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  1. West Coast Express will be operating on Canada Day with Canada Day Express: http://www.translink.ca/en/About-Us/Corporate-Overview/Operating-Companies/WCE/Canada-Day-Express.aspx
  2. If automated at grade LRT would need to be approved by Transport Canada and if they don't approve it your plan falls apart. Then what is your plan then? I think TransLink plans on expanding the current OMC. I don't think we need a third yard because trains could be put on slidings on the guide ways or at the terminus stations.
  3. Service has been restored to Marine Drive Station.
  4. If we just going to automated LRT might as well just use SkyTrain since we don't need build a maintenance base for trains and train stuff on how to fix major issues when the trains crash into cars or people, or stop moving due a computer glitch.
  5. ATO may not becoming back soon to Metro rail: http://wamu.org/story/17/04/06/metro-shelves-plans-bring-back-automated-trains/
  6. I know, I actually didn't suggest building a bus lane on highway 91 today.
  7. Somehow I think the mayors and provincial governments would most likely choose SkyTrain over LRT.
  8. 1000 and 4000 series cars are to be phrased out by July 1st, 2017: http://washington.cbslocal.com/2017/06/07/metro-phase-out-old-trains-july/
  9. From today: https://www.flickr.com/photos/pets_and_ferries
  10. I am pretty sure TransLink would have to agree to that plan and nowhere have found or heard of single track loop around Richmond. I am pretty sure that Richmond Brighouse Station could be rebuilt or converted to dual track station.
  11. I personally think 410W not on Highway 91 during off peak is going to back fire on TransLink because it is adding delays that could be solved by adding a bus lane on highway 91.
  12. Blue Bus Fan

    Flair Air

    That is not a shocker because Flair Air basically does everything for Newleaf airlines except sell tickets.
  13. I heard that Capstain Way Station could start or be opened within five years. I don't think that TransLink thinks single track at Richmond Brighouse Station ain't worth fixing because they can operate more frequently and trains will go faster than today without Capstain Way Station.
  14. I don't mind your plan. But a couple of things: 1. I don't see a monorail being built anywhere in Metro Vancouver. 2. An Expo line extension to Langley Centre makes a more sense. 3. Another Expo line extension along Hasting seems more likely compared to monorail. 4. I see Port Coqualtam SkyTrain extension opening in 2020's to 2040. 5. The opening of the Broadway Subway extension of Millennium Line between 2025 to 2030
  15. I ask why the 410W was taken off highway 91 today. It is because highway 91 delays the bus more compared to Westminster highway.
  16. Blue Bus Fan

    BC Ferries

    M/V Salish Reaven has arrived in Victoria: http://www.cheknews.ca/bc-ferries-newest-vessel-arrives-in-victoria-328031/
  17. Blue Bus Fan

    BC Ferries

    The new 44-car Minor Class vessels construction to Demen Shipward Group: http://www.bcferries.com/bcferries/faces/attachments?id=1043829
  18. Amtrak is testing a new route that starts service this fall: http://www.wsls.com/news/local/amtrak-to-run-training-trains-between-roanoke-and-lynchburg
  19. The new transit centre location has been controversial: http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/questions-remain-over-controversial-prince-george-bus-plan-1.4055804
  20. Campbell River Transit could be see an expansion of 1500 hours: http://www.campbellrivermirror.com/news/campbell-river-could-see-increased-bus-service-this-fall/
  21. Blue Bus Fan

    BC Ferries

    BC Ferries may stop the M/V Salish Orca at Blubber bay on the first sailing to Comox and the last sailing to Powell River on Wednesday and Saturdays during two summers for a trail period:www.prpeak.com/news/bc-ferries-considers-texada-island-service-improvements-1.20291339
  22. I throught there was going to be a fare increase over the next ten years even if the referendum passed.
  23. Have 8117 or 9735 been retired or transferred from Regional District of Nanaimo Transit System?
  24. But it would make the route more reliable and faster which could mean one less bus which means that bus could be in service on a different route.
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