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  1. Victoria is getting 16 Enviro 500s. I believe the numbering is in the 9500s? I saw 3 in the main yard on Friday. Some info on the Victoria Fleet, now the second largest after Vegas. The total will be 51 deckers. 9001-9010 (2000) 9021-9036 (2002) 9041-9049 (2005) 9501-9516? (2008) Thats all I know at the moment, will try to get some pics soon. The new colour scheme is to be all white with dark blue and light green strips.
  2. VANOC is run by a bunch of lunatics. Relying on one form of transport for the Olympics, especially on a highway proned to landslides, and accidents is insane. They have no backup plan, which is hard to believe. Even the upgrades to the hwy dont make it a full 4 lane highway. There is no guarrantee that it wont be affected again during the games. Oh wait they are using the railway, but as a temporary highway lane?
  3. I thought they were going to be used for a service between North Van and Whistler. Also I was told that all 51 double deckers from Victoria will be used. Which means we will suffer for two weeks for transit capacity. It seems that the railway GOING THE SAME WAY will not be utilized for the Olympics, which is a shame. If there is going to be one legacy we will get from the Olympics in 2010, it will be the poor and misguided transportation planning that has gone into preparing for the Olympics. I have a feeling that the transportation network in Vancouver during the games will be a nightmare. Already they are having problems on the Sea to Sky highway with landslides. So any bus service to Whistler is going to be questionable.
  4. VIA Rails Future

    I would also like to add the future of the RDC services, here on Vancouver Island and along Superior Lake to Subury. Both of these are rumored to be axed. In some ways this may be a good thing, especially on Vancouver Island (E&N Rwy). VIA never cared about us, so perhaps take the 2.5 million subsidy and give it to a local firm that will use the money better to improve and expand service.
  5. Hi, its taken me several months to put this website together (my first attempt). The website is an accumulation of 15 years of research and projects I have done. Its a continuing project for me, as I keep on uploading new pictures and drawings every couple of weeks. It is www.urban21.ca Aaron