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  1. What rolling stock is most likely to be used? I was think HEP2s and F40s is possible, maybe RDCs.
  2. I had a small Fuji film digital camera, meant to be dust proof, water proof, and very durable, I took it in pools I recorded under water then one day I went swimming in a salt water pool and took it 60cm under water and it just died, I could only save a few photos on the SD card the rest were lost. I then got a Canon SX160 then later on I got a Canon HF R500 I was in Pittsburgh and an NS intermodal went by and I was going to record it but I dropped my R500 no visible damage and works fine. PS that was only a few days ago and I was in Altoona PA saw NS 34 and Chicago Belt Railway MP15AC 150 and lots of cool stuff at Juniata Shops it was a great trip I recommend you go to Galittzin Tunnels, Horse Shoe Curve, Altoona Works and Rose Yard and the Railroaders memorial museum.
  3. Probably standard because some Russian railways and Chinese railways use standard as well as Canada and the US of A
  4. So I was talking to a man who works for Trillium and the North - South passenger train is very possible but the first would have to do track repairs. The stations probably would be Merriton Yard, somewhere in Thorold but I don't know where and then the old NS&T station in Port. Colbourne witch happens to be Trilliums HQ.
  5. No offense but that is just ridiculous. The only High speed rail in Canada that would make sense is Toronto-Ottawa-Montreal or Calgary-Edmonton.
  6. OC Transpo evacuated people under lock down by D60LF's.
  7. PCHR has 5 ex-ACR passenger cars stored in wainfleet but when I went on a rolling stock selling company's website I saw the 5 ex-ACR passenger cars still up for sale, did they not remove it from the website yet or is a private owner storing them in wainfleet or is trillium planning to use them.
  8. This morning the Niagara Go Train was six cars, does anyone know why?
  9. I am from Ontario what can I expect in terms of the amount of buses in the HRM?
  10. Some new bus stop signs are in Port Weller, Merriton and anywhere with new bus stops,
  11. The Class 70 is a six axle Co-Co mainline freight GE PowerHaul locomotive series manufactured by General Electric in Erie, Pennsylvania. The orders in 2007 for 20 units, with an option for a further 10, for Freightliner for operations in the United Kingdom were the first orders for the PowerHaul type; General Electric's product code for the class of loco is PH37ACmi.
  12. Some people like, some don't. Now let's discuss it, I have seen 607 in real, the train I was on started in NFS then I boarded in St. Catharines heading to the CNE the trip was normal until we reached the Willowbrook Yard and TMC and I saw a BBD 2000 series Bi-Level with it's doors partly painted In the new scheme. Then we reached Mimico to our delight 607 pulls up with a wired consist. 607, Cab, Bi, Bi, Bi, WC, Bi, Bi, Bi, Cab. That was caught on video, to me I like the new paint but, digitally it looks bad. Oh and BTW I got off at Exibition and saw the 607 from the platform.
  13. Anyone ever been on an operating S13? I know I have.

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