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  1. Is there any confirmation what configuration the Atlanta Airport Vicinity buses will be? Hearing 35' CNG? I am aware there's already been a 35' prototype Vicinity around but will there be a CNG powered Vicinity prototype/demo?
  2. Hi all, I have taken the initiative to create a spreadsheet listing US 2017 orders/deliveries across the US sorted by manufacturer and then added up. The information is based on firm orders that will be delivered in 2017 and is sourced from sources such as manufacturer press releases, city council agendas/reports, and transit agency board meetings. Given that we're already 2 months into 2017 some of the listed orders may have already been delivered and some of the larger orders may have the majority delivered in 2017 but a small portion in 2018, I have included these in this file. Comments/additions/corrections welcome. I am sure I probably missed a few orders but I feel ig gives a overall accurate picture. Perhaps if there's enough interest in something like this we can start a spreadsheet for 2018 orders/deliveries. A few comments about the 2017 spreadsheet: Massachusetts proved to be a pretty frustrating state to find info about due to the way their public transit systems are set up and governed, and the lack of material that is published publically. If anyone can fill in some gaps or has info, please do share. I have not included Boston's current order of Xcelsiors as it appears delivery of a good chunk of them was in 2016 but if there is a firm 2017 number (such as a option exercised) I will add it) For Valley Metro, I have listed the Phoenix numbers only as they were the only ones I could find firm 2017 numbers on. NICE was announced by New Flyer as ordering 33 XN40/XN60 however reading the press release it seems a re-announcement of buses that have already been delivered, so I have not included this order. I am aware of Atlanta's order for 270 Gilligs but reading some of the board meeting minutes and budget documents it appears the first buses won't arrive until 2018. Please do post if you have any comments/additions.corrections. Give the spreadsheet a few seconds to load fully if it appears broken up or out of alignment. Hope some of you find the info useful: US 2017 deliveries Last updated: February 22, 2017 Based on the info in the spreadsheet currently, the main 3: New Flyer: 2145 Gillig: 1756 Nova: 404
  3. I have no idea what you're trying to say. The 101 does not run on Sunday and I'm not sure how you came to the conclusion that express routes would get local buses when there is only a need for 9 express buses on Sunday (6 on 109, 3 on 110). It also has nothing to do with needing Eldorados or not, it's not like we're retiring them and replacing them with nothing. In this case on Sunday, as Noah said due to the weather there were no 30' or 60' buses in service due to the weather, and instead service was strictly 40' buses only. With only the main Central garage open and usually having 10-12 30' and 21 60' in service on a normal Sunday, I'm sure it's easy to understand why there were express buses on local routes during that storm on Sunday. And that's not even getting into the fact that some of those express buses could have been sent out later in the day to replace extremely late buses due to the road conditions.
  4. Does anyone have exact numbers of how many Gilligs and New Flyer artics will be delivered in 2017?
  5. I've been tracking bus orders in the US over the last little while. Perhaps I should put together a spreadsheet with 2017 orders/deliveries.
  6. Is there any info as to how many buses Honolulu will be ordering/receiving in 2017?
  7. BC Transit orders 39 more Vicinity buses bringing their total order to 97 buses for 2017/early 2018 delivery. As well, Edmonton ordered an additional 33 Vicinity buses, with the 16 already on order they will receive 49 Vicinity buses.
  8. While you're right there is a significant savings in purchasing a 30' Vicinity compared to a standard 40' bus I will disagree that it is about 40%. It is more in the 20-25% range from what I have seen. Still, that is a significant capital savings which can amount to upwards of $100,000 per bus.
  9. Grande West sent out a press release stating BC Transit has placed an additional order for 39 Vicinity buses. I believe this is the 3rd order in the last year or so: 41 Vicinity buses (all 30') - announced May 10, 2016 17 Vicinity buses (14 30', 3 35') - announced September 26, 2016 39 Vicinity buses - announced January 30, 2017 This would bring the total number of Vicinity buses on order to 97.
