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  1. Strike watch FINAL update : The driver have voted 85 + % in favour of the new work contract that extends until 2021. Drivers will keep their 12 hours amplitude and got retirement regime bonus. In exchange, RTC got the right to add more driver relieve point to the network.
  2. Remember what are the main customer base of the STO - Feds workers ... could solve very quickly IMO But rotating strike is not good for the STO, not good for the Union and of course, not good for the users. I would prefer the union to says "Ok, we are going full strike" instead of rotating strike that create a lot of instability for the riders.
  3. Snowstorm has caused some issues in the Quebec City region - RTC has cancelled all services late last night due to blizzard conditions - STLevis has cancelled service Wednesday morning only returning to the road after 10am - Due to a major power outage at des Rocailles garage, many depatures were cancelled in advance this afternoon
  4. Strike watch breaking news: Strike is avoided, the RTC and the union seems to have agreed on a principle argument. Drivers will vote on it Wednesday and Thursday next week. Nomade real time system will return to buses tommorow morning
  5. It may be cool this start - stop feature, but i found it pretty dump I.M.O especially when the engine stops for 2 seconds but restart immediately because it's only a passenger that was getting down and not stopped a a red light Instead, let the engine always run but at a slower RPM and use more the battery for starting up the bus from service stop / red light.
  6. Strike watch update: This is the "essential" services that will be offer is the drivers go on strike Monday Morning at 4am On weekdays, service will be offered on all routes except the 100 series from 6:15 am to 9:15am (based on the last stop of the line) and from 3:00pm to 6:00pm, NO other service during the day EXCEPT for school routes during midday On week-ends, service will be offered on the same time table (6:15 to 9:15 am - 3:00 to 6:00 pm) but only on these selected routes 1, 3, 4, 11, 13, 16, 21, 25, 31, 32, 36, 37, 64, 74, 75, 84, 800, 801, 802, 804, 807 Also note that this stike DOES NOT affect para transit services Comments At least they will operated a near normal service during rush hour and should be able to serve a good part of their customers. But the week-end service is weird, most routes are OK to be on the list but they are low ridership routes like the 31,32,37 that could be replace with better routes, route 4 is close to Metrobus 800 so it could be drop, route 3 is also close to the 801. They are no Metrobus 803 service for those working at Galeries de la Capitale would only be able to relay on the 75 and 64 to go somewhere. Also this left many parts of the city with no essentials service like Ancienne-Lorette, north of Beauport, Boischatel, Cap-Rouge, Champigny, Saint-Augustin. edit: The RTC says that buses that will offer week-end limited services needed to pass near an hospital or a CLSC to be considered in the service.
  7. Even worst, i heard number as high as 14 hours the RTC asked !
  8. Holiday feeling as RTC 0527 waits for departure on Route 21 near Place d'Youville Off the record: Wheelchair accessibility violation !
  9. Probably fell trough ...
  10. After collecting the dust at the Metrobus center since January 2015, RTC has given three ecolobus to a local mechanic school so mechanics of tommorow will have a chance to train on electric technology. The other 5 are gonna be recycled since no body want them's (obvious !)
  11. Strike watch update: News is that the main point of divergence is about the split shift max daily time. Currently, drivers work 7 and a half hours in a maximum of 12 hours amplitude (11 hours for those working night shifts). RTC want's to raise that limit (how much no body know) but the union don't agree (and they are right IMO)
  12. RTC is under provincial regulation, so there will be essential service (probably morniing / evening peak service only monday to friday) In Strike watch update, Labeaume mayor hints that may be this futur conflict may be called from the top of the pyramid (read here CSN headquarters) En français
  13. Strike watch Breaking news: The union has given advance notice to the RTC that they intend to begin unlimited strike on Monday March 13th at 4am
  14. ....Which has not been announced yet ...
  15. Railfan vs Wind Gust fail