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  1. A Calgary Transit spokesperson hints at possible service improvements for MAX Orange at the next signup. https://livewirecalgary.com/2020/01/23/city-examining-potential-changes-to-overcrowded-max-orange-lines/
  2. Is this the first reported use of an articulated bus on MAX Orange? Turns out this was a replacement bus … but still cool.
  3. I don't use MAX Yellow (or the old Route 18) enough to know if what this guy's saying is true ... can any of you verify?
  4. The Route 30x problem goes beyond MAX Yellow. I’ve seen various people on Twitter chatting with transit CSRs about how confusing it is to have multiple designations for these BRT routes. Searching for schedules on the website can be a little challenging without knowing the MAX route numbers. Using teletext is impossible without this information. I can definitely understand the frustration.
  5. Ooh! RTL just received the first of five electric midi-buses as part of some kind of pilot project. [In French] http://rtl-longueuil.qc.ca/fr-CA/actualites/communiques/2020/arrivee-du-premier-autobus-electrique-au-rtl/ According to the RTL statement above, this first bus will undergo tests before being put into revenue service, as would be expected. It hasn't yet been decided where/how all five buses will be deployed. Included in the link is a photo of VIPs posing in front of said bus, which has no livery.
  6. This seems to have been the norm for a lot recent planned weekend disruption shuttles.
  7. Very cool stats there. I wonder if it would be possible to extend the pilot to areas in Calgary’s far southeast during late-night weekend hours, when regular transit is apparently economically unfeasible? Those two on-demand vehicles would have finished servicing the far north neighbourhoods by then.
  8. It doesn’t help that the block by The Bay is constrained by Enmax construction. I’m sure things will get better once that’s over and Routes 10, 13 and 90 return to their usual stop for their time point.
  9. This is not just a problem for express buses, or just on 5th Avenue. On 5th Avenue, I’ve seen people miss buses because the vehicles were stopped at the back of the block, then drove off. Other times, I’ve seen what this Twitter poster describes — non-express buses stopping in the driving lane and allowing people on in the gaps between other buses. On 1st Street S.W., it’s quite a sight when Max Purple, Route 1, Route 13 and Route 90 are laying over a the same time … but as a rider it can also really confusing unless you’re 100% paying attention. Riders have to notice their bus might be at the back of the queue, or otherwise stopping in an unusual location. There is so little space, I’ve noticed Route 7 tends to lay over at the express bus stop on EB 5th Avenue.
  10. An opinion column in today’s Herald: https://calgaryherald.com/opinion/editorials/happy-birthday-to-the-southwest-brt-and-me My totally oversimplified summary: The author is delighted for the opening of MAX Yellow.
  11. Surely, the 2020 service changes aren't *that* bad. The 66 inside Lakeview is identical to the 18 and the 63. How is Route 66 an unusable mess? Outside Lakeview, there are workable alternatives. Do people just hate change? Do they expect to be able to use transit with zero effort on their part? Do they just like being angry? I honestly don't get it.
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