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  1. Somewhat. All 40 units are consistently active, however the AM peak bookout rarely exceeds around 26/40 units. The PM peak is often less than 20/40 units, and midday rarely exceeds 10/40 units. No electric buses are dispatched on weekends or holidays. It is tough to say whether this is by necessity or if ETS is just reluctant to operate the buses in general. It will be interesting to see if an increasingly larger fleet eventually forces them to run them more often.
  2. No it isn't. Here is the pilot project info: https://www.eralberta.ca/projects/details/alberta-zero-emission-hydrogen-transit-azeht/ The New Flyer manager who posted the image also clearly specified that it is indeed one of the Hydrogen buses.
  3. New 40' buses (presumably Nova LFS) are entering service for Strathcona. 2034, 2035, and 2037 have been on the road in the past week. Four total (2034-37) would make the most sense. The five 2020's (2029-33) replaced the three 2005's (921-923) and two of the 2006's (924 & 929). Four buses would be enough to replace the remaining 2006's (925-928), none of which have run so far this year anyway. Will reconfirm for the wiki in a few weeks depending on what turns up.
  4. Nice catch. I'm surprised that wrap has survived for so long... apparently I shot it all the way back in June of 2008
  5. Bump. Thought these would all be dead by now... Fin 225 (C-FKPT, 1992 A320-200) at YVR. I rode it back to YEG yesterday after thinking that my ceremonial last ride on one of these should have been like three years ago at this point lol.
  6. New for 2022: 6027-6030 (highest spotted so far). These are very similar to 6020-23 (2018 delivery) and 6024-26 (2020 delivery)... ElDorado Advantage bodies.
  7. IIRC, that is just the default message that shows up when there is a programming glitch with those Luminator signs. A1 Message for front, A2 Message for side, A3 Message for rear.
  8. Fixed---thanks for mentioning it. They are diesels. I went out there for photos last year and I remember being surprised by them... so odd now that everyone has gone gasoline, but I suppose these are just that old at this point!
  9. True, but cutting back frequency "AGAIN" is a bit misleading... those cuts have already been in effect for a few weeks now purely due to a shortage of available drivers. That document dated February 2022 is just a formalization of what has been on the website since around the second week of January. Just like when non-vaccinated drivers was an issue in December, I'm sure they will figure this one out in the coming weeks...
  10. Very cool! Service vehicle question: are #43 (Chevrolet C60 sander/dump truck) and #77 (Ford C-Series flat deck) still around?
  11. 8013, the latest unit to return in the standard livery.
  12. 8009 in blue, with some obvious work done toward the rear of the bus. Last active November 2020, this particular unit was only in service for a handful of weeks before disappearing.
  13. Ah thank-you sir; that explains it! Logically I only checked the Edmonton section (using keywords such as ETS, Proterra, electric bus etc. etc. etc.) for a post about Edmonton.
  14. You mean the post from two days ago that we replied to? Clearly our responses were unsatisfactory?
  15. Well that's unfortunate... I would have loved to have helped, but I cannot seem to find said topic. Nothing appears in your user history going all the way back to the beginning of 2020 when the buses first arrived on property.
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