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  1. 3 or 4 guys looking at buses or taking pictures of them yesterday p.m rush hour at Mansfield terminal in Montreal
  2. I was saying the STM maybe wanted to give a break from artics buses to residential neighbourhood that host the detour, they might also give them a late night break of all type of buses. Extending the service hours of the 355 was the easiest way to do it, no need to create a new route, no need to create specials exception case on the 139 EDIT: Official reason on the STM website is indeed to give residents a break http://www.stm.info/en/info/networks/latest-bus-news-september
  3. The city of Boischatel,QC has replaced the RTC bus service with a new local network, here we see a unnumbered Girardin G5 operating on route 1 du Roi during the first day of service (operated by Tours du Vieux-Québec)
  4. I think the logic behind that change it that the STM maybe want to give residents of the residentials neighbourhood that are currently hosting the severely modified 139/439 northbound service a break from passing artics buses during the late evening hours. Instead of having two routings for the 139/439, they simply extend service hour on the 355 which always served Pie-IX. Also winter is coming (yep...) so maybe they also want to simplify snow removing ops
  5. Numerous changes for the fall board periods In addition of the following changes that i described in that post ... There also also the following changes - Route 11 will be optimized, some stops will be removed or moved from part of the optimization, also this impact some stops on route 25 that are shared with route 11 - Route 125, the rush hour limited stops variant of Route 25 is abolished, extra trips on route 25 have been added in replacement. - Route 44 has a minor route change, going north instead of Clemenceau then left on Seigneuriale, bus will do L du Semoir , R Joseph-Giffard and L Seigneuriale - Route 185 has a slight increase of service in Sainte-Foy Centre - Route 50,250,350,550,950 will stop serving the town of Boischatel, a new local transit service will replace the service offered by the RTC - Route 77,277,377 and 577 have a slight route changes, buses will use Adam and Ste-Geneviève to/from Henri-IV, this is a congestion avoidance change - Routes in the 4xx series, the Videotron Center events shuttle will now only have one departure per parking lot instead of the current 2. Saint-Augustin area - Route 92 is heavily modified, they add service to the sports complex, loop in the saint-augustin area will be reversed so more stops are sidewalk side, service will be more direct in the Bocages area, route will end at the Garneau CEGEP via Laurier and the Laval Univeristy Campus - Route 94 now become a full time route, starting from the Notre-Dame-de-Foy school, it will serve the Bocages area that was previously served by the 92, it will now also serve part of Cap-Rouge before heading to the CEGEP Garneau likme the 92 , rush hour route is extended to downtown Quebec City - Route 292 is a new route, will replace mostly express 294 but will use Sainte-Foy road between the Univeristy and Calixa-Lavallée to provide service to the CEGEP Garneau - Route 992 is modified, extended to downtown. - Route 95,294 et 295 are cancelled
  6. The city of Boischatel has relase the new routes and timetables of their new free transit service, in replacement of current RTC services that will end August 15th 2019. The new network has four routes. Service frequency is not very consistent, hourly during rush hours to every 2 hours off peak and week-ends. All buses begins / ends their route at the RTC Chute Montmorency terminal (transfer 50,250,350,550,800) Route 1 - Du Roi - Travels along Royale from west to east, will even travel out of city limits all the way to L'Ange-Gardien Route 2 - Du Fleuve - Share the first few stops with route 1, but at de L'Église hill, goes down to serve area along Rte 138 Route 3 and 4 - De la Fôret / de la Rivière - Those two route forms a loop and are the main routes of the system, Route 3 is Counter clock wise and route 4 is clockwise, the only difference is that each route has a different remote sector to service. So in the common route, service is every 30 minutes during peak and every hour off peak
  7. Went to Trois-Rivières last week to witness the new network, and sadly the result is confusion and service problems. Confusion was a bit to be expected, the decades old system that same bus stays on the same route and bus waiting for transfers at the same time each and every day is gone, now buses do interlines, transfer are not guaranteed between all routes at terminals. People also need to adapt to new routes, find new itinerary (i've personally helped a few of them), persons getting off the bus just to embark the same right bus they come off since it's changes routes. The learning curve is steep. However, the STTR does a good job of creating frustration and confusion. Two stunning exemple - Route #2 in the Cap de la Madelaine area is one of the busiest of the network, yet when planning they did not spot a humongous service gap, there is a two hours service gap towards downtown between 6:15pm and 8:15pm ! - During the night, some routes have changes to reduce walking time, STTR traditions dictate that they add the 8 number in front of them. However, ONLY the destination sign is program with the 8 in front (ex: 860), all others information, Transit App, Bus Stop, Paper Schedule, System map) have no information whatsoever about that !. Two exceptions are 86 and 89 has those was already planned to have night time variation Also learned that some riches NIMBY have succeed in court to have the route 9 modified so they don't serve their street
  8. While sorting my picture, noted 3535-25-5 seems to have been transfered from SJSR duties to exo Sud-Ouest as i got a pic of that bus operating a exo Sud-Ouest route out of Angrignon
  9. There is a free shuttle operating between the Chateau Frontenac <> Old Farmers market <> New farmer market near the "Vide-é-otron" center. Operates hourly between 10am and 5pm, operated by Tours du Vieux-Québec with H3-45 coach #50. Departs farmers market at every :15, departs Chateau Frontenac every :45
  10. So far the highest vehicule seen in revenue service is 1927. If you want more, they are spread out a bit everywhere, except on eXpress and of course Metrobus service However RTC seems very careful for now to not have too much Vanhool out at the same time. For exemple the 1952 pulse at Les Saules bus terminal on Friday, out of 5 Vanhools runs (runs beginning with 19xx, 39xx or 49xx), only one had actually a Vanhool operating on it
  11. 39-107 was showing on Felix tracker earlier today on the 141
  12. A little "fun" sighting, the "112" ligne locale between Sherbrooke and Montreal has been downgraded from Motorcoach to a much less classy Thomas HDX, spotted 9001-05-3 operating on that service yesterday
  13. Since i am the self proclaim resident Quebec City expert on this board, let we weight in - Colline Parlementaire / Grand Théâtre / Place d'Youville: Very good in the afternoon for a lot of action, altough Place d'Youville is surrounded by tall building and sun angle is not very good. RTC at all Time, Rush hour STLevis, Autocars des Chutes, Plumboile, TCJC, CTRP. - Place Jacques-Cartier : Personnally don't like that location, sun angle not great and lots of building, - Laval University / Laurier Blvd, A lot of buses all day round, RTC and STLevis all day, rush hours Autocars des Chutes, TCJC, Express Lotbinière - Quatre-Bourgeois between Ste-Foy and de la Foresterie bus lane, not a well known spot for photos but will allow you to catch most RTC 300 series express. - des Rocailles garage, very good sun angle in the evening for buses entering the garage from des Replats streets (after 5:30 pm) , lots of action. For the rest of terminals, check sun angle before going there, also for Galeries de la Capitale please shot outside the terminal as the terminal is in the mall grounds and security might intervene (even if it's technically RTC territory). If you have questions or want to meet up, PM me
  14. The new route 76 that will link Quebec City airport and the Sainte-Foy VIA Rail train station will begin operation tomorrow June 15th 2019, service is every 30 minutes between 5h30am to 1030pm daily. This is because summer booking starts tomorrow, expect a major increase of Vanhool buses in service with a lot of them running in the nighttime.
  15. Seems RTC is lacking buses to put in service (as they seems to have the same issue every summer), L0001 was pressed back into service as it was spotted in service today
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