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  1. I used STS for the first time since early March today. Buses currently load through the rear doors. A piece of nylon strap keeps passengers from approaching the driver once they're onboard. No fares are taken. Signs are used to indicate which seats passengers should and should not sit on. And a crew regularly comes onboard to quickly spray down surfaces at the downtown terminal. Interestingly they're running a Vicinity on Route 8 this afternoon, which I took heading back to Centre Mall from downtown. The driver actually drove past a couple waiting at one of the 8th Street bus stops. I assume that's because the bus had reached its full load of passengers.
  2. Transit has announced that Route 808 will be discontinued. It regularly used the Vicinity buses.
  3. So I actually did see 830 the other day. I only saw the front, with the Novabus logo and gold paint visible.
  4. And that siting of 107 almost a month ago was the last time I've seen a low floor STS bus.
  5. I saw a ghost on 8th Street today. 107 came driving along. The sign said not in service. I saw it about 15 minutes later parked in the bus stop on Moss Avenue.
  6. Too bad about 830. I'd been thinking about taking a couple of photos of it. I'm guessing its problems are why the current Traxx Shoes wrap has lasted as long as it has.
  7. Has anyone seen 0830 on the road lately?
  8. The City of Saskatoon has a 250 million dollar shopping list for Saskatoon Transit, much of which they hope to get federal funding for. https://thestarphoenix.com/news/local-news/saskatoons-transit-project-wish-list-pegged-at-250-million
  9. I saw 1904 on Route 18 University Friday night while waiting for Route 18 College Park on Boychuk.
  10. Saw 616 broken down at Confederation Mall bus terminal this morning. Brad's Towing was on scene to haul it away. I assume the cold weather caused it problems.
  11. Since we're supposed to get another set of Novabus units in 2019 I wonder if this might be a sign they've been delayed for some reason.
  12. Artics also run on Route 18, because the buses on Route 18 become 50s and 55s when they reach the University of Saskatchewan, and 50s and 55s become 18s when they reach the University.
  13. A bus was involved in an accident Friday night at the intersection of 108th Street and Egbert Avenue. There are no pictures of the immediate aftermath of the accident, so we don't know yet which bus it was. https://thestarphoenix.com/news/local-news/pickup-truck-passengers-injured-in-collision-with-saskatoon-city-bus
  14. Having ridden a Vicinity my take on them is that they seem kind of cramped. The seats appear to be narrower than the seats on the 40 foot buses. They've been running them on the Route 2 and 10, which seems a bit odd, as those buses can pick up pretty heavy passenger loads at times. One good design choice is that the seats that are located where a wheelchair parks simply flip up. The latched front seats on the 40 foot buses sometimes are a bit difficult to unlatch.
  15. Gotta catch them all! It was 1715's turn today to service Route 3. That makes sense, since the current version of Route 3 seems to be pretty low traffic. I've wondered for a while if they won't be used a lot for Route 15, which presumably has few riders most of the time.
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