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  1. This is an interesting-looking key on MAX Orange EB during the morning rush hour. https://transit55.ca/calgary/block/5987415 Seeing how they aren't on the schedule, would these represent a second section for the 5:43 and 7:27 departures from Brentwood?
  2. I guess things have escalated …
  3. Ah … the “power issue” Transit’s social media team has been reporting. Thanks for the update!
  4. Hope this doesn't go on for too long!
  5. And to confirm, the additional departures do show in the app. (Here's EB MAX Orange this afternoon at a randomly chosen stop, for example.)
  6. Very cool! Thanks for this! Is this the same info that allows for the "added departure" function in the Transit/CT app? After a quick glance at select routes, I have also noticed weekday peak enhancements on Routes 14, 301, 302 and MAX Orange.
  7. It appears a MAX Purple bus might be linked to this traffic incident?
  8. I notice there are no bus schedules visible on the Calgary Transit website beyond Sunday. It is safe to assume there are tweaks on the way? (Minor changes, presumably?)
  9. Well, you might want to sent Chestermere an email or something about doing more than peak-hour service. Here is Calgary Transit's description of what Chestermere currently wants: Here's the link to the short blurb on the project page of Transit's website: https://www.calgarytransit.com/content/transit/en/home/rider-information/regional-transit/chestermere.html
  10. We were discussing Route 14 earlier in the thread … I notice (thanks to Transit 55) it was using big buses the last two Saturday and community shuttles today and last Sunday. I also notice Route 8 has been converted to shuttle service on weekends (except for one big bus operating at the moment, on a block that was covered by a shuttle last week).
  11. Just saw 8046 running on Route 90 — usually uses shuttles on weekends, I believe.
  12. The Quebec government has set aside some funds towards preliminary work for the replacement of RTL’s Saint-Hubert garage. The money will allow for a feasibility study and business plan to be developed, if I understood the announcement correctly. [Original press release in French] https://rtl-longueuil.qc.ca/fr-CA/actualites/communiques/2021/budget-provincial-le-rtl-se-rejouit-des-sommes-consacrees-au-remplacement-de-son-centre-d-exploitation-a-saint-hubert/
  13. 7959 on hook going northbound on Macleod Trail x 42 Avenue S. just now.
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