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  1. There's procedures that can be done but control needs to give permission. It's not hardwired at all it's all verbal and there needs to be a clear understanding between control on the operator before there's a procedure made. It got torn down when they twin City Hall platforms opened. To me that felt like yesterday when 3rd Street East and Olympic Plaza stations were opened.
  2. Found this in my closet today sure brings back a lot of memories and has the system ever changed over the years! I love my job!
  3. It's also a b***h if you stop your train in the middle of the figure 8 of the loop and control asks you to cancel your crossing gates or your selection at an interlocking like 01A (City Hall) Theres a dead spot in that area of the loop and the train cannot communicate with the system. 😂
  4. That's too bad I've always enjoyed driving that one.
  5. They actually do but very limited with the amount of time they have to complete the work
  6. 2467 on test track today
  7. During a destruption sometimes they'll send trains from Saddletowne to Tuscany or 69th Street to Somerset or vice versa to help out the other lines. As far as controlling the trains the objective during the evening rush hour is to get people out of the core. It's very cool! Then the red and blue line designations get messed up... lol
  8. I'd say at least 5 more years. They need to order replacement cars yet and that's a few years away plus another few years for delivery. Now that these cars are retiring there's an abundance of spare parts for museums and such.
  9. Another to go I'm sorry I have no idea what unit number this one is
  10. I wonder if they ever used a U2 to tow a s200 from the pad?
  11. It will be around for years to come.
  12. Four car refurb was supposed to be out this week..
  13. LRT

    Scout 2101

    I believe they are securing components underneath the train
  14. I have no idea who the instructors are that teach people how to drive in that end of town but I've seen this quite a bit in the Northeast! Lol😂
  15. Expect to see some pretty cool movements during stampede!
  16. I know they replaced the incandescent bulbs to an LED board system recently. That's about it as far as I know the past 13 years that I've been looking at them. I hope they don't mess around with it because I think it actually works pretty damn good. The West leg signaling system is a more modern version of what we have on the original lines.
  17. Just a random guess... probably a bad card in the signals room. Some "operators" bypassed 7 signals..
  18. God awful bus! Excellent video
  19. This was already posted on June 15th.. 😋
  20. It's a really good idea to drop the pantagraphs then turn the batteries off for about 30 seconds to a minute on the SDs S200s turning the auxiliary power off then on U2s battery is off and on for like 10 seconds
  21. LRT

    Green Line LRT

    I would base the specs off a S70 LRV
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