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  1. Probably not... In RTC news, the tramway announcement will be held tomorrow at 1:15pm.
  2. This is another story ... ... speaking of this story, rumors in the media says that they will be a big annoucement of friday* about the "structuring" network ... a.k.a light rail and other stuff * I guess they want that buried over the week-end so talk radios won't sh*t on the project until monday morning
  3. RTC was finally not done with announcement. ... One of the most wanted bus routes in Quebec City will finally be in service in spring 2019. Route 6 will start from downtown Quebec City, bus will use Grande-Allée and Laurier blvd to Duplessis highway then it's north passing through the commercial area before ending at ... QUEBEC CITY AIRPORT ! ... yes YQB will get the much needed transit service it's deserved. Current plans is for a 30 minutes frequenecy all-day service. This route alongside the three industrial park routes announcement last week were in the RTC plans shown last fall
  4. Yes https://www.flickr.com/photos/transitquebec/albums/72157664458093077 In another news ... RTC published the service improvement for 2018. After some good changes in 2017, 2018 is more on the quiet side In fact, the change concerns the industrial areas forming the four corners of the A-40 / A-73 interchange, they have decided to do something with the weird and confusing routes in that area, and adding service at the same time - Route 22 will travel from Les Saules terminal to Sainte-Foy Centre (Jules-Dalaire), it's main focus will be to serve the techno. park. In Sainte-Foy, bus will serve de l'Église and Q.-Bourgeois. it will also be a shorter route Service every 30 minutes in both direction rush hour only* - Route 88 will also travel from Les Saules to Sainte-Foy, it will serve the two industrial areas south of the A-40 (Colbert park). Service both way every 30 to 60 minutes during rush hour only - Route 29 only change will be that buses will use Du-Parc-Technologique instead of Einstein in the techno. park, it's still a peak travel direction only bus with increase frequency - Route 9 seems unchanged * - RTC still has not figured out that industrial workers can have different schedule that everybody else
  5. Feature Photo Submissions

    RTC 1801 is the first of 64 brand new Vanhool A330K buses expected to arrive in the next few years. In this shot, bus is doing an "Open House" on parlement hill during a cloudy p.m rush hour
  6. 1801, the first vanhool A330K will be on public display next Wednesday (March 7). Schedule : 7:45 to 9:45 am - Limoilou CEGEP (des Capucins/de la Canardière) 10am to 11am - In front of Musée de la Civilisation 11am to 1pm : D'Youville Square (Palais Montcalm) 1:30pm to 3:30pm : Laurier Quebec mall (near Metrobus station) 3:45pm to 5:30pm : Grand Théâtre de Québec (Jacques-Parizeau/de Claire-Fontaine)
  7. STM 21-2XX Retirement Watch

    Not necesserly , it always depend IF the STM include bus number inside their real time info avaliable ... For exemple RTC is not (for now)
  8. One fire inside a bus ... two battery overheated causing smoke ... unreliable vehicules ... need for a seperate garage due to a 33 km/h speed limit Need others reasons ?
  9. If they would have keep the initial order at 24 + 8 options, those bus would be assigned on a beefed up frequency route 11, route 19 and maybe low ridership routes (31,32,34 etc...) . Now, with 64 buses ordered, we are gonna see them in residential area everywhere in the city.
  10. One of the biggest change this bus will bring is how to work is organize at the RTC. RTC is a kind of a hybrid network, it has some big cities feature (Metrobus service) but with some remnants of a small town network (timed transfers at terminals). RTC loves to have all the buses at terminal at the same time so they can compensate for the "poor" frequency of local service with short transfer time. Where the Vanhool changes the game. They are some routes that are "a couple minutes too long", what i mean the round trip takes a bit more then one hour (or two hours). Route 52 is a great example of that, let's say a bus leaves Charlesbourg terminal at 9:46am, it will return at 10:51am, 1h05 minutes round trip, that means 5 minutes before ending it's round trip, he will meet the Beauport bound bus, so when the bus arrive at Charlesbourg terminal and since no route begins or end there, the bus deadhead to somewhere else, if he has a 40 footers, he can deadhead to start another route elsewhere, but if this route is a vanhool route, the driver must go to another vanhool route. This "a couple minutes too long" also means that RTC has a LOT of unproductive deadhead, especially on week-end. Some drivers can do 5 or even 6 different routes on a 8 hour shift. When a driver will have a VanHool bus, it will need to go to "Vanhool routes" so this will probably lead to an small increase of those deadhead. And finally, this will reduce schedule making flexibiliy, as Vanhool bus won't be able to go do busy local routes or eXpress service (remember, they are locked at 70 km/h)
  11. The problem is not really when in service, it's getting to/from service that could be an issue. Quebec City is the city of highway, most of them have a 100 km/h speed limit (110 km/h is the usual speed !). So you will need to add time to drivers schedule to compensate for the lower speed. And IMO it's nearly dangerous to have a bus with the driver pedal to the metal at 70 km/h with cars zipping along side at 110. So let's solve the problem, no Vanhool on the highway, so for fun a bus leaves the garage to do a 93 route start at Curé-Labelle / Ste-Ange . By using the higway, it's a 15 minutes ride. Avoiding the highway it's a 25 - 30 rides within city streets.
  12. Today was the press lunch of the new A330K. Pictures are avaliable here http://www.journaldequebec.com/2018/01/24/photos-voici-le-premier-midibus-du-rtc The only big W.T.F - Siemens hybrid is speed limited to 70 km/h !, so those vehicule will not see eXpress service
  13. It's not BAE hybrid ... it's siemens
  14. Of course they could have gone the 35 footers Xcelisor ... but you know it's not business, it's politics. Somebody wanted a 30 footers and since they don't pay from their own pocket ... I'm not that afraid of a poor quality build bus, Van Hool is a know manifacturer, what worries me is this is a new models and they are usually glitches with new models and spare part supply that could be troublesome
  15. RTC wanted 30 footers or so for the downtown and residential area, but the Quebec Gouvernement nowadays want's to show that they care about the environment (and we cannot blame the RTC since both gov. pays around 87% of the bill for hybrids). The small hicup, they are NO 30 footers hybrid available in the North American market today so they went to a international bid and Vanhool won it