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  1. 409 = KJU-675 411 = KLW-252 413 = KLW-255 414 = KLW-256 415 = KLW-264
  2. 104 has already been replaced. Not sure if this is the permanent version or yet another temporary unit seeing as it is still lacking complete decals... Plate A-16865.
  3. I can verify -- you are correct with CHM-4391.
  4. #101 = plate A-00802. Another different style of bus, on Ford Transit chassis as mentioned earlier.
  5. 102 = A-17042. Same body style and chassis as #103.
  6. #104 = plate A-07909. This looks like the same body style as #105. Creative Carriage CS-2 according to a tip. https://creativecarriage.com/product/community-shuttle-cs-2/
  7. The 100-series low floor shuttles do not appear to be standardized like the 200's and 300's. I initially assumed that they would all look like #103 as pictured above, but there are at least three variations so far across only eight buses. #101 has a Ford Transit chassis, while #105 has a ProMaster chassis but with some sort of standard van body. The simplified On Demand livery, however, is still consistent between these units.
  8. Yup, I'll admit defeat on that one lol. Having spotted a few now they all appear to be in the same spot.
  9. #101 is a low floor model on Ford Transit chassis, so there is some variation in that fleet as well.
  10. With all due respect to you and your friend (I don't know the specifics outside of what you mentioned above), it seems that 90+% of the issues people are bringing up on social media etc. start exactly the same way. "I know someone who knows someone who's kids take transit and the new system is less convenient for them etc. etc." OK, fair point that the new routes will inconvenience the odd person, however comments such as this fail to consider why we needed the redesign in the first place. There are still far too many people in this city who consider transit to be a shuttle service for those w
  11. Hey no sweat -- I'm impressed that you got such a detailed response out of them! Accurate or not, it is always interesting to keep up with all of the "inside" speculation and rumors
  12. Seeing as this was never mentioned around here... Strathcona has had new Nova's on property since at least January. Up to 2035 are confirmed to exist, however there could be more. 2029, 2033, and 2034 entered service at the end of March but have not been active much as of late. 2033 is on a local run this afternoon.
  13. I like that idea, however the thinking is pandemic equals spreading people out rather than generating more ridership and revenue. With transit usage currently hovering around 50% of normal ridership (similar to other parts of the country with the pandemic), the last thing they want to do is scare away more people by having overcrowded, unsafe trains. While it would be nice if these riders would turn to the bus network instead, in reality that situation would most likely turn them off of taking transit entirely. Because Edmonton is overwhelmingly a "driving" city (statistically around 80%
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