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  1. 4 minutes ago, Evan Hancock said:

    please update on the wvmt cptdb wiki that 994, 998, and 971 are retired. they haven't been in service for the past couple weeks. not a big surprise with the 5 new xd40s

    Do you proof? I do believe you but I throught the XD40 where for expansion of service now not replacement as planned. 

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  2. 4 minutes ago, Mark Walton said:

    Will they remove the trolley wires from Broadway for construction, and not replace them afterward, the way they did on Cambie when the Canada Line was built?

    I don't know, I am going to say no because they would need to convert 9, 14, and 16 to diesel buses. I don't think VTC would have enough or room to operate the 9, 14, and 16 as diesel buses.

  3. 21 minutes ago, Michael Marriott said:

    What future routes?  The grid in that part of Vancouver is complete, and any added routes would wind up overlapping both existing bus routes and rapid transit.

    You would eliminate two stops, but add a stop that takes longer to access negating any time savings.

    Plain and simple, a bus loop at Olympic Village is an idea that doesn't make sense and would actually be detrimental to transit.

    Maybe re-routes for buses routes, such as 16 because the route could service as local stop version of the tram. A Community Shuttle route for Kitsilano and around other neighbours. Also bus route between Olympic Village to Brentwood Station via West 4th turning left turning onto Quebec St, then left onto Terminal Ave, East 1st Ave then right onto Gilmore Ave, then left Halifax St, then right onto Willingdon Ave then terminating at Brentwood Station, this could be conventional bus or community shuttle. Maybe a shuttle to and around Granville Island. The 23 could also extended to service Olympic Village Station. 

    But once the Tram line opens I could see Olympic Village being a min hub for Vancouver. 

  4. 14 minutes ago, maege said:

    If by a bus exchange, you are meaning bus loop, I can't see that happening since Olympic Village would be in the middle of all the routes, and there would be no route starting or ending at Olympic Village. Pulling off the road and into a loop for one stop doesn't make sense unless there are a number of other buses that have a beginning/end/layover there. Since it is only 3 bus routes and Olympic Village is just one stop in the middle for them all, a loop doesn't make sense. 

    I'm not sure how the 15 would stop at Olympic Village and then continue onto Cambie Bridge. The only thing I could come up with is if the 15 would have a new stop on Cambie just on the south side of the light at 2nd/5th Ave before continuing across the intersection and up onto the bridge. That would mean riders would have to walk ~130m  and cross two crosswalks between Olympic Village Stn and the bus stop though, which is doable, just not ideal. Additionally, the downside to replacing the 17 with the 15 on Cambie bridge is that there would be ~30% less trips from Cambie in downtown headed south across the Cambie Bridge in a day, whereas there is already tons of service across the Granville Bridge.

    As for the 50, I could see continuing to Science World, and do a loop (Quebec, Terminal, Main, 1st/2nd Ave) back towards Olympic Village. This would essentially follow the full proposed South False Creek Tram line then, and may help to see how ridership would be on such a tram line in the future.

    If you're going to extend the 9 to Brentwood, why not Lougheed or Production Way so it would serve the full length of the Millennium line not served by other buses already?

    I putting an exchange at Olympic because future routes could start and end there and to service tram and Olympic Village and it would eliminate two stops along the routes. 


    As for the 9, I don't think it would do anything to help anyone because 134 and 136 both service neighbours along the Millennium line. 

  5. 8 minutes ago, captaintrolley said:

    I like the 17 as it is currently because it is in and out of downtown quickly (many drivers also like that about the current routing) and also goes by the Save On Foods and Home Depot. Although I no longer live in Vancouver, when I did live there I found  the 17 to be very convenient for all of my travels. I am sure many people that still live in my old neighborhood would agree.

    Maybe both the 15 and 17 could service the routing. But I would get rid of the wires to extend the 9 to Brentwood Station. 

  6. I think that TransLink should consider doing major bus re-routes for 15, 17 and 50:

    1. Eliminate the interline between for the 15 and 50.

    2. 15 would take over Cambia bridge routing of 17. 

    3. The 17 would take Granville St bridge to Waterfront station.

    4. 50 would become circular route with a two way routing via the existing route which extend from Olympic Village Station via West 4th Ave, turning on left onto Culumbia St, then right on West 1st Ave then turning left onto Quebec St then left onto Keefer St, then right onto Abbott St, then left onto Pender St and right onto Cambie. This would elimate the one way routing in Chinatown. The layover stop will be in Olympic Village Station Exchange. 

    5. Build an exchange at Olympic Village Station which elimate the Ash St stop and Heather loop stops due it being close to both stops, the 15, 50, and 84 would service this exchangec 

  7. 1 hour ago, MBTANewFlyerXDE60 said:

    MBTA Bus Stock

    TMC (Transportation Manufacturing Corp.):

    1994 RTS T80206 [Active: 18] [Diesel] All Units Retired By 2018


    1995 RTS T80206 [Active: 21] [Diesel] All Units Retired By 2018

    NABI (North American Bus Industries):

    2003 - 2004 40LFW [Active: 115] [Diesel] All Units Retired By August 2017


    AN440LF (ETB) [Active: 28] [Electric Trolleybus] Equipped w/ Left Hand Door For Harvard Bus Tunnel


    More Coming Soon...





    There is better thread for this. 

  8. 17 minutes ago, Dane said:

    You're picking out small insignificant things that are out of the purview of senior management, observing a change, attributing to the incorrect person, and using it to justify a decision you do not understand. Please stop. 


    IT infastructure for the Province is now centrally managed. Fleet management is being amalgamated across platforms. You not knowing this is a bad reason to suggest someone be terminated. 

    It's show he how can reacts to certain people who disagree. What happens if he get physical with Mayor, Ministry in charge of BC Transit, bus driver or it happen again then he should be review because the CEO of BC Transit should know a lot better than to physical with another person.

    Vinicity issue that dissolve an independent review of senior management because it that shouldn't have been allowed or approved.

    The buttom part I agree. 

  9. 33 minutes ago, Dane said:

    Remember when we explained to you in great detail why you cannot just say fire people because you don't like something? Time to reflect on that again. If you truly think that the CEO resigning has any connection to institutional software management in an agency with blended IT then you're so unqualified to discuss that you're wasting your own time. 

    Yes I think he does have a lot of say in putting technology in the fleet look Kevin Desmond, compared Ian Jarvis on what they did for transit they didn't consider testing double decker buses or electric buses. TransLink is now considering double decker and electric buses for future bus orders. Also he has done a lot of bad things in my opinion to BC Transit, such as bring the Community Shuttle version Vinicity bus back to Victoria during job action and there also something that should kinda effect him, he got banned soccer games because he go physical with ref so that in my opinion should be factor into how effective he at handling things that he disagrees. So, that I think the Province should review his sytle and role as CEO for BC Transit because hopefully any other CEO wouldn't do these crazy things.


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