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  1. STC Pierre-de-Saurel 3605 was on the 750 friday evening, what make that bus (likely spare) special is that it a 22 years old H3-45, all the way from 2000. So it's tied for the oldest bus running in "CIT" service
  2. New Flyer electric buses will be allowed back on the road starting Thursday at the STM Laval did not wait that long, 2058 was on the 151 yesterday
  3. That's sadly unfortunate to hear, the only thing i can say is that for STM drivers, early september is the worst time of the year for bus drivers. You get all the traffic coming back, loads of new transit riders that we not there before, people trying to adjust their schedule with traffic / loads / time they want to arrive at destination. If you want your concern to be heard loud and clear and fast ... there is always the STM board meetings
  4. Passed by Novabus today, back is full of STM orders, at the front some Durham and Windsor units were present. Also many of the olders demos are now sitting in the front of the property
  5. There was an article in Le Soleil about L'Ancienne Lorette RTC riders not being happy with the new fall schedule. There is indeed significant service cuts that will be implemented. Route 80 was running with a 30 minutes headway but will now be every hour after 7pm in l'Ancienne-Lorette, half hour headway will be kept between Terminus Les Saules and Downtown. Route 79 is also seing cuts as fewer services weekdays will do the extended route to Belvédère
  6. One thing about La Québecoise contract is that they were able to used mostly used coach for the new contract for exo CRC. With the REM opening (maybe) later this year, i do expect those coach to get sidelined and replaced by LFS (my opinion)
  7. 31-006 and 31-008 have now full wrap for Biktarvy, on the right side there is a top black band with 747 EXPRESS BUS and the airplane chevron, so very targeted ad Of course ...Ask your doctor if BIKTARVY is right for you.
  8. The problem is that when the situation happened in Sainte-Julie, it was in the spring so many coach drivers variable to do that job. Now it's July, coach drivers are everywhere transporting tourist and people, not a lot of buses avaliable for mitigation mesures
  9. Today was the first day of operation of Transdev on the Sorel corridor on exoSV, here are what we know so far based on field sighting and Transit Tracker VIN matching (via the VIN form). Confirmed (field sighting) 803014 - VIN 2PCG33494EC735497 - ex CRC 801711 - VIN 2PCG33499BC729965 - ex CRC / exx MTA Demo Probable (TransitTracker VIN) 811512 - VIN 2PCG33492CC735253 - ex Rousillon 805316 - VIN 2PCG33498GC735943 - ex Rousillon 805015 - VIN 2PCG3349XFC735781 - ex CRC 804515 - VIN 2PCG33496FC735793 - ex Richelain 804715 - VIN 2PCG33497FC735799 - ex Richelain 804615 - VIN 2PCG33491FC735796 - ex Richelain
  10. There seems to have a bug with the exo VIN form. If we look at the last bus from exo Presqu'île, it says the bus was last seen a year ago, yet it did operate on the temporary 942 shuttle that is currently in service. Or this bus tracker was installed in another bus
  11. For all the 27/3 runs at the STM (27 minutes driving, 3 minutes break), drivers appreciate once in a while getting a decent break at the end of their runs. Sometimes those breaks are also necessary to keep bus route on equal headway, let's get an exemple. Let's take the 162 Westminster on weeknights, STM wants a 30 minutes headway between trips. WB to CSL takes 33 minutes, they gave 3 minutes break (less then 10%), then the EB trip 28 minutes, add 3 minutes layover = 67 minutes rountrip, then yes bus has to wait 23 minutes to start again to keep that route frequency. Some low key routes keeps clockwork frequency, some others are just junk for both riders and drivers, 124 Victoria is a perfect example, no consistency during the day on trip times, basically just operate with bare minimum frequency and just put bare minimum breaks to minimize cost. Finally, a driver sitting on break yes do nothing, but while is in break you pay for only the driver salary and a bit of fuel in the winter. When a bus is running, you pay the driver, fuel, putting mileage on the bus, incoming maintenance and inspections etc...
  12. The Presqu'île contract is complicated, it is currently splited in 3 lots. This is the urban and minibus lot only that is being tendered. The Midibus lot is valid until early 2024. Coach lot base contract is valid until end of 2022 but extensions are possible until 2026. They will likely extend coach lot until REM opens
  13. So went by Nova today - Production of the 42-xxx series for the STM has begin, they were a couple units in the front (42-002 and 42-012) - Also some Laval units are under production as 2215 was also seen at the front - Two brampton Nova were at the front, also for Ontario were buses for Windsor and Durham At the back, a load of whitewashed bus but quickly saw a RTC artic bus while passing on the 640
  14. Some major transactions in the bus industry today Intercar will sell all their Quebec City operations to Autobus Transco / First student. That means that Transport Collectif de laJacques-Cartier (TCJC) and Corporation de transport régional de Portneuf (CTRP) operations will also change hands in this transaction.
  15. 31-181 has now a full wrap for Guardian of Galaxy ride at World Disney world, was on the 15 tonight
  16. The stickers have been modified, it's now reading VOIE RÉSERVÉE at the bottom (Speed limit on the A-25 is indeed 70 km/h when reserved lane is in operation) For the Côte-Vertu dépose minute situation, it is basically the same thing all across the STM network, there is no enforcement, laziness, no willing to change situation. Same things with bus stops, in Montreal that reads FREE PARKING i guess
  17. Route 201 (electric) will see some changes starting May 9. The route will be much shorter removing service in some areas of Saint-Lambert. However, service will now be every 40 minutes instead of every hour. Route is still operating mid-day monday to friday
  18. Guess one 26-xxx had enough of the east end of the island, 26-020 was on the 968 this p.m
  19. That strange day is that it was a bus brokedown fest on the 171 To add to that 31 123 broken down on Côte-Vertu, 31 047 was broke down at Henri-Bourassa / Lajeunesse (171E) and 30-024 was getting hooked on the towing inside Henri-Bourassa terminal
  20. STL 0313 was on the 313 39-141 on the 141
  21. exo Terrebonne-Mascouche 220-205 has a driver side wrap for Poppers Also in the "real estate seems to be a profitable business": exo Assomption 221-202, 221-203, 29268 and 29254 are all driver side wrap ... for the same real estate agent ... and 4 different designs
  22. Guess the last 24-xxx in service in Montreal is now retired. The old Solidaribus is now retired and been replaced by a cutaway https://www.stm.info/fr/presse/nouvelles/2022/la-stm-offre-un-nouveau-minibus-pour-un-service-de-navette-de-la-mission-old-brewery
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