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  1. Well the big problem with Azur was the compatibility with the software that allows the train to run in automatic mode That was the job of Ansaldo, an italian firm, the Quebec made part of the job was not at fault
  2. Contradicting informations, a contact of mine said that Vanhools are now more reliable then 2015 hybrids LFS Yet they have put the "L"imited user letter on some of them
  3. Paquette has a new LFS in their fleet, 3-699 , more then likely former AD-M 14-9
  4. Went to St-Eustache today so stopped at Nova Plant Nothing very exciting to report, many white washed buses along a couple of Halifax transit units
  5. The annoucers at Radio Circulation now says that the nightmare rush hour of the week in now Thursday p.m one. BTW to all, it's not necessary to write in bold that a bus in not tracking, it's not very high on STM repair priority list !
  6. 31-008 on the 470, left people in lineup at Côte-Vertu !
  7. ALS shuttle buses at the end of the game, not a lot of artics. 26-023 , 26-055, 29-810, 30-025, 30-229, 31-034, 31-060, 31-111, 31-172 and 33-843 Also some weird buses operating on the mountain today 39-123 was on the 804 Navette de la Montagne 37-053 and 39-060 on the 11 31-005 on the 15 tonight
  8. Baby buses on SN big boys routes today 37-070 on the 80 37-090 on the 165
  9. 28-114 was on the 470 p.m rush yesterday, did at least two trips. Also spotted earlier this week RTC L1501 deadheading, yes Limited use hybrids !
  10. 36-009 operating out of SN was on the 485 yesterday pm
  11. 31-155 is also wrapped for Vizy Seltzer, along his youger brother 31-185 were both on the 168 yesterday p.m rush hour
  12. 31-185 is now fully wrapped for Vizzy seltzer, saw on the 15
  13. The special booking for SL and SN for the closure will only begin Monday, so those bus came to keep schedule adherence with the detours.
  14. Fares updates - New 20 tickets packages will be available for 58$ (2.90 per ride) starting with the new fare grid July 1st, this is an attempt to offer more flexibility to office workers that might not return full time to their cubicule when pandemic ends. Sadly, this deal is only offered at full fare, not reduced fare. - The 1 day pass will finally become a true 24h pass, not ending at 4am even if it was activated at 8pm the previous day Also due to Pierre-Laporte bridge having major pavement work blitz this summer (due to you guess it poor work execution the first time... sigh) they are two new temporary fare introduced (Mid June to Mid August) - One day Metropolitain pass (RTC + STLevis + Ferry) for 9$ - Five days Metropolitain pass for 36$ - Monthly passes will be sold at a discounted rate for July and August months
  15. So with the summer closure of Côte-Vertu less then a week away now, this is what platform assignement will look like at Côte-Vertu 810 departure will be at Platform 4 and 5, usually the 64NB and 170NB 810 arrivals and Layover will be done at platform 14 (usually 470) 64 SB will relinquish platform 1 on Décarie (usually 174 and 216) 64 NB will use platform 22 on Gohier (usually exo 499) 170 will be moving to platform 11 (usually 177) 174 and 216 will move to a temporary terminal at Décarie / Édouard-Laurin 177 will move to a temporary terminal in front of Pizza Pizza EXO Presqu'île A-40 and D-M Shuttle 499 moves to Décarie SB near Rochon
  16. 910 was operated midday by CITPI 378 cutaway
  17. TTC streetcars 4429 & 4430 were on Eastbound CP 142 passing Montréal West this p.m
  18. SD extra 26-002 on the 121 WB this p.m
  19. 40-203 on the 160 tonight 40-104 on the 104
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