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  1. All the Opus buses are now retired. Fleet is now the following, note 2 digit number is number used on bus while 4 digit is official city fleet number - (39) 1110 - 2006 Eldorado Axess 40' (04) 1111 - 2011 Eldorado EZ Rider 32' (??) 1112 - 2014 Eldorado EZ Rider 32' (32) 1113 - 2001 Chance AH28 (??) 1114 - 2012 Eldorado EZ Rider 32', ex demo (27) 1115 - 2016 Eldorado Axess 35' CNG (47) 1117 - 2016 Eldorado EZ Rider 32' CNG (??) 1119 - 2016 Eldorado EZ Rider 32' 2 more buses this year - 1 35' Axess CNG and 1 32' EZ Rider CNG that will replace the Chance AH28 (32) and 2006 Axess (39)
  2. To start, I have updated the JATRAN wiki page with a current roster as it was in bad need of updating. Most recent deliveries are 2 30' Gillig low floors with 5 35' Gillig low floors to be delivered within the next year or so. They have acquired 12 ex Sarasota County Area Transit (Sarasota, Florida) 35' Gillig Phantoms and placed them into service over the last few weeks. From what I've seen in photos they are put into service all white with JATRAN logo applied or with Sarasota paint scheme remaining and JATRAN logos applied. The 12 buses are: 788 - Ex Sarasota 4702 (2002) 789 - Ex Sarasota 4602 (2002) 790 - Ex Sarasota 4502 (2002) 791 - Ex Sarasota 4902 (2002) 792 - Ex Sarasota 3901 (2001) 793 - Ex Sarasota 4101 (2001) 794 - Ex Sarasota 4001 (2001) 795 - Ex Sarasota 3801 (2001) 796 - Ex Sarasota 3701 (2001) 797 - Ex Sarasota 4802 (2002) 798 - Ex Sarasota 4401 (2001) 799 - Ex Sarasota 4301 (2001) @Detroit Diesel 6V92TA
  3. The 2 buses will be Nova buses as part of the final year of the current Metrolinx contract.
  4. Tender for the 2 30' has been awarded to Grande West Transportation. They were the only bidders on the tender. Their bid for the 2 buses is $800,000 as follows - Bus 1: 30' model demonstrator, delivery August 2017. $374,300 Bus 2: 30' model new bus, delivery early-mid 2018. $425,700 Orangeville is also joining the Metrolinx TPI (consortium). Note that this does not neccesarily mean they will purchase anything using it, at least not at this point. Link
  5. While I would never say never, I highly doubt this is a MiWay LFS artic and there's many reasons why. Starting with the assumption that this is a MiExpress bus, it's important to note that not all MiExpress orders have had a full roofline as MiWay's specifications for BRT styled bus have more to do with the overall look of the bus and not requesting any specific body elements. For example, the MIExpress XD40 buses do not have full rooflines. The full order of Nova LFS artics (30 buses) is intended to be all MiLocal buses from my understanding. The artics are not supposed to arrive until the end of 2017 at the earliest This bus appears to have fully fixed windows with no open tip section, which is not a typical MiWay specification. The bus has narrow rear doors, all MiWay articulated buses to this point have been specified with the widest rear door possible, I would expect the wider rear door to be specified like TTC's units. MiWay specifications call for 2 turn signals over the rear wheel wells, this bus appears to have only 1 over each. The grey skirt panels are inconsistent with MiWay's livery as they should be white. Like I said, I could be wrong but given what MiWay has specified in the past there's a good chance that this is not a MIWay LFS artic.
  6. 8-12 hours per day is not considered a large amount of usage for a bus and the LFS CNG should have no issue with fuel capacity. in many cities a bus can be on the road anywhere from 16-20 hours approximately. Hamilton, Ontario has a fleet of Nova LFS CNG and they are in service up to 20 hours per day, even on stop and go routes where there would be more fuel consumption.
  7. Nova has simply obtained the RFP documents, it does not necessarily mean they will submit a bid. The RFP you reference does not close for another month.
