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  1. 31-181 has now a full wrap for Guardian of Galaxy ride at World Disney world, was on the 15 tonight
  2. The stickers have been modified, it's now reading VOIE RÉSERVÉE at the bottom (Speed limit on the A-25 is indeed 70 km/h when reserved lane is in operation) For the Côte-Vertu dépose minute situation, it is basically the same thing all across the STM network, there is no enforcement, laziness, no willing to change situation. Same things with bus stops, in Montreal that reads FREE PARKING i guess
  3. Route 201 (electric) will see some changes starting May 9. The route will be much shorter removing service in some areas of Saint-Lambert. However, service will now be every 40 minutes instead of every hour. Route is still operating mid-day monday to friday
  4. Guess one 26-xxx had enough of the east end of the island, 26-020 was on the 968 this p.m
  5. That strange day is that it was a bus brokedown fest on the 171 To add to that 31 123 broken down on Côte-Vertu, 31 047 was broke down at Henri-Bourassa / Lajeunesse (171E) and 30-024 was getting hooked on the towing inside Henri-Bourassa terminal
  6. STL 0313 was on the 313 39-141 on the 141
  7. exo Terrebonne-Mascouche 220-205 has a driver side wrap for Poppers Also in the "real estate seems to be a profitable business": exo Assomption 221-202, 221-203, 29268 and 29254 are all driver side wrap ... for the same real estate agent ... and 4 different designs
  8. Guess the last 24-xxx in service in Montreal is now retired. The old Solidaribus is now retired and been replaced by a cutaway https://www.stm.info/fr/presse/nouvelles/2022/la-stm-offre-un-nouveau-minibus-pour-un-service-de-navette-de-la-mission-old-brewery
  9. Société de transport collectif Pierre-de-Saurel (STC) 7721 Prevost X3-45 commuter (likely ex. MTA 1300) approaching Terminus Longueuil. The STC launched it's fixed route operations on April 4th 2022 replacing exo express service between Sorel-Tracy and Longueuil
  10. To have a Flyer, you must have all of the above + a driver trained on that specific model of bus. Maybe the driver this week is in vacation and someone not trained on that bus is replacing him
  11. To make things a bit more clear, here is a (short) timeline of what will happens in the next couple months April 4th 2022 - STC Pierre de Saurel will lauch it's all day express service between Longueuil and Sorel-Tracy those service will be operated by Fleur de Lys. Also two local routes within Sorel will also start to operate at that date. exo will abolish the 705 Express, put more trips on the 700 and some others schedule change, all exo services will still be operated by Transbus July 1st 2022 - Transdev will take over Transbus for the operation of the Sorel - Longueuil corridor (route 700). At that date, Transbus will begin it's new contract with exo on the Varennes / St-Amable corridors
  12. After 6 years of operation as a Metrobus (ok, we just put articulated bus on it and did nothing else to justify it), RTC will improve the 3rd busiest route of the network, Metrobus 807 - Route change will happen between Nérée-Tremblay and de Villers, buses will use Quatre-Bourgeois boulevard instead of Chemin Sainte-Foy to avoid this often congested area. That also improves connections with the eXpress at Laval University. - Some stops will be abolished others relocated - 54 new generation shelters will be installed - 20% more accessible stops - More at stop information display
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