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  1. = = = MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT : Launch of the TransitQuebec.com Photo FlashBack project = = = After doing transit photography for almost 10 years now, i thinked " i surely shoot a transit picture every calendar day of the year" *. So in 2018, i launch the TransitQuebec.com Photo Flash Back project. This project, which will happen mainly on the TransitQuebec.com facebook page will see a picture publish nearly everyday in 2018, the pictures will be also posted on the TransitQuebec flickr page but with a delay of a couple days to weeks behind. Here is the catch ... the picture will be from the same calendar date as the day it's published, for exemple January 15th picture will feature a picture taken on January 15th 2010, etc... . So suscribe to the facebook page ... it's start January 1st ! * Why nearly everyday, i don't take a lot of pictures in winter so there is some "off days" during the first few weeks (and as we come November, December next year). And there is also, surprisingly, some "off days" during summer (ex: July 1st), we have 344 days out of 365 with pictures
  2. STM 21-2XX Retirement Watch

    From saturday - 21-266 on the 191
  3. Réseau de transport de Longueuil

    Terminus Centre-Ville + Highway usage all their career + Not the best bus for north america = That result
  4. New on the RTC network this winter. They are installing "winter storm" bus stops, those emergency stops will be installed on some parts of route 1, 13 and 22. When a snow storm is occuring, detours will automatically be activated and buses will serve those temporary stops to avoid trouble area (route 1 - narrow street, 13 & 22 Rougemont hill)
  5. Where have you ridden transit?

    Quebec: Quebec City, Lévis, Trois-Rivières, Saguenay, Laval, Montreal, Longueuil, Gatineau, Terrebonne, Sherbrooke*, Mont-Tremblant, AMT Trains (now RTM), CIT Vallée du Richelieu*, Saint-Jean sur le Richelieu* Ontario: Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Niagara Falls, Ottawa, Cornwall*, GO Transit Nova Scotia : Halifax USA: Burlington,VT * = Charter bus only, no service bus ridden
  6. VIA Rail Canada

    Some renaissance cars coach (the 5 digit one) has the wheelchair area at the back of the car (seat 17A) , sometimes they are no seats * * I learn it the day i entered the train in Sainte-Foy and found that my seat assignement was an empty space !
  7. VIA Rail Canada

    Yes, but transit bus and commuter trains are for short runs ... a hour or less. VIA Trains are long runs, not sure customers would appreciate sitting sideways for a full Toronto - Montreal
  8. STM 21-2XX Retirement Watch

    So it's mean we nearly meet together, rode the same trip from Atwater to Vendôme !
  9. VIA Rail Canada

    The thing is if you want to allow two wheelchair per train, you need to remove seats to make room for them, so less seats = less potential revenue for the corp. And by challenging the ruling ... that buys VIA "time"
  10. VIA Rail Canada

    Touché ... 8145,46 and 47 have AED and Oxygen tank onboard. Since the Abitibi and Saguenay trains are operated only with coach and bagage cars and no other types of cars find on other HEP-1 trains that have those equipement
  11. VIA Rail Canada

    No Hint: It's all about safety !
  12. VIA Rail Canada

    No, it's not that thing that they made them unique (that a lot of t word in one sentence)
  13. VIA Rail Canada

    I have a quiz for you HEP1 coaches 8145-8146 and 8147 are used extensively on the VIA Abitibi and Saguenay route in Quebec ? ... Why Clue: They have something the others HEP1 coaches don't , but some others type of HEP1 cars have
  14. Added many new Youtube videos recently (hey, last update on this post was in july) * A special feature - Riding the VIA Le Saguenay train between Rivière-à-Pierre and Jonquière https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gUMb1RVSfLA * STM 36-903, a LFS electric on route 36 Monk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dSdFzWVpKsg * Cruise ship season stretch Quebec City private operators fleet to their limit, so reinforcement come from CIT Richelain https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=efid4tDpLEg * Quebec Gatineau Railway switcher going to Ciment Québec https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q8uwvv-TI1U * CN 402 passing over the Rivière-du-Sud in Montmagny https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Y8jfvoMJ7M * CN 524 switcher entering Bridge sub after getting it's clearance to do so https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7856N-5dtv8
  15. They are some of them left, probably will survive til the end of 2017