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  1. Silly Tilley

    Brampton Transit/Züm

    It took more than a few months but this RFP was finally awarded to Nova Bus about 2 weeks ago, a new 3 year contract for conventional buses. Also Brampton is holding their usual annual info sessions regarding 2019 service initiatives: http://www.brampton.ca/EN/residents/transit/service-alerts/Pages/Transit-Updates.aspx#342
  2. Silly Tilley

    York Region Transit \ Viva

    There is also a 813 'Charter' that operates to Mississauga doing dropoffs at the business park near Hurontario and the 401. It does at least 2 trips per day and almost always uses a Van Hool artic.
  3. Silly Tilley

    Sault Ste Marie Transit

    Sault Ste Marie's 2019 budget includes the purchase of 5 replacement buses - 3 40' buses and 2 35' buses. There is also $4 million budgeted in 2020 for bus replacement so they look to be catching up on fleet replacement. Para-Transit buses are to start being replaced with low floor cutaways starting this year. On the operating side there is funding to restore 30 minute frequency through the day during the summer months. Currently midday service during the summer runs on a hourly frequency as part of the service changes made last year and this move was unpopular with riders with many complaints.
  4. Silly Tilley

    York Region Transit \ Viva

    Some service rationalization measures are proposed by YRT in their 2019 budget to take place in 2019 and 2020. With the exception of VIVA, all the adjustments are to routes and service periods with very low cost recovery ratios of 7-21%. These adjustments will help reduce the budget outlay by approximately $1.5 million in each of 2019 and 2020. All VIVA routes - late night frequency reductions 520/521 Newmarket Community bus - discontinue Sunday service 522 Markham Community bus - discontinue Saturday service, provide on-demand service 589/590 Richmond Hill Community bus - discontinue Saturday and Sunday service, provide on-demand service 22 King City - discontinue Saturday service 44 Bristol - discontinue Saturday service 56 Gorham - discontinue Sunday service 51 Keswick Local - discontinue, provide on-demand service 223/223A Newmarket GO Shuttle - discontinue 242 North Richvale GO Shuttle - discontinue 320 Beaver Creek - discontinue 15 Stouffville - discontinue 28 Huntington - discontinue https://yorkpublishing.escribemeetings.com/filestream.ashx?DocumentId=2723
  5. Silly Tilley


    Those 2 blocks haven't tracked since the start of this board period at the beginning of January, could be due to incorrect GTFS data. A bus won't have any equipment removed if it is still active and the 2006 buses are not close to retirement. The change to 8:30 is effective with the May 1 fare changes. This was part of a motion put forward by Carolyn Parrish and passed by council. Some councillors wanted to make the $1 senior fare valid at all times of the day but there weren't enough votes to do that due to the budget impact. The original plan for the transitway called for a station at Ridgeway but this was one of the many elements that were eliminated from the final design to cut costs. However there are currently proposals by Metrolinx to build a ramp directly from Winston Churchill Station connecting to the westbound 407. Delivery is currently scheduled for September but it will probably take some time to enter service. Even though they will have BAE HybriDrive like the Orions do all the additional electric accessories and updated components will require additional training and testing. The hydrogen bus trial is conditional on MiWay securing additional funding to offset the city's portion of capital costs in the trial. Originally MiWay was going to apply to the Ontario Municipal GHG challenge fund for funding but that program was cancelled when the provincial government cancelled cap and trade. As of right now it is uncertain if the trial will still go ahead.
  6. Silly Tilley


