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      Saddened by loss of Winnipeg Transit driver   02/15/2017

      We are saddened by the loss of Winnipeg Transit driver Irvine (Jubal) Fraser who was attacked while on the job and unfortunately passed away.
      A GoFundMe page has been set up by Winnipeg Transit colleagues to help Fraser's widow and family. We wish to extend our condolences to family and friends affected by this tragic event. View CBC News Article: Man charged with murder in attack on Winnipeg Transit driver
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      Upcoming Server Move   02/18/2017

      Hello everyone! Please be advised that CPTDB and CPTDB Wiki will be unavailable starting the evening of February 25, 2017. We will be moving to another server. Users will be unable to view or post content during this time. We expect it to be up sometime on Feburary 26, 2017. A new announcement will take the place of this one, so you will know when the site is online and you are accessing it from the new server. Thanks! -A. Wong
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  1. Major fare changes will happen in fall 2017: http://buzzer.translink.ca/2017/02/fare-review-phase-2-is-a-wrap/
  2. That is good. Do have any ideas on the numbers of the XT60 for the G Line? Will the other Seattle funded RapidRide routes funded in the city be five door buses? 3 doors on normal side for doors and two doors on the drivers side.
  3. That is good to hear that the two more RapidRide now has name and letters. Will the RapidRide G buses have five doors compared to the normal two or three doors?
  4. 1,500 more hours are coming to Campbell River: https://bctransit.com/campbell-river/news/article?nid=1403647223618
  5. From today: https://www.flickr.com/photos/pets_and_ferries/
  6. No gas tax for Victoria so no transit improvements: http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/no-gas-tax-increase-puts-victoria-transit-plans-on-hold-1.3994764
  7. From yesterday: https://www.flickr.com/photos/pets_and_ferries/
  8. That is good to hear. I wonder if 15013 and 15014 will be transferred back to BTC?
  9. 51 more hybrid articulated buses will be coming to Metro Vancouver: http://www.translink.ca/en/About-Us/Doing-Business-with-TransLink/Bidding-Opportunities/Open-Bids/Q17-006.aspx First delivery should arrive by April 30, 2018.
  10. Some photos of H16031 and H16034: H16031 by Blue Bus Fan, on Flickr H16031 by Blue Bus Fan, on Flickr H16034 by Blue Bus Fan, on Flickr
  11. I will add this information to the wiki because it is updated yet.
  12. The WSDOT Seimens Charger's should starting arriving in early April: http://www.railjournal.com/index.php/north-america/siemens-charger-on-test-in-pacific-northwest.html?channel=535
  13. Air Canada plans to have all planes in four years and 777 and 787 will be repainted within 18 months: See more at: https://www.skiesmag.com/news/air-canada-rebrands/#sthash.xXC5mah3.dpuf
  14. I just saw it on his Flickr account which says the photo was uploaded on February 15; but, I don't when @Jeffrey Ngai saw it.
  15. Can we have this page renamed TransLink SkyTrain Edmonds Operations and Maintenance Centre