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  1. 79.4 in Halifax right now.
  2. A Sky Lease 747 cargo plane landing in Halifax from Chicago overshot the runway shortly after 5am this morning, coming to a stop only about 50 meters from a public road. The four crew members on board were taken to hospital with minor injuries. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/nova-scotia/halifax-airport-landing-747-1.4895103
  3. 4218 was also sporting a Jurassic World wrap on 501. Took a pic of it at Neville Park loop on May 24.
  4. Classic #980 is now retired (according to one of the Maintenance Supervisors at the Ragged Lake Maintenance Facility). Here is a pic of it on the hoist being prepped for towing to the scrapyard. https://www.flickr.com/photos/bass_head/18511588456/
  5. I lost my digital camera at Pearson Airport last night. It must have fallen out of my backpack at the security checkpoint when I was taking my laptop out or putting it back in. As soon as I noticed, I went back to the checkpoint, but it wasn't there and no one had turned it in. I sent an email to Pearson lost and found with all the details (make, model, serial #, etc.) in case someone turns it in. I also have a StuffBak sticker on it, so hopefully whoever found it will contact StuffBak to return my camera.
  6. A good news story about a Halifax Transit operator helping a lost dog get reunited with her owner.
  7. I'm 3-for-8 now. Two free coffees and a free donut.
  8. 1-for-5 so far. Won a free coffee on my large triple triple this morning.
  9. 93.4 in Halifax (89.9 at Wilson's stations if you pay with cash or debit). Gas predicted to go up 6-7 cents a litre at midnight.
  10. 97.5 in Halifax until the Utility and Review Board adjusts the price next Friday.
  11. You're probably thinking of the one that was on top of the Stratosphere Tower (the High Roller). That coaster has been gone for a few years now. Click to watch a pretty good video of The Big Apple coaster.
  12. My favorite is the Dueling Dragons coaster (now Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey) at the Universal Orlando Islands of Adventure theme park. The Big Apple Coaster at New York New York in Las Vegas is pretty good too.
  13. You know you're weird when you use the TTC TR Subway door closing chime as your text notification...and you don't even live in Toronto. Bing. Bing. Bong. Please stand clear of doors. I've gotten more than a few weird looks.
  14. Thanks. You got some really great shots. I especially like the shot of 975 on the lift with it's engine cover and the panels around the rear window removed.
  15. I went there and, you're right, it was pretty fascinating. Click here to see some pictures I took and a video going through the bus wash. Sorry about the quality of some of the pics and the video. Forgot my camera and camcorder in my car so I had to rely on my iPhone.
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