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  1. http://www.stcatharinesstandard.ca/2017/09/18/welland-transit-to-rebrand
  2. http://www.stcatharinesstandard.ca/2017/02/22/live-at-530-council-meets-on-inter-municipal-transit St. Catharines city council is voting tonight on the future of inter-municipal transit.
  3. Is it that bad to be "haunted" by a brand new bus? lol Nice pictures, I've always been fond of the Waterfall livery.
  4. Interesting, this Amtrak train tracker has added VIA. http://asm.transitdocs.com/
  5. May I please have my username changed to VIATrain95. Thank you!
  6. Huh. I didn't know St. Catharines ordered any arctics.
  7. Can my username please be changed to GOTrainBus Thank You.
  8. VIATrain95

    CN Locos

    Where I live most trains have three locomotives.
  9. St. Catharines Transit

  10. I've seen a six car Niagara GO train stop in St. Catharines heading to Niagara Falls on the Friday night before Victoria Day weekend.
  11. Saw XD40 1401 on King St. in downtown.
  12. I have no idea but maybe you should check the transit systems website. Also Canal days is all long weekend.
  13. Spotted XD60 #1460 on Canal Days shuttle.
  14. http://www.stcatharinesstandard.ca/2014/06/18/great-deal-on-used-buses
  15. I said no one has seen them out, so don't update it.
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