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  1. Block data for the winter service revision is now visible on Transit55.
  2. Wait till our first real snow day! You'll see all sorts of 40-footers taking over for artics, with the 60-footers winding up in unusual places.
  3. Totally fair, @Gsgeek540. Thanks for the explanation.
  4. How feasible would it be to have some artics driven to SG instead of VP for the night on Friday, and then have someone ferry the drivers back to VP on a bus? This way, there would be a limited number of 60-footers available for weekend work. Then on Monday morning, VP drivers could be delivered to SG to pick up their bus? Just because something isn't done regularly now doesn't mean it's impossible, does it? Yes, there are some security issues all over the system. That said, it is hardly fair to expect Calgary Transit to solve the province's opioid/addictions/homelessness problem all by itself. That's what it will take to sort out much of the cause of those problems.
  5. If I may act as a devil's advocate on a couple of items: At 10 cents/ticket or $3/month for adult full fare, the increases are extremely modest — although I agree the idea of paying more for same or inferior service is irritating. Remember there are issues such as wages and benefits, where costs likely go up year to year even with no increase in service. We are not guaranteed seats on buses and trains. I mean, Calgary's S200 LRVs have an interior layout meant to make more room for people to stand (compared with previous generations, anyway). It is completely normal for people to have to stand, sometimes. As for buses, having standees during weekend middays on the 301, for example, might be what ends up paying for the decent frequencies during the early-morning and late-night hours on Saturdays and Sundays. However, if the buses are so full they can't pick up passengers, that would be a problem they'd need to fix, pronto. On a related note, why did Transit stop running articulated buses on weekends? Is it simply a practical matter because they're stored at VP or Stoney and those garages are usually closed on Saturday/Sunday? Or is it they don't have enough drivers who are able to operate them? Converting busy routes like the 301/3 and 307/1 to articulated buses would increase capacity without needing buses to come more often. All that being said, you are correct in pointing out Transit might be having trouble assigning its resources to the right places. They keep saying they are running 85% of pre-pandemic service but with less than half the ridership. The routes I use most frequently are seemingly quite busy (and have been so for the past year) so something isn't lining up properly there.
  6. After quickly going through the list, it appears there's a lot of tinkering — departures adjusted slightly for better transfers, additional single trips/school trips here and there, that sort of thing. Service on Christmas Day appears to be identical to last year, and it looks like a normal Friday service on New Year's Eve. Notable changes that I noticed: • MAX Orange — westbound a.m. peak headways improve to 11 minutes, with one school trip turned into a regular trip; eastbound p.m. mini-peak added just after lunch. • CTrain — this is not explicitly stated, but midday frequencies are back to 15 minutes (currently it's a range of wait times from 5 to 17 minutes); peak headway will be 6 minutes (they are currently as low as 2-4 minutes). • Route 38 — extended span on weekends, with service ending about 90 minutes later. • Routes 128, 151 and 153 — rerouting for better coverage of new streets/neighbourhoods. A couple of the listings don't make sense, with changes that don't match the actual routes: • Route 157 — New weekday southbound trips at 7:46 a.m. and 8:20 a.m. have been added to New Brighton Way @ New Brighton Drive S.E. Weekday and weekend trip times have been adjusted to improve schedule adherence. • MAX Purple — The bus will wait to keep on schedule at stop #5794 southbound Castleridge Blvd @ Westwinds Drive N.E. (versus #3314), and trip times have been adjusted to improve the schedule adherence.
  7. Winter service changes are out! https://www.calgarytransit.com/content/transit/en/home/news/winter-service-changes--2021.html Electronic schedules appear to be viewable as well.
  8. Ah, I noticed this myself the other day. As I don't often take Route 7, I thought the problem was a one-off.
  9. This is hilarious: the new voice of the REM happens to be the daughter of the woman who makes announcements on the métro. https://rem.info/fr/actualites/voix
  10. It sounds like more people are riding transit. This statistic is much higher than previously reported: I believe the number was around 30% earlier this year.
  11. There was another problem, where the electrical contact shoe (or an adjacent system) was causing damage to the infrastructure. All the new trains had to be taken out of service for a time. Just found some old news articles about it: https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/montreal/what-we-know-about-the-problems-with-the-azur-metro-cars-1.3937916 https://globalnews.ca/news/3210211/montreal-metro-to-reintroduce-azur-trains-after-equipment-problem/ Anyway, I didn't mean to derail (!) this thread by going off-topic … but I agree with the initial reminder that all new rolling stock goes through teething pains of some sort. Back to the REM!
  12. More (very basic!) information on the Urbos vehicle from the manufacturer, plus a photo gallery: https://www.caf.net/en/productos-servicios/familia/urbos/index.php
  13. Recently noticed the city (or Transit?) installed a bench at the Route 1/MAX Purple stop outside Brookfield Place (SB 1 St and 7 Ave S.W.). I'm sure this addition will be appreciated by some riders, but honestly, seating is not an issue at that location given the abundance of benches in the Brookfield Place plaza. Would it not have been more useful to build a large shelter? The only place for riders to protect themselves from the elements on that side of the street is the tiny shelter at the Route 7/10/449 stop, just behind the Route 1/MAX stop. (And yes, I would guess money is an issue here, too …)
  14. Saturday is a "Stuff a Bus" day! https://www.calgarytransit.com/content/transit/en/home/news/stuff-a-bus.html I think the announcement might be a little optimistic though when it says "a standard 40-foot bus can hold about 70 people." I've been on a 40-footer with 60 people on board. That kind of load is less than ideal and let's just say physical/social distancing would also be less than impossible …
  15. I was just reminded the domestically-built «Azur» métro cars didn't exactly have a smooth launch themselves … but that's all ancient history now. As FelixINX said, I also hope these issues with the REM cars are resolved before opening day.
  16. I mean, that stuff is happening at many stations. Security on the spot across the network is definitely important. On top of that, perhaps a more high-level approach (beyond transit, I mean) is needed to solve this? Otherwise the problem is just going to come back anytime cops/security aren't around at any given time.
  17. I am sad to report 1302 is now on this route! Just saw it idling EB at Lion’s Park. (Was hoping to see 8314 personally! Oh well.)
  18. It appears the transit union and transit management disagree on the potential impact of the City of Calgary's COVID-19 vaccination/testing policies on service. https://calgaryherald.com/news/local-news/staff-shortages-could-lead-to-transit-service-disruptions-union
  19. Hmm, Line 461 doesn't appear in the RTL's published list of additional services starting tomorrow, nor are schedules for the line visible on their website. Has something changed in the last couple of weeks? https://rtl-longueuil.qc.ca/fr-CA/actualites/avis-a-la-clientele/2021/modifications-de-service-des-le-1er-novembre/
  20. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/nova-scotia/halifax-transit-bus-ticket-committee-1.6228912
  21. Please correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't believe Boucherville has ever seen this kind of frequent public transit offering along this corridor — not in my lifetime, anyway!
  22. A couple of CNG Novas on Red Line shuttle duty. (I haven’t seen this type of bus used in this way before.)
  23. Major disruption this morning. I'm glad I checked before heading out … https://twitter.com/calgarytransit/status/1449006115526782977?s=20
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