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  1. I know it's not possible for them to completely get rid of it as that double door that's outside the Shoppers on the right is quite literally their receiving dock for when they get trucks.
  2. That is in fact what the spur tracks are intended for. It sounds insane but their opinion is apparently the Lafarge branch won't really matter that much once the future extension opens. Combined with street level next train signs it likely won't be an issue, either.
  3. The timeout issue is as I understand it on the Lougheed Side Track, but if the train is manned it can be re-entered instantly, and indeed they've apparently had to do it before. The Glycol Train is manned so timeout problems aren't an issue for it as staff are on-board to re-enter it.
  4. I can see it happening but it would require a major renovation of the station entrance. Reference shot
  5. Shuttles with 20 seats will only have 8 seats available. Not sure about the new low floor shuttles.
  6. Here's one that hasn't been used in nearly 20 years, from when the 29 had the extension to Champlain Heights Here's the bus stop pole for a 177 bus stop (you can use the history function to confirm this really was used by the 177 over 6 years ago). Can't think of any others at the moment.
  7. 3343 be like "this is my plague barrier"
  8. It's entirely possible the portion of Fairfield Road in front of Saint Mary's used to be Collinson Street, there could have been a realignment of the grid in that area which is why Collinson is a dead end street at that location now, only a 1970s streetmap would solve that for sure though.
  9. isn't that a private invite only group?
  10. the trolleys from the 9 would be repurposed for the 41, there would be no reason to reduce active fleet.
  11. Fact is, it doesn't need to be trolleys, it just can be, like every other trolley route.
  12. From what I recall, the CNG tanks on the C40LFRs have 20 year certification on them, so it's just an overhaul of the bus structure and the engine, not the tanks.
  13. Getting a 403 forbidden with that image, can you rehost it somewhere else?
  14. Way back before the NIMBYs in the towers got their way, the trains went full speed (80+ kph) under the viaducts, and over the switch outside Main Street, and it was quite the experience.
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