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  1. Indeed. Pure speculation, but I imagine having A/C helped their case to stick around! Both are now equipped with driver shields.
  2. Edmonton Transit Service #4954, a 2019 New Flyer XD60, running Southbound out of Downtown Edmonton via Connors Road as a route 8 - Mill Woods Town Centre. To help facilitate social distancing, ETS' articulated buses have been deployed on many atypical routes in the past few months. The route 8 last saw articulated bus service in June of 2018.
  3. 247 out on the bridge this AM, presumably doing testing. I guess we could potentially see streetcar service this summer?
  4. Thank-you for reaffirming my suspicions. If anyone else around here thinks otherwise, please speak up lol. The reason being... Both recordings are in fact Edmonton Transit XD40's. The problem is the first recording is a 2018 unit and the second recording is a 2020 unit. In other words, they must have switched back to the B400 in response to issues with the B3400xfe or something. Needless to say I was really second guessing myself when I heard this on a 2020 unit the other day. Related: I assume that Allison has still yet to produce an updated version of the B500 for articulated buses? Our new XD60's out here definitely sound like B500's.
  5. Can anyone identify these Allison transmissions based on the sound? I am intentionally leaving out the bus models etc. to eliminate any predetermined bias hehehe. B400 or the new B3400xfe? allison.mp3allison2.mp3
  6. 4291 showed up on the tracker this morning as well.
  7. A bit of driver training action this AM:
  8. Assuming they receive the predicted number of diesel buses this year (7110-7201) in addition to the 20-30 (40?) electric buses and the XD60's, they should in theory have enough to replace everything up to 4300. That being said, there are also a handful of 4300's that could be retired... I suppose we just need to wait and see at this point!
  9. Sure enough... that bus somehow managed to get a driver shield installed. I guess the 2001's live on!
  10. Many thanks for the heads-up! I shall stand outside when it goes by my place this evening to see if it in fact has a driver shield... around March 16th was the last day that anything below 4310 (aka anything without a shield) showed up on the tracker.
  11. 7154 is out at the airport right now and sure enough it is tracking as "unknown."
  12. 4959 entered service this morning on route 1/111/125.
  13. Indeed. Right now there is a notice on the ERRS website about postponing the start of service this year, so the system's operations in general might be very limited this summer.
  14. True x2. Keep in mind 4612 is only used occasionally, with part of the reason being that it doesn't really "fit" in with the theme of the park. A CLRV/ALRV would be that much further out of place! I suppose it would be a better fit for the High Level Line, but there they are limited to barn capacity and the current inability to run more than two cars at a time.
  15. Ditto That being said, it would be ideal if they could time it for the first day of the system redesign which has now also been pushed back to mid-2021.
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