  8. RFP-2017-01 - Request for Proposal for the purchase of one 30 foot low floor diesel bus Closes on April 28.
  9. Report recommending approval to purchase 3 Nova LFS for delivery in early 2018, the buses will replace the 2003 Orion Vs making Cornwall's conventional fleet fully low floor. Report 2017-19-PU Purchase of Transit Buses Through the Transit Procurement Initiative
  10. Grande West secures USA manufacturing in Atlanta Georgia VANCOUVER, March 28, 2017 /CNW/ - Grande West Transportation Group Inc. (TSXV: BUS; OTC PINK: GWTNF): ("Grande West" or the "Company"), a Canadian bus manufacturer of heavy-duty mid-sized transit buses for sale in Canada and the United States, is pleased to announce it has secured a manufacturing agreement to produce Vicinity buses in Atlanta, Georgia that meets FTA Buy America requirements. Alliance Bus Group ("ABG"), Grande West's exclusive US distributor, will produce Buy America compliant Vicinity buses for sale to US transit authorities. The ability to leverage ABG existing facilities, staff, and deep knowledge of bus technology provides Grande West with a solid foundation upon which it can quickly ramp to production. Grande West is the 'Transit Vehicle Manufacturer' of record with the US FTA and responsible for all the necessary compliance with the Federal Government and Buy America requirements. ABG will invest in excess of $1 million USD to transform their existing 70,000 square foot manufacturing and service facility with tooling and test equipment necessary for production. Improvements will also include a customer inspection and delivery acceptance area. The project is slated for completion by third quarter 2017 at which time production will commence. ABG CEO Doug Dunn stated, "ABG has been busy bidding RFPs that require Buy America buses. We are excited and confident that we will have additional FTA transit orders in 2017 and want to begin this process in order to start delivering Vicinity buses in 2017." Grande West CEO William Trainer commented, "Forming this alliance is yet another major milestone as we will be producing Buy America Vicinity with our trusted partner ABG. This strengthens our working relationship and will provide additional Vicinity production options as we can also leverage ABG assembled buses for private operators or Canadian transit authorities."
  11. Interestingly after testing the New Flyer Midi it seems MARTA has instead elected to purchase 10 30ft Grande West Vicinity buses according to some news articles. MARTA rolls out 30-foot buses for enhanced neighborhood service
  12. There are news articles floating around from MARTA in Atlanta that they have purchased 10 30ft Vicinity buses. The order will be handled through Grande West's US dealer (Alliance Bus). I assume these 10 buses are part of the 50 bus order that Alliance Bus has with Grande West. Currently they have had 3 30ft Vicinity buses listed in stock on their website. Quite a surprise. MARTA rolls out 30-foot buses for enhanced neighborhood service
  13. The May 1 service changes will see continued rollout of the MiWay Five plan, with these changes having a heavy focus on weekend service. Mississauga Transitway Route 107 and 109 will serve Spectrum and Ornitor Stations. 1 Dundas Saturday short trips between Hurontario and Wharton Way are eliminated (-2 buses) 11 Westwood Saturday frequency has improved to every 22 minutes from current 36 minutes (+1 bus). Route 11/11A branch service will be maintained. Sunday frequency has improved to every 20-22 minutes from current 36 minutes (+1 bus) 22 Finch Route 22 Sunday frequency has improved to every 36 minutes from current 45 minutes (+1 bus) 35 Eglinton Route 35 will have Sunday service implemented. Service will operate every 45 minutes from 7:00am to 11:00pm. (+3 buses) 42 Derry Weekday evening frequency has improved to every 27 minutes from 35 minutes (+1 bus) Saturday frequency has improved to every 27 minutes from 36 minutes (+1 bus) Sunday frequency has improved to every 36 minutes from 45 minutes (+1 bus) 61 Mavis Saturday frequency has improved to 20 minutes all day from current 27 minutes (+1 bus) Sunday frequency has improved to 26 minutes all day from current 34-38 minutes (+1 bus) 103 Hurontario Express Saturday frequency has improved to every 20 minutes all day from current 25 minutes (+1 bus) Route 103 will have Sunday service Implemented. Service will operate every 24 minutes from 8:00am to 10:00pm. (+4 buses) Other minor schedule changes across the system as usual. The usual summer service reductions on routes serving post secondary schools apply as well: 66, 101, 107 and 110 reduced frequency, 101A not serving UTM, 107 only operating between City Centre and Westwood. Normal service will resume in September as usual.
