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  1. Finally the changes on the STM map were legitimate, works is been done at Lionel-Groulx from May 2020 to 2023, the bus zone on Greene will be closed http://www.stm.info/en/info/service-updates/stm-works/lionel-groulx-0
  2. On Friday May 11th 2020, the segment between Montreal Central station and Bois-Francs station on the Deux-Montagnes line was permanently closed for work on the new Réseau Express Métropolitain (REM) light metro system. Here we see MR-90 EMU #481 leading a Deux-Montagnes bound train passing on the former location of the Mont-Royal station during the last day of service .
  3. The REM project will bring some platform changes at Côte-Vertu, this is preliminary information - The three platforms currently used by STLaval at Côte-Vertu South terminal will be used by the 964 shuttle - Laval buses are moved either to the STM 17 / 475 platform or to where the layover area on Edouard-Laurin - STM Bus # 17 will be moved to a new stop on Decarie near the SAQ - STM Bus 475 is moved and will share the platform with the 72 - The 968 shuttle gets exclusive use of Quai 13 kicking out the 468 out of the terminal on a new stop on Décarie north of Côte-Vertu
  4. The restriction on the Candiac line is if there is very strong wind (85 km/h or + IIRC) they cannot use bi-level railcars on the bridge over the St-Lawrence
  5. STM 747 airport bus is the first victim of the pandemic, During daytime, all buses are shorturned at Lionel-Groulx, only late and overnight service continue into downtown core. This means much less buses are required to run that service
  6. While the last couple of storms have happened during the weekend, this time around they won't have the luxuary of pulling out the artics OOS
  7. Ménard coach #0341 bus was seen operating Rousillon Route 100 at TCV near 430pm this afternoon
  8. RTC released today their plan for a major network overhaul in the Beauport and Maizerets area You can check it there (in french) https://consultations.rtcquebec.ca/
  9. New buses use Luminator display instead of Axion, since Axion was bought out by Luminator and they discontinued the Axion series
  10. Could it be due to related work for the Côte-Vertu / Sauvé BRT OR REM project and a future detour that would be in place ?
  11. Guess they want to stick to the corporate branding of the STM (40-901 is also in std. STM livery)
  12. The city of Levis has announced a new reduced fare program (pilot project) for low income population. The 25 or so participating non profit organization in this program will be able to either offer free 4 tickets card or a significantly discounted 12 tickets card (16$ instead of 38$) to their customers up to a maximum of 185 000$ a year.
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