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  1. Silly Tilley

    Medicine Hat Transit

    The tender for the 11 buses was awarded to Grande West for 35' Vicinity buses, 5 will be diesel and 6 will be CNG. The 7 specialized transit buses was awarded to Overland Custom Coach and by the looks of it will be a Glaval product such as the Titan II LF. https://docs.medicinehat.ca/OnBaseAgendaOnline/Documents/ViewDocument/REGULAR_MEDICINE_HAT_CITY_COUNCIL_3568_Agenda_Packet_2018-11-05_6_30_00_PM.pdf?meetingId=3568&documentType=AgendaPacket&itemId=0&publishId=0&isSection=false&fbclid=IwAR1izwuajw7tYdelUGeQNwIwCmYTQTwVjshJTUarvmQ7G3TTtnw92y3Fu-w
  2. Thinking about it again and you're right, the visibility could have also been a factor in swapping the mirrors. I just recall there were also issues raised when the 17s first showed up a year ago with not being able to adjust the original convex mirror from the driver seat. I was surprised to see the 18s delivered with the older style mirror as well, guess the specs weren't changed but drivers seem to like the newer style mirror that has been retrofitted.
  3. The driver side mirrors on the 18's have to be retrofitted as they came from the factory with the usual mirrors MiWay has used for years which does not have a powered convex. Because of the way the LFS is designed the driver cannot reach out to adjust the mirror manually so the new mirrors have a powered convex. So yeah....some of the 18s are still waiting for new mirrors before entering service. All the 17xx Novas were also retrofitted with new driver side mirrors after the issue was realized.
  4. Silly Tilley


    By the way, if by 'they' you mean MiWay, you're misinformed if you think that MiWay themselves will make that decision especially if it isn't deemed to be a warrantable repair as smallspy stated. MiWay is a city department and the city is self insured, so the risk management department will play a big role in determining what happens. One major factor that will be looked at is the value of the bus. Given that the bus is less than a year old and has a replacement value of $920,000 ($76,000 annually) which means the bus is still worth well over $800,000 even after factoring in any other deprecation methods, simply saying they won't fix it is inaccurate. I will also point out that *if* the bus ends up getting repaired or a new trailer, it won't be cheaping out as you put it, rather the city's risk management department has determined that it is the most cost effective action in the interest of the city. As for the cost of the Nova LFS artic, the cost per unit when purchased in late 2016 was approximately $920,000 (HST included)
  5. Silly Tilley


    The above posters may want to consider where they're getting their information considering 0336 has been in service the past 2 days, meaning the claims of retirement are inaccurate. https://transit55.ca/mississauga/bus/336 It is important to note that a bus being MIA for a extended period of time doesn't really indicate anything, it could just be waiting it's turn in the body shop or for parts that require a long lead time. For example 0312 hasn't tracked since August 24 yet is on hold for body work. Unless the bus has actually had plates, farebox, etc. removed it cannot be assumed it is retired. That said, the following 2003 D40LF buses have been retired (plates and other equipment removed): 0308, 0314, 0321, 0333, 0335, 0337, 0343 Expect around 5 more 2003 D40LF buses to be retired this year. Another 10 will retire next year when the 10 hybrid buses are delivered. The remaining 20 or so should hang on until 2020.
  6. Silly Tilley


    The tender for the 10 40' hybrids closed today and Nova Bus was the only supplier who submitted a bid, at $8,931,830 or $893,183 per bus. Route 100 begins service on October 29, between Winston Churchill and Pearson Airport Terminal 1, serving all stations along the Mississauga Transitway from Winston Churchill to Renforth. Service will operate from 4am-7pm on weekdays with 15-16 minute frequency all day. 6 buses are required for the route. Route 21 will be cancelled and replaced with a modified route 74 running out of Dixie Station serving the same routing the 21 did east of Dixie. Frequency will be every 15 minutes, rush hour only.
  7. Silly Tilley


    In other MiWay news a tender has been posted for the disposal of 22 2008 D60LFR buses. These are the remaining D60LFR buses that were stored at Malton for months and it's finally time to clear them out. The tender is structured so each unit is bid on individually, not a lot of 22 so multiple companies could bid on specific units if they wanted. For those keeping track, this means all 35 2008 D60LFRs will be accounted for, with 7 currently still in active service out of Malton garage. The first 5 to retire were tendered for disposal a few months ago which was awarded to Beeton Auto and Truck. 0879 was sold to City View after the axle failure last year and with the remaining 22 being tendered for disposal that accounts for all 35. REQUEST FOR QUOTE FOR DISPOSAL OF TWENTY TWO (22) 60’NEW FLYER LOW FLOOR TRANSIT BUSES The tender for 10 hybrid buses closes on October 2 for delivery in summer 2019. These buses will be used to test the newest generation of hybrid technology and will replace 10 2003 D40LFs. As others have noted, the 2018 Nova LFS have begun to arrive. There are 12 in this order (1801-1812) and there were plans to replace 8-10 2003 D40LFs with this order but we will see if that happens due to service requirements.
  8. Silly Tilley


