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  1. Sorry, where does it say that? I think it says they are, in fact, uniformed.
  2. I wonder if there’s yet more enforcement/changes coming down later: the mayor mentioned yesterday during the city’s COVID-19 briefing there were things he couldn’t talk about right now.
  3. Some more details from the City of Calgary's COVID-19 briefing today, about new security changes/enhancements, etc., for CTrains and stations. https://calgaryherald.com/news/calgary-transit-safety-complaints-prompt-new-enforcement-monitoring/wcm/bb52e197-a403-48fb-887f-a7c9cdd36fe0/
  4. New, limited opening hours for certain station buildings. http://www.calgarytransit.com/news/station-hours
  5. I notice on Transit55 there are a few Novas on the road today. Would it be safe to assume some those vehicles have been moved to Spring Garden for the duration of the current schedule?
  6. Something else disrupted CTrain service Sunday morning: https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/calgary/ctrain-contamination-1.5522894?cmp=rss
  7. Ah, that explains it! Still, for drivers’ and passengers’ safety, everyone might want to brush up on current protocols …
  8. I would normally agree with you — except during this public health emergency we are being told, by transit itself, that buses should not be filled in this way. The following is from their website. I believe it’s also on posters inside buses.
  9. Also, just came across this social media post from Friday morning. The shuttle looks a bit too full, given the current situation …
  10. 8234 and 8240 observed working the shuttle service this morning. There's probably a third bus, if past experience is any indication. EDIT: Probably more than three buses, if service was every 5 minutes, now that I think of it.
  11. Emergency repairs on Red Line this weekend between Sunnyside and city centre.
  12. Along with the schedule changes, there’s also an announcement today with regard to seating. http://www.calgarytransit.com/news/staying-safe-during-covid-19-outbreak Two interesting things in the list of service changes. For midday and evening periods, this is a significant improvement over the current 40 minute headway. Coupled with the decision to limit seating on buses, this makes sense to maintain capacity on this hospital route.
  13. Here’s the official Transit announcement for the April 6 schedule change. http://www.calgarytransit.com/news/april-6-2020-service-changes
  14. Just a heads up, assuming the information is accurate of course: At least twice today, the Calgary Transit social media team replied to questions by saying there would be a schedule adjustment for buses beginning April 6 — much sooner than the April 20 signup someone here mentioned not too long ago. Here’s one of the tweets (although calling the changes “improvements” is a little weird) EDIT: The new schedule is now visible on calgarytransit.com. It is also visible in the Transit app. Go to your favourite route and scroll into next week to see the changes.
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