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  1. Ask Bombardier.
  2. I'm looking forward to riding ION in 2023.
  3. Low-floor?
  4. Good riddance.
  5. So... uh... where do I find pocket schedules on GRT's redesigned website?
  6. New?
  7. Is this the same York Region that more or less ended a three-month strike by giving its contractors the finger and terminating their contracts? That was glorious.
  8. So what's the deal anyway? Is it the money? Lol, who am I kidding? It's always about the money.
  9. Note to self: never read the Facebook comments.
  10. The same people who couldn't justify operating local service on Fischer-Hallman alongside the 201 in 2011 on the basis of a lack of demand/density/whatever, are proposing just that on Ottawa? lolwut The top leg of the proposed 22 is completely unnecessary. As is the top leg of the proposed 3. As is the proposed merger of the 2 with the 23.
  11. It looks like future service plans have been tweaked. http://www.grt.ca/en/aboutus/newdirections.asp
  12. My body is ready.
  13. iXpress was faster than ION aBRT. Ainslie to Fairview could be done in as little as ~28 minutes.