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  1. 8013, the latest unit to return in the standard livery.
  2. 8009 in blue, with some obvious work done toward the rear of the bus. Last active November 2020, this particular unit was only in service for a handful of weeks before disappearing.
  3. Ah thank-you sir; that explains it! Logically I only checked the Edmonton section (using keywords such as ETS, Proterra, electric bus etc. etc. etc.) for a post about Edmonton.
  4. You mean the post from two days ago that we replied to? Clearly our responses were unsatisfactory?
  5. Well that's unfortunate... I would have loved to have helped, but I cannot seem to find said topic. Nothing appears in your user history going all the way back to the beginning of 2020 when the buses first arrived on property.
  6. https://transit55.ca/ According to the ETS Ride Guide, Northgate is the Northern terminal with the most routes so you may want to start there. Once again, as helpful as it would be for one of us to say go to a specific terminal/place for photos, ETS just doesn't operate that way compared to other cities -- electric buses can turn up anywhere and are often in different places from day to day. Using T55 to make a specific plan will be much less frustrating.
  7. For the record, 8020 was the last white unit to track in service on August 12th. I suspect the remaining ones have all been sent out for repainting at this point... Your best bet is to use T55 to check during peak hours. Most ETS blocks are interlined across 3,4,5,6,7,... different routes, so it is unusual for any bus to stay on one route for more than a few hours at a time.
  8. Doesn't look like it, although I imagine the option is available, especially for the larger coaches.
  9. Presumably. IIRC those buses are owned by the City of Beaumont, so even if the operators end up being PWT contract drivers rather than ETS employees it will still end up being the same buses. It will be interesting, however, to see where the buses end up as right now they are allegedly stored and maintained through ETS.
  10. Mega bump. The wiki is up-to-date regarding the mergers, but there are still quite a few separate threads on this forum so I'm not sure where the best place for this spotting is. In any case, the current official name for this company is Gray Line Westcoast Sightseeing, and it also includes the former Big Bus Vancouver and Vancouver Trolley Company operations (naturally all four companies are still represented as separate threads around here ). EV 491, one of two BYD highway coaches delivered in 2019. https://westcoastsightseeing.com/two-electric-buses-have-arrived/
  11. Vancouver Island Connector / Tofino Bus / Wilson's BYD highway coach trial for Nanaimo-Victoria route. https://www.vicnews.com/news/electric-bus-on-trial-run-serving-victoria-to-nanaimo-route/
  12. Apologies for cross-posting... will post this in the appropriate motorcoach section as well. Vancouver Island Connector / Tofino Bus / Wilson's BYD highway coach trial for Nanaimo-Victoria route. https://www.vicnews.com/news/electric-bus-on-trial-run-serving-victoria-to-nanaimo-route/
  13. This spotting could go in at least three places in this section, but I figure it best fits here based on location. Apologies that it is not a BC Transit operation. https://www.westerlynews.ca/news/tofino-launches-electric-summer-shuttle-pilot/ The bus itself is the same 35' unit that was used on the Camosun College shuttle... I believe the operation was discussed in the Victoria thread at some point. That service has been suspended due to Covid, so I guess Wilson Transportation figured they might as well put the bus to use during the summer months.
  14. Well it turns out that at least one Proterra has returned with a new paint job, so you could very well have seen 8003 in blue & silver... 8008, August 2020: http://www.barp.ca/bus/alberta/ets/2020zx5max/ets8008-j2.jpg Today: Now the question is what defect did it have that merited sending the entire bus away for repainting...
  15. Lol -- no worries. I only ask because 8003 was/is in the electric bus livery so it would be very strange for it to have been repainted unless it was a replacement bus or different unit altogether!
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