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  1. Saw 9709 signed as "130 To Pender" instead of To Hastings. New sign code or just an old unused one? EDIT: Upon further research now that I'm at home, it appears the 130 short turns at Hastings are now signed "To Pender" instead of "To Hastings" for some unknown reason.
  2. It'd be slow up the Knight Street Hill but that's about it.
  3. 430 service should be looked at extending to Midnight/1am before they consider B-Line conversion.
  4. It's all being bored, not trench dug, so no need to remove any wires.
  5. Spotted a Mark I at OMC2 while passing on the 116, think it was 034.
  6. Maybe they're moving towards the CMBC scheme as WVMT doesn't actually own any of their newer buses, they just operate and maintain them.
  7. Yeah, it does. Shows pictures of the cans even.
  8. 135-136 wrapped for that new 7up lemonade
  9. I really hope 7115 goes to TRAMS when CMBC decides to retire it.
  10. As long as New Flyer can source enough of a part for the tender they don't care what TransLink specifies.
  11. Just so we're clear, 214 conventional service will remain CMBC work, and will NOT transfer to WVMT.
  12. Electrical fire in New Westminster Station Area, no service between Columbia and Edmonds. Bus bridge in place, Millennium Line unaffected.
  13. So if a paddle instructs "wait" you can't leave until the other bus shows up unless Tcomm advises otherwise?
  14. That's due to potential to damage overhead though, isn't it?
  15. Can somebody please explain the 112's insane scheduling to me? The early morning trips from Boundary, the seemingly random routes around Metrotown Station early in the morning and late at night, the fact it routes different on Saturday and Sunday morning around Metrotown compared to Monday to Friday, why does it even extend to Metrotown? Is this just kind of institutional inertia from 30 years ago when the 112 operated into Vancouver?