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  1. GO Transit

    why do most of the DDS's have consistent damage to the metal plate sitting under neath the entrance door? I've seen a bus with it completely ripped off. is it just drivers not being aware how low they are?
  2. GO Transit

    GO Super LO's are starting to appear on other routes. There were 2 at Union station for the 16 and one on the 40 at Richmond Hill Center Terminal waiting.
  3. GO Transit

    Tree branch guards, they will hit the bars first as opposed to the window and (in theory) give the window a longer longevity and prevent branches from cracking the glass in reality, not really from what i have seen in Hong Kong
  4. York Region Transit \ Viva

    staff most likely
  5. GO Transit

    That will be coming this summer and will transition into daily service upon completion of the summer term from what I've heard
  6. York Region Transit \ Viva

    There was a big black rectangular thing behind the rear right window of a Miller D40LF, there was a small square cutout in the middle for something. Does anyone know what i'm talking about, or seen it before?
  7. Miscellaneous TTC Discussion & Questions

    there isn't but north of Doncaster diamond it's CN's territory and they have to negotiate with them ahead of time for the track usage as it effectively takes 1 track out of service for CN leaving them with only the Bala West. So i doubt they would be willing to do it.
  8. Miscellaneous TTC Discussion & Questions

    Not sure for a planned shutdown, but for an emergency shutdown there is no organization, all divisions help out and pull buses from routes or leaving the garage. also streetcar shuttles aren't a thing
  9. GO Transit

    probably something to do with the fact that they save on the need for a cab car at the other end since a pair is used almost always, unless it's a 6-pack
  10. GO Transit

    ^this and Bi-levels are too wide to fit up to the sub from what i heard
  11. GO Transit

    It's either Steeprock or East Gwillimbury
  12. MiWay

    basically this, and you'll get the rare case where the door interlock won't work, and they have to shutdown the entire bus which for some reason the doors will finally close
  13. MiWay

    There's an audible alarm that goes off when the door override switch is flipped. So i guess they chose to ignore it seeing how there's a door-interlock brake when the doors are opened.
  14. GO Transit

    Governed speed is 110km/h
  15. Streetcar News

    saw 4041 a few days ago doing 504, has it just come back from refurb? the body looks impeccable.