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  1. I got in trouble today by admin saying the photo I took was illegal and now allowed but somehow this was not in the rules or else I wouldn't have posted. My car was in park and was not moving. Bus took up 2 lanes at lift lock in Peterborough I don't get it why he started at me. So just to let y'all know you can not take photos in the drivers seat.
  2. I was in park. I was waiting for him to turn. So it was not illegal. That's 2 lanes he took up so threw my car in park and waited so no this was legal sure if I was driving. Ask me private message me. Stuff like this make me mad. I wasn't in the wrong. If it was please make people aware of this being not allowed Only time if its illegal by the OPP is if the car is in park on brake so I was totally legal in this photo. Andrew burdette was busy today so going to call an ask him tomorrow
  3. During the summer they all get parked after summer is out and only needed for spares and MTO requires them to have certain number of buses or is it insurance anyways one of them requires them to have so many buses. Its normal in the summer to see them parked to late august then go in for repairs and safety Hmmm who told you that do you remember this guys name? I was told by more than one driver its not supposed to be in service. Maybe they had no Choice and temp out of retirement? Maybe they made a mistake retiring 14 I will call up a supervisor and ask what is going on with 14 and 04. And
  4. Well my bus driver friend confirmed that 04 and 14 is gone officially retired. 48 2nd gen nova is having a bad time. Awful death tick smoking heavily and 53 a third gen nova caught fire a few months ago like in June/July 2013 due to NovaBUS factory left oily rag in the engine compartment so was shipped off to Montreal to get it fix and was there for a month. He didn't confirmed what was fixed on it but did some damage. 53was in service yesterday There is no schedule but around 2:30 pm you will see classics going by and VIs also the specials stop around 4 and they go on the rush service on
  5. Seriously twelve? Geez. Are they for sale? The last one I have seen I attached at Strathcona Yard near Edmonton AB. I miss these old workhorses. Taken with a Canon Rebel T2i
  6. GMDF59PH

    Woodstock Transit

    Sorry for being a little burry but both old girls are still in the garage looking good, I wish she was out when I got a photo of her on July 8 2013. According to the female supervisor the Classic will be retired next year and the LFS' will be inspected and sent out for service, I told them it is best to keep them as spares. She said the New Look will most likely not pass safety they think next time it need to be inspected. 16 is officially retired confirmed by her, and now a parts donor for 14 (oh no!). Sad but what can you do right? Hopefully they will keep the 14 as a historic bus like Londo
  7. Total fail on this one, my phones shutter speed slowed for some reason, causing a delay in getting this 3rd Gen Nova. OOPS! I was stopped when taken. This one was having a light pole in the way making the bus destination sign half missing. I was not pleased about this photo. Extremely backlit and grainy CP photo during an afternoon and the angle of the photo was not great... making the photo a total fail but still on the artistic side of it I liked the rays coming off of it. This is a Welland Transit Blue Bird, this photo is very distorted and making the bus look kind of weird. But th
  8. when will the H6's be officially retired? Is there a set date?
  9. Moving to Red Deer or Lacombe Alberta! Soon!

  10. wishing I was on a MCI Classic! Especially Ex Santa Monica! ... Ptbo in Sept in order! Trent East Bank!

  11. wishing I was on a MCI Classic! Especially Ex Santa Monica! ... Ptbo in Sept in order! Trent East Bank!

  12. don't get smart with me! I am just figuring out if it was to be a commuter bus back in the day or passenger, duh it says Edmonton on it so obviously it was going to Edmonton!
  13. How many SD40-2F's are remaining or are they all getting overhauled? I saw one in Alberta at Strathcona Yard in the winter. Thats the last time I saw one. Are they all being sold off like the SOOs SD60s
  14. These arent too bad, the GM's are better but they are bouncy! I almost flew off my seat. Good times in Edmonton! I got one at Southgate!
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