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  1. 2329 has been retied and listed for auction on GovDeals https://govdeals.ca/index.cfm?fa=Main.Item&itemid=274&acctid=5676
  2. It also appears that they have figured out the layout of the iBus, Presto, and farebox. According to a driver friend of mine, he was told that they (people responsible for setup) were still in the process of doing adjustments before actual training starts for all drivers. Photo credit goes to my friend.
  3. Some Red Deer D40LFs being auctioned off on Osman Auction Inc. https://www.kijiji.ca/v-other-heavy-equipment/edmonton/1998-new-flyer-d40-lf-s-a-transit-bus-8-available/1308280212?enableSearchNavigationFlag=true https://www.facebook.com/OsmanAuctionInc/photos/a.664968156858997.1073741826.114042148618270/1558106624211808/?type=3&theater
  4. https://www.kijiji.ca/v-heavy-trucks/calgary/ex-city-units-1-of-4-availible-diesel-auto-only-40k/1293320176?enableSearchNavigationFlag=true Some D40LFs in Calgary.
  5. There are various reasons why a feature photo is selected. It doesn't just go by the amount of significance a bus has. Other factors include the photo quality, and the location where the bus was when it was photographed matters as well. Of course you do have the right to ask why a certain photo was not selected, but calling it a disgrace to transit heritage isn't really the appropriate term to use IMO. Yes, I do agree it is the right time to have a shot of a YRT Orion V as the feature photo for a week as like you said, their significance is being the last high floor buses in the GTA and they just retired. However asking the admins "Something with a little more significance please?" seems a bit disrespectful. I have had my photos get rejected in the past even though I thought it was significant at that time to be posted, but I respected the admins' decisions on the photo they chose in the end. It's a feature photo submission which means you are entering a contest and its up to the judges to choose. Transit heritage isn't just about the best buses ever made. Buses that performed the worst in its lifetime are also part of the history. All buses ever produced are part of history and is part of the transit heritage regardless of how well it performed.
  6. Doesn't matter. Drivers got a chance to check it out when it was at the garage the day before it was at celebration square. Not all demos transit agencies try out are put in service. Oakville tried the BYD and XE40 demos but never put it in service. It's not that easy to put a demo bus in service. There's costs involved in doing that such as insurance, maintanence, firebox installation, etc . Therefore transit agencies that are actually serious and are thinking about getting electric buses in the future will test it thoroughly.
  7. As far as testing electric buses, MiWay has only demoed the BYD artic back in 2016 just right before OTE. As far as I know, the only plan for electric vehicles at MiWay in the future are change off cars. A tender just closed for 5 small vehicles (presumably for change offs), however it does not state in the description that it has to be electric or not. Details are all in the documents along with the required specifications. So we will have to wait and see what comes up in the end wether electric cars are happening or not. I'm not surprised that they are ordering new cars as C210 just retired and the Aveos look like they're ready to go as well... https://www.biddingo.com/*.main?toPage=landingpage/StBidHistoryDetail.jsp&bidOrgId=11003030&tndrId=27277928
  8. https://govdeals.ca/index.cfm?fa=Main.Item&itemid=273&acctid=5676 2315 is also listed for auction on GovDeals now
  9. No. One should not assume when they will enter service. Right now they are still figuring out where things are going to go since this is a completely new bus to MiWay. Such as the ibus in the location on the dash is normally where the Presto DCU unit is. Next, they have to train ALL drivers on the Novas as well as the mechanics. Yes, the buses are to be at Central however, keep in mind Malton drivers come here on the weekends to take a bus to do their routes up in Malton. So who knows when they will enter service. It could be before 2018 or it could be after.
  10. They WERE to have 10 years. They are still under the 12 year lifespan even though they are being retired this year... Can you bother scrolling to older posts and find the answer yourself? It was answered multiple times already.
  11. No it doesn't just depend on the engine. Other stuff may cost a lot to fix which may not be worth the cost if the bus is being retired in the next couple years. ANY BUS can live long if it gets taken very well care of, not just 40 footers.. Not true, the bus can be repaired, it's just the back area that was burnt. If the bus was completely burnt to the ground then its obviously beyond repair. 0920 is already 9 years old so probably the repair cost was higher than the vehicle's current value. Doesn't matter. Its retired, its not coming back, that's all we know Like I said before, any bus can live for long if it gets taken good care of. Come on guys, @Silly Tilley said 0920. It's quite obvious that he got the wrong fleet number... Edit: A general note for everyone: If you are not sure what happened to a specific unit, please flip back to previous pages to find out. There are so many questions asked recently that were already answered. Such as what happened to 0888, 0879, 0920, etc
  12. Where the hell did you get 6 years? Artics are still on the 12 year lifespan. And stop, you're not that old.. MiWay used to be on the 12 year lifespan for all buses beginning with the 98xx Orion VIs however it was changed to 12 years for 30's and 60's and 15 years for 40's.
  13. More like the stuff underneath the bus got badly damaged and was beyond repair given that the bus is on its way out...
  14. If it's a block that is supposed to be out all day then it's supposed to get a blue 40" however some runs such as run 71 where it does one trip of the 107 before going doing the 70 may get a local bus given that the bus for that block doesn't leave the garage until 306pm which by that time they could have run out by then.
  15. That's always been the case... You don't just walk into a garage..
  16. The route 70 uses local 40' buses which means any 40' local buses can be on that route. There is no specific rule that the 70 must get newer buses.
  17. Have you even been to Greenwood? That's trespassing and you have been informed about that before. Regardless if there are signs posted or not, it is still considered private property and unauthorized entry is considered trespassing. If you get caught, don't say nobody told you..
  18. You know.. Checking other forums might help answer your questions before you need to ask. Just saying.
  19. Mariella has been discontinued. The Novas will come with Gemini seats with the same seat insert design as all local buses have.
  20. Oakville Transit : 8109 still kicking on the route 4 this evening.
  21. Counter-intuitive? The whole purpose of the side seats is so it makes more standing room in the back for people stand up there. How many seats did we lose by making them side facing? Not many... but how many more people can stand in the upper area?
  22. You do realize that those D60s were replaced by a chunk of the 2005 D40LF order right. They didn't just retire and not get replaced... It was decided at the time they would get more 40's instead.(posted on page 313). These 30 Nova artics are for replacements (it was mentioned in older posts that we are getting approx 30 units.)
  23. Must be one of the recent ones that were auctioned off on GovDeals.
  24. The back is all side facing seats. I presume MiWay is trying to encourage people to move all the way to the back now. This bus has the Voith D864.6 transmission along with the Cummins L9 engine.
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