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  1. downbeat

    Calgary Transit

    One day I will write an epic rant about this, haha!
  2. downbeat

    Calgary Transit

    Interesting … until yesterday I had only ever heard little beeps coming from drivers’ on-board computer as a notification for their 2345 and 0020 timed departures, never a human controller telling drivers its good to go and wishing them a good night.
  3. downbeat

    Calgary Transit

    I don’t often take the last bus of the night from city centre, but today was the first time I’ve ever heard a spoken message to drivers over the radio (I presume) telling them it was okay to leave. Does this happen more often than I’ve noticed? (Is this related to the other issues we were discussing earlier?)
  4. downbeat

    General CTrain Discussion

    What’s with the slow order eastbound on the Blue Line between Deerfoot and Barlow/Max Bell station? Seems to have been going on for a while now.
  5. downbeat

    Calgary Transit

    This is hilarious, because they (Transit social media team members) often warn people not to rely on things like Transit55, Google and other third-party platforms that crunch Transit data on behalf of users. Very glad to hear things are not as "broken" as we are being told!
  6. downbeat

    Calgary Transit

    Usually when the public-facing real-time bus info isn’t working, Transit’s internal systems still do. It appears today they are currently unable to track their own buses. (The Twitter team, at least.) With teletext and app data on the fritz, they’ve been very helpful the last few days estimating bus arrival times when people were asking about delays.
  7. downbeat

    Calgary Transit

    These cool maps have been popping up at CTrain stations recently.
  8. downbeat

    Random Photos - Calgary and Area

    Can’t say I have … I get the feeling you’re trying to tell me something. 🤣
  9. downbeat

    Random Photos - Calgary and Area

    Sign looks like it’s falling down too?
  10. Not being facetious at all … I was genuinely curious about this prospect and my knowledge about this is relatively poor, so thank you for telling me something I didn't know.
  11. downbeat

    General Route Discussion and History

    A transit employee at one of the in-person public engagement sessions had some neat insights into the thinking behind splitting Route 414 and extending service south to MRU and Garrison Green. The interlining of proposed Routes 141 and 51 is apparently an interim measure. It’s expected passenger volumes on Route 51 will eventually necessitate switching to standard-sized buses, at which point the routes will no longer interline. Due to street design at the northern terminus of Route 414/141, Transit must continue to use shuttles there. Once Currie Barracks is built up, Route 51 is meant to be rerouted to give coverage in that neighbourhood as well.
  12. downbeat

    Calgary Transit

    Ah, good point. Hadn’t thought of that.
  13. downbeat

    Calgary Transit

    Route 302 detouring on Deerfoot tonight? That particular bus is about a half-hour late ATM.
  14. downbeat

    General BRT discussion

    It’s a little more complicated than a 4-way stop … I imagine there must be a protocol for proceeding through this intersection when the traffic signals are out? P.S. Transit55 shows no apparent significant residual delay on Route 1/MAX Purple at the moment as a result of the earlier issue, so that’s good news.
  15. My folks do that — they only use STM only when they absolutely must, i.e. when it’s too far to walk from TCV. I assume they aren’t the only ones who do so. Alas this will be a thing of the past come 2021 … unless RTL decides to operate the 55 all day, haha. For one, there’ll be no REM drivers to hear riders’ pleas 🙁 …