    Well then, clearly your 'friend' was full of crap or playing you when you originally claimed Nova got the contract.
  9. Silly Tilley


    In short, the artics have largely been removed from route 26/76 (interlined) on weekdays, save for currently 1 all day run and 2 pm peak runs. You are correct that artics still run on weekends, on Saturdays 4/7 buses are artics and on Sundays all 4 buses are artics. The April 2016 service changes bought major changes to the Burnhamthorpe service design. On weekdays the 26 no longer serves City Centre Terminal and had midday frequency reductions (from 15 to 21 minutes midday), while the 76 had midday service introduced. As with any major change the ridership pattern does change as well. Artics were gradually taken off route 26 based on ridership demand, starting in September 2016. In early 2018, the 26 began to be interlined with the 76 at Islington which meant adjusted schedules and the removal of all artics from the 26. However based on overcrowding on certain trips there is now 1 all day run and 2 PM peak runs on the 26/76 that have artics are there are only certain trips that justify the demand. There are also cases where you may see a artic do a single trip on the 76 during rush hour as they are trips interlined with routes like 35, 70, 71, 108, etc. and the trips on those routes may require the artic. Hope this clears things up! Nova was awarded the 40ft. tender for local buses (1700's) because they submitted the lowest compliant bid, not because of any time constraints. New Flyer was awarded the 40ft. tender for express buses (1700's) for the same reason. As for the 60ft. buses (1700's) it ended up being a negotiated order after the 40ft. tenders was awarded and Nova being awarded that contract had little to do with them being able to deliver buses faster than New Flyer, both manufacturers were able to meet the original deadlines the PTIF funding had with their orders. The concern wasn't the manufacturer delivery times, it was the fact that issuing another tender would have taken too much time with the original PTIF deadline. The approach to negotiate a order was approved by Mississauga council before discussions took place
  10. Silly Tilley


    There are currently plans to retire up to 20 of the 2003 D40LF buses by fall 2019. 8-10 of the replacement buses will be from the 40' Nova LFS order as 44 of 49 buses from the order were for replacement purposes, with 36 Eldorados having already been replaced leaving 8 buses left over. The other 10 replacement buses will be the 10 hybrid buses to be delivered next year as they are being purchased by advancing money budgeted for bus replacement in 2020/21 to 2019. The 'MiWay Five' service redesign plan and it's constant changes is really impacting MiWay's bus replacement timelines and fleet requirements as a lot of things originally proposed have been modified, cancelled outright or pushed back into 2019-2020. The 10 hybrid buses have not even gone out to tender yet so no purchases have been made. The tender should be going out within the next week or so and once that process concludes, then we will find out.
  11. Silly Tilley


    I believe the Airport Sky Shuttle is operated by City View Bus Sales through a company associated with them (Airport Shuttle Ltd.), they own the buses and also do all maintenance work on them. There are 3 Eldorados, S12, S13, S14 which are usually parked at the Marriott Courtyard/Hotel Carlingview on Carlingview visible from the street. The group of hotels on Carlingview have always had a shuttle bus service to/from the airport for as long as I can remember although I don't know if they've always been operated by City View/Airport Shuttle Ltd.
  12. Silly Tilley

    Belleville Transit

    Belleville will be having 0559 and 0660 refurbished this year by Nova Bus. It appears that replacement buses will be leased from Nova Bus for up to 4 months while the 2 buses are being refurbished. From the May 14, 2018 Belleville council agenda http://belleville.ca/files/8.a. Reports May 14.pdf Both MTB and New Flyer Amprior service centre submitted a bid for the refurbishment as well. MTB had the lower bid when the cost of rental buses was factored in but Nova scored higher on the evaluation.
  13. Silly Tilley


    Says who? The order for the 10 hybrid buses will have to be put out to tender as stated in the report regarding purchasing them, once that happens we will find out who is supplying the hybrid buses.
  14. Silly Tilley

    Cape Breton Transit

    Cape Breton recently tendered for 2 more 40' buses. The winning bid was Nova Bus at a cost of $1,160,097 (around $580,000 per bus). So Cape Breton will be receiving 2 more LFS buses.
  15. Silly Tilley


    The TTC stop you reference is the stop location for route 12 at Tidemore. East of Highway 27 is Toronto and the same rules apply here as they do for buses travelling to/from Islington Subway. Route 12 will pick up and drop off at TTC stops east of Highway 27. Heading eastbound from Westwood, the bus will only do drop offs only, and heading back westbound to Westwood the bus will do pick up only. If you are also heading back westbound using route 12 I suggest you wave down the bus to stop.