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  1. R9215 is back in service. http://tcomm.bustrainferry.com/mobile/bus?busId=9215
  2. P7377 has been transferred back to RTC. It started work this morning on the 410. http://tcomm.bustrai...mobile/bus/7377
  3. Throw in N7182, Last seen October 15 and V7215, Last seen November 5 Same with R7235 and R7240, Last seen October 15
  4. They could have at least send back 7265 or 7445 for that matter. I would have even accepted 7446.
  5. Was*** I call that unexpected. I thought I assumed that all 1995 D40LFs would stay in richmond until their retirement.
  6. Hey im curious as to why they do not ad wrap the front. Is there a policy stating that all fronts should be left undone?
  7. Here it is, up and running! Caught it in Vancouver today.
  8. 9715 has a twitter account LOL (obvs. controlled by someone else) Just follow it to see where it will be for this season.
  9. I have a trade to announce: BTC trades 8082 and 8083 to RTC http://tcomm.bustrainferry.com/mobile/bus?busId=8082 http://tcomm.bustrainferry.com/mobile/bus?busId=8083 In exchange for 8061 and 8068. http://tcomm.bustrainferry.com/mobile/bus/8061 http://tcomm.bustrainferry.com/mobile/bus?busId=8068
  10. I Have to sneak a trip after school tomorrow or Friday.
  11. Im thinking those are the 4 seats behind the panels in the end sections.
  12. S9232 is back in service, first seen on 301 on the morning of the 18th http://tcomm.bustrai.../bus?busId=9232
  13. Last time I read it, theyre doing it once the government Street Overpass is completed. Then round that completion date up to the nearest service change date.
  14. Just stay past Columbia or go to Commercial-Broadway and you should be safe
  15. There's a trick as to knowing which car is paired up with which. Works with each pair. If you see 1 car you know what car is coupled to it. The trick is... Evens are always higher, odds are always lower. So that means 011 is paired up with 012. 063-064 is the other pair if you recall back earlier in the year.
  16. Confirmed on Translink's twitter: 011 is seen repainted at the OMC. It also states that "It's ready for service." https://twitter.com/...7392000/photo/1
  17. Hardly ever, but if it were, then I think it would be an overload trip in Summer that wouldnt be listed on Tcomm. Why you ask? Im thinking youre curious?
  18. Speaking of sold translink buses, I remember this from my childhood. Down at Henlong, there was once a property across the street along 144 street that held an old "Fishbowl" for a few years. I never knew what happened to it afterwards (I last saw it sometime 2005?) I remember that it was either a 6600 series or a 9100 series B.C. Transit fishbowl.
  19. We only implemented the yellow because we, according to wikipedia and as far as I know, were split from BC Transit in 1999 and we had to create our own paint scheme. Explains why a majority of vehicles built in 1999/2000, were stuck in white for a while. They put the 1999 D40LF's and a few 1999/2000 D60LF in service in the ghost scheme, because they hadn't decided the format of the new paint scheme at the time.
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