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  1. As of right now yes, it just had a semi-annual inspection a few weeks ago. Depending on what work is needed as a result not uncommon for a bus to be out of service a couple weeks waiting on parts stock, shop space, manpower etc. especially in COVID times. If a bus needs structural work or major engine/transmission work it could result in it being out of service for up to 2-3 months. Given all this, a bus being out of service a month in the case of 0302 isn't a indicator that it is retired.
  2. OP-22-032 Transit Service Delivery Voyago will take over Owen Sound Transit operations on August 27. Included in the report linked was a update regarding the bus fleet to be used.
  3. Also related to the order, according to a separate commission report, New Flyer states the complete delivery of the 22 bus order (20 40' and 2 60') will likely be delayed until early 2023. As 5 40' buses were for expansion purposes this may impact the rollout of LTC's service plan.
  4. On the most recent agenda for London Transit there was a report requesting additional funding approval due to forced price increases from New Flyer on their outstanding order of 22 Xcelsior buses. It appears that New Flyer's suppliers are forcing price increases on them by force majure and New Flyer has no choice but to pass on some of the burden to the customer. New Flyer's correspondence states they are facing increases of around 14% year over year in one of the major manufacturing price indexes but are asking customers to absorb half or 7% of that increase. The letter states that all customers with deliveries after July 1, 2022 will have this 7% increase so it seems any agency who has Xcelsiors on order for delivery will have to do some number crunching. In a past conference call, NFI executives stated that they would be allowing customers to reduce their order quantity or "de-spec" their buses if necessary to help deal with the pricing increase if funding is a challenge. New Flyer Letter regarding 7% price increase
  5. RFQ-22-19 Sale of Various Surplus Transit Buses and Equipment Tender has been posted for the disposal of various decommissioned buses. Bids for individual buses will be allowed as per the bid form. To be disposed: 2003/2004 D40LF: 313. 317, 322, 327, 329, 332, 333, 410, 412 2009 ElDorado: 980-990 (all 11 buses in series) and community bus 993 2008 Van Hool: 8201-8202, 8204-8211
  6. There's been a detour notice on the city site for a few days: https://www7.mississauga.ca/documents/miway/detours/Detour_Elm West_June 13.pdf I do agree that on-street/terminal signage could improve and it seems any time there's a detour some drivers are caught unaware. Looking at the GPS tracking history there was a route 8 that got stuck too this morning and ended up turning around and using Burnhamthorpe and Arista Way to Mississauga Valley.
  7. I'm quoting this from the electric bus pilot thread since it is relevant to my post: In addition to the 11 Nova LFS electric buses ordered for February 2023 delivery, GRT has ordered 29 LFS hybrid buses as per the council reports on pages 56-63. It was a late addition to the agenda as the region only received funding approval on April 21. https://calendar.regionofwaterloo.ca/Council/Detail/2022-04-27-1900-Council2/0c7de142-0026-4994-a53b-ae8400e479f7
  8. The current bid closing date is June 17, 2022 however procurement closing dates often get extended especially larger ones like this. The April 18 date is for the first stage of the procurement which is a simple pass/fail test ensuring buses proposed meet a list of basic criteria.
  9. The first thing that came to mind was Department of Transportation as Gil stated. No need to use vague and confusing acronyms when you could have just spelled out 'Director'. Also, not even two pages ago on this thread was a full summary of MiWay's electrification plans including the 2028 date to stop purchasing diesel buses and the 2042 target date for full electrification. You even 'liked' that post so no need to post inaccurate speculation when you are aware of the actual facts. It's the Transportation and Works department of which MiWay is a division. https://www.mississauga.ca/our-organization/leadership-team/ The service change memo for the September 2021 board period which included the cancellation of 90's Saturday service and 68's Sunday service indicated the cut was permanent and not a temporary COVID service reduction. Weekday service on the 68 was also reduced in February being cut from 30 minutes service to 60 minutes by removing a bus from service. The 68 didn't do too bad for Sunday ridership prior to the pandemic as the attached boarding stats show. Taking the ranges of 148-195 Sunday boardings that's a average of 18-24 boardings per service hour on Sundays, and it would have been interesting to see what the numbers would have looked like if not for the terrible Sunday service span (8 hours, 9am-5pm). The 68 service area also had other established routes nearby (10, 34, 35, 38, 39, 61) which meant it could be cut without stranding ridership. 68 Sunday ridership 2019.pdf
  10. All 4 Wasaga Beach buses are owned (and were purchased) by the municipality and leased to Sinton so they can operate under Sinton's CVOR. See https://wasagabeach.civicweb.net/document/10261 and https://wasagabeach.civicweb.net/document/10309 Bus 712/2017-59 was originally purchased by Wasaga Beach and 50/50 owned by Wasaga Beach and Collingwood; when Simcoe LINX took over the Collingwood-Wasaga Beach service Wasaga Beach took over 100% ownership of the bus. See https://wasagabeach.civicweb.net/document/10309 Clearview 01 was purchased by the municipality, tagging onto the Wasaga Beach order at the time Given the above the references on the wiki to these buses being owned by Sinton are inaccurate and should be modified. While on the subject of Wasaga Beach and Clearview, each municipality has ordered through a joint order 1 new Elkhart EC II from Overland Custom Coach. The Wasaga Beach unit will replace 2015-49 while the Clearview Unit will replace 01.
