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  1. Details routed map for the Côte-Vertu shuttle have been published 64 Grenet and 470 Express Pierrefonds are to be rerouted to the north entrace of du Collège, since elevators are located at that entrance, it will provide via 64 accessible service to metro via Côte-Vertu 810 special shuttle will serve the south entrance of du Collège, drop off will be at the 460 stop inside loop, departure will be at the 117 stop (so expect 117-460 buses been "kicked out to the curb") There will also likely be platform changes at CV for the 499 D-M Shuttle (64 temp stop) http://www.st
  2. SPS was called at around 630pm for an incident at Berri-UQAM
  3. Spotted an ex GRT (logo removed but stripes remains) LFS heading WB at Côte-Vertu / Alexis Nihon at 430pm this pm
  4. There are some services changes proposal for RTCS network The new service pattern would be Red and Blue express would follow nearly the same route from CRA shawinigan to St-Georges de Champlain with some slight difference in some locations. Red service would be the all day service every hour with the blue service interlining weekdays daytime (except summer) to provide half and hour service on the common trunk A new route, the green one would do a loop around downtown Shawiningan including the CEGEP (currently served by route 2) every 30 minutes. Transfer would be done between th
  5. In big carriers like the STM, it's not the way it works. Vehicule inspections at big carriers are based on something called the Preventive program maintenance. So inspections on buses are perform all year long. For city buses, inspections must be done every 6 months at minimum, nothing prevents an operator to be more severe then SAAQ and to do the inspection more often. There is a sticker on the bus to be legal, but it is just punched for one year (March to March)
  6. Régie de transport en commun de Shawinigan (operated by Autobus Fleur de Lys) 2339, a 2020 Novabus LFS Hybrid seen here on route 1 towards Shawinigan-Sud.
  7. SL bus on a SL route ... just normal IMO
  8. Based on a MTQ video, they plan to use the last bit of green land next to the south entrance of the station to build the terminal
  9. 40-122 and 125 are prototype for a different control panel on the left side of driver, just button locations changes
  10. STM has others priority that fixing a tracker on a 17 years old bus
  11. The Côte-Vertu shuttle will be operated by SL and SN
  12. Here are some sightings from exo mitigation mesure for D-M Line for today Transdev 8586-25-9 (SJSR) - 404 8588-23-9 (ex Blus - Now all white)) - 404 812610 (all white) - 404 810209 (all white) - 404 812-05-8 (wrapped) - 404 810-22-8 (all white) - ??? 8608-25-0 (SJSR) - 496 810108 (all white) - 499 8550-2?-6 (all white) - ??? Fleur-de-Lys 1421 - 404 Also note that Paquette operates the 497 Ste-Marcelline Shuttle
  13. RTL 21802 getting unceremoniously towed back to GALO at 420pm yesterday
  14. Well RTC proceeded to a major announcement today, by the end of 2021, some sector of the cities will be served by on request transit services. The new service called Flexibus will be operated by Sprinter type vans by private contractors. So basicly the system will be on request transit that can be planned or on the spot, they promise that you will get pick up in 15 minutes or less. Service will be available to "virtual stops" or at real bus stops. Booking can be done via Mobile app, website or phone. Standard RTC fare applies. Note that you can travel within a zone but cannot travel with
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