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  1. New transit system announced a couple of days ago linking Belleville and Picton https://www.intelligencer.ca/news/local-news/transit-system-rolling-in-county?fbclid=IwAR3Cxy8KvJoNkPvK_gKK-KUVzZ4ulVkHk9Vc2kTy6JdCA-QebQ6U9QlChHI
  2. Not enough attention has been paid to understanding viral load, that is what dose of virus induces disease. Low doses of virus may cause milder disease which, as we are finding, could explain why so many people are asymptomatic or mildly ill. They have time to mount an immune response that is effective. The super spreading events all have in common that people would receive large doses of virus. https://www.cbc.ca/news/health/asymptomatic-covid-19-1.5629172?fbclid=IwAR1hmmqQ7bcoiSiOD-U5riZcfbyj7SW1fX_j8XwpbxSAEc3U4i_u6BzHdzU This is a bummer...
  3. Looks like a similar set of pictures I saw last week at an event in Windsor many years ago. I frget what someone suggested the event was.
  4. https://www.quintenews.com/2020/04/15/belleville-transit-gets-5-million-to-buy-buses-and-upgrade-shelters/?fbclid=IwAR0Hl-KgQySkssNzDNSpyWIhsR6CJTPhz9THbaAR9oOTib7iP0DvgWnFGYE
  5. Sent from a freind on Twitter, any ideas on what this was?
  6. Tweet from Belleville Transit yesterday.
  7. This happened on the 23rd, but still of interest, city police stated that it was determined the bus broke down due to mechanical issues and 'no further action is required. https://inquinte.ca/story/rear-wheels-fall-off-belleville-city-bus?fbclid=IwAR13W8LJQ3HdZx5-HFsT5W4_k55N1IPFD6Ymb7cMseGEEiukIzGwYZ2J8os
  8. I was always under the impression they were related somehow as it seemed to be too much of a coincidence two people with that unique last name both in Canadian show business, but there does not seem to me much evidence online that the two were related.
  9. I added this to Vintage OC Transpo, but this also would be of interest here. The latest issue of Transfer Points got ne thinking of this Charles Lahickey photo from July 11, 1979, along Queen Street, Gray Coach Lines 1412 alongside PCC 4412. Note the what looks to be an OC Transpo Teletranspo RekVee Clubcar in the opposite direction very far from home. If there is any doubt the bus is an OC Transpo unit, the fleet number appears to be 9769--97** series number of these buses. I seem to recall reading that because the RekVee buses were owned by the province they often got shuffled around to different agencies i.e. a Kingston Transit RekVee could find itself in TeleTranspo service and vice versa. Or could TeleTranspo buses ever find themselves doing charter work?
  10. As well as the seamless windows would also indicate a/c on these particular GO buses although seamless windows were not a requirement for a/c equipped buses, they seemed to be preferred for some agencies like Chicago and the Southern California RTD. To add to Dan's point, the a/c worked wonderfully on these buses, but on this day I took this photo of 1100 September 1, 1997 the a/c did break down on an exceptionally hot day. It was the only time I ever had been on a GO New Look with malfunctioning a/c and on that day it was brutal. It was also the first time I had ever opened a New Look roof vent as evidenced in the photo, requested by the exasperated operator as I was the tallest passenger on the bus. I say exasperated operator as he was getting a lot of flack from the overheated passengers.
  11. Loving my newest Rapido bus TTC 8330. Just curious, did this esrie of bus have a different roof vent/emergency escape hatch configuration?
  12. TTC 2811 heading Eastbound on Eglinton just past Laird January 12, 2003.
  13. This happened in Trenton, Ontario around 2:30 this morning
  14. TTC 2294 starting up, May 5, 2010. TTC 2294 and 2255 heading north on Bay, May 5 2010.
  15. TTC 6216 on a very cold January day in 2003.
  16. https://bramptonist.com/recent-changes-on-kitchener-go-line-actually-mean-worse-service-for-brampton/ I got this in a text from a Brampton friend of mine--he is screaming blue murder abou this. I'm not as familiar as I should be on this issue but it seems the article leaves out some points. But again, I'm not as familiar with this as some of you might be on this board.
  17. I managed to get a few photos of the ex UTA buses back in December 1997. I realized I may not have posted any in GM Fleet reminiscing
  18. I believe it's being refurbished--I might be wrong.
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