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  1. Enjoy! (The NJT Designline Concept) Stay Tuned for Day 2, TOMORROW!
  2. Do remember the Low Floor RTS Extreme will also be available starting 2012.
  3. Except with DesignLine, even if they lost out on the US Market, they are still thriving in New Zealand where they are headquartered. Even Foton, if they lost out on the US Market, they'd feel a little sting, but their Chinese market is bustling. So I wouldn't consider them "wannabe" bus manufacturers. They have years of bus building experience; Foton since the 90s and DesignLine since the 80s. Proterra is the only real newbie here, only having been in business since 2004.
  4. Word, already got invited to several after-parties while I'm at APTA networking and got several invites to speak casually with some industry folks. I've had dinners, had drinks with and went on vacations (including one coming up) with industry folks (being one myself). It's not up tight and snobby like one may thinks, I D K, it may be like that up in Canada, but in the US properties, there is enough stress in the jobs itself...we all bug out, curse up a storm and when its time to be professional, we're professional, but a message board full of fans, are you freaking kidding me?! Be happy that someone who has an inside track is willing to share any kind of information or updates. This is the exact reason why I've stopped sharing ANYthing with most of the boards I'm involved in except for a few photos and what have you.
  5. It just seemed you were getting at people and feeling a certain kind of way. I was taken a bit back after we chatted earlier in the day which prompted my response, so if I jumped the gun, I do apologize. But for me, no I don't find it suspect at all, because I know the details behind what is going on with the "breaking news," which had to be approved by higher MTS personnel and the new investors before going out. Any information posted has to be approved before anyone involved can release it. But yes, we're good.
  6. Hmm, it would be funny story except that in hindsight it was a simple mistake and that "one exception" was swapped out. Seems a little extra to go out you way to mention something at 3:28pm that was discussed and rectified at 9:40am, which was not even relevant to the OP's comment of it being the "new" RTS Extreme. OP did not state it was "new" photos. His comment is spot on, the model is still new as it has not gone full production and is still in its infancy. You want some credit? Ok fine, That ORIGINAL photo was yours, Mistake as there was no photographers name from where the photo was found, sorry *bows*, whoops, but its cool... the photo was swapped out as of 9:58am. But even with that, being the guy that you are after finding out that photo was yours, I would've expected you to be excited to possibly be excited to be somewhat involved with something RTS. Please explain the conflict of interest, that one is a bit far fetched... Now what is it with you? Come on dude, bring it down a notch, it's really not that deep and simple mistake was made AND was rectified. I thought higher of you dude and would not expect you to result to under-toned shots. And for those that are remedial, the conversion now solidifies my involvement with and knowledge of MTS, I'm only a contractor to MTS and is not a direct employee of MTS. Outside this, do not bother asking any questions, as a contractor I can not and will not answer an specific questions.
  7. The RTS is built on a modular monocoque design. Dante is exact spot on from his post about the build of the RTS Low Floor, after double checking with someone very much in the know on this project.
  8. Just remember what ego stands for... Everybody's Got One People with glass houses should not throw stones, I've seen some egos across this hobby that have floored me.
  9. It was a basic summary, you know good and well that Nova & MTS (yes, Nova who built the first Low Floor RTS), made it structurally sound.
  10. Listen, We've had this discussion before. I've been hit with the same thing you get. People think I'm snobby, a know-it-all or what have you. I have the experience under my belt to know what i know. But what people tend to overlook is that if people like us (in the know) were truly that way, We would not share information, We would not post certain photos (I sure as hell wouldn't be running TTMG) and we'd withhold all we know instead of presenting it to the masses. I think people need to look it from that perspective instead of saying "OH they think they know it all!" It's basic common sense.
  11. Thats all well and true, however Millennium does not wear that badge. All current Millennium operators love their MTS RTSes and swear by them and want more! I've had tours of the Foxwoods, Pueblo and Texax A&M facilities where those buses operate, operators fight over them and mechanics love them. I also drove one of the NJT Demos, great bus. If you go off what happened to NJ Transit, then you have a blind perception of how good the MTS RTS bus actually is. The low floor is nothing but a dropped floor RTS. Same frame, same high quality build.
  12. Ok, I get that and I respect that. But isn't the old adage, it's better catch flies with honey than vinegar. I'm learning in my old age, that if you feel a certain way about somebody, that you deal with them in the complete opposite of how they deal with you. Maybe just me, My 2 cents. I just hope on my next visit to the land of the maple leaf, that I run and hang out with some cool fans. Everyone have a great evening!
  13. I D K, you know, I don't post here often but I do lurk a little, it seems as if the old staples here don't like being one up'd on information. Now I'm a big lover of the Canadian bus scene and enjoy my visits to Canada often, but what I find is a sort of snobbish attitude towards US bus guys. I ran into some fans on my last visit who turned their noses up and even made a few slick side comments which was unwarranted. I think coming down to planet earth may be the quote that needs to be used here and again from my previous post in this thread, You guys don't know what Dante's capacity is in even releasing this information... But with the rebirth of MTS's site, their reach into social media and now their appearance at APTA. MTS looks to be gearing up to do it big this go around. (Little bit of information, the RTS Low Floor has initially passed Altoona testing, if you guys know what thats about then you know what the deal really is here.)
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