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  1. A little "fun" sighting, the "112" ligne locale between Sherbrooke and Montreal has been downgraded from Motorcoach to a much less classy Thomas HDX, spotted 9001-05-3 operating on that service yesterday
  2. Since i am the self proclaim resident Quebec City expert on this board, let we weight in - Colline Parlementaire / Grand Théâtre / Place d'Youville: Very good in the afternoon for a lot of action, altough Place d'Youville is surrounded by tall building and sun angle is not very good. RTC at all Time, Rush hour STLevis, Autocars des Chutes, Plumboile, TCJC, CTRP. - Place Jacques-Cartier : Personnally don't like that location, sun angle not great and lots of building, - Laval University / Laurier Blvd, A lot of buses all day round, RTC and STLevis all day, rush hours Autocars des Chutes, TCJC, Express Lotbinière - Quatre-Bourgeois between Ste-Foy and de la Foresterie bus lane, not a well known spot for photos but will allow you to catch most RTC 300 series express. - des Rocailles garage, very good sun angle in the evening for buses entering the garage from des Replats streets (after 5:30 pm) , lots of action. For the rest of terminals, check sun angle before going there, also for Galeries de la Capitale please shot outside the terminal as the terminal is in the mall grounds and security might intervene (even if it's technically RTC territory). If you have questions or want to meet up, PM me
  3. The new route 76 that will link Quebec City airport and the Sainte-Foy VIA Rail train station will begin operation tomorrow June 15th 2019, service is every 30 minutes between 5h30am to 1030pm daily. This is because summer booking starts tomorrow, expect a major increase of Vanhool buses in service with a lot of them running in the nighttime.
  4. Seems RTC is lacking buses to put in service (as they seems to have the same issue every summer), L0001 was pressed back into service as it was spotted in service today
  5. Went to Greenboro today to sadly see the days of the searchlight signal #1 are counted as new signals have been installed. Now, here is the throwback question, I know that when they added the new sidings they did change most of the signals with new ones, prior to that, what signals were installed (searchlight, indus only)
  6. Passed by Prevost service center in Saint-Nicolas saturday night and many STM artics are on location, seems waiting for repairs. Units spotted on location were 30-823,31-823, 29-828,29-826,31-857 and 30-872
  7. Vanhool update: Heard that about 20 units out of the 64 ordered are now in active duty, that can be confirm on the field as Vanhool are operated weekdays and weekends. Highest unit seen so far for me in 1928
  8. RTC has announced the new fare grid for 2019 starting July 1st, while most fares raises are modest, they are a couple changes worth nothing - Bus will now be free for kids 12 and under, currently it's 5 and younger, that also means that Family privilege will be always avaliable (that one starts June 22th) - The 2$ surcharge for Taxibus users will be abolished, but they will be required to present valid fare to board taxi - Due to others students bus subscription programs (the universal pass at Laval University and la Passe de session in CEGEP), the RTC will abolish the students subscription program, those who need them will be transfered to the general programs but they keep their fare privilege)
  9. Service demand is very low on Sunday night, so they take the night off, one exception is if the Monday is holiday, then service is extended to midnight. STTR is not alone doing that, STSaguenay and STLevis also does that
  10. The STTR finally release the new system map for the July new network, let's look at the new network https://sttr.qc.ca/app/uploads/2019/05/sttr_cartegenerale_7.pdf Route 2: Service in the lower part of Cap de la Madelaine like the current 2 but it will no longer loop, it will also service the eastern tip done now by route 10, western terminus at downtown terminal, service north of there is mostly picked up by route 25 Route 4: Still does Des Forges top to bottom, but will do so milk run around the CEGEP and Univeristy Route 5: Serves mostly the same areas as current but will also cover some location no longer served by route 1, service ends at UQTR. Route 6: It's the west part of the route that is kept, from Trois-Rivières Ouest mall to UQTR instead of Les Rivières. East part is mostly done by new route 60 Route 8 : Still serves the center part of Cap-de-la-Madelaine, but it's a really weird route going north-south a lot, after passing at Fusey terminal, it will also use Du Passage like the old 7 bus to end at Galeries du Cap. Part north of Galeries du Cap will be picked up by route 12 Route 9: Simplified in Pointe-du-Lac, more service in the village but most service on Notre-Dame is dropped Route 10: Major changes on that route, instead of leaving from Fusey, it will left from Downtown terminal then EXPRESS to Galeries du Cap Terminal, from there, bus will circulate in residential areas north of A-40 (current route 6) then doing the north part of Sainte-Marthe, service in the south part will be picked up by route 2 Route 11: Very few change, route remains