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  1. Was on a new Nova last night. It was a non-Express white bus, fleet number 1901. Two notable changes. A new fare box, I don’t have any details except it was much faster at scanning my card and it has a much brighter LCD screen. Secondly they have a slightly newer LCD for the next stop sign. Only change is that the refresh is a lot faster when text changes.
  2. Kingston receives over $500K in federal funding for new electric buses Looks like the funding covers 2 electric buses, the first of which is expected to be in service by the end of 2020. Exciting!
  3. ha, if I'd just checked the city website. Says in November they'll be installing them, but so far the one yesterday is the only I've seen. https://www.cityofkingston.ca/residents/transit/about/video-camera-system
  4. I was on 1477 this morning and noticed several items mounted appeared to be cameras. Only one I noticed inside opposite/facing the rear doors. One above the front door externally, appeared to be pointing towards the back (if a camera, possibly a wide angle to get both doors?) One on the rear of the bus, not sure where pointing One on top of the bus at the very front. Does anybody know anything about this? Do other cities have cameras like this?
  5. 1805 (local) spotted today on route 16. It doesn’t have the new colour destination sign 1504 got.
  6. Kingston Transit announced via Facebook yesterday some info about upcoming changes effective May 2018 New Montreal Express route 801/802 Route 16 will change to service Division/Dalton Route 601/602 will get 10 minute peak service Route 1/7 get better service in Rideau Heightd
  7. That's a good point, I didn't take the old rollsigns into account. I moved here in 2004, and at that time it was only the (fairly new at the time) Dennis Darts 0311-12 and D40LFs 0313-17 which were electronic. IIRC most of the other buses had the colour background. The New Look 7975 I think was the route name only without route number; Orion VIs 9803-9810 were all yellow on black originally. There was the different style in 2007-later which had the route colour background on the number, but white on black for the route name. I liked this style. That said, unfortunately the electronic signs don't show off colour as much as the canvas roll signs. Perhaps these new signs are improved over the last colour electronic sign. I've seen 1504 several times since, even on Route 4 once and it doesn't seem like they're actually utilizing the colour.
  8. Yes I spotted it a couple days ago as well, except for me the door sign was was white, rear was blue, and front was red. Interestingly it was on route 701/702 and it only said 701 EXPRESS, but didn't say the route name (i.e. 701 express/kings crossing/via downtown). Also the rear sign didn't say express like they usually do. Lastly, the side sign was quite a bit larger then the regular signs. I'd be intere This isn't the first time Kingston has tried the colour signs, IIRC it was 1049 several years ago that had one in the front only. The side and rear signs were unchanged. The colour was matched to the route, so Route 4 was red, Route 1 was green, 2 orange, 3 blue. KT doesn't really emphasize the route colours as much as they used to, it was much more prevalent before the electronic destination signs. When the one bus had it before I noticed most of the time it was often less legible, especially with route 4 red during the daylight. Hopefully this is a newer model with improved brightness if they're trying it out.
  9. Kingston Transit is extending Sunday service on new schedule effective September 5. All express routes, and routes 1, 6, and 7 will be running the same service as Saturday. This gives Kingston access to transit 6am-11pm (approximately) on Sundays and Holidays now. Fantastic! Looks like other routes will maintain the current level of Sunday service. The new schedules are posted https://www.cityofkingston.ca/residents/transit/bus-schedules (marked Sept 5). A notice is also posted on the bus, however I can't find a news release on the city website. EDIT: Found a link: https://www.cityofkingston.ca/-/transit-service-extended-on-sundays-holidays
  10. Kingston Transit now has real time GPS tracking available to Google Maps and other transit apps. Officially rolls out on June 12, but it's already working in my Transit app on my iPhone. https://www.cityofkingston.ca/-/kingston-transit-to-release-real-time-travel-data
  11. I haven't been on a bus without the new GPS in at least a couple weeks. Usually riding the 501/502. Took 0315 (I think) on the 4 on Tuesday and it had the new GPS.
  12. 1360 is unwrapped, and 1686 is an Express bus. Both are visible in the background of this video with Bryan Patterson and Sophie Kiwala. In the video Sophie Kiwala just announced additional funding available to Kingston Transit from the Goverment of Ontario coming from the gas tax.
  13. ....and 1689 on route 4 today.
  14. saw 1688 on Route 7 last night as well.
  15. I think 1482 (Express bus XD40) is the highest 14xx number, then they jumped up to 1502. The 88/89 is still strange because if they were going back I would think it'd be 1583/84.
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