  10. February 27 service changes will see various changes across the system. 1/1C Dundas Weekday service on Dundas is being realigned to provide more express service (see route 101). Route 1 frequency will be changed as follows: AM/PM peak - 12 minutes from current 10 minutes (-2 buses) Midday - 18.5 minutes from current 14 minutes (-2 buses) Evening - 19 minutes from current 14 minutes (-2 buses) There are no changes to Saturday or Sunday frequency. 101 Dundas Express As part of the changes to route 1, service on route 101 is being increased with better frequency and weekday evening service being introduced. Weekday evening service will run until around 11:00pm with 18-22 minute frequency. Frequency through the day will be as follows: AM/PM peak - 10 minutes (no change) Midday - 12 minutes from current 14 minutes (+1 bus) New weekday evening service - 18-22 minutes (+5 buses) There are no changes to Saturday service. 35 Eglinton Additional weekday late evening trips. 45/45A Winston Churchill Route 45/45A will serve Winston Churchill Transitway station. Despite what was publicly posted at the info sessions the 45A is not being eliminated and route 45 will continue to serve Plymouth and Bristol Circle. Route 45 frequency has improved as follows: AM/PM peak - 15 minutes from current 17 minutes (+1 bus) Midday - 21 minutes from current 30 minutes (+2 buses) Evening - 31 minutes from current 45 minutes (+1 bus) Saturday - 33 minutes from current 45 minutes (+1 bus) Sunday - 30 minutes from current 45 minutes (+1 bus) 51 Tomken PM peak service changed to 12.5 minute frequency due to added runtime (service reliability) Route 51 Saturday frequency has improved to every 30-32 minutes from current 60 minutes. (+1 bus) 66 McLaughlin Earlier Sunday service beginning at 8:00am. 71 Sheridan-Subway Route extended to serve Plymouth Drive.
  11. Collingwood will be purchasing 2 New Flyer Midi 30' (MD30) buses. In the report it notes there are 6 MD30 "stock" buses available immediately by New Flyer due to being abandoned from a previous customer contract. I am assuming there was a order somewhere else that fell through at the last minute and New Flyer is selling them at a discount with fast delivery. The buses will replace Eldorados 700 and 702. Base bus price $399,543 Collingwood options $10,359 Extended engine warranty 5 years/300,000 km $8,248 Extended transmission warranty 5 years/300,000km $4,887 Total bus price $423,087 plus HST As a side note, Temiskaming Shores is also getting 2 30' Midi buses in the next few weeks. The staff report there also mentioned stock buses and quick turnaround time so it's possible their order is also part of these 6 Midi buses available for purchase.
  12.'ll get to ride a LFS in Mississauga soon enough. The Malton Eldorado allocation is typically 0701-0705 and 0707. 0704 and 0705 have been at Malton for a few years now. We will have to watch 0701 and see if the move is permanent or was just swapped for maintenance work. Malton used to require 5 Eldorados for service, 3 on the 24 and 1 each on the 52 and 55 which have been cancelled. The 30 also uses Eldorados although infrequently.
  13. or those o you interested in such stuff MiWay is now on Transsee which allows for bus tracking with fleet numbers. Note that MiWay does not currently support live bus tracking (coming this year) but only estimated arrival time. You can see what's out by going to and selecting a route, then clicking route vehicle locations. You can also scroll to the bottom of the page and enter a range of fleet numbers and it will show everything that's out within that range. Examples: 1001-1020 1101-1143 0301-0735
  14. Ok, except the post I replied to was asking about Eldorados in the west end and whether it was a city wide change. All I was pointing out was the Eldorados have always been used on various routes across the city.
  15. Eldorados have always been used across the city on various routes, not sure what your question is about. The routes that use Eldorados right now: Weekday - 14, 24, 25, 32, 46, 47, 48, 49 (rush hour only, all day bus is 40'), 64, 67, 73, 90 Saturday/Sunday - 8, 16, 28, 29, 30, 44, 45, 46, 48, 51, 68, 90 Although it should be noted 40' do appear on these routes during the times specified. As you can see, those routes are spread out across the city.....