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  1. Silly Tilley


    There are currently plans to retire up to 20 of the 2003 D40LF buses by fall 2019. 8-10 of the replacement buses will be from the 40' Nova LFS order as 44 of 49 buses from the order were for replacement purposes, with 36 Eldorados having already been replaced leaving 8 buses left over. The other 10 replacement buses will be the 10 hybrid buses to be delivered next year as they are being purchased by advancing money budgeted for bus replacement in 2020/21 to 2019. The 'MiWay Five' service redesign plan and it's constant changes is really impacting MiWay's bus replacement timelines and fleet requirements as a lot of things originally proposed have been modified, cancelled outright or pushed back into 2019-2020. The 10 hybrid buses have not even gone out to tender yet so no purchases have been made. The tender should be going out within the next week or so and once that process concludes, then we will find out.
  2. Silly Tilley


    I believe the Airport Sky Shuttle is operated by City View Bus Sales through a company associated with them (Airport Shuttle Ltd.), they own the buses and also do all maintenance work on them. There are 3 Eldorados, S12, S13, S14 which are usually parked at the Marriott Courtyard/Hotel Carlingview on Carlingview visible from the street. The group of hotels on Carlingview have always had a shuttle bus service to/from the airport for as long as I can remember although I don't know if they've always been operated by City View/Airport Shuttle Ltd.
  3. Silly Tilley

    Belleville Transit

    Belleville will be having 0559 and 0660 refurbished this year by Nova Bus. It appears that replacement buses will be leased from Nova Bus for up to 4 months while the 2 buses are being refurbished. From the May 14, 2018 Belleville council agenda http://belleville.ca/files/8.a. Reports May 14.pdf Both MTB and New Flyer Amprior service centre submitted a bid for the refurbishment as well. MTB had the lower bid when the cost of rental buses was factored in but Nova scored higher on the evaluation.
  4. Silly Tilley


    Says who? The order for the 10 hybrid buses will have to be put out to tender as stated in the report regarding purchasing them, once that happens we will find out who is supplying the hybrid buses.
  5. Silly Tilley

    Cape Breton Transit

    Cape Breton recently tendered for 2 more 40' buses. The winning bid was Nova Bus at a cost of $1,160,097 (around $580,000 per bus). So Cape Breton will be receiving 2 more LFS buses.
  6. Silly Tilley


    The TTC stop you reference is the stop location for route 12 at Tidemore. East of Highway 27 is Toronto and the same rules apply here as they do for buses travelling to/from Islington Subway. Route 12 will pick up and drop off at TTC stops east of Highway 27. Heading eastbound from Westwood, the bus will only do drop offs only, and heading back westbound to Westwood the bus will do pick up only. If you are also heading back westbound using route 12 I suggest you wave down the bus to stop.
  7. Silly Tilley


    The order for the LFSA was always 30 buses. Keep in mind they were not planning to retire the 08 artics as they are now when the LFSA were ordered in late 2016, the fleet plans changed months after the Novas were ordered. It was also determined that service requirements wouldn't require that many artics either, for example at one point there was consideration of having artics on the 42 to address overcrowding but the decision was made to introduce a express route on Derry instead (the 104). The plan is to keep around 5 08 artics for now, but for how long is anyone's guess.
  8. Silly Tilley


    By allocation list (and seeing you mentioned the 53) I assume you mean routes that use Malton buses when it is open on weekdays. Routes operated completely by Malton: All runs on routes 5, 7, 11, 12, 15, 16, 22, 24, 30, 42, 51 Routes shared with Central: On route 35 Malton has 1 run: 1 all day run On route 39 Malton has 3 runs: 2 all day runs and 1 PM peak/evening run On route 53 Malton has 2 runs: 1 AM peak run and 1 all day run On route 66 Malton has 1 run: 1 all day run (effective July 2) Note that this can change between board periods due to crewing changes however the 35, 39, and 53 arrangements have been consistent for a few board periods now.
  9. Silly Tilley


    With regard to spreading out artics this is not possible due to service levels and demand. Even with the summer service reductions, there is still a peak requirement of 16/22* MiExpress artics. *Depends on availability The 110 during the summer has the rush hour short trips between City Centre and UTM eliminated which means the route operates on a consistent 15-16 minute frequency through the day, compared to the 8 minute peak service offered between City Centre and UTM between September-April. Even with UTM on summer session there is still ridership from UTM students taking classes as well as the usual demand from Clarkson, South Common, and Erin Mills Station that has to be served. The answer is really that there should be more MiExpress artics but seeing as all MiExpress purchases since 2012 have been 40' buses there doesn't seen to be any interest in purchasing more. In general a articulated bus will cost more to operate and maintain than a 40' bus and the MiExpress artics are no exception, with the 2008 D60LFRs the ISM was definitely a issue due to the more frequent maintenance required and high fuel consumption. Part of retiring the 08s early is to avoid having to to expensive maintenance work just to get another few years out of them as well. ---------- Starting July 2 route 39 will be getting a extra bus on weekdays to help with overcrowding, this means rush hour frequency will improve to 24 minutes (currently 28 minutes) and midday frequency will improve to 28 minutes (currently 35 minutes). It will be interesting to see if the 2 artics currently assigned to the route stay on the route or get taken off with this change.
  10. Silly Tilley

