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  1. The NovaSubs are frankly ideal for the 301, at least until the Enviro500s take over. They hold about as many standees as a regular bus, but have slightly more seats.
  2. I was on 448 the other day, had an attendant up front with the hostler panel open. Guess it's nearly ready for full UA.
  3. all of those images come up as 403 Forbidden. Rehost them on imgur/etc. or upload them here.
  4. Another rename? When will they learn?
  5. The 601 really should be removed from the Suburban work. Ever since 2009 it's essentially been a local route with a short express portion from Ladner Exchange to Bridgeport Station. The redesigned 602 with mid-day service could retain suburban buses, but they don't make sense for a busy route like the 601.
  6. Second set spotted doing testing on Millennium Line tonight
  7. Yeah HTC would be better off without the sometimes gutless HEV Novas, most Hamilton routes run through New West which is intense hill central
  8. Just to clarify, while the 239 is being cancelled, the 701 will remain in place as local service, as I understand it, due to the Maple Ridge B-Line not detouring via Harris Road.
  9. per TransLink Alerts page: UPDATE: Feb 4/19 The west staircase on the west stationhouse is now exit-only until the station upgrades are complete
  10. Also, artics wouldn't be practical for the provincial fleet in general, in addition to the fact that the City of Victoria has vetoed the idea of artics running on their city streets.
  11. Transit does real-time with the help of users of the app. When you use the GO feature and set your destination, it'll show your real time data to other app users, even if the buses/trains themselves don't have real-time GPS data.
  12. These were spotted in Surrey, British Columbia a day or two ago, last I heard they’re going to CVS Tours in Victoria, BC.
  13. and that's AFTER Bombardier does 5000km of testing on their test track in Kingston, too.
  14. Deicing trucks are still around, The trolleys are just to supplement them.
  15. Last I heard, T-comm (the real one) was in fallback mode now too, so now absolutely everything is down.
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