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  1. Vancouver general sightings and notes

    Not to mention TransLink recently claimed the LIMs on the refurbished Mark Is will be good until the late 2040s. Seems like even if they retire from all day service, we'll be seeing rush hour Mark Is for a long time yet.
  2. Collisions and Incidents thread

    Sounds like it's one of the 3 switches just west of the station again? I'm guessing the Platform 3 switch? Since if it was any other of the switches, Expo Line trains would still be running to Production. Problem with that is, where would Expo Line trains take recovery? If they do it before going to Production, people will just transfer to a smaller Millennium Line train instead of waiting upwards of 4-5 minutes at Lougheed. Reason they take recovery at Platform 1 currently is they aren't fouling the Millennium Line Mainline when they sit there.
  3. Vancouver Special Sightings

    It can be our mobile command centre for the Metro Vancouver subforum
  4. Driver surveys would probably be a mediocre but workable substitute for that, as the drivers would hopefully know when the buses empty out and which portions of the route are typically dead quiet.
  5. With Compass they could feasibly collect year round data at this point, wonder if they'll be moving toward that for the bus passenger data.
  6. Skytrain MK I Refurbishments

    Makes you wonder what the SkyTrain network will look like in 30 years too. Current rate seems to be an expansion every 7-8 years. Expo Line Extension opened in 1994, Millennium Line opened in 2002, Canada Line opened in 2009, Evergreen Line opened in 2016. At this current rate, 4 more extensions would open by 2050. My guess? Broadway, Langley, Port Coquitlam. Not sure on what the 4th could be though.
  7. Skytrain MK I Refurbishments

    I think what will end up happening is some Mark Is will be retired but the majority will be kept for rush hour service only, with the newer Mark IIs and IIIs becoming the offpeak trains.
  8. Skytrain MK I Refurbishments

    Another interesting takeaway is they plan to keep them in service for another 30 years! Based on 2020, the last of them won't be retired until 2050.
  9. It actually hasn't. Heck, go look at the paper schedule for it right now on TransLink's website, the final 4 NB 125s don't go all the way to Beta Avenue.
  10. So I noticed the spreadsheet had the numbers for all the old sheets; I assume there's no way to actually look up those old sheets? Mostly curious about the N14 (which never made it out of planning I guess), the 979, P25, and P99. Never saw the P prefix before for a route number. As for changes, I noticed every NB 125 operates to Beta Avenue now, the final 4 don't stop at Canada Way and Willingdon anymore.
  11. So far looking ahead in schedule lookup hasn't produced anything interesting, just the White Rock changes, the 372, and the Maple Ridge routes.
  12. Surrey Rapid Transit / Surrey Light rail

    The Houston LRT has enough crashes to get compilation videos of them on YouTube, and it wouldn't be surprising to see that many here for the first while.
  13. Vancouver Special Sightings

    Saw 9709 signed as "130 To Pender" instead of To Hastings. New sign code or just an old unused one? EDIT: Upon further research now that I'm at home, it appears the 130 short turns at Hastings are now signed "To Pender" instead of "To Hastings" for some unknown reason.
  14. It'd be slow up the Knight Street Hill but that's about it.
  15. 430 service should be looked at extending to Midnight/1am before they consider B-Line conversion.