    Barrie Transit

    This bus is actually listed on their website here. Looking at the photos closely you can notice the impressions left from the decals above the front windshield 'mobility service' (specifically this image) and the placement of the wheelchair logo. Based on this I would guess it to be one of Guelph Transit 30-32 which were retired. For reference here's a photo of Guelph 31 on flickr showing the mobility service decal mentioned.
  11. The remaining 12 40' Nova LFS buses are not expected until September at this point.
  12. Silly Tilley

    Alexander Dennis

    A bit of an update on this consortium as there have been some purchases made: Grand Forks has purchased 2 30' Enviro 200 as posted previously in this thread at a cost of $357,477 per bus. Bismarck (Bisman Transit) has recently purchased 2 30' Enviro 200 buses at a cost of $367,307 per bus. Minot has decided not to purchase buses from this consortium and has purchased 2 Eldorado EZ Rider buses instead. Omaha has purchased an additional 8 Enviro 200 buses and currently has 12 on order, bringing their total order to 20 buses. Sioux Falls, Iowa appears to have joined this consortium and has purchased 1 30' Enviro 200 for $338,711
  13. Silly Tilley

    BYD "E-Bus"

    Given all the known issues with BYD's buses I guess it was only a matter of time before a more thorough article came out detailing the issues and BYD's business practices. LA Times: Stalls, stops and breakdowns: Problems plague push for electric buses The article discusses many issues at length and it's a good read, here's some snippets from the article. When BYD's attitude towards the problems are basically summed up the way they are it's no surprise the issues keep popping up. On issues with BYD buses for LA Metro and other transit agencies: "BYD Senior Vice President Macy Neshati said he initiated the recall because Metro had "an obvious reticence" toward the electric buses. He rejected claims in Metro records that BYD's buses were prone to poor quality and fell far short of the promised driving range. Instead, he said, Metro drove BYD's buses on hills that were too steep, and drivers made unnecessary road calls. "I said I want to buy the buses back," Neshati said. "You guys don't want to operate them." "BYD  executives rebutted reports of poor performance and recurring mechanical problems, contending the company has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from transit districts. However, government emails and bus inspection records show that multiple agencies have confronted the company on quality and range issues. BYD executives blamed those issues on outside forces, including drivers braking too hard, a negative publicity campaign by labor activists pushing to unionize BYD employees and transit managers they say are insufficiently committed to switching to electric. They maintained that the company should be lauded for providing an important public service." On BYD's lobbying and business practices: "City records show two city departments sought to give BYD contracts without competitive bidding. In both cases when the projects hit snags, agency emails show, managers told the staff that the purchases were "political," and in one case to work around problems with the bus. The sanitation department was awaiting approval to buy an electric shuttle bus from BYD in May 2017 when The Times sought records on the purchase. The sale immediately stalled and has remained pending for nearly a year. City airport administrators last year sought to expedite a contract to BYD as the sole supplier of airfield buses, until a competitor forced public bidding. Last month the agency awarded a $23-million contract to BYD, declaring the company alone met city specifications." "The mayor's office encouraged city departments to do business with BYD, suggesting that the airport and Metro consider a joint contract with BYD, and giving agency referrals and support to BYD sales staff. In one case, BYD included in a grant proposal it wrote for the city a commitment for Los Angeles to buy $10 million in electric garbage trucks. Agency emails show sanitation managers balked at the idea of agreeing to buy something they had not yet tested, but the promise was included anyway in the grant application the city filed with the regional air board." On BYD losing the LA Metro contract for 60ft Electric buses: "When the low scores on its 60-foot bus caused BYD to lose that $60 million sale to competitor New Flyer, BYD launched a lobbying blitz. Emails show BYD turned to Garcetti's office for support, obtaining private meetings and tapping personal ties to the mayor. Labor leaders aligned with BYD launched attacks on its nonunion competitors. And BYD's lobbyist focused on Metro director Ara Najarian, sending the former Glendale mayor scripted remarks urging that the contract be given to BYD, his emails show." "In a recent interview, Najarian said he led a failed effort to give the company the contract despite its poor marks due to the jobs BYD promised in Lancaster, not because of the efforts of BYD's lobbyist, a longtime friend. Najarian said he believes BYD can overcome its production and performance problems, and that its economic engine is a valuable regional asset. It was a conviction he also expressed at a Metro board meeting in 2016, when he argued for a tempered response to the poor performance of BYD's buses." The issues with Alberquerque's BYD buses have already been discussed in the media and this thread, however the LA Times article also touches on it and the paper got copies of the inspection records when the Alberquerque buses were delivered. http://documents.latimes.com/albuquerque-bus-problems/
  14. Silly Tilley


    MiWay will be purchasing an additional 10 hybrid buses this year for delivery in 2019. It is very likely they will be BAE hybrids and will feature electric accessories and stop/start features. This system has the potential to be converted to a fully electric setup in the future, with MiWay having challenges in incorporating both types of electric buses (long range and short range charging) this is seen as a 'bridge' and the opportunity to evaluate further. If the evaluation is positive, future orders could consists of more hybrid buses. The buses will replace 10 of the 2003 D40LFs. With another 10 or so D40LFs expected to be retired by the end of the year there will be around 20 03s retired within the next year. The full report is available from next week's General Committee agenda: https://www7.mississauga.ca/documents/committees/general/2018/2018_05_16_GC_Agenda.pdf