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  1. 1. The transit police would just travel around on buses and trains checking tickets.

    6. TransLink would publicize the reward system on social media and the media. I understand that people should be aware of rewards. 


    Why did not mention the distance base fare because we really need to award people who use and try to make people driver less. But they could revamp the zone based system to make more fare if you go one or two Stations from the last Station in zone boundary excluding Scott Road Station to Columbia Station, you should be considered a single zone rider only if use a Compass card, bank card or cell phone with card on it. 

  2. 5 minutes ago, maege said:

    1. Could work, possibly more fare evasion with less peer pressure and uncomfortable looks at the driver, but likely not a huge issue.

    2. Let's do it already!

    3. I'm not sure I follow what you are suggesting. Are you saying showing compass card for a 5% discount or something at stores?

    4. I wouldn't mind, but there would be a very large capital and ongoing cost to such a system, especially if it is all BC Ferries and BC transit. I could see having the ferries that serve Horseshoe Bay and Tsawassen supporting it, along with Victoria, Fraser Valley, Whistler, and maybe Nanaimo transit systems. Any reach beyond that would be impractical and a waste in my opinion. 

    5. Possibly coming via Android/Apple/NFC pay at the same time as Debit/Credit NFC payments start being accepted at Compass readers. 

    6. Pointless with fare capping and most people wouldn't keep track of it anyway. 

    7. Yup, see 5

    8. Probably not, especially since people at the poorest margins of society are the least likely to have credit/debit/phone to pay with, so they would take the hardest hit. That along with visitors from other countries that may not have nfc compatible credit card (debit systems are not interoperable between Canada and other countries) or phone with necessary NFC chip or support for payment methods.

    1. It would have Transit police a point now?

    2. Yes a discount for showing a Compass card. 

    4. Compass system would be hand off to Provincal Government and TransLink would get money back from building and operating the system. 

    5 and 7. Ok 

    6. I see your point but disagree with it since the system would do for you. 

    8. TransLink should, anyway,introduce a low income option where you get cheaper fares and free card. 

  3. I wish TransLink would use Compass system to its full benefit by:

    1. All door boarding every route at all stops. 

    2. Elimation of months passes and day passes by capping the fare each day and monthly fare cap. 

    3. Discount at stores to increase transit useable.

    4. BC Transit and BC Ferries joining the Compass system.

    5. Cell phone Payment.

    6. Offer free rides after a certain amount of trips.

    7. Credit and debt card payment on bus and fare gates.

    8. Trying to go to cashless system.

  4. 3 minutes ago, maege said:

    The could theoretically decide the fate of all the lines. However, there are a few things going against that:

    1. The money has already been committed. Both the province and the feds have committed money for the LRT plans.

    2. All 3 parties seem to be supportive of the LRT plans, and the Liberals especially have been attempting to be much nicer to Translink and Mayor's Council since the election. 

    3. Once the L line gets built with LRT, it will be virtually impossible to build the Langley line with Skytrain due to the much higher cost, which would make the project go significantly over budget.

    1. I don't remind hearing anything about that.

    2. True.

    3. But public, mayors and TransLink might change there mind if there are a lot crashs and a lot of system delays due traffic. Langley Line could easily change because no one has putting funding towards building it. 

  5. 19 minutes ago, maege said:

    You don't need people to vote in a referendum to have a scientific survey, polling agencies do them all the time for nominal fees. It's just laughable that one poll is being attacked as unscientific and not representative (which may be the case), while referring to another poll and suggesting it has more validity when the poll you refer to is blatantly unscientific, not representative, and completely self-selected.

    I highly doubt that news paper, City of Surrey or TransLink wouldn't pay to have specific poll with just one important question if they already know what they building. 

  6. 6 hours ago, maege said:

    I saw those before, and neither have anything that resembles origin and destination information. Just a random note, that while the article attempts to discredit a City of Surrey survey as being unscientific(.)

    I know it is not scientific poll because having referendum to decide on what to build would be waste of time and money. 

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  7. 2 minutes ago, cprted said:

    That isn't my argument at all.  My point was that the population of the North Shore supports the level of service that is has (multiple bus connections in addition to the SeaBus) and that Bowen doesn't have the population to necessitate increased service, especially a niche market, passenger only ferry.

    So then would you support a bus service from every other city in Metro Vancouver to Downtown Vancouver when SkyTrain could handle all the passenger? 

    But the route could be peak only during the off peak hours and all day, seven days a week during peak season to help reduce the operation costs.  

  8. 28 minutes ago, cprted said:

    That's because the North Shore has 49x the population of Bowen Island ... you're proposing a solution for a problem that doesn't exist. 

    But your argument seems like duplication of service is waste of money. So, TransLink should use same logical of they use for SkyTrain making a stations the terminus for buses. So all those routes should been moved to Lonsdale Quay. 

    A passenger only ferry could help Bowen Island economy grow stronger because more tourists could be drawn to it because of the direct service to Downtown.

    28 minutes ago, cprted said:

    If there was enough demand for a direct to Downtown water connection from Bowen, don't you think Cormorant Marine (Water Taxi company) would offer that service?

    No because the service would probably need be subsidized like the rest of transit service or maybe TransLink hasn't approved them to operate the route. 

