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  1. Nice photo, did you happen to get a photo of the builders plate by chance? Tracking serials for Vicinity buses...
  2. It is only June 2. There are 28 more days in June and the target for the first bus was late June. When the bus does arrive, you will hear about it here and likely see some pitcures, just like all the other previous bus need to keep asking all the time. Yes. At 7 years old the hybrids are beginning to require major work including replacement of electric motors and batteries which is performed off site by City View (BAE hybrid service provider). 1040 and 1043 have also had major component replacement including batteries and both buses were out of service 7-10 weeks. If you look at transit55 for all the other bus series you will notice a few that have not tracked in over a month, this is often due to major mechanical work (often contracted out), accident/body repair or parts requiring long lead time.
  3. The July 3 service changes will continue the MiWay Five plan somewhat, however as usual, the planned timelines and routes seem to change all the time. There is no route 54 as proposed, no route 38 streamlining, no cancellation of 25 or 43/87 as initially proposed. In fact it looks like there will be duplicating service along Matheson for the time being. Hopefully it's all just been pushed back until the fall. What there is, however: 23 Lakeshore - Sunday frequency improves to 19 minutes from current 25 minutes (+1 bus) and earlier Sunday service 34 Credit Valley - New Sunday evening trips extending service to midnight. 38 Creditview - Route 38A Saturday Frequency has improved to 24 minutes from current 33 minutes (+1 bus). Slight improvement to Sunday service, from 45 minutes to 40 minutes (+1 bus). Route 38A and 39 will no longer interline. 39 Britannia - Route 39 will be extended to Skymark and Commerce via Matheson with off peak routing to Rose Cherry/Hershey Centre being maintained. Route 39 frequencies will remain the same as follows: Weekday peak 28-30 minutes, Weekday midday and evening 34-35 minutes, Saturday 33 minutes, Sunday 45 minutes. Route 38A and 39 will no longer interline. 43 Matheson - Routing revised to serve Terry Fox rather than McLaughlin. No change to frequency or service levels for now. 59 Airport Infield - Cancelled. Other minor schedule changes to various routes. Also there is this detour due to construction starting next Monday affecting the 7, 35 and 87. As you can tell these changes pale in comparison to what had been advertised at information sessions and on the website. Hopefully they've just decided to phase it in within the next 2 service changes to allow people to get used to it (end of July and beginning of September).
  4. Moose Jaw has ordered an additional 4 30' Vicinity buses. In looking at past council minutes it looks like the original plan to purchase 4 30' buses and 2 40' buses has been modified to only purchase the 4 30' buses (Vicinity). Looks like 3/5 Nova LFS will be kept and the other 2 Nova LFS and the 2 Eldorados will be retired when the new Vicinity buses arrive. "VANCOUVER, May 23, 2017 /CNW/- Grande West Transportation Group Inc. (TSXV: BUS; OTC PINK: GWTNF) – ("Grande West" or the "Company"), a Canadian bus manufacturer of heavy-duty mid-sized transit buses for sale in Canada and the United States is pleased to announce new orders for nine (9) Vicinity buses for a combined order total of approximately $4.5 million. Hamilton Street Railway ("HSR") has ordered five (5) compressed natural gas ("CNG") Vicinity buses. This is a first time order for HSR and will be delivered through our eastern Canadian service and sales partner City View in the first quarter of 2018. The City of Moose Jaw also ordered an additional four (4) Vicinity buses."
  5. Grande West posted 2 images of Regina's Vicinity buses on their twitter feed. I believe they are getting 3, perhaps numbered 708-710 after the Eldorados. Interesting combination with the front plug door and 2 piece rear door.
  6. There have been 2007 Eldorados up at Malton for almost 5 years now. Currently Malton has 0701-0707 that are used on route 24, 30 and sometimes 16. Malton has also had 0301-0302 and 0501-0505 for years now. Often there will be other random 03s and 05s at Malton for periods of time while one of Malton's buses needs to be swapped out for maintenance. As for artics, Malton has 12 artics that are used primarily on route 5. The 5 requires 13 buses during rush hour, 9 of which are to be assigned articulated buses. When factoring in a spare ratio it's easy to understand why Malton has 12 artics. The 42 is supposed to have 2 runs that get artics but it rarely happens due to lack of artics available. However with more artics arriving in early 2018 (Nova LFS) this will likely mean the 42 and 35 will be converted to artics.
