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  1. Heh, curious about the source of that news as that is the first I've heard of it! Nonetheless it doesn't surprise me... On a related note (seeing as we are already somewhat off topic hehehe), the wiki also lists those buses as having Detroit Diesel Series 50 EGR's... as far as I know they are just standard S50's no?
  2. If you are interested in bus photos, I recommend... Downtown: 100 Avenue stop South of Jasper Avenue. 104 Avenue between 109 and 105 Street. West: West Edmonton Mall . North: Northgate TC. South: Southgate or Century Park Stations. If you visit all four areas, you will see basically everything from every garage, including the regional stuff
  3. My guess is it disappears seeing as 4933 has already been spotted without it. Definitely interesting that it made it onto the exterior decals! 4875 with the N... note the missing camera to match. I don't believe it ever made it into regular service with the N intact.
  4. http://www.barp.ca/2019updates.html
  5. Yes please! Thank-you, as I've been rather lazy in my research and any info helps hehehe.
  6. An "early access" version of my Sydney section: http://www.barp.ca/bus/special/tnsw/tnsw.html My favorites are the 15 meter Ansair/Scania units... nice ride despite being 25-26 years old!
  7. Looking at the photo, the design reminds me of the VanHool and Setra coaches of that vintage... perhaps not many were imported on account of being very similar to existing coaches in the market at the time?
  8. Heh, didn't think about the demos... thought he was referring to the production units in general, but alas In that case I would not be surprised if the internal numbers end up being 6014 and 6015 for this pair!
  9. 6000's maybe? I suppose they could start at 6014, or just skip to 6100 or something.
  10. My guess is 4900's as the order should only be for around 23 buses (replacement of older units as well as expansion for the new Heritage Valley Park N' Ride)
  11. http://www.barp.ca/bus/special/cairns/cairnsbus.html A bit of a running joke... yes, it is possible to catch a TransLink bus to Edmonton in some corner of the world
  12. No it was pretty much an all or nothing deal
  13. Thanks! I added some bus photos and I will have a section for Sydney up next. It is definitely worth checking out; everyone was pretty friendly (no awkward questions about photos) and it always helps when it is an English-speaking country! Keep an eye out for flight deals. A round trip flight from Edmonton to Melbourne was less than $800 PP, but my wife and I had to buy the tickets around 10 months in advance.
  14. My apologies if I missed it, but seeing as there doesn't appear to be a general Australia thread around here... Some Melbourne trams: http://www.barp.ca/bus/special/ptv/ptv.html More to follow as I work though several weeks worth of photos. Enjoy!
  15. It is a mobile farmers' market business. It travels to various locations (parks, seniors' centres, etc.) throughout the city on weekends and even made it into a city parade last year https://www.google.com/amp/s/globalnews.ca/news/4118823/edmonton-farmers-market-bus-fruit-vegetables-cd-fresh-express/amp/
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