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  1. According to a report on next weeks council agenda, Orangeville Transit is proposing to transition to a hybrid model of fixed routes and on demand service, using existing town buses. Two fixed routes will operate, in addition to an on-demand service. Orangeville has long planned to expand from three to four routes to cover new developments within the town, however the report indicates procuring additional buses will take 12-14 months and are proposing this service model as a way to quickly increase coverage without a need for additional buses. Although it is indicated as a 'pilot' project, giv
  2. The map clearly shows the 42A using Envoy and Mavis to loop. There are no shopping plazas at Mavis, you're likely thinking of the ones at McLaughlin. The 42/42A combination will run every 5 minutes through the daytime (including midday) with 10 minute service west of Mavis on the 42 only. Currently route 42 service is 7-8 minutes during rush hours and 13 minutes during midday. Regarding the debate about the 104, my personal opinion is that it's a pointless express route and I would be fine if it never came back. Due to the stop spacing and ridership patterns on the Derry corridor th
  3. I did an update to the wiki pages to reflect buses that have been decommissioned over the last few months. To provide a summary of decommissioned in the last few months by fleet: 2003 D40LF: 0324 is the most recent retirement from this series. This leaves 20/44 buses still active. 2005 D40LF: 0512, 0520, 0527, 0540, 0565, 0570 2006 D40LFR: 0602, 0603, 0620 (collision), 0632, 0653 2008 D40LFR: 0831 2008 D60LFR: 0866, 0876 and 0878 have been retired. This leaves 0862, 0880, 0883 and 0884 as the final 4 remaining buses from this series. There is no guarantee they w
  4. While there are seperate names for the two garage buildings (CP and CX), as well as distinction between drivers reporting to CP or CX at the start of their shift, that's about as far as it goes. There is no separate seniority/driver crewing for CP vs CX, no specific routes assigned to each, or specific buses assigned to each*. In fact it is possible for a driver (and bus) to start at CX garage and end at CP garage, and vice versa. *The one exception is hybrids which are currently parked in the CX garage. This is probably for consistency as the Orion VII hybrids can only be parked at CX d
  5. The 68's new weekday schedule will be 25-30 minutes during the day (start of service to 9pm) and approximately every 50 minutes during the late evening (9pm to 1am). The service levels during the day almost match the current frequency however the late evening service is cut from 30 minutes to approximately 50 minutes.
  6. MiWay will be adding additional service to Cooksville GO for the April 26 service changes. This follows route 53 being extended to the station effective yesterday (February 22). Route 4 will be extended to Cooksville GO via Mavis Road and Hillcrest Avenue, replacing route 91 service along Hillcrest. The route will no longer serve Huron Park Recreation Centre. In addition, route 38 will operate to Cooksville GO via Dundas, Confederaton and Hillcrest. Having routes 4 and 38 serve Cooksville GO gives a proper terminal point for both routes without a on-street loop and better driver wash
  7. Google maps gives 46 minutes to travel the proposed routing of route 6 by car; with bus speeds and dwell times at stops it's likely that one trip will take over 50 minutes to complete end to end. Add in layover time at each end and that amounts to a 120 minute round trip with 60 minutes frequency using 2 buses. Having the route extend to Huronia Mall would mean a 3rd bus to maintain the 60 minutes frequency, this is also the reason Port McNicoll isn't being serviced. Huronia Mall already has 4 different bus routes serving it (LINX 1, Midland bus Penetanguishene bus, Chimnissing) with not
  8. Simcoe LINX staff recently gave a presentation to Tay Township council regarding the launch of route 6 (Orillia-Midland) this summer. There were requests to divert the route to serve Port McNicoll as mentioned above but staff do not support that as the devation would take too long and require a third bus. Route 6 will operate between Lakehead University in Orillia and Georgian College's Midland campus via Highway 12. Stops will be at West Ridge/Monarch (Orillia); Highway 12 near Warminster Sideroad (Warminster); Coldwater Rd/Michael Anne Dr (Coldwater); Sturgeon Bay Rd/Pine St (Waubaushen
  9. CyRide is purchasing 2 Nova Bus 40' electric buses using the State of Virginia contract. No indication if they are LFSe (short range) or LFSe+ (long range) https://www.cityofames.org/home/showpublisheddocument?id=60203
  10. Grande Prairie has 2 XD35's on order after a procurement for 2 35' buses which was awarded to New Flyer: https://cityofgp.bidsandtenders.ca/Module/Tenders/en/Tender/Detail/2900b59d-9cb2-4266-a005-1746fd52aea8/#Awarded
  11. MiWay will be purchasing 5 more XDE60s for delivery this year. They will be in MiLocal scheme and replace the remaining 2008 D60LFR buses. The purchase is being made by an extension of the existing contract for the previous XDE60 buses. New Flyer has also offered significant price reductions for orders placed in Q1 of 2021, resulting in these buses costing $56,000 less than the 2020 XDE60s. -Delivery of buses in 9 months (fall 2021) -Base price reduction of $13,000 -Provide 2021 Cummins engine at no additional cost $11,000 -Waive all inflation related costs $32,000 Total sa
  12. February 22, 2021 service changes Route Changes 44 - long term detour routing due to watermain construction on Mississauga Road. Detour via Burnhamthorpe, Erin Mills, and Eglinton. Schedules will be revised to accomodate the detour and buses will serve all stops along the detour routing (note: will not service Erin Mills Station) 53 - extended to Cooksville GO Station via Hurontario Street. Route will access Cooksville GO via Hurontario entrance and exit via Hillcrest. Deviation to Paramount Centre during off peak periods is eliminated. Slight changes to frequency to accommodate
  13. This is the original Vicinity prototype (and BC Transit 7130). It was modified as a concept for the Vicinity LT platform and was displayed at APTA Expo 2017 in Atlanta, although not on the show floor. Seeing as this was a concept modification where GW probably just retrofitted things to test it out (gasoline engine, axle, etc) I would not expect production Vicinity LT to look exactly like this. The overall dimensions are supposed to be different as well. Images of the bus in this state have appeared in past GW company presentations.
  14. In my opinion the 48 Erin Mills is a terrible candidate for overnight service, it's a low ridership route and north of Eglinton the configuration of Erin Mills Parkway and the surrounding residential streets makes the 48 hard to access by foot. Most of the residential streets are a easier walk to Glen Erin, for this reason the 13 Glen Erin is probably a better choice for overnight service. The 13 would still provide service to all the major retail/employment areas as well as providing service along Southdown to Clarkson GO. Given the choice to expand overnight service, my choices would b
  15. Another round of bus retirements to round out 2020 - 0316, 0327, 0329, 0340, 0512, 0520, 0540, 0565, 0570, 0603, 0620, 0866 have been retired. 0620 was the unit involved in a major collision about a year ago. For those keeping track, that leaves 21/44 2003 D40LFs still active as of right now.
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