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  1. 1973 stop should be nicknamed the Bingo card bus stop
  2. CIT Sightings

    Some new buses at Blus, spotted 8072-23-8, X3-45 Commuter config on the 400 friday P.M
  3. Free Transit Days

    More free bus rides for everyone Saint-Jean-Sur-Richelieu service will be free on Sept. 16-17-23 and 24 (week-ends) on local and outside routes
  4. Société de transport de Lévis

    Bargain agreement has been reach between STLevis and their 107 drivers, so the strike danger is now over
  5. CIT Sightings

    0859 has that decal, is the bus still in l'Inter laurentides livery ?
  6. Société de transport de Lévis

    Some STLévis bulk news - It's not all black in STLevis union vs employees - the maintenance union signed a 7 years deal valid until 2023 https://www.stlevis.ca/nouvelles/2017/08/entente-de-7-ans-entre-la-stlevis-et-ses-employes-dentretien - The special navette paquet service has had great success. Up to 4000 persons rided the shuttle in a single day (for the boat event), the daily (major boost by events / fireworks nights) average sits around 800 riders. That success means STLevis had 31% more riders in July that last year. - And for the strike watch for the drivers ... the strike seems unavoidable
  7. Today's Sightings

    STM operated two shuttles to Montréal Symphonique tonight From Place des Arts station, all artics, couple runners on that shuttle 33-828,31-807,31-834,33-811.33-831,33-807,30-882,30-814,31-838,30-860,33-828 From Sherbrooke station, 40 footers festival with 31-033, 31-200 and much more
  8. STM 21-2XX Retirement Watch

    21-234 24
  9. Société de transport de Lévis

    I guess this is a common 2017 theme, STLevis union has advised the transit management that they intend to go on strike on August 28 at 5am. Also note that STLevis is not subject to the essential service law
  10. Date Analysis

    11248 milliseconds ... that the time it has taken my brain to realize that i don't have the answer to that question
  11. The CIT thread...

    CTRP will bonify it's service starting August 14th The interesting bonification is that there will be a mid-morning trip from Saint-Marc-des-Carrières and Saint-Raymond leaving at around 10am, this could be useful for students that have only half a day at the college. They will also operate a against the flow trip starting at 8:15am to both destination (that a meh upgrade) Also students will get a 50% discount on the CTRP monthly pass
  12. Free Transit Days

    Breaking news: Due to the truckload of events happening in Montreal over the week-end, free transit on the STM network on both Saturday July 29 and Sunday july 30
  13. I smell that Express Lotbinière has some more second hand stuff coming their way !. Seriously ... with 10 trips each way between Saint-Jérôme and Tremblant ... this service is actually becoming very good
  14. Feature Photo Submissions

    Spciété de transport de Lévis 1604 seen here operating on the "Quai Paquet" shuttle. Wrap cannot be more summertime then that !
  15. Added a new Youtube Video - Société de Transport du Saguenay 2901 - 2009 Novabus LFS