    The 57A was on previous versions of MiWay Five proposed maps as a rush hour branch deviating into the Airport Infield. It isn't on the recent version so it may be a mistake, or plans have changed which wouldn't be surprising. While MiWay doesn't have a rebuild or refurbishing program where buses are refurbished at a determined timepoint similar to TTC, Brampton, Oakville, etc. major work such as engine/transmission and body/structural work is done on a as needed basis regardless of the age of the bus. A lot of the 03 and 05 D40LFs have received body and structural work over the last few years for example. This work requires major money and resources just like a scheduled rebuild or refurbishment would. It's true that MiWay buses don't have fire suppression, this includes the Novas. I agree that there's benefits to having the system and maybe the recent string of fires will make MiWay consider them, kind of like how the TTC decided to install them on their fleet after a string of fires. As for the Novas specification wise, I think you're cherrypicking a bit. What about the options they still have that are additional cost, such as a rear window, USSC Gemini seats (not the cheapest on the market), and stuff like adjustable transfer cutter, arm rest, etc for the driver that are consistent with previous bus orders? I'm not sure what you mean by the shades for drivers, other than the fact there's a pull cord to release the shades they appear consistent with everything that has been installed on the existing fleet? As for the rear doors, I assume what you meant was not opting for wide rear doors because MiWay's Novas have the standard rear doors. MiWay has never opted for wider rear doors on the 40' buses until the 2017 XD40s and who knows if that will continue on future express bus orders. If the Novas had the wide rear door it would reduce the seating capacity even further (only 30 seats on the 18s as is) and in the case of the LFS artic, would a wider rear door affect the capacity of the fuel tank? Just a thought, not sure. Others have bought up the lack of frameless windows on the Novas and frameless windows are expensive, weigh a lot more and can be time consuming and expensive to repair. Speaking strictly from a passenger perspective, traditional glazed windows also rattle a lot less and with black paint around the windows it accomplishes almost the same visual effect. What may be seen as 'cheap' may actually be the more practical decision and/or a effort to specify the buses as close as possible to the existing fleet. -- In other news, starting next month all 2006-2009 D40LFR buses will begin undergoing modifications to the seating layout on the driver side in the low floor section. The existing layout of 2 sideways fold up seats and 3 rows of 2 forward facing seats will be modified to 4 sideways fold up seats and 2 rows of single forward facing seats. The change will allow more room for mobility devices to maneuver into the wheelchair position on the driver side and the added benefit of more standing capacity.
  7. Silly Tilley

    Buy, Sell, Trade

    Copy of "Rapid Transit Series Buses - General Motors and Beyond" book (The RTS Book). $15 Can meet in person if in GTA area (Mississauga), or buyer can pay for shipping in Canada via Canada Post which is approximately $15 depending on location. CTHF Streetside Guides 1993, 1995, 1998, 2000, 2009. $25 for all 5 Can meet in person if in GTA area (Mississauga), or buyer can pay for shipping in Canada via Canada Post which is approximately $15 depending on location for all 5 shipped together. Send PM if interested.
  8. Silly Tilley

    Brampton Transit/Züm

    The original RFP for 40' and 60' Zum buses was awarded in late 2008 as a 3 year contract expiring at the end of 2011. At the time New Flyer's bid for a 60' bus was 961K, while Nova's was 980K. When the first order for artics was placed in 2011 New Flyer's price for a 60' Zum bus was reduced further to 927K due to the strong dollar at the time. The original 3 year contract awarded in 2008 was extended for 5 years (to the end of 2016) and everything up to 1775-1785 was purchased under this contract. Note that the order for 1775-1785 would have been placed in 2016. http://www.brampton.ca/en/City-Hall/meetings-agendas/Committee of Council 2010/20110907cw_J1.pdf When the previous contract expired a new RFP was issued in March 2017 for 14 60' Zum buses, with options for additional buses. New Flyer had a lower bid ($16,007,688) than Nova Bus ($16,695,209). 1875-1885 were purchased under this contract and the 3 60' Zum buses for the 505 extension to Viscount LINK will come off this contract as well. So yeah, the reason the Zum fleet has been all New Flyer up until now is that contracts for conventional and Zum buses are tendered separately, and both times a RFP for Zum buses was issued New Flyer submitted a lower bid than Nova while meeting the requirements of the RFP. Speaking of conventional buses, there was a RFP for a new 3 year contract for conventional buses that closed in August but it has still not been awarded.
  9. Silly Tilley

