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  1. Go ahead line them up! I'll sit back and watch this,and I'll wait for your list. Because now I'm believing that car wash attendant is in desire need for you to re apply. The better ones for sure is the 6V92's and the M11's. One day I'll try to make it to one.
  2. Nope I grew up around Fishbowls,Neoplans,and Orions. I have photographed Phantoms but never rode one.
  3. It's still only one customer. Since you can't find the time to do it yourself I'll sit here and make you look bad.
  4. I did,I said I like how you don't have to change tire sizes to a lower profile. Technically yes they did. If they didn't can you prove it?
  5. I'am very surprised that with the introduction of the Low Floor bus.That there is still a lot of Gillig fans. I thought all the models up to the Phantoms were Gilligs best. The Low Floors are just plain garbage. The suspension sucks,the seating sucks,drivers area is somewhat ok,but needs major improvements.The whole bus needs a total make over. The only reason the BRT style came out is because they copied off the Van Hools was getting back in 2003 in hoping AC Transit would probably get them,and look they got Gillig's now but not with the BRT front. The only good thing I would compliment Gilli
  6. BARTA-Reading,PA will be retiring I think 9 of their 2005 BRT's. Also to note. BARTA was one of the first customers to get the BRT's. But with only 1 customer,and they didn't even get that many of them.
  7. Be cool to piece all the SRs and see where they went too.Anyone know theyre agencies SR numbers to what order they received? My agency Lehigh And Northampton Transportation Authority(Allentown,PA) 553 1998 D35LF 554 1998 D40LF 963 2001 D40LF 964 2001 D35LF 754 2002 D40LF 755 2002 D35LF 861 2003 D40LF 943 2004 D35LF 944 2004 D40LF
  8. Check that out black axles instead of white like normal
  9. Hey that's a SWEEET shot!!!!!Love the angle(not because its what im looking for)
  10. ^ LOL didn't want to make it sound tooooo obvious,Thanks Mike that should get me started!!I wont hold back on accepting better ones or at different roof views
  11. Do the XDE40s have EP-40s or Bae Systems hybrid drive?
  12. Not to sound like somebody we all know(coughs interiors) But could someone who knows places to get them please grab some roof shots(modeling purposes) please?I seen on flicker that there has to be good places out there cause I found a bunch of good ones with the Tracklesses Thanks!
  13. Bummer,but I guess to get some letters is better then none
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