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  1. Here is a summary of the shuttle services that will be in operation for the REM mitigation mesures for January STM Shuttles 919 - Namur Metro - Laird (local Stops) - Mont-Royal station - Graham (local stops) - Acadie Metro 968 - Roxboro Pierrefonds station - Sunnybrooke station - Côte-Vertu Metro STLaval Shuttles 498 - Ste-Dorothée (Avenue des Bois) - Downtown Mansfield / TCV (EXPRESS) (+ T26 for île Bigras) 744 - Ste-Dorothée - Bord de l'eau - Samson - Côte-Vertu 730 - Ste-Dorothée - Bord de l'eau - Samson - Sunnybrooke - Roxboro Pierrefonds exo Shuttles - Deux
  2. Get use to it, SN has the 747 and have many extras on the 51
  3. While browsing on facebook, an ad for drivers from Transdev shows up, the interesting part is that they were looking for drivers in Deux-Montagnes Is transdev taking over Autobus Deux-Montagnes or Paquette or it's extra for REM related shuttle work ? https://montreal-transdevna.icims.com/jobs/13663/job edit: Exact same posting nearly word by word was also posted by Autobus Fleur-de-Lys
  4. Lots of 38 and 39xxx parked at Prevost on Hymus awaiting work
  5. It's a temporary break room for drivers since capacity is now limited inside the real break room
  6. So after reviewing the things, here are some of my thoughts about the project, while i am very happy for the east end to get a real metro style service, here are some questions and opinions - The Notre-Dame axis is of course the path of least resistance to pass a light rail as this zone is industrial, there is a green space to pass the route without too much expropriation, however what we are building around there is a green line doubleur. However, it will connect nicely with Pie-IX BRT south end for a fast ride downtown - While a line under Lacordaire to Cegep Marie-Victorin ha
  7. Maybe a synchronization failure with the display console that left the rear display as 177
  8. RTC 1303 was involved in a fatal crash last night on A-440, the 60 years old driver of a car hitted the bus while travelling wrong way on the highway is the one fatality in that accident Photos https://www.zone911.com/accidents/30013-quebec-collision-frontale-mortelle-sur-l-autoroute-dufferin-montmorency?fbclid=IwAR1moE2dycHmhGUeDZmOISgbYq-DpxjQr90_nJrDxVVXbjHt25nPXRZnB7o
  9. 39-093 was a long way from home operating on the 204 in the afternoon
  10. STM only executes order they get from higher up the hierarchy for the shuttle operations, in this case either the ARTM or (IM)Mobilité Montréal
  11. 747 Express bus will return to an Airport to Lionel-Groulx service only during weekdays. Overnight, week-ends and holidays service will operate along the full route
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