  11. Malton routes (crews) are still operated by Malton based drivers on weekends, except they report to Central rather than Malton. Of course it isn't going to happen, because 2028 is when MiWay projects they will stop purchasing diesel powered buses, the full transition to zero emission bus fleet is currently projected for 2042. There is also no such thing as the "DOT" by the way.
  12. Voyago will be the new operating contractor for Owen Sound Transit effective September 1, 2022 taking over from First Canada. The initial contract will be a 5 year term. Voyago will provide a fleet of new low floor buses as the existing equipment is owned by First. Service will be based on ‘option 1b’ fixed route service with mobility bus, which is essentially the existing route design and service span with some minor route modifications. Option 1b (16,900 annual hours): Status Quo option using existing service levels. Based on existing 4 route system with minor route changes. 4 fixed route buses and 1 mobility bus in service. All routes operate every 30 minutes. Service operates 6:30a-6:30p Monday-Friday and 9:00a-4:30p Saturdays. Voyago’s hourly rate is less than the current cost from First Student so the new contract will cost the city less than initially budgeted. Service will be evaluated with the possibility of introducing extended evening service with the resulting budgeted savings. The evening service could be fixed route or a pilot on demand service. Other bids were received from First and Driveseat Owen Sound (likely a on demand option proposed) however pricing was much higher. https://pub-owensound.escribemeetings.com/filestream.ashx?DocumentId=31534
  13. On the topic of spreading out work, the TTC recently did a procurement process to get bids from outside contractors for mid life refurbishment on Nova LFSs. Procurement documents specified 102 buses from 8620-8694 series (2023), 102 buses from 3100-3369 series (2024) and 102 buses from 3400-3654 series (2025). Given the discussion above, is TTC looking to outsource some of the bus mid life work only due to the large volume of buses needing mid life work in a short timeframe as well as the long standing issues retaining skilled tradespeople, and not necessarily a desire to eventually outsource more and more of this work in the future?
  14. Report ENG-08-22 On-Demand Transit Service Leamington Transit will transition to a new on demand service model effective Monday, May 2, 2022, and will be branded as 'LTGO'. On demand software app will be provided by Blaise Transit Solutions. Switzer-Carty Transportation remains the contractor. Improved service span to operate between 6:30am and 9:30pm Monday to Friday; the existing conventional service currently operates from 7:00am to 7:00pm. NEW Sunday service will be introduced between Victoria Day and Labour Day, also operating between 6:30am and 9:30pm. Fares increase with the introduction of improved on demand service. Adult from $2 to $3, Student from $1.75 to $2.50, Senior from $1.50 to $2.50. Children under 12 will ride for free. Two new 35' ADL E200 buses will be used for service, with one of the existing cutaway buses kept as a spare. The municipality is preparing a funding application to help acquire a third new bus. Buses will have free wifi and USB charging ports. A three year advertising rights agreement is established with Windsor Family Credit Union. WFCU will have the right to wrap the new buses with advertising for a three year agreement with a annual fee of $45,000.
  15. FIN2022-001P - Operation and Maintenance of Conventional & Specialized Transit Services in the Town of Collingwood, the Town of Wasaga Beach & the Township of Clearview This procurement is a joint procurement between Collingwood, Wasaga Beach and Clearview to obtain proposals for contracted operation of conventional and specialized transit services for an initial 5 year term beginning August 1, 2022. While the procurement is being conducted jointly by the above municipalities, it does not necessarily mean that one contractor will provide service for all three contracts, nor are the transit systems amalgamating. Each municipality's transit services are to be priced separately as outlined below. with the tender split into three contracts A, B, and C. Award will be made to either one company across all three contracts or split between a maximum of two different operators - as an example scenario, 'Company 1' could be awarded the contract for Collingwood operations while 'Company 2' could be awarded the contract for Wasaga Beach and Clearview. For conventional transit service, Collingwood will transition to a fully on demand service model with the start of this new contract. Wasaga Beach will continue to offer fixed route service at the start of the contract with the possibility of transitioning to a hybrid or fully on demand service model during the contract. Clearview's transit service will remain as is. In all three cases the existing transit fleets of the municipalities will be used. Specialized service will be introduced in Clearview and Wasaga Beach (transitioning from Red Cross) with new Dodge Promaster vans being purchased for use on specialized service. PART A - Collingwood Operations Conventional - 18,000 annual hours with fully on demand system. Service to operate Monday to Sunday using existing town buses. Specialized - 5,700 annual hours. Service to operate Monday to Sunday 7am-9pm using existing buses. PART B - Wasaga Beach Operations Conventional - 10,200 annual hours with existing fixed route system. Possibility of transition to hybrid or full on demand system during five year contract. Service to operate Monday to Sunday 7am-9pm using existing buses. Specialized - 5,100 annual hours. Service to operate Monday to Sunday 7am-9pm with new vehicles being procured. PART C - Clearview Operations Conventional - 4,900 annual hours with existing fixed route system. Service to operate Monday to Friday 6:30am-8:30pm and Saturdays 8:30am to 5:30pm using existing buses. Specialized - 5,100 annual hours. Service to operate Monday to Friday 6:30am-8:30pm and Saturdays 8:30am to 5:30pm using existing buses. There is a provisional PART D allowing for pricing for the possibility of combining specialized service across all three municipalities rather than having them as three separate contract operations, however this is just optional pricing. It applies to specialized service only, and not the conventional transit service which will be separate operations. Currently the tender is scheduled to close on April 14 with contracts to be finalized and awarded in early to mid May for the August 1, 2022 startup. FIN2022-01P Transit Services_final.pdf
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