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  1. Why didnt they just make the farecards as credit cards and install faregate validators?
  2. Carpool would work best then, but again, if there is enough demand then I guess it could work...
  3. Or add tracking devices to compass cards. Tracks when only on the bus. If a tap out is detected and the holder is still riding, then the fine will be issued.
  4. I wanna talk about nightbus for a bit. How would one get from Lougheed to Surrey at 2-4am?
  5. Solution 1 to catch cheaters: Faregates at bus stops??? Im kinda iffy on this. That will cost a lot of money. The least they can do to catch cheaters is issue fines.
  6. NIS trip if a train in front of it is occupying the platform, obviously.
  7. "2013-08-13" Lets think about how how they will solve the cheating problem first.
  8. LoL I was at SFU Today. Sunny and beautiful. 4pm! And did you mean 8083? 8063 didnt come out today and besides, it is a RTC Bus. IDK why it doesnt have a prefix. 335 was rerouted along Whalley BLVD, 104, and 140th today. Successfully documented that.
  9. Well maybe I could explain 395. My theory: 39- Express numbering for surrey 5-Replicates 502 until 168th But now what about all 8 express routes that run from Bridgeport? Include also the 160,
  10. B9665 Has been transferred to NVTC. Last seen on 239. http://tcomm.bustrainferry.com/mobile/bus?busId=9665
  11. We shouldve gotten a few 30 footers then. I dont see that happening. Read the "Special sightings" thread for details.
  12. Mine was P7438 on a 177. And did you manage to see it at the scrapyard?
  13. P7439 is back in service. 143, 190 today. http://tcomm.bustrainferry.com/mobile/bus?busId=7439
  14. and can we please try to refrain from repeating posts? When I see a new post, I treat it as some sort of news.
  15. I suggest the Boundary bay trips to be designated as 691. I seem to like the number.
  16. once a few weeks. someone generated a list of D40LF's on the N19 for the past year. Its somewhere on the forum.
  17. Global's version stated that they are launching it in 2014. Which contradicts with the fare transition period. We could see farecards and WCE 28 day passes until March. http://globalnews.ca...tem-discovered/
  18. Posted before detours were announced. Now i can confirm.
  19. Massive backups on 410, 104, 340 today because of a flipped semi on the Queensborough bridge. 410's seem to be going on knight street bridge.
  20. 328 is C73, and forced the creation of 828 school special. 337 used to be C74 but they reverted it back again The wiki pages should have some former numbers.
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