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  2. is it the one labeled Peri Formwork Systems on Google Maps?
  3. 27's early AM trips have been around for a long time, there's even the final SB trip that isn't in the printed schedule that goes as far as Kingsway
  4. I think the working with TransLink part is because as part of the laws surrounding TransLink they have to approve any public transit service within their service area even if it's not run by them. Also presumably to match up schedules so we don't get a repeat of the 701 and the Abbotsford Connector.
  5. So would the Fraser Highway B-Line be a replacement of 503 service into Surrey? I guess the 503 would be cut to Langley to Aldergrove only with that change. On a system wide scale it makes sense but I bet there'll be a couple people living out there annoyed they won't have their one seat ride anymore.
  6. Speaking of BTC, they seem to love doing insanity of sending out an artic for a 48 hour block. 5:45am on the 25th to 5:30am on the 26th, then 5:45am on the 26th to 5:30am on the 27th.Then give the bus 3 hours to be refueled and cleaned, then back out on the road for another 19 hours! Surely the bus that's been out for 24 hours doesn't need to be sent out on the exact same 24 hour block again straight away? Is that a tcomm glitch or did BTC actually do that?
  7. I've also heard e-brakes deploy at Lincoln outbound, just to add to the mystery.
  8. so the bus loop is finally being changed so that the 33 isn't picking up in a former parking lot I presume
  9. Not necessarily. The Movias appear to be appropriate, as they've been made in 3 car sets for Singapore, and the car lengths for the Singapore ones mean they'd be 46 metres, so overhang beyond the platform edge but not excessively. Presumably they could build them 2 metres shorter, as traditionally subway/LRT cars are built to order like buses are. Appears to be similar weight to the Hyundai Rotem cars as well.
  10. Well bespoke Innovias already exist, don't they? I'm thinking of the loading gauge, as aren't all the Innovia trains the same width?
  11. In the comments I basically put "it better actually be a bored tunnel this time."
  12. Well if it's Bombardier it'd likely be Movia, not Innovia, as the Movia series is the traditional heavy rail ones with the wider loading gauge. Think Toronto Rocket.
  13. I only have one photo on my phone of it, but around noon today a truck hit a 9's poles bringing down trolley wires in front of the 99 bay at Broadway Station. It appears the trolley driver accidentally took the wrong wires (the ones to turn left onto SB Commercial) and a semi-truck happened to be driving by at the same time, which caught the overextended poles and snapped the trolley wires. Was just absolute chaos as nobody seemed to be sure where WB 99s were going to be picking up, and both passengers and drivers were quickly losing patience with the situation.
  14. per the article: the article originally read that all 20 would be used.
  15. Not quite. The BC Liberals mandated SkyTrain for Coquitlam after the Mayor's Council said it'd be LRT. It's getting close to them mandating SkyTrain to Langley as well. The undertones of public statements they've made seem to say "we don't care about your silly KGB/104 LRT, but if you even think about making the Fraser Highway portion LRT you're mistaken"