  9. 3 hours ago, maege said:

    I'm assuming you're referring to the Bowen Express bus, which I assumed would likely disappear. The proposed ferry would still duplicate the current ferry and 257 (and any future transit improvements to Horseshoe Bay). If looking at it from just getting to/from Bowen Island, if people aren't going to either downtown or Horseshoe Bay for a final destination, the new ferry would also be duplicating the task of getting to/from the island. 

    SeaBus has many of 209, 210, 211, 240, 241, 246,  247,  250, 253, 254 and 257 duplicate part of route and hasn't effect the SeaBus ridership that much.

  10. 31 minutes ago, maege said:

    1. If it is 100 with the Queen of Capilano, fair enough, all the numbers I found on BC Ferries still list 87 though. 

    2. It could, but the reason for that gap is low usage, and there is a water taxi currently too if needed. A brand new, and much longer ferry route with frequent all day service would be a very expensive way to add 2 additional trips to the current ferry. 

    3. I'm assuming that bus became the current 257, which is widely utilized by all passengers at Horseshoe Bay. A ferry has much higher operating costs than a bus and has quite a bit larger capacity, even at the smaller end. I would not be opposed to better Horseshoe Bay to downtown service, but the ferry would have ~30% or less potential user base compared to Horseshoe Bay, and higher operating costs, while at the same time retaining the current capacity on the current Horseshoe Bay -Bowen Island ferry. I guess my main question is how would there be a positive cost/benefit ratio for what you propose, and how would it make sense from a financial perspective? Especially compared to providing better, faster, more frequent connectivity to all of Horseshoe Bay?

    1. Then reduce without any prior wrong or even doing a new release.

    3. It not route that down by TransLink it self. It is operate by Bowen Island Community Transit. BC Ferries may help pay for operations during construction. Horeshoe Bay is or will become over capacity that is why BC Ferries is or did consider eliminating the Horeshoe Bay to Departure Bay route. So Bowen Island could benefit from trying to help capicity at Horeshoe Bay because of the direct route. Hell, the route could be peak hours during off peak season, and all day, seven days a week during peak season.


  11. 3 minutes ago, maege said:

    1. So you are now saying the same schedule to Horseshoe Bay with more capacity, AND a brand new service to downtown, which would likely have even higher capacity than Horseshoe Bay currently due to a higher frequency?

    2. It definitely does get used quite a bit as it is the primary access to the island, but it still only operates roughly once per hour with a 2.5 hour gap in the middle of the day.

    3. I'm not saying it wouldn't reduce the usage of Horseshoe Bay, it would some, but a single ferry from Langdale or Nanaimo has over 3x the capacity of a Bowen Island ferry. Additionally, you are now suggesting the larger Bowen Island ferry, which could eliminate some of the reduction. 

    It seems makes sense to focus on serving the largest potential user base (all Horseshoe Bay passengers) instead of only a subset (Bowen Island passengers) with a service that would create a significant oversupply, leading to greater operational losses. 

    1. From 2015 until BC Ferries change all vessel car capacity the Queen of Capilano could carry 100 cars per sailing, so no it is giving Bowen Island route the original capacity back from the upgrade. I don't see BC Ferries building another class of vessels from 44 cars to 100 cars.

    2. The Downtown route would be good use to eliminate the gap in service and gave people an alternative to BC Ferries. Bowen Island Community Shuttles can be timed to connect to that route which would have better on time performance.

    3. Since Bowen Island is part of Metro Vancouver BC Ferries may want TransLink to lunch a route during construction at Horseshoe Bay. BC Ferries tried a direct bus Downtown to Bowen Island when the Bowen Queen was on route that has been proven to be a complete success and TransLink took over contract of route. So I see passenger only ferry to Downtown being a successful in getting ridership. 

  12. 21 hours ago, maege said:

    I don't believe there is any passenger only service, only the combined vehicle/passenger ferry. Are you saying you would eliminate that?

    As @cprted stated, it's low usage (partly due to low population) that's responsible for the gap, and a ferry to downtown doesn't solve that. If congestions is the main concern, I would think the other two ferries coming into Horseshoe Bay that carry many times more passengers and vehicles would be a much larger priority for providing efficient transit.

    Basically, I feel like the frequent ferry to downtown isn't a bad idea per se, it's just that Bowen Island doesn't have anywhere near enough population (or tourism) to come anywhere close to making it practical or sustainable, other than maybe for a peak run or two in each direction. I believe it would be better to focus on very good transportation for all people that use Horseshoe Bay, not just Bowen Island, as that would have a larger impact on higher ridership, reduced emissions and reduced congestion.

    1. Keep the same service but with a better vessel for the route such as another Century Class or a new 100 car shuttle class.  I think most people might look at the Downtown route as more directly, easier to get Bowen Island and cheaper since it would be three zone transit ticket to ride the route.

    2. Actually Bowen Island ferry gets a lot of use because they need increase the car capacity on the vessel. Also Century Class was going to be built for route and the Island Sky was built for spefic route. 

    3. It would help out Horseshoe Bay because less people wouldn't go Horseshoe Bay which needs a rebuild which means BC Ferries will need to take one less step on reducing the car and passenger capacity at terminal.

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