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  1. 7877 is a VERY solid, clean bus. Zero rattles, very good shape!
  2. Here’s a better shot of 7877 I took early this morning on the 66
  3. Not necessarily. Sometimes the support struts that support the lid are weak and the bus hits a bump the lid flys open. It’s rare that these buses over heat and if they do it’s because of a mechanical issue.
  4. Not sure what’s going on with that shot. It’s the only one that’s coming in grainy for me. Has anyone run the VIN?
  5. Cool! Looks pretty grainy can’t really make much out of it. No year either by the looks of it.. Just the month..
  6. I can confirm that 6001 has new seats
  7. 6049 has the red seats toooooooo
  8. Well I’m pretty sure all these buses will receive the seats. 6004 might be a test Bus
  9. Not sure where to post this. 6004 has new seats!
  10. Calgary’s U2s will be around for at least 5 years
  11. I believe most have LED lighting. There was a component on the U2 cars called a rotary converter. The rotary converter step down the power source from 600 V down to 24 V (correct me if I’m wrong anyone) The component became extremely expensive to repair so eventually most of the U2‘s got retrofitted with an updated solid-state static converter that did the same thing. One of the drawbacks with the static converter came with low voltage alarms in the cab and the interior lights flickering on and off when going through an isolator. I may be wrong on this but at around the same time the lights got retrofitted to LED lighting to maybe remedy the flickering light problem, but this of course happened at the same time when the rest of the cars in the fleet were being retrofitted to LED. I’m happy to see you have such an interest in this stuff. Your questions are awesome! I took many pictures of 2066 getting to Edmonton. I was there when 2066 was driven to Haysbro from Anderson garage then towed from mainline to the siding. I was working that day and heard everything on the radio. If you search the forum you will find my pictures and the journey that car made to Edmonton.
  12. I would sooner operate a worn out U2 then brand new series 9….
  13. Well I would imagine cost and downtime. When a U2 consist went out, one car was supposed to have a wheelchair ramp in the consist.
  14. Let’s not forget about the AC cars Series “nothing” Built 1988 2102 retired and scrapped 2101 refitted as a track / catenary inspection car (scout)
  15. 2072 is long gone. Here’s a picture of it in April 2019 before it was hauled away and scrapped in May 2019
  16. Didn’t series 8s have weld issues with their bogies? I don’t think I have enough room or time to mention what’s up with the series 9‘s
  17. Imagine that. Finally no Siemens!
  18. Yup, they will tow trains through the “dead zone” Track and way has a “Swingmaster” hi-rail vehicle that will couple up to the train and tow it through. (There’s a bit more to it but in a bit shell it’s easy as long as the rails are still there)
  19. I know that both 3730 and 3731 both had a vibration issue of a possibility wheel being out of balance a day after I originally first posted them.
  20. Not at all. Those U2s will be around for at least 2 to 3 more years.
  21. Also found a button when University station opened up!
  22. Not sure where to post this but here’s my dad‘s collection of senior bus passes. He started collecting them in 1988. There’s a gap between 1997 and 2007 I’m sure they’re here somewhere but I can’t find them right now. I’ve also included some bus pass holders that he used to use and a ride hide from 1995. He used Transit all the time over the years including going to work before his retirement. I had lots of fun riding around on the bus with him while I was growing up. If it wasn’t for him and the experiences I wouldn’t be doing what I do today. Enjoy!
  23. Looks like 3731 was out on a test drive or possibly a training run yesterday at around 1100 heading off of 9ave and northbound on Center
  24. Not sure if this will help or not but whenever I’m in town staying at my parents place I usually see one or two electric buses go by on the 108 towards Belvedere station. I would imagine they originate at Clareview station during the afternoon rush-hour. Not sure if they’re interlining with any other route.
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