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  1. 19303 is in downtown Vancouver for some sort of battery electric vehicle conference.
  2. If anyone’s interested in the floor plan, they included it in the Call for artists: https://buzzer.translink.ca/wp-content/uploads/2023/09/2023-08-24-Call-for-Artists-TransLink-Mark-5-New-SkyTrain.pdf
  3. Yesterday: emergency maintenance at Metrotown station on the outbound track. After the work//single tracking was done they had trains departing and leaving at 5km/h
  4. 18320 was NOT unwrapped (Tap to Win) and continues to be in service as a revenue bus.
  5. The crosswalk at KPU is now operational, this is part of the R6 upgrades along 72nd.
  6. Canada Line shuttles can be tracked. The Brighouse branch is closed for 4 months after 21:30 on weeknights.
  7. Additional changes: 745: Addition of a PM school special originating at Thomas Haney Secondary, bus goes to Haney Place to continue as 701. 250: PM School special added from Ottawa/15th, then non-stop to Marine at 15th, then local service into downtown 130: 11 AM and 3 PM trips originate at Brentwood Station SB on weekdays. I guess this is all stuff that would have otherwise went NIS to Metrotown to start as 130/222. EDIT: These look to be added during the Spring sheet.
  8. Lineup of 44 from Dundarave: 8152, 8145, 9652
  9. 18359 - UNIFOR PNE day shuttle. Was parked NB Renfrew FS at Hastings by PNE gate 1
  10. If this is correct, the 152 and 212 have been reprogrammed. They show up as “AUSTIN AVE” and “DOLLARTON HWY” on tcomm.
  11. 18028 on an odd trip as 503 Aldergrove. Monitoring if this becomes a weekly thing. There has not been any artic 503 service since the last sheet.
  12. 7413 makes an appearance on the last day of 14 TO BLANCA before UBC Loop for trolleys opens back up.
  13. Extra 900 bikebus runs happening also this weekend, similar setup to BC Day long weekend
  14. 16128 to STC Edit: same as 16129
  15. I mean it's not that hard when you do "the mathematics" of concerts and peak ridership - For starters BC place rarely hits above 60,000 people, which is more than three times that of Rogers Arena.
  16. Just a Record breaking 65,000 sellout crowd at BC Place tonight for Ed Sheeran, nothing to see here.
  17. Not anytime soon, no confirmed or estimate on date/months. Never pointed this out but the 2 is mentioned in the service changes page but it’s separate entry is entirely absent.
  18. 160 OL for PNE 2 for 1. there are 3 more extras on the 16 on top of the 4 scheduled. Those are out until 1.
  19. 11:26pm - Medical incident (fall) onboard a train at New Westminster outbound, cleared by 12:05am. September 1 4:00pm - track intrusion at Granville Station as apparently someone discharged a fire extinguisher inside an elevator (no fire) and and yeeted the thing onto the tracks
  20. Nova Suburban 640 this evening on 18467
  21. DRAKE concert scheduled for tonight is postponed to Wednesday due to technical issues with the newly installed jumbotron. This was an alert posted onto TransLink (which is a first for me at least). The Wednesday it’s moved to currently has track maintenance Nanaimo-Joyce scheduled for 9:30pm, I’m sure it’ll get pushed back. —————— Due to track intrusion, no Canada Line service between Waterfront and 41st. Started around 8:15pm cleared 9:15pm ish
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