    Medicine Hat Transit

    The tender for the 11 buses was awarded to Grande West for 35' Vicinity buses, 5 will be diesel and 6 will be CNG. The 7 specialized transit buses was awarded to Overland Custom Coach and by the looks of it will be a Glaval product such as the Titan II LF. https://docs.medicinehat.ca/OnBaseAgendaOnline/Documents/ViewDocument/REGULAR_MEDICINE_HAT_CITY_COUNCIL_3568_Agenda_Packet_2018-11-05_6_30_00_PM.pdf?meetingId=3568&documentType=AgendaPacket&itemId=0&publishId=0&isSection=false&fbclid=IwAR1izwuajw7tYdelUGeQNwIwCmYTQTwVjshJTUarvmQ7G3TTtnw92y3Fu-w
  10. Thinking about it again and you're right, the visibility could have also been a factor in swapping the mirrors. I just recall there were also issues raised when the 17s first showed up a year ago with not being able to adjust the original convex mirror from the driver seat. I was surprised to see the 18s delivered with the older style mirror as well, guess the specs weren't changed but drivers seem to like the newer style mirror that has been retrofitted.
  11. The driver side mirrors on the 18's have to be retrofitted as they came from the factory with the usual mirrors MiWay has used for years which does not have a powered convex. Because of the way the LFS is designed the driver cannot reach out to adjust the mirror manually so the new mirrors have a powered convex. So yeah....some of the 18s are still waiting for new mirrors before entering service. All the 17xx Novas were also retrofitted with new driver side mirrors after the issue was realized.
  12. Silly Tilley


    By the way, if by 'they' you mean MiWay, you're misinformed if you think that MiWay themselves will make that decision especially if it isn't deemed to be a warrantable repair as smallspy stated. MiWay is a city department and the city is self insured, so the risk management department will play a big role in determining what happens. One major factor that will be looked at is the value of the bus. Given that the bus is less than a year old and has a replacement value of $920,000 ($76,000 annually) which means the bus is still worth well over $800,000 even after factoring in any other deprecation methods, simply saying they won't fix it is inaccurate. I will also point out that *if* the bus ends up getting repaired or a new trailer, it won't be cheaping out as you put it, rather the city's risk management department has determined that it is the most cost effective action in the interest of the city. As for the cost of the Nova LFS artic, the cost per unit when purchased in late 2016 was approximately $920,000 (HST included)
  13. Silly Tilley


    The above posters may want to consider where they're getting their information considering 0336 has been in service the past 2 days, meaning the claims of retirement are inaccurate. https://transit55.ca/mississauga/bus/336 It is important to note that a bus being MIA for a extended period of time doesn't really indicate anything, it could just be waiting it's turn in the body shop or for parts that require a long lead time. For example 0312 hasn't tracked since August 24 yet is on hold for body work. Unless the bus has actually had plates, farebox, etc. removed it cannot be assumed it is retired. That said, the following 2003 D40LF buses have been retired (plates and other equipment removed): 0308, 0314, 0321, 0333, 0335, 0337, 0343 Expect around 5 more 2003 D40LF buses to be retired this year. Another 10 will retire next year when the 10 hybrid buses are delivered. The remaining 20 or so should hang on until 2020.
  14. Silly Tilley


    The tender for the 10 40' hybrids closed today and Nova Bus was the only supplier who submitted a bid, at $8,931,830 or $893,183 per bus. Route 100 begins service on October 29, between Winston Churchill and Pearson Airport Terminal 1, serving all stations along the Mississauga Transitway from Winston Churchill to Renforth. Service will operate from 4am-7pm on weekdays with 15-16 minute frequency all day. 6 buses are required for the route. Route 21 will be cancelled and replaced with a modified route 74 running out of Dixie Station serving the same routing the 21 did east of Dixie. Frequency will be every 15 minutes, rush hour only.
  15. Silly Tilley


    In other MiWay news a tender has been posted for the disposal of 22 2008 D60LFR buses. These are the remaining D60LFR buses that were stored at Malton for months and it's finally time to clear them out. The tender is structured so each unit is bid on individually, not a lot of 22 so multiple companies could bid on specific units if they wanted. For those keeping track, this means all 35 2008 D60LFRs will be accounted for, with 7 currently still in active service out of Malton garage. The first 5 to retire were tendered for disposal a few months ago which was awarded to Beeton Auto and Truck. 0879 was sold to City View after the axle failure last year and with the remaining 22 being tendered for disposal that accounts for all 35. REQUEST FOR QUOTE FOR DISPOSAL OF TWENTY TWO (22) 60’NEW FLYER LOW FLOOR TRANSIT BUSES The tender for 10 hybrid buses closes on October 2 for delivery in summer 2019. These buses will be used to test the newest generation of hybrid technology and will replace 10 2003 D40LFs. As others have noted, the 2018 Nova LFS have begun to arrive. There are 12 in this order (1801-1812) and there were plans to replace 8-10 2003 D40LFs with this order but we will see if that happens due to service requirements.