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  1. 6096 and 6094 on flatbeds parked on the west side of Keele between the 407 and Steeles around 2:30. 6094 fleet number is white.
  2. 8412 on 60D, 8411 on 60F today around 4pm, both westbound at Dufferin.
  3. I agree. Someone put a lot of effort in creating those blueprints and the bus on rails is almost believable!
  4. Four buses on the 510 Spadina today. Are the TTC really that short of streetcars? Anyone know the real reason?
  5. Sorry, should have stated it was on Yonge between Steeles and Finch on the 53. Practically all 53 in the rush hour are 7000s. The 53 express are all artics.
  6. Yesterday 7009 southbound on Yonge broken down with fluid all over the road.
  7. TTC 9057 on 7! I thought this was supposed to be a Malvern bus. York 1412 on 91
  8. 1286 on Steeles West; bike rack is missing.
  9. You may buy into the Liberal promises, but there is no doubt a lot more could have been built if they hadn't thrown money down the drain with their billion dollar fiascos.
  10. There were a lot of bus manufacturers in the UK pre the Thatcher sell-off. Leyland, AEC, Bristol, Dennis, Daimler, Guy etc. Probably too much competition or restrictions on imports to make it viable.
  11. The Liberal transportation plan is just that; a plan. Until the funding is forthcoming don't bet the farm on the Liberals doing anything. All they do is form committees to study everthing to death without doing anything!
  12. I thought 17 was an Eglinton division route (even though it runs on Birchmount). Has it been moved to Birchmount division?
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