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  1. MiWay

    If you enter the bus number manually on transit55 (such as https://transit55.ca/mississauga/bus?id=1731) it will show if the specific bus is active and the block information. As Articulated said they are able to be tracked from the map and there is always transsee as well. Anyways, yes the Novas have hit the road adding another new model to MiWay's fleet. A few photos are up on my Flickr page.
  2. MiWay

    MiWay's Central Parkway facility consists of 2 garages, CP (the main building) and CX (additional storage building opened in 2008). MiWay also has Malton Satellite Garage. Both CX and Malton Satellite are closed on weekends so everything is done out of CP. The hybrids have been at CX since they were new, due to the low height inside parts of CP they are banned from CP and are only at CX. This is why hybrids are almost never used on weekends. Sometimes there is a rare exception, such as a bus being available for service straight from the maintenance department, or a operator bringing the bus back to CP by mistake without anyone realizing.
  3. MiWay

    The buses were purchased using PTIF funding which required projects to be approved with pre-determined project budget amounts. Because the project budget amounts were approved before the project can begin - in this case, bus purchases, the city has to work within the budget for that specific project. The bids for the buses came in much higher than anticipated due to factors such as the low Canadian dollar (a big factor), engine emissions changes, and spec changes. Because the bids came in higher than expected and the funding for bus purchases was already set (with very little wiggle room elsewhere) it led to the small reduction in buses purchased.
  4. MiWay

    There are 49 40' LFS being delivered. 37 of them are being delivered now and numbered in the 1700's and the remaining 12 won't arrive until later in 2018 so they will likely be numbered in the 1800's. With only 37 40' LFS being delivered right now there is enough room to fit them all into the 1700's.
  5. MiWay

    The Nova LFS artics have begun being delivered, 1770 and 1771 were delivered on Friday.
  6. MiWay

    Not necessarily, the buses are not always delivered in order from the factory. It is not uncommon for higher numbered ones to show up before some of the lower numbered ones. A total of 79 buses - 49 40' Nova LFS buses and 30 60' Nova LFS buses will be delivered. 67 of the 79 are currently being delivered, while the remaining 12 40' buses will be delivered by Summer 2018. The remaining 12 buses were a option off the original order hence the later delivery date. Retirement plans have also changed. The 2003 D40LFs will remain in service until 2019-2020 and instead the plan is to replace around 25-30 of the 2008 D60LFRs with the remaining 5-10 remaining in service until 2020. The reasons for retiring the 2008 D60LFRs now are: High cost of operation - cost significantly more per km to operate Fuel consumption is almost 50% higher compared to newer artics. The LFR being almost 3000lbs heavier than the XD60/LFS artic and the ISM engine contributes to the much higher fuel cosnumption The Cummins ISM engine has become very complicated to maintain and requires maintenance more often than the ISL equipped artics (10s/13s). The cost of significant replacement/repair of major components (engine, transmission, axles, artic joint especially) just to get the buses to 12 years is not worth it. MiWay had to replace the artic joints and other major components on a few 2001 D60LFs a few years back just to get them to 12 years and it's not something they're willing to do again The artic joints used in the 08 D60LFRs have always been problematic In general, reliability of the 08 D60LFRs has gone down significantly over the past year The MiWay service requirements have changed significantly over the past 1-2 years especially with changes to MiWay Five plan. It was determined there would not be a need for more artics, rather 40 foot buses especially with ridership changes on some routes The money budgeted for major repairs to the 08 D60LFRs will be used to keep the 2003 D40LFs running longer. Around 5-10 D60LFRs will remain but this depends on what service requirements are.
  7. MiWay

    Your post is inaccurate and is just assumptions. If you cared to read the actual budget at http://www7.mississauga.ca/eCity/Budget/img/2018/2018-2021-Business-Plan-and-Budget.pdf you would note that the MiWay section starts at page 146. There is currently no money budgeted for bus purchases in 2018 (page 197). There is $4.5 million budgeted in 2019, $22.3 million in 2020. The budget has never listed quantities of buses purchased, just budget amounts so to just assume is careless since you don't know how exactly they arrived at that number and whether they would be 40', 60' MiLocal, MiExpress. I should also point out that the federal government is expected to announce another round of PTIF funding which could advance the purchase of these 2019-2021 purchases forward if the city chooses to use the funding for it. But as of right now there are no purchases planned in 2018 and the numbers you've assumed for bus purchases are way off considering a 40' bus is over $550,000 now.
  8. MiWay

