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  1. Also there's the routes with the extremely vague destination signs, to the point of unhelpfulness. Worst offenders in my opinion are as follows: 701 Maple Ridge East 601 South Delta 602 Tsawwassen Heights Anything that's [Route Number] Downtown 116, should be renamed to be the neighbourhood(s) it travels through 321 White Rock South The 501 and 502 having the exact same destination signs but vastly different routes. 502 needs "via Fraser Highway" or something
  2. So many angry people on twitter, oblivious to the fact there even though it's not a holiday there's still traditionally less people going to work on Easter Monday.
  3. I can basically only sit in the old folk's area on an Orion, and I don't even have long legs. I have no idea how people can comfortably sit in an Orion for over an hour.
  4. I'm surprised that it wasn't at Rosser to begin with, really.
  5. Anybody know what happened to P3333? Hasn't been in service for awhile and doesn't seem to be in the front axle victims list.
  6. Seems SkyTrain has already given up on getting people off the Expo Line trains at Production, nobody on the platform kicking people off anymore.
  8. is it the one labeled Peri Formwork Systems on Google Maps?
  9. 27's early AM trips have been around for a long time, there's even the final SB trip that isn't in the printed schedule that goes as far as Kingsway
  10. I think the working with TransLink part is because as part of the laws surrounding TransLink they have to approve any public transit service within their service area even if it's not run by them. Also presumably to match up schedules so we don't get a repeat of the 701 and the Abbotsford Connector.
  11. So would the Fraser Highway B-Line be a replacement of 503 service into Surrey? I guess the 503 would be cut to Langley to Aldergrove only with that change. On a system wide scale it makes sense but I bet there'll be a couple people living out there annoyed they won't have their one seat ride anymore.
  12. Speaking of BTC, they seem to love doing insanity of sending out an artic for a 48 hour block. 5:45am on the 25th to 5:30am on the 26th, then 5:45am on the 26th to 5:30am on the 27th.Then give the bus 3 hours to be refueled and cleaned, then back out on the road for another 19 hours! Surely the bus that's been out for 24 hours doesn't need to be sent out on the exact same 24 hour block again straight away? Is that a tcomm glitch or did BTC actually do that?
  13. I've also heard e-brakes deploy at Lincoln outbound, just to add to the mystery.
  14. so the bus loop is finally being changed so that the 33 isn't picking up in a former parking lot I presume
  15. Not necessarily. The Movias appear to be appropriate, as they've been made in 3 car sets for Singapore, and the car lengths for the Singapore ones mean they'd be 46 metres, so overhang beyond the platform edge but not excessively. Presumably they could build them 2 metres shorter, as traditionally subway/LRT cars are built to order like buses are. Appears to be similar weight to the Hyundai Rotem cars as well.