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  1. STC 17089, 2017 IC CE... too many ICs in Ontario!
  2. Very nice, do you have any other school buses to share? Mitzvah Bus Lines also has a rare 4-way warning light Blue Bird Vision Here's a retired Phoenix bus... 2005 IC CE.
  3. What a beauty! Would love to see any other school bus shots you have!
  4. Love it! 1999
  5. Thats too bad... Which yard were they at? Above it just says Northern Alberta
  6. That'd be great! Would love to see them! Sinton 1144, 2005 Blue Bird Vision
  7. I heard something about the 2005 Eldorados retiring, hear anything about that? Rode 5128 on the yellow line today, it's a very quick route haha.
  8. Yeah, those were some great buses!
  9. Blue Birds right?
  10. Interesting find! Is this still there?
  11. Ok will do. I will check the yard sometime this week maybe to see if theres any others.
  12. 1601 & 1602 at North Division
  13. I think 2009?
  14. I was wondering what Willco's oldest bus is to this date?
  15. Sure is a shame that Southland no longer has any GMC 6000 buses in service. Those buses were such gems!