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  1. Nice photo, but that bus has been wrapped since september. I recall a pair of 500-600 series MK1's (121-136) wrapped for Black Ops 1-2 years ago.
  2. yeah, i seem to be having trouble searching it up.
  3. It is an obvious choice, unless they can make another 2 and either cycle the set or make a 6-car version.
  4. So today I passed the OMC today... and to my surprise, there was ANOTHER set of MKI's painted into the new colours. Remember those photos taken of 063-064? There are another set of tracks parallel to it. From my angle, I noticed by the rooves. I swear I was not seeing a 300 series train. If I were to guess, I'd place a bet on 067-068, or 035-036.
  5. Which has more demand though? And why not instate a route from Scott road to Lougheed?(Nightbus/Skytrain not operating)
  6. Getting back on track... I saw S7351 on 96 and it was packed.I also saw a driver stop at 140 Street WB. IDK what that was for. IDK if he wanted to pick up passengers? or something else...
  7. It's just the weekend. Also PoCo has other D60LF routes (143, 160, 701) so they cant use hem at a consistent rate. I can tell you that PCTC runs D40LF purely on 97 on Sundays/holidays since people don't use it as much. Last Sunday there were only 2 D60LF out at POCO. 8080 on 160, 8096 on 701
  8. http://www.translink.ca/en/Schedules-and-Maps/Alerts.aspx ST. JOHN'S CORRIDOR: Starting tomorrow, any buses using St. John's street will be using Murray street due to skytrain construction on the rail overpass on Barnet near Ioco. This detour will last until the 12th at 6am. There will also be a Temporary Community Shuttle that will serve the St. John's corridor. 15 minutes frequency until 8, where it is a 30 minute wait. Check the link for more details.
  9. 2nd time this fall we had an orion on 323, 326. http://tcomm.bustrainferry.com/mobile/bus?busId=9226
  10. It was just by chance. The buses with security cameras are usually called up for the night shifts. I remember there was 1 D60LF trip in the summertime.
  11. So does anybody else have P7439 soon after refurb? This was taken 19 days after, so the wheels have seen wear and tear already.
  12. And since when did they start using DE60LFR on N20? If it's a routinely nightly trip, then I need to be observing more carefully. http://tcomm.bustrai.../bus?busId=8120
  13. I will be at Guildford for an I will be at Guildford today, so i might be able to catch some photos. Dang it; Change of plans. Im still at guildford but AWAY from where the line runs through.
  14. B9665 has been transfered back to BTC. Last block was a 123, 134, 136 block. http://tcomm.bustrai.../bus?busId=9665
  15. N7194 is the first 1996 D40LF on the 96 B-line. http://tcomm.bustrainferry.com/mobile/bus/7194
  16. The answer should be hinted in the track setup at Lougheed.
  17. And they've stopped the (135,160) blocks as well. They've also removed artics from 190 (maybe because its not summertime anymore)
  18. If 301 is going, then they might as well make all 394's D40LF/D40LFR if it is still running by the time HTC is built. Will HTC hold community shuttles?
  19. I go to school near 160/88th and right now, I have friends that are starting to complain that 388 WB is always full once it gets to 160/88th :/ These guys cant use the 388-Special because they have Extra Curricular activities. Is there some sort of spike in ridership? Can we at least see D40LF during peak hours?
  20. But aren't all 135 trips supplied by PCTC articulated D60LF? Im checking PCTC' 's retirement export and im finding no "135, 160" block on any of their 40 footers. Or actually in general, How many times does a 40 footer run a 135, given the fact that there is 1 BTC NOVA trip that runs to Duthie and Hastings in the early morning? http://tcomm.bustrainferry.com/mobile/bus?busId=9471
  21. 7405 did a 135 yesterday. http://tcomm.bustrainferry.com/mobile/bus?busId=7405 How common are 40 footers are seen on 135?
  22. Let's put NVTC into the mix. 1: Subtract NVTC. NVTC has 69 Novas and 17 D40LF's. Send the D40LF's to RTC. 2: VTC's 21 D40LF's to RTC. 3: BTC ends up with around least 48 Novas. Hopefully that number is able to lessen.
  23. Overpass closure (10 over 99) forcing all express routes to use AF bridge due to massive delays
  24. It's probably a definite. It is better to transfer that bus because it still has advertisements for GTC.
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