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  1. Well yeah. Best bet is probqbly Guildford area. Theres a number of good quality inns there. Theres a sandman suites there too.
  2. I think your best high performance one would be the Sheraton in Guildford. There could be more choice hotels in the area. Just use google maps to find a good one. Theres nothing really along the skytrain lines. All hotels are about 2-5km-s from the nearest stop. Coming September 2? Theres the new 96 B-line that will get you to KSurrey Central in no time.
  3. Its going back to STC. It was at BTC for repairs. Im thinking why didnt it go on highway 1 to Patullo (Exit somewhere brunette) Unless it has to do service somewhere else which I doubit it will.
  4. There also exists an S439 and an S442 We can probably confirm that Batch S435-S464(?) has started arriving.
  5. 9767 re-activated in North Vancouver again http://tcomm.bustrainferry.com/mobile/bus?busId=9767 I guess that was just a random storage at PCTC
  6. http://www.flickr.com/groups/vancouvertransit/discuss/72157633300006842/page2/#comment72157635238944006 It's under STC D60LF
  7. 8011 and 8001 are in for engine repairs -from Flickr discussion
  8. That must've been fun. I guess the closest to that is type of speed is 257 on a D60LFR
  9. 033 Unwrapped from Travelsmart Green
  10. S256 has been moved back to PCTC. Was last seen on the C48 http://tcomm.bustrainferry.com/mobile/bus?busId=S256
  11. Just those 2 so far. http://tcomm.bustrainferry.com/retirement_export.txt
  12. Pic of the changed N24 Destination sign. The change has already been mentioned. Just sharing photos.
  13. Im kinda iffy on CNG moving to Surrey. The 325 should or might tell why. My Money is still on RTC or HTC
  14. How common is a broken farebox? S7283 had one tonight. How common is a broken farebox? S7283 Had one tonight.
  15. ODD because TCOMM had it on the 555 all day until 22'55. Between 8:29-8:37 it was on layover. So it could either be... 1: Terminate at Lougheed for unknown reason 2: Secret trip between for a 10 minute round trip.
  16. I think that is a "Special sighting" But these past weekends we have been getting artics on that route and (sometimes) the 601.
  17. Im gonna take a walk outside and see if the changes to the stops along the 335 have been made already.
  18. I last saw 8009 at BTCS on the west wall. August 7 2013
  19. From Flickr discussion: Did any of you guys in Richmond see any '98 D40LF's with S prefixes woking Richmond routes?
  20. South of Fraser, all I can think of is Ladner Exchange, because of the Orions and Artics coming in, as well as conventional buses from the 404 and 640. Bridgeport on rush hour would just give you a ton of express buses, Artics, and D40LFs. Park royal should have lots of West Van buses I'll say kinda to metrotown, because there are too many novas. Overall, most bus exchanges should do.
  21. OH MY GOODNESS Thats SWEET. 4 Things: 1: They removed the "0" prefix 2: It looks like the duct tape hinted something was going to happen. 3: They seem to retain their old red interior. They need to at least get that done, like they did to 019-020-035. 4: Looks like my narrowing down skills were right.
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