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  1. eclair14

    Société de transport de Lévis

    They got 3 LFS Hybrids this year, 1801 to 1803
  2. eclair14

    Réseau de transport de Longueuil

    The "non concurence" clause said no Airport to Downtown or Airport to Lionel-Groulx service If i would be the STM, simply change the 747 terminal to Angrignon station and call it a day (and with the hell Turcot is, i don't understand why it's not already the case except the fact that Angrignon dosen't have elevator (yet))
  3. eclair14

    STM 22-XXX Retirement Watch

    10/09/2018 Spotted at Radisson in P.M Rush 22-297, 22-423 and 22-356
  4. eclair14

    Feature Photo Submissions

    RTC 1673 is wearing a full wrap promoting the new Quebec City rapid transit plan, seen here operating on Metrobus 804 towards Loretteville, captured on the Laval University Campus
  5. eclair14

    2018 Standard 40' Bus Procurement

    Passed by Prevost service center in St-Nicolas, QC yesterday and units 18330, 18338 and 18344 were there getting prepped
  6. eclair14

    Société de transport de Montréal

    There is also a major error on the 81 St-Jean Baptiste flyer ... i will let you guess what it is ... On a side note: There will be two route 81 St-Jean Baptiste in Quebec, the other one is in Trois-Rivières
  7. In addition of the already announced changes for the fall board, there is others changes - Service increase on the "Classic" 800/801 Metrobus. Service will be every 10 minutes instead of every 15 roughly between 3 and 6pm on week-ends. So on the common trunk, service will be every 5 minutes instead of every 7.5 minutes - The stops on both side of the Enfant-Jésus hôpital for express 238 will allow for unloading / loading instead of the traditionnal express model - Some 802 bus trips will use T-Drive regular Novas instead of articulated bus - Other minors stops changes are also done
  8. We try to post pertinent sighting (new bus, wrapping, special buses, events) and news on the board, not "OMG, there is an error in the wiki on just another breadbox bus" type of sightings. As said before, if you have time to do the edit, suscribe as a wiki editor and do it yourself ! (sadly, my patience with the wiki platform is "L"imited) 803 is a 40 footers route all-day every-day, based out of Lebourgneuf garage. Sometimes, there is indeed artic shortage and they will send 40 footers on others Metrobus, and as extras on 804 on thursday - friday night
  9. "L" means bus has a limited use, so those bus will work rush hours and some week-ends (to rack up millage, weekday peak not enough). Wiki is not updated to track the "L" buses
  10. Added a new video - RTC 1801 - Vanhool A330K
  11. eclair14

    STM 22-XXX Retirement Watch

    Saturday July 7 22-365 on the 129
  12. eclair14

    STM 22-XXX Retirement Watch

    Saturday June 9th 22-235 on the 93 22-362 on the Als Shuttle
  13. 1801 Vanhool A330K was spotted in service yesterday, acting as a "doubleur" on route 11
  14. RTC has announced the fares hikes for 2018 ... - The borderline stupid due to price difference off-peak 65+ unlimited pass is abolished, instead it's replaced with a 10 tickets valid off-peak (but NOT on Sat - Sun) offer for 20$ - Modest fare hike for 2018, less then inflation for most fares , one again, except the 65+ that goes up nearly 3$ to 56.15$, there should be one last year of this kind as they will catch up to student fares (what RTC wants) next year
  15. Finallly, RTC will do some more change to it's network for 2018. The Saint-Augustin-de-Desmaures city will see major changes to it's bus network, which RTC inherited from Autocars Québec when they taken control about 8 years ago. Here is what is currently proposed. - Bus 92 would mainly focus on the downtown St-Augustin part, with faster and more direct service, bus route is significantly shorter in the Lac St-Augustin area with bus using Hétrière street instead of doing the tour. The biggest change would be in Ste-Foy, bus would proceed directly up A-540 to Laurier blvd, then bus is extended to end at Garneau CÉGEP at all time via Laurier, the Laval university campus, Quatre-Bourgois and Ste-Foy read. Service every 60 minutes or better 7 days a week (instead of all-time except peak travel currently). - NEW express 392 would do the bus 92 routing in St-Augustin downtown, then proceed directly to A-40, A-540, then following the 92 route in Ste-Foy, rush hour only in the peak travel direction only. - Bus 94 is intriguing, bus will now start at the CNDF campus, shorter route in Lac St-Augustin (where some riders will have to walk a lot more to get to their bus stop), then the bus will travel in Cap-Rouge serving areas already served by a bus route (14 / 15). Good news is that bus will finally allow access from Cap-Rouge riders to their commercial area next to A-40, bus would then use A-40,A-540 and follow the 92 routing in Ste-Foy. Service every 60 minutes or better 7 days a week (instead of peak travel currently). - Express 294 & 295 would be deleted under current proposal, forcing parlement hill bound customers to make a transfer on Laurier Blvd. to / from a 11-800-801 bus. - Route 95 would also be deleted, mostly replaced by the 92/94 changes On side notes - The 2 trippers in the isolated north part of St-Augustin are removed, replaced by taxibus service avaliable at all departures (huge improvement) - Chemin du Lac will go from 5 bus (92-94-95-295-992) to zero bus, this also somewhat isolated area will also be served by taxibus avaliable at all departures