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  1. I am glad that not once but twice I get to hear those wonderful announcements.
  2. Canada line is in repeat announcements mode it kinda funny.
  3. They could be in shop getting repaired or they could be in storage, that doesn't mean they are retired. I personally see 971 being retired with an 2016 XD40.
  4. Do you proof? I do believe you but I throught the XD40 where for expansion of service now not replacement as planned.
  5. I wish that TransLink would sticker that says "Air Condition bus (train) - Open windows for emergency ventilation' more noticeable to passenger so people can actually follow what it says.
  6. There is actually a need remove the wires to build the station blocks along the route.
  7. I don't know, I am going to say no because they would need to convert 9, 14, and 16 to diesel buses. I don't think VTC would have enough or room to operate the 9, 14, and 16 as diesel buses.
  8. I kinda disagree with everyone about converting the 430 into a B-line because ridership justify higher frequency. I think the 430 should be improved before converting it into B-Line after the TransLink determines if justifiable B-Line.
  9. Probably was the only available to fill that block on the 10.
  10. I believe it was 024-023 because I just passed them few moments ago.
  11. But it has been the first time XDE60 has been on an all day block during a normal weekday on an other VTC operated route.
  12. Blue Bus Fan

    BC Ferries

    M/V Salish Eagle has official entered service: http://globalnews.ca/news/3543952/bc-ferries-second-of-three-new-vessels-to-hit-waters-on-wednesday/
  13. From yesterday: https://www.flickr.com/photos/pets_and_ferries
  14. Amtrak is building another locomotive centre in Seattle: http://www.railwayage.com/index.php/passenger/amtrak-plans-new-seattle-locomotive-center.html
  15. Maybe re-routes for buses routes, such as 16 because the route could service as local stop version of the tram. A Community Shuttle route for Kitsilano and around other neighbours. Also bus route between Olympic Village to Brentwood Station via West 4th turning left turning onto Quebec St, then left onto Terminal Ave, East 1st Ave then right onto Gilmore Ave, then left Halifax St, then right onto Willingdon Ave then terminating at Brentwood Station, this could be conventional bus or community shuttle. Maybe a shuttle to and around Granville Island. The 23 could also extended to service Olympic
  16. This photo should be File:Coast Mountain Bus Company 3315-a.jpg
  17. I putting an exchange at Olympic because future routes could start and end there and to service tram and Olympic Village and it would eliminate two stops along the routes. As for the 9, I don't think it would do anything to help anyone because 134 and 136 both service neighbours along the Millennium line.
  18. Not unless the Mayor retired or doesn't re-run for re-election. I don't see what the problem with this necessary extension for the 9.
  19. Maybe both the 15 and 17 could service the routing. But I would get rid of the wires to extend the 9 to Brentwood Station.
  20. I think that TransLink should consider doing major bus re-routes for 15, 17 and 50: 1. Eliminate the interline between for the 15 and 50. 2. 15 would take over Cambia bridge routing of 17. 3. The 17 would take Granville St bridge to Waterfront station. 4. 50 would become circular route with a two way routing via the existing route which extend from Olympic Village Station via West 4th Ave, turning on left onto Culumbia St, then right on West 1st Ave then turning left onto Quebec St then left onto Keefer St, then right onto Abbott St, then left onto Pender St and right onto Cambie. Thi
  21. It's show he how can reacts to certain people who disagree. What happens if he get physical with Mayor, Ministry in charge of BC Transit, bus driver or it happen again then he should be review because the CEO of BC Transit should know a lot better than to physical with another person. Vinicity issue that dissolve an independent review of senior management because it that shouldn't have been allowed or approved. The buttom part I agree.
  22. If TransLink is getting rid of prefixes on HandyDART and Community Shuttles buses. Why doesn't TransLink eliminate the prefixes on Conventional Buses?
  23. Yes I think he does have a lot of say in putting technology in the fleet look Kevin Desmond, compared Ian Jarvis on what they did for transit they didn't consider testing double decker buses or electric buses. TransLink is now considering double decker and electric buses for future bus orders. Also he has done a lot of bad things in my opinion to BC Transit, such as bring the Community Shuttle version Vinicity bus back to Victoria during job action and there also something that should kinda effect him, he got banned soccer games because he go physical with ref so that in my opinion should be f
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