  7. It may have been 7 years since it was rebranded, however it has only been within the past year or two when everything referencing "Mississauga Transit" was dropped and the transit bylaw updated to reflect "MiWay". And respectfully, this is a work in progress that will take time as the pages will get renamed when they get updated.
  8. Grande West is out with a press release this morning, announcing HSR has ordered 5 CNG Vicinity buses for 2018 delivery. "Hamilton Street Railway ("HSR") has ordered five (5) compressed natural gas ("CNG") Vicinity buses. This is a first time order for HSR and will be delivered through our eastern Canadian service and sales partner City View in the first quarter of 2018. The City of Moose Jaw also ordered an additional four (4) Vicinity buses."
  9. Regarding the recent discussion about Phoenix Sky Harbor Eldorados, here's some roster information that I got last month. If someone wants to add all this to the wiki, go ahead. Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport (AZ) Roster April 2017.pdf
  10. @Buzz2kb In looking at the roster Jackson sent me, it looks like 791 and 797 are listed as having the same serial number (21110871, ex Sarasota 4902). I was using the wiki to compare the Sarasota fleet numbers to the serials and likely missed that error. Sorry about that. I can follow up, but my guess at this point, based on your observations, is that 791 is actually ex Sarasota 4802 (serial 21110870) just without Jatran fleet number displayed and 797 is ex Sarasota 4902 (serial 21110871). Please do let me know if you spot any other errors. For the record, here is the original roster file I was sent by Jackson. As you can see, 791 and 797 were listed as duplicate serial numbers and there are a number of minor errors. Jatran_Bus_Inventory.pdf
  11. In a research article about Grande West that was posted this morning, there was a image of some BC Transit Vicinity buses about to be shipped from the Weichai factory in Xiamen, China. The article covered a factory visit from a week or two ago so they are likely on their way to Canada now. Looks like BC Transit has opted for the 2 piece front door rather than the 1 piece plug door on their current Vicinity.
  12. I hope this clarifies things for you soo8513: At present there are 52 MiLocal Nova LFS 40' buses on order which consists of a base order of 37 buses with a option of 15 additional buses which has been exercised. The first of these buses will begin being delivered in late June, however it may only be the first 37 with the additional 15 buses ordered arriving later. There are also 30 MiLocal Nova LFS 60' buses on order which will expand the articulated bus fleet and allow for routes like Eglinton and Derry to be converted to articulated buses. These buses are not anticipated to be delivered until late 2017 or early 2018. There are 27 MiExpress New Flyer XD40 buses on order which will be used for expansion and allow for more express/transitway service (such as route 100, improved frequency on 109) to be implemented. These buses will begin to be delivered in late summer or fall 2017. In total, there are 109 buses on order to be delivered by the end of March 2018. However, note that the Nova order may be reduced by 2-3 buses due to budget constraints which may bring the total down slightly to 106-107 buses. For this reason I would like to ask that no info be added to the wiki until the buses actually arrive, and the orders may not be delivered in one batch. Retirements are to be all the 2003 D40LF buses, at least 24 30' Eldorado buses and likely some of the 2005 D40LF buses in the worst condition. The MiWay fleet plan is under review with MiWay Five service plan changing service requirements so the final plans may differ slightly.
  13. The results of this afternoon's trip up to Malton for pictures of their Eldorados....
  14. The RFP for 1 30' bus has been awarded to Grande West. They were the only bidder and the bid price for a 2018 model 30' Vicinity was $387,500 plus tax for a total cost of $437,875. Selkirk has already had a Vicinity bus in service for about 1.5 years and the staff report notes it has performed exceptionally well with few maintenance issues. Selkirk staff report 1 30ft bus RFP.pdf
  15. Always thought one limiting factor was that Eldorado does not have a dedicated sales team nor does it have one exclusive sales dealer, there are multiple Eldorado dealers across the country and sales seem to depend on whether the sales dealers bid on tenders. Regardless there are quite a few systems that have purchased Eldorados. Shameless plug, been working on Eldorado builders list the last little while. Not complete by any means but you can see they did have orders with many different systems. That's what the press release implies. Problem is, the benefit of having New Flyer as a partner was that there knowledge of the North American market in terms of sales, marketing, and after sales support, as well as familiarity with the New Flyer brand name would help sales. If New Flyer could only sell 200 Midis in 4 years (when the original target was 150-200 per year to begin with) I would be interested to hear how people think ADL will improve on that, I have my doubts personally.