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  1. As logical as your idea is (I'm always hoping for more service hours!), it is very unlikely that the original proposed frequencies have been modified due to Covid. Any reductions along those lines would have needed approval from numerous parties including city council, city administration, and the transit union. In other words, if that were the case we would have already heard about it through the media or other official sources.
  2. I concur with @M. Parsons that as disappointing as some of the frequencies seem, we might not be getting the whole picture yet. IIRC the FTN frequencies are still advertised as "xx minutes or better." The frequency lookup might just be reporting the MINIMUM frequency as opposed to the actual frequency including every single school and/or peak extra run. I'll repeat myself again I guess... I'm waiting for the actual timetables before passing final judgement I really like the new maps -- much easier on the eyes.
  3. I'll admit I laughed pretty hard when I read this To Edmonton's credit, there are also not that many cities that have managed to double their population and land area every 20 years or so? Not that the city should be excused for being incapable of planning ahead, but I suppose that is at least a little bit of an excuse?
  4. I'll agree that I can see that one becoming an issue! If I were going to make a change there I'd propose a rte 3a/3b, where the 3a is the planned Westmount-Stadium via 111 Avenue rte 125 replacement and the 3b turns NB 124 Street, WB 118 Ave, and then terminates at the 142 Street / 118 Ave trolley bus loop. Dunno if the ridership would be enough to justify frequent transit on both branches, but it would be nice to have the direct connection.
  5. I disagree. The vast majority of the businesses are clustered around 100 Avenue, 95 Avenue, or Meadowlark, all areas that will still have service in the new network. For those specific zones, the loss of a bus directly down 156 Street will mean an extra two blocks of walking at most. Recall that the whole premise of this system is to streamline the service at the expense of convenience for a handful of people. Also consider that this matches the West LRT alignment with the same three stops (Jasper Place, 95 Avenue, Meadowlark) being the only service in that corridor. Is it a perfect solution w
  6. I agree that it was most likely changed to accommodate West LRT construction. The network approved by city council in late 2019 included the West portions of the routes 1 & 2 pretty much unchanged from the previous system. It appears these routings have now been modified to increase service reliability during LRT construction. The West portion of the rte 1 was eliminated entirely. The West portion of the rte 2 is now running out of downtown via WB Jasper Avenue, NB 121 Street, WB 102 Avenue (to replace the rte 1), then 142 Street SB (instead of 149 Street) and 87 Avenue WB. To cover t
  7. Strathcona 921-936? Those should all still be active with the possible exception of 929. I've shot a few of them recently. They have been GPS trackable for some time now. As of yesterday you will even see them on Transit55
  8. Thanks -- you are welcome. That data is just from random old photos. SCT 6021 = BZD-4495
  9. ETS DATS 5125 = BGC-9010 5168 = BJW-7298 5175 = BJW-7542 STAT 818 = BFZ-3460 (has probably been replated by now) 862 = BFZ-3340 (has probably been replated by now) 864 = BFZ-3342, now CCC-4339 868 = CCC-4345 878 = BFZ-3476, now CCC-4418 913 = BNV-4765 1405 = CBF-8246 SCT 2004 = RUA-389 2012 = BBV-1323 2014 = BBV-1400 2015 = BBV-1313 2022 = BBV-1312 2024 = BFG-3028
  10. 8038 entered service this afternoon.
  11. Nice dealer plate. Well done Benton I'll throw in a 5214. Looks like Chevy 4500 gasoline chassis.
  12. Apologies in advance for the off-topic... I have been lurking here for a while and I can answer this question. The best bus simulator available is OMSI 2, but it is 95% European content. If you are looking for an excellent driving simulation and are willing to try foreign cities/buses/routes then I highly recommend it. Just be warned that the learning curve is very steep and it is far from the most polished piece of software out there. The possibility is there if anyone ever wanted to make a Winnipeg specific mod for it, however I imagine that would take many hundreds of hours of wor
  13. Indeed. Possibly, but given that it is only one random block and it happened right in the middle of the week I would put my money on it being a fluke. Nonetheless, I have definitely been wrong before so I guess tomorrow will tell!
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