    This was the original Orion VII design that was modified as the Mississauga buses were in production. Are you really sure about that or are you just trying to score a few points? We are talking about city owned assets that follow specific procedures when it comes to disposing of assets. It is not confidential information and information on who purchases disposed assets can typically be found in the city's purchasing reports, or by submitting a information request to the city. Government business is not done in secret after all. As for how Mississauga disposes of assets including buses, there are few different ways this is done as section 22 of Mississauga's purchasing bylaws allows for disposition to be as city staff feel is the best value and most efficient and this depends on what is being disposed of. For buses, this is usually soliciting offers from scrapyard(s) on the city's vendor list or public bid if city staff feel more value can be obtained. There have been times where the city has been offered more value for buses, such as Eastway with the Orion VIs or City View which acquired 0879 (retired D60LFR). Speaking of bus disposal, there is currently a tender out for disposal of the remaining 35 Eldorado buses. There may be interest by buyers who may be willing to offer more than scrap value. Note that this does not mean that they are all retired, just that the city is preparing to dispose of all of them in a timely manner. All the Eldorado buses will be removed from service by December 31, there are already 20 retired and those retired buses will probably be removed from property first. PRC000535 - Disposal of Thirty Five (35) 30' El Dorado Transit Buses When this tender closes, the names of companies who bid will be a matter of public record, and when the tender is awarded the companies that were awarded the bid will also be listed in future purchasing/procurement reports.
  9. MiWay

    There are already more than 12 Eldorados retired, with only around 15 of them still active that means around 20 have been removed from service. The plan is to also retire some of the 2005 D40LFs that are in the worst condition, along with the 2003 D40LFs and Eldorados. The budgeted lifespan of a 40' bus is 15 years, while 30' and articulated buses were budgeted for 12 year lifespans. Note the word budgeted, this means that these lifespans are more for financial purposes and ensuring that proper capital funding is allocated each year towards the eventual replacement of buses. If additional capital funding is budgeted and/or obtained for bus replacement it is possible that buses could be replaced sooner than the budgeted lifespans. For example the current PTIF funding has allowed MiWay to begin retiring the D40LF and Eldorados earlier than expected while also freeing up capital funding (city only pays 50% under PTIF). This along with the possibility of more capital funding could mean changes to planned bus purchases in the future.
  10. MiWay Eldorado charter - Saturday, October 21

    Thanks to everyone that attended the charter yesterday! Here's the group photo
  11. MiWay Eldorado charter - Saturday, October 21

    Just a quick reminder for everyone coming tomorrow that the charter starts at 10:30 am from Erindale GO, finishing at 3:30. Please show up on time so we can get going at 10:30. Note that the washrooms at Erindale GO are not accessible on weekends however there are a few fast food places along Burnhamthorpe between Creditview and Mavis to take care of your needs beforehand. There is no lunch stop so make sure you eat beforehand, however there will be several bathroom opportunities and some chances to purchase drinks/snacks during the charter. For those taking transit, route 20 westbound departs Islington Subway at 9:33, arriving at Erindale GO at 10:20. On the way back near the end of the charter, a dropoff at Square One around 3:20 can be provided for those who request it. I can accommodate 2 more people so send me a PM if you wish to come. Thanks everyone and see you Saturday.
  12. MiWay

    Edited the list to include 2 units I forgot. As for 0879 there are photos on page 318 of this thread that show what happened.
  13. MiWay

    0702, 0704, 0705, 0706, 0707, 0708, 0709, 0711, 0712, 0888, 0889, 0892, 0893, 0898 and 0941 have been retired. 0891 and 0894 have been removed from service but not retired as of yet. 0879 (failure) and 0920 (fire) will also not be returning.
  14. There will be a MiWay Eldorado charter on Saturday, October 21. These buses will be retired by the end of the year. Departing Erindale GO Station at 10:30, returning at 3:30. There will be no lunch stop but there will be several opportunities for washroom breaks and to purchase drinks/snacks. Cost: $45, payment required in advance. There are already several spots filled and space is limited due to the low capacity of the buses (25-27 seats). Please send me a message using the PM feature for more details and how to pay for the charter. Thank you!
  15. MiWay

    There was a order of 3 door Orion VIs that were built for the Copper Mountain Resort Transit Service in Colorado in 1998. Photos of these buses are hard to come across, but here's one that does show the 3 door configuration. http://www.alamy.com/stock-photo-bus-letting-off-skiers-and-snowboarders-in-copper-mountain-colorado-583026.html AC Transit in Oakland also came close to ordering 3 door Orion VIs, but it was cancelled and the order was built by NABI instead.