the same but will enter the new commercial development near A-55 instead of going further north along Mauricien Blvd. Route 12: Some route changes in Cap-de-la-Madelaine to compensate loss of route 8 in that part of town, then up to St-Louis-de-France, northbound service will end further south then now as buses will no longer travel to Place Jourdain, route is extended to Fusey via du Passage Route 13: Mix of route 1 and 3, from downtown, same route as the current 3 the same until Blvd. Rigaud, then route takes a north east route to go serve areas north of Rigaud Blvd. currently served by route 1 Route 16: Kinda new route, from the commercial area in developpement near A-55, it will travel north, serving residential areas west of A-40/A-55, then it will travel on Cherbourg (same as the 6) and Rigaud to end at UQTR Route 25: From downtown, mostly following the old route 2 alignement, north of UQTR, picks up area left by the realignement of route 5, then it will go to Papineau like now but will serve the neighbourhood diferently Route 60: East part of the route 6 is picked by this route, start from UQTR then the CEGEP to Galeries du Cap, then it does a shorter loop around Cap-de-la-Madelaine north part, some of the customers will use route 10 instead
  11. Two quick news - RTC is currently testing the Xcelisor Charge artic , they are so far testing it without passengers. - RTC will hold an open door event at Metrobus center May 26th from 10am to 4pm, more details to come
  12. Yesterday on the 810: 23-206, 24-293, 30-248,31-115, 37-035, 37-074,37-099
  13. More then likely related to the closure this week-end of Côte-Vertu station For the few 810 shuttle that were trackable, no artic also to be see there
  14. Didn't saw one in 2019 in service ... so yes they are retired In others news, today the Vanhool was presented to the press. They are 8 bus in service for now, they can be found for now on routes 4, 34, 39, 54, 61, 82 and 86 (can add 64 to that list)
  15. Nope, it's specified in the tender that then want intermediate (Vicinity, Ez-rider, Alexander Dennis) or full size (LFS / Xclisor)
  16. There will be some change in Shawinigan, Autobus Fleur-de-Lys has won a 10 years contract to operate the service in replacement of the current operator Transport Urbain de la Mauricie (TUM). They plan to use hybrid bus for the new service. Change will happen July 1st News report in french https://www.lhebdodustmaurice.com/un-nouveau-transporteur-a-shawinigan/
  17. Seems a driver today went for a drive in Laval today (and not a 439 trip !)
  18. No, not safe for the moment Thing is that the fire station is 30 seconds away from the fire, so firefighters were probably quick to arrive on scene and that may have kept the bus frame in good shape. Maybe it will be worth the shot to do the repair on that one We will see
  19. Can confirm 0953 is indeed the fire victim
  20. Gradual introduction into service i guess
  21. Vanhool deployment is underway, buses L1904,07,11,12,17 and 22 were spotted in service last couple of days
  22. The story of the Vanhool begins with the retirements of the electric Technobus that was running in the old Quebec. RTC needed something to replace those bus has they seems to have horror of 40 footers running in the old city, to be fair they is few roads that welcome huge buses and it's only take a badly park delivery truck, coach or car with a Quebec plate beginning by the letter F - read here rental car. The shorter bus (32 ft) and narrower bus (96 ft) should reduce the number of times service must be diverted out of the old city. The big problems was the following, the government at the top of the hill want to show they are green, at all cost possible, so the RTC wanted hybrid bus, however, as you know y'all, no such product exist in the north American market (diesel or full electric only), so Vanhool was the only company that bet on that contract, so they were awarded it. [personal opinion mode begin ] However, since the product did not exist at the time, Vanhool needed a sizable order to make profits and the RTC needed a sizeable order so someone would provide the bus, and considering the mayor seems to have close relations with the company. This is also IMO the reason why the order was bumped up from 32 to 64 units [end personal opinion mode ] Routes 11 was slated to receive those bus as this is the old Quebec route, route 19 also was in the plan as generally only a few passenger ride that route, that would require maybe 12 to 15 units to service both route. Now with 64 units, buses will be allocated on many low ridership routes BUT this will have a effect on RTC flexibility has those buses will be require to stay during rush hours on low ridership routes, preventing economy by interlining routes, off peak and weekends most local routes can operate with a Vanhool without capacity problem
  23. Someone reported that some Vanhool 19xx units were seen today in revenue service
  24. At least units up to 1928 were received as I spotted it today at Cummins
  25. Yes, some units have arrived at the RTC garage and are undergoing road test and drivers training, 1801 is still for now the only unit in revenue service
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