talking about. If you had perhaps commented about some of the infrastructure such as stations and parking lots being overbuilt you may have found some agreement but to suggest the transitway is not used because the parking lots are empty couldn't be more wrong. While all of you try to claim the transitway is empty and not used, let's look at some facts that demonstrate how wrong you all are: In November 2014 when the transitway opened, the frequency of the 2 main routes (107 and 109) during weekday rush hour was 12 minutes each with a combined frequency of every 6 minutes. We are almost 3 years later and currently the weekday rush hour frequency is 8 minutes for each route with a combined frequency of 4 minutes. Add in route 21 and the current combined frequency is 3.4 minutes. In early 2018, route 100 will be introduced with 15 minute frequency which will bring the combined frequency between routes 21, 100, 107, 109 down to 2.8 minutes. And that's not accounting in any further frequency increases to the 107 and 109. Clearly if all this service is being added there must be demand. How is the current demand on the transitway? Is all this service wasteful? Let's take a look at some of the comments sent into the MiWayHelps twitter feed. These are comments from people who use the transitway as part of their commute, not from people who sit in armchairs behind computer screens thinking they know everything. To these riders, the transitway is certainly not empty or poorly used. The Transitway also helps speed up travel time and provides a more comfortable experience. See below: And the worst comment for last.... Do you even understand what you're stating here? Basically you just implied that the 905 transit systems shouldn't even bother trying to improve service because "it isn't going to change overnight" and they're "too optimistic" Seriously, consider what you just said, and then think about it again. Essentially the 905 systems should just give up according to you. If nothing's going to change we might as well just stop being improving transit. How about the fact that Brampton Transit and Mississauga have seen ridership growth over the past few years by investing in better transit service, introducing rapid transit and all day express routes on major corridors? This entire post was made to counter inaccurate posts or posts that were made without any fact or knowledge behind them, but this last comment takes the cake for pulling stuff out of one's ass and trying to sound right. When people make these types of comments they can very well expect to be called out on their comments. Suggested reading for all to get a better understanding of MiWay: 2017 MiWay Business Plan and Budget
  10. MiWay

    Just a note that typically these are not the only service improvements that will take place. There are many other frequency improvements and service added that are not mentioned within the scope of MiWay Five. An updated September 2017 map is at https://www7.mississauga.ca/documents/miway/miwayfive/MiWay5-2020-Proposed-Routing.pdf
  11. MiWay

    Please expand on what you mean by "nothing good". If you are trying to compare York Region to MiWay what comparisons do you want to make?
  12. MiWay

    MiWay staff are recommending a cash fare increase to $3.75 effective January 29, 2018. To encourage migration to PRESTO, the rates for using Presto will remain the same although there will be a increase of 10 cents on Adult, Youth, and Senior tickets. Report on the $1 seniors fare pilot will be coming to council in 3 weeks. Hard to call it a pilot anymore when it's been around for 2.5 years. https://www7.mississauga.ca/documents/committees/budget/2017/2017_09_20_Budget_Committee_Agenda.pdf
  13. Burlington Transit

    7027-17 was in service this morning on route 87.
  14. WMATA Washington

    WMATA has begun the procurement process for bus purchases between 2019-2023. The contract covers 40' and 60' buses in both diesel and CNG configurations with order quantities listed below. The tender stipulates WMATA can reduce these quantities by up to 15% without any penalty. It also asks for BRT styled buses but these days that's basically a standard production model with frameless windows and maybe extra fairings added to the roof. Tender closing date is November 8, 2017 and the award is expected by July 2018 or earlier. Year 1 - Delivery by June 2019 Base - 75 40' CNG buses Base - 25 40' diesel buses Option - up to 20 additional 40' diesel buses Option - 10 60' diesel buses Year 2 - Delivery by June 2020 Base - 75 40' CNG buses Base - 25 40' diesel buses Base - 22 60' CNG buses Option - up to 20 additional 40' diesel buses Option - 10 60' diesel buses Year 3 - Delivery by June 2021 Base - 100 40' diesel buses Base - 22 60' CNG buses Option - up to 20 additional 40' buses Option - 10 60' diesel buses Year 4 - Delivery by June 2022 Base - 25 40' CNG buses Base - 75 40' diesel buses Option - up to 20 additional 40' buses Option - 10 60' diesel buses Year 5 - Delivery by June 2023 Base - 100 40' diesel buses Option - up to 20 additional 40' buses Option - 10 60' diesel buses ---------- Technical Specifications - 40 Foot/60 Foot Clean Diesel and 40 Foot/60 Foot Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Style Heavy Duty Transit Buses Terms and Conditions - 40 Foot/60 Foot Clean Diesel and 40 Foot/60 Foot Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Style Heavy Duty Transit Buses
  15. Alexander Dennis

    According to the RFP document http://grandforksgov.com/home/showdocument?id=20255, the consortium members are Grand Forks, ND (lead agency) Bismarck, ND Minot, ND Omaha, NE Lincoln, NE East Grand Forks, MN Macon, GA So it looks like those cities will be able to purchase either Enviro 200 30'/35' or Xcelsior 35'/40' off this contract. It could be a few years before they do as it's a 5 year contract.