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  1. Can anyone tell me what is the: "GO TRAIN OPERATIONAL STRATEGIC PLAN" in particular as it refers to Oakville?
  2. Two years ago, the bridge across the 16-mile creek in Oakville has been widened to accommodate a third rail track. Why was the bridge not widened by an additional meter to allow for a footpath across the bridge? The additional costs would not have been very high. Currently, several new high-rise buildings are going up on the east side of the creek. For the people in those buildings, it would have shortened the distance to the train station (West of the creek) considerably if such a foot bridge would be available. Unfortunately, they will now have to walk down the hill to the creek and up again other other side to the station. Regrettably, a lot of people will instead use their car (either to the station or all the way to Toronto). Does the reason for the missed opportunity lie in the failure of coordination between the various decision-making authorities (VIA, CP or CN as the owners of the tracks, GO transit, Town of Oakville)? Surely, safely is not a valid reason. It would have been easy to properly fence off the foot-path from the rail line.
  3. I believe that important opportunities have been missed with the new UP express, as it is not well integrated with the GO system. (1) Why is the line not planed to extend - may be only at a later time - to Kitchener? The airport station should be built as a "through-station" (and not as a terminal station). There is a population of over half a million living west of the airport along the Kitchener line. If these people like to go by train to the airport, they would have to go to Toronto first!!! (2) Trains to the airport should be fully integrated into the existing GO-train system. With some sophisticated scheduling, it should be possible for anyone living along a GO-line east of Toronto to travel to the airport without changing at Union Station. To make mattes worse, the new UP station is not directly at Union station. Keep in mind that people going to the airport usually have a lot of In order to entice people to use public transport, if must be made extremely convenient.
  4. Good idea to get in touch with Metrolinx, however it is sometimes difficult to get through to them. Is anyone of Metolinx a member of cptdb?
  5. I am a firm believer in a clean and logical layout, and two stations do not fit that objective. Why should one station building lead to more overcrowding? After all each train uses its own track (and possibly it's own platform) thereby keeping the crowds for the different trains apart. If there is overcrowding, it is not due to the station building but rather the layout and space of the tracks, platforms and tunnels. May be they are designed too small
  6. I can't understand why it is so difficult. It is possible, as shown at the combined VIA/GO station in Guelph. It doesn't cost money. To the contrary combining the stations would be less expensive. Regardless whether you use GO or VIA the ticket counters should be sufficiently staffed to avoid long lines. That is just good customer service. People going by VIA - say from Oakville to Ottawa - would have to go most of the time by GO to Toronto, therefore being exposed to the same problems that you mentioned. VIA trains in Oakville are using their dedicated platform, therefore not interfering with the GO-train crowds. People not familiar with the Canadian transport system may be confused seeing two stations side by side. I saw people going to the VIA station asking for a ticket to Toronto, only to be sent to the other station.
  7. Recently, a new VIA station has been built in Oakville, right adjacent to the GO station. Can anyone tell me why these stations have not been combined under the same roof for the convenience of the customers? I know that VIA and GO are two separate legal entities, but with some efforts it should have been possible to collaborate.
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