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  1. Is there anyone got called for testing or got anytthing in email for recent Posting in oct ?
  2. Is there anyone got called or got anytthing for recent Posting in oct ?
  3. Have u ever received any email after testing u passed the test or not or did ur online profile ever changed.
  4. Anyone got email or update after recent miway test
  5. But they specifically said do not call or email.It just a waiting game I think.
  6. Application under review. Will I still have chance
  7. K. Thanks. So I did not get any email which means I did not pass the test because its been more than a week.
  8. Thanks for ur reply. Because at the test they said with in a week we will let u know the results,one of my friend got an email that he did not pass the test but I did not get any email yet ,so after the test will they email u with in a week for an interview booking ?
  9. When did u apply and gave test and how soon after test they call u for interview,cause I did my test on 25 oct 2019 and I did not hear back anything.
  10. Hi just want to get some information. Do u ever receive any generic email from miway transit after the testing that thanks for applying and they have selected other candidates or ur status get updated to anything that application unsuccessful
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