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  1. 5 hours ago, GORDOOM said:

    No, but Vossloh Kiepe (the manufacturer of the Xcelsior trolleybus' electrical systems) has such a system, which they call In-Motion Charging. I've said before that I think XTE40s using this system would be an ideal fit for us.


    But TransLink would need to customer order or joint order with King County Metro, and MUNI for some XTE40 or XTE60 

  2. 16 minutes ago, GORDOOM said:

    They've modified them a couple times (on the buses and on SkyTrain) and people still open windows. It's not about the signage, but rather about people who don't read and don't follow directions.

    The TTC had such a big problem with this that they actually bolted all the tip-in windows closed on their A/C-equipped buses, even knowing that this would mean BO'ing any bus without AC in the summer.

    TransLink should beef up signage to see if it does anything if doesn't lock all windows. 

  3. 14 minutes ago, GORDOOM said:

    But that's much shorter stretches of wire, unlike the Canada Line where the entire overhead and its support poles had to be removed right from downtown to Marine.

    True but still the trolley routes will need to be modified to deal with this issue. 

  4. 9 minutes ago, greblos said:

    My goof!  I forgot there were three 30' plus three 35' Dennis on the roster.  0102 and I believe 9059, 9915 were in the shop simultaneously.  I've spotted 0102 back in service recently.  Of the three buses, one had an electrical fault, one had a transmission failure, and one had a major coolant leak.  As far as I know, one has been decommissioned and has been/will be sent to Victoria.  I'll see if I can confirm.

    This is better place to have this discussion.

    But, thank you for about what is happening in Comox fleet.

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