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  1. I guess I’ve never seen/noticed that destination shown either! I need to pay better attention
  2. Isn't that what Route 13 usually displays when going west? I know the route is called "Altadore" but I can't remember ever seeing that actually shown on a bus.
  3. Non-revenue, of course! Totally forgot about those. Thanks.
  4. What vehicles are already numbered in the 3000 range? I can't think of any off the top of my head …
  5. There are retroactive frequency improvements from Oct. 10 for Route 8, in addition to those on MAX Orange and Yellow that we’ve previously discussed on the forum. Also, Route 157 is listed as West Dover/Forest Lawn but they probably meant to reference one of the Stoney Industrial shuttles.
  6. Winter service revisions are now listed on the Calgary Transit website: https://www.calgarytransit.com/content/transit/en/home/news/winter-service-changes-2022.html
  7. @wt_enthusiast_photos Well it certainly seems like they were needing to pull all the stops to cover Route 101 today! Also: Bus 8312 was not displaying the proper route information on the front display, for what that’s worth. Just “Route 101”.
  8. I just saw 8312 on the 101 downtown. T55 shows no active bus and 8214 last running the route before noon.
  9. That's wild. I'm glad they added another bus to the run. Your experience helps my point, though. Just because transit *can* pack 90+ people on a 40-footer, doesn't mean it *should*. I've also been on an Arboc that had 50 people on board. While it was clearly physically possible, I can't say it was advisable or comfortable in any way. When we all unloaded, it was like a video of clowns leaving a clown car.
  10. Well, I'm glad to see my perception of matches this number!
  11. Not to discount the good work of the Stuff-a-bus program, but the Transit employee who wrote this tweet must not use the bus regularly. 70 people in a 40-foot vehicle? More like 60-65 max, max, max, dangerously filled to the doors … and it gets uncomfortable around 50-55, IMHO. To be fair, the spec sheet from New Flyer is even more unrealistic. The company says an XD40 can accommodate up to 83 people total. https://www.newflyer.com/site-content/uploads/2021/01/NF-Xcelsior-Brochure.pdf
  12. Just found another unannounced improvement in schedules, this time on MAX Yellow where headways are down to about 10 minutes at times during peak hours.
  13. I suppose an early dinner with a side of busfanning could work!
  14. I don’t know why … but it took until today for it to occur to me that a restaurant on Centre Street makes a great perch for watching buses go by while having lunch. (On a weekend, that’s approximately 8 or 9 per hour. More like 15 on a weekday midday, I think?) The vehicles coming southbound were quite well-used and a few of them were at standing room. A little less busy going north for now.
  15. Now that I've thought of it some more: has there ever been talk of extending transit to the Grey Eagle event centre? Route 66 is right there …
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