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  1. 3343 be like "this is my plague barrier"
  2. It's entirely possible the portion of Fairfield Road in front of Saint Mary's used to be Collinson Street, there could have been a realignment of the grid in that area which is why Collinson is a dead end street at that location now, only a 1970s streetmap would solve that for sure though.
  3. isn't that a private invite only group?
  4. the trolleys from the 9 would be repurposed for the 41, there would be no reason to reduce active fleet.
  5. Fact is, it doesn't need to be trolleys, it just can be, like every other trolley route.
  6. From what I recall, the CNG tanks on the C40LFRs have 20 year certification on them, so it's just an overhaul of the bus structure and the engine, not the tanks.
  7. Getting a 403 forbidden with that image, can you rehost it somewhere else?
  8. Way back before the NIMBYs in the towers got their way, the trains went full speed (80+ kph) under the viaducts, and over the switch outside Main Street, and it was quite the experience.
  9. I've always wondered why those wires aren't actually connected for even a right turn from Hastings to Commercial NB. Seems like a waste.
  10. The NovaSubs are frankly ideal for the 301, at least until the Enviro500s take over. They hold about as many standees as a regular bus, but have slightly more seats.
  11. I was on 448 the other day, had an attendant up front with the hostler panel open. Guess it's nearly ready for full UA.
  12. all of those images come up as 403 Forbidden. Rehost them on imgur/etc. or upload them here.
  13. Another rename? When will they learn?
  14. The 601 really should be removed from the Suburban work. Ever since 2009 it's essentially been a local route with a short express portion from Ladner Exchange to Bridgeport Station. The redesigned 602 with mid-day service could retain suburban buses, but they don't make sense for a busy route like the 601.
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