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  1. Yesterday RTC trip as follow ... was a long trip - Route 39 from 41st Street to Henri-Bourassa stop - Route 803 from Henri-Bourssa to Beauport terminal - Route 52 from Beauport terminal to Charlesbourg terminal - Route 801 from Charlesbourg terminal to d'Youville terminal - Route 11 from d'Youville to Ferry - Route 1 from Ferry to Belvédère station - Route 800 from Belvédère to Colline Parlementaire (stopped for lunch) - Route 800/801 from Colline Parlementaire to Place J-Cartier - Route 74 from Place J-Cartier to Père-Lelièvre / Masson - Route 88 from Père-Lelièvre / Masson to Dalton / Watt - Route 9 from Watt/ Pointcarré to Place J-Cartier - Route 801 from Place J-Cartier to D'Youville - Route 25 from d'Youville to Colline Parlementaire - Route 251 from Colline parlementaire to des Chutes / de l'Obiou (walked to Montmorency neihbourg) - Route 53 from Ste-Anne / 113st street to Montmorency falls terminal - Route 800 from Montmorency falls terminal to François-de-Laval (timmy time) - Route 53 from Ste-Anne / des Chutes to Beauport terminal - Route 803 from Beauport terminal to 41st street - Route 801 from 41st street to Cartier street - Route 801 from Cartier street to 41st street
  2. For a third year ... ridership is down at the RTC, about 200 000 less then last year to just under 45 millions ride last year And the RTC also ends the year with a 800 000$ deficit !
  3. I would personally prefer a fall color charter with a STO Classic. The bus fan community will already have visited Gatineau for the CTHF New Look Charter in July
  4. A Big revolution (sarcasm level over 9000 here) for the metro station, starting monday, Jean-Talon metro ticket booth will accept payment ... by debit / credit card ... as a pilot project ! * *also they will replace OPUS card directly at the ticket booth Link (in french)
  5. Stumble on that, a very good deal on Week-end travel to Niagara Falls. Round trip ticket on the GO Train + Two Days WEGO pass for 25$ per adult (a GO one-way is 20$ so ...) , children and family package also avaliable Check:
  6. STM will modify the 747 bus service for the summer period, service is gonna be more frequent, as high as every 4 to 5 minutes between each bus during the afternoon. But between 11am and 7pm, about every second bus will shorturn at Lionel-Groulx station from the airport. Same thing to the airport, about half the bus will start from Lionel-Groulx
  7. Route 1 remains intact (as it does serve a totally different area) ... Route 21, 1A and 111 are abolished to make place to the new 11
  8. Also remember that Renaissance cars needs absolutely two cars to operate in passenger service, they need either a luggage car / transition car AND a service car . If they deadhead, they still need either the luggage or transition car since knukle are not the same as the rest of the VIA fleet
  9. Indeed not relevant ... go to the Via Rail Discussion... ...but i would not do a 5 hours corridor train ride in budd cars ... looking good ... but ride like crap
  10. Go to Rona or Reno-Dépôt ... they have a lot of fan in stocks for the summer OK, that was a bad pun ....
  11. BREAKING NEWS: Looks like 22-291 was involved in a serious accident this morning , via Spotted STM
  12. RTC 2017 fares were approuved at bord tonight, here are the highlights, valid July 1th - Two new monthly pass are introduced. The first is Hors-Pointe 65+ (Off Peak 65+), this pass for 65 and older is sold 48 $ instead of the normal 54.50$, this pass is good to travel OUTSIDE of peak hours (weekdays from start of service to 9am and from 3:30pm to 5:30pm). Not sure many people will buy this pass and i'm sure many will fork the 6.50$ more to have all time travel. The second pass is for 18 and younger, the Soirs et Week-end illimités pass (Unlimited night and week-end) will allow travel after 5:30pm on weekdays and all day saturday, sunday and holidays, it will be sold 27$, the hope is to incitate young to take more transit in their free time. - The unlimited week-end pass will be now valid at 5:30pm on fridays instead of 6pm So the fares (general) Cash stays at 3.50$ Daypass up .25$ to 8.50$ Ticket up 5 cents per unit to 3.00$ Unlimited week-end up .50$ to 15.50$ 5 days up .50$ to 29 $ Monthly pass up .90$ to 87.50$ Metropolitain (RTC, STLevis, Ferry, TCJC, Plumobile) get the cake, pass up 6.15$ to 134.65$
  13. Time to do an update on STLevis - New route this summer, route 14 will offer 10 trips during rush hour between the UQAR university Lévis campus and the Ferry terminal, this will replace the service offered in this area by route 15. Route 15 will take a more direct route in Lévis from Pintendre to the ferry. - STLevis will operate June 23 to Sept. 4 from noon until 10pm 7 days a week a shuttle from Les Galeries Chagnon mall to the Paquet dock area, it will cost 2$ to ride this shuttle that will operate every 20 minutes - Also special fare promotion, it will cost only 2$ cash to ride STL buses from 9am to 4pm and after 6pm on weekdays and at all time on week-end, 12 and younger will ride for free during those period - Also some late evening service cuts
  14. For now, this is a one off, since this bus was declared a total loss, this bus will never be on the road, it will be use for mechanic training
  15. The free service will be extended until Sunday May 14th on the Deux-Montagnes and Vaudreuil line