  14. Tokmakijan contract proposed to be extended another 3 years until September 30, 2020. It was due to expire at the end of September. Report also lists improvements proposed for September as part of the 5 year plan: September 5, 2017: New route system requiring 3 buses to be in operation (currently 2) Route East to have 30 minute peak, 60 minute off peak service Route West to have 60 minute service all day New Route North providing weekday off peak service to Douglastown, Stevensville, Oakhill Forest Removal of flag stop system and have designated bus stops Bus Terminal located near Town Hall Improvements to span of service on weekdays (5:15 am to 9:00pm) and Saturdays (6:15 am to 8:00 pm) Fare increase to $3 and more fare media options
  15. The first of the Novas is due to arrive in late June from what I hear, and the MiExpress XD40s before September. Keeping in mind the Novas will be a large order of 82 MiLocal buses (52 40', 30 60') so the delivery will likely be spread out and the artics may not arrive until the end of the year. The lead time for a new transit bus from order to delivery is typically 8-12 months at a minimum and the orders were placed in October-November 2016. All the ElDorados are still in service. In other news the Infrastructure funding means both the CCTT and the Central garage will get some much needed upgrades this year. The scope as follows: City Centre Transit Terminal (CCTT) - Lifecycle Renewal of the Building Systems •Replacement of existing air-cooled chiller, including controls and piping. •Replace existing gas-fired heating boiler with two high efficiency boilers and ancillary equipment •Replace existing chilled and hot water pumps •Replace existing gas-fired domestic hot water •Replace unit heaters and cabinet unit heaters in stair wells. •Ticket booth ergonomic and security upgrades. •New Supervisor Booth HVAC system •Replacement of existing building entrance doors. •Add air curtains in vestibules. •Replacement of drinking fountains. •Improve ventilation system in the building, especially in the basement. •Refurbish existing AHU units in order to extend their life expectancy. •Replace drainage piping in basement (serving the public washrooms). •Drivers’ washrooms demolition/renovations/upgrades. •Replace windows film. •Replace existing VCT tiles/Ground Floor flooring (accent details). •Power-wash flooring throughout the facility. •Replace sump pumps •Replace existing glycol feeder with an automatic glycol feeder. •Paint facility. •Replace existing exterior and interior lighting system with a new LED system. •Replacement of the security CCTV system. •Provide new rail with “No Access” sign to delimit access between the public and theMiWay employees’ washroom on the ground floor. •New Transit Signage throughout •Replace split system serving the elevator mechanical room Edward J. Dowling Transit Facility (A,B,C,D), Transit Central Bus Storage Building (E) and Body Shop (F) – Lifecycle Renewal of the Building Systems •Ventilation Control Reconfiguration (MUAs for A,D,E) •De-stratification Fans (C, D ,F) •Ventilation Reconfiguration Strategy (A,D,E) •Building Automation system Full Replacement •Lighting & Lighting Controls Upgrades (A,B,E,F) •Asphalt Replacements (D, staff parking) •Wash bay concrete floor replacement •Air Compressors Ventilation addition and compressors repairs (D) •Overhead door gears 2 doors (E) •Washroom upgrade 2nd floor (B) •Irrigation system for front lawn (B) •Change wet to dry sprinkler system for secure sally port •Replace compressor for dry sprinkler system (A,B,C,D) •Maintenance trench LED lights upgrade (D) •Add 10 EVC stations (A) •Overhead Mud Flaps Bus Wash (A) •Repair Retaining Wall - Dry Set Stone - South (approx. 75%)