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    BC Ferries

    Queen of Nanaimo will be returning to service tomorrow: http://www.bcferries.com/bcfservicenotice?id=1052679
  2. But Marapole Loop is directly across from VTC. I am just using same logic as not to transfer the 27, 28, 29 to VTC from BTC.
  3. I could see the 100 being transferred back to VTC because HTC doesn't seems like logical place to base it out. I could see 134 and 136 moving to PCTC seven days a week.
  4. How about XD60 for PCTC and BTC that are limited to SFU routes, 701, or Lougheed Highway B-Line.
  5. I wish that TransLink would have D60LFR a refurnishment and transfer 6 to RTC and rest to West Vancouver Blue Bus for use on 257 and 620 and both routes would get all door boarding.
  6. But TransLink would need to customer order or joint order with King County Metro, and MUNI for some XTE40 or XTE60
  7. 1007 which is "Sorry, Not In Service" at 41st Ave and Fleming st, broken down after couple of trips on the 41. 1007 by Blue Bus Fan, on Flickr
  8. Fromm today: https://www.flickr.com/photos/pets_and_ferries/
  9. Agreed. BYD K9 must not be that reliable because Los Angeles Metro sold theirs five units back to them.
  10. Delays on Expo line between Joyce and Commercial Broadway Station, I believe there is bus bridge set up.
  11. True but is seems odd that problem did come up during training or testing the bus before it enter revenue service.
  12. 1007 has broken down on 41st Ave and Fleming st. Hopefully this test does eliminate testing with XE40 and Nova LFS Electric buses on the 100 since this bus has been complete fail, every second day of service it has broken down.
  13. Did the BYD go back to VTC? I am asking because it's not shadowing the 9508 anymore.
  14. 21-212 are wrapped for juice maker.
  15. The two double decker buses will be on three month trail: https://www.langleytimes.com/buzz/double-decker-buses-to-be-tested-in-metro-vancouver/
  16. Blue Bus Fan

    BC Ferries

    M/V Queen of Naniamo has cancelled all her sailing today and foreseeable future: http://www.bcferries.com/bcfservicenotice?id=1049992
  17. V12024 on the 10 on Granville St Transit Mall portion of the route: V12024 by Blue Bus Fan, on Flickr V12024 by Blue Bus Fan, on Flickr V12024 by Blue Bus Fan, on Flickr
  18. TransLink should beef up signage to see if it does anything if doesn't lock all windows.
  19. True but still the trolley routes will need to be modified to deal with this issue.
  20. This is better place to have this discussion. But, thank you for about what is happening in Comox fleet.
  21. I did, I just Compass card customer service desk to get it.
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