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  1. I think the real question is why were operators refusing to drive them?
  2. Oh thank god for wide centre doors.
  3. To replace equipment long ago determined to be obsolete and in questionable condition... Useless government sure dragged their feet on this one too.
  4. I doubt the Liberals are either. They really dragged their feet on this one.
  5. The new system map is now available ahead of ION’s launch. https://www.grt.ca/en/schedules-maps/resources/GRT-System-Map-ION-light-rail-service.pdf Love the new design!
  6. So this went well... Train 2 is currently 17 hours late. As such, tonight's train 1 is delayed until tomorrow.
  7. Wait... am I seeing this correctly? GRT wanted to discontinue service to the Green Valley/Mill Park area and force customers to walk upwards of fifteen minutes just to save two minutes of travel time? lolwat
  8. Correct, ION aBRT is being operated as 200 iXpress until the arrival of ION branded buses and the launch of light rail. The buses are set to begin service in February on local routes in Cambridge.
  9. You would think the ION logo would be more prominent.
  10. Fairway Station - Request for Tender
  11. Assuming they build it anytime soon.
  12. 201 iXpress to Conestoga 201 iXpress to Conestoga College Hmm.
  13. Status update on ION-branded buses?
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