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  1. I doubt they will rebuild it, it looks bad. I'm sure the bus driver will also be charged.
  2. When I was there, there was a few inches of water on the main floor, and 1 of the 2 staircases were closed and water was pouring down (but not like that major flood). And there was water on the platform too. I saw two supervisors with machines sucking up the water
  3. TTC union station had a small flood again today. I didn't go on the GO side, so I don't know if they also had issues or not.
  4. Yes i'm trying to tell YOU , as per TTC, who know a hell a lot more then you do about there system, that both the AC and the baseboard heaters are ment to run at the same time. Serious man, stop acting like you are God and know it all. Like turtle said above, not all baseboard heaters are on.
  5. There is no clitch, thats how the system works, as per TTC
  6. I saw on the TTCs website under the tenders section that a tender has been put out for cleaning the public washrooms in the subway station. Are they slowly starting to contract out cleaning?
  7. Ummm.... Winnepeg and quebec ARE IN Canada...
  8. Except for 2 years there has always been a ttc bus in the pride parade
  9. Did the TTC has a bus in this years pride parade? Anyone see it? Last years was decorated nice, but a few years back was the best... more then just ballons and streamers
  10. they r not ttc employees.. these guy have like a visitor pass they r wearing. when I saw the lady yesterday it said the visitors pass is valid till june 15th. And they r in the washrooms often. Im wonderingf if they r doing some independant thing on the cleaning.. level of cleaniness of the washrooms?
  11. I've noticed every day this week a male and female standing near the washrooms and bloor, and constantly going in, looking arround, typing on there phones, hanging in there for a while, then coming out.. and repeating the process. They have some ID badge on ... i cant make out what it says, i see its some permit and the ttc logo. Anyone know what they r doing?
  12. Is this a testing thing, or are they going to turn all lighting into LEDs?
  13. I was on a train on the BD line, and noticed something odd with the lights... Since i was the only one in the car i stood up and looked close to the plastic"shield" where the tube lights are, and i saw (not very good view since the plastic had a frosted look to it) what looked like LED lights. Are they testing LEDs on the subway cars? I noticed only the 1st two cars had these lights, and the rest had the tube florecent lights
  14. Prince Charles will ride the TTC on his visit to Toronto this month. The bus will be chartered, so no regular riders will be on it
  15. I agree... Even on saturdays when the system is busy downtown, its annoying seeing bikes trying to push there way on when people cant. I would rather have 10 fare paying people it on a train the a person and his/her bike. My biggest pet peeve is...... if you wanna bring the bike with u.... ride it!
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