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  1. VIA Rail Canada

    http://www.intelligencer.ca/2017/09/01/rail-line-concerns-prompts-council-questions This article Appeared September 1st.
  2. Transit Related Dreams

    I seem to have a recurring theme to my dreams in which I will Belleville or sometimes Kingston will have purchased a second hand TTC New Look bus, often in the maroon and cream. I arrive to get a photo only to find I have missed the last bus. The thing is the dreams are so vivid, and the excitement is quite palpable, I have often woken up rather excited about the prospect of these ex-TTC buses until I fully wake up and realize it was a dream.
  3. Buses in the RAIN!

    Orion VII demonstrator at Nathan Phillips Square, on a cold rainy day January 1001.*/ A rainy October 2007 on Dundas Street, Belleville.
  4. Buses in the RAIN!

    TTC new Looks July 1997 after a heavy shower at Eglinton.
  5. VIA Rail Canada

    Here is a question, I always wondered before VIA Rail, how was passenger service divided between CN and CP? I do know that CP operated the commuter service in Montreal. But did CN have the majority if the East Coast and CP had the west coast? CN I assume had the Windsor-Quebec City corridor, hence the VIA/CN program. There was never a CP/Via program. Odd question, a railway enthusiest like me should know but I never really thought about it until now, and I know I can get the best answers here.
  6. Feature Photo Submissions

    On a TTS event September 2004.
  7. Feature Photo Submissions

    Belleville Transit December 23, 2004 .
  8. Belleville Transit

    Refurbishment time perhaps? I wonder if they have a loaner bus now.
  9. TTC GM Fleet Reminiscing

    An interesting photo from Scott Richards collection showing 3109 at Birchmount garage. Of particular interest to me is the rear window fleet number decals. I never realized buses of this vintage got them, as a long time TTC historian, it is nice to be suprised sometimes.
  10. VIA Rail Canada

    I stumbled across this image on Google. I do not recall hearing about this, I'm surer there sure people on the board who know more about this than me. From the Canadian Railway Observations website.
  11. VIA Rail Canada

    http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/toronto/via-ruling-mobility-scooters-1.4092766 Thoughts?
  12. TTC GM Fleet Reminiscing

    That picture got me wondering about that tube that connects with the aluminum exhaust manifold I suspect covering the air intake pipe? Anyway I remember on a couple of Oshawa Transit new looks I recall they actually had vents on them. Dies anyone else remember seeing those vents/ I always wondered what there purpose was. I should clarify the vents were installed in the tubes in the interior of the bus leading to the exhaust manifold..so wish I too pictures at the time.
  13. Reactions to Transit Enthusiasts

    I forgot about this, the operator giving me a friendly thumbs up at Eglinton and Laird from this photo all those years ago.
  14. TTC GM Fleet Reminiscing

    I now feel inclined to share a few more New Look photos, from 1997-2003, enjoy!