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  1. Here's an assumed list of D40LF's at OTC, based on which buses haven't seen service for the past month. 7108 7109 7111 7123 7125 7127 7129 7133 7138 7145 7146 7162 7167 7230 7235 7182 was sent back to NVTC on the 23rd. 7215 was put back in service this Monday 7243 was transferred to NVTC (Although It hasn't seen service since December 31) 7147 was placed back in service on the 17th 7232 was re-activated on the 20th 7104, 7161, 7183, 7228, and 7240 are located at the Prevost Facility, with their Bike racks and Plate numbers removed.
  2. Oddly enough, according to the general sightings thread, 7224 was transferred. It was spotted with a V prefix. I'm assuming RTC would not use the same bus for the 22 right? We just could not verify the transfer because the route is run by both bases in question.
  3. RE: 7243, 7224 7224 is running 022 this morning, so that is confirmed And 7243 is a re-activation from storage as well.
  4. 7137 is running route 354. Also ®7401 is running a 602
  5. It was sitting in storage for around nine months. It was out since march.
  6. I sent feedback. Don't be afraid to send feedback. He was having trouble updating the schedules and new blocks, especially in the PoCo area.
  7. V7215 has been re-activated. It was sitting in storage at OTC for the majority of fall.
  8. Throw in 7219's awaited return to VTC; Retirement export had it last running on the 84.
  9. I noticed something from a video newly released about skytrain. They seemed to have added a line for trains coming into columbia station heading inbound. And by line, I mean line of speech. It goes "The next station is Columbia. Transfer to the millenium line. (Then video cuts off.) IDK if there are more words to add alon to that phrase...
  10. 8082 is finally back at BTC after spending a few weeks in Richmond.
  11. Thanks to all for giving me advice, It helps me spread out my career options out. Now based on what they do, I'm also looking at mechanics or planning as well.
  12. Oh my goodness, Those double-back wheels doe. Kinda wish NFI did that to their D40LF's
  13. Also found this old trolley video uploaded this fall. It reviews the 10-Hastings express.
  14. So I went transitfanning after exams today. What made the trip Awesome is that out of 4 buses I rode on today,3 had broken fareboxes. All from STC.
  15. Is there anything bad about becoming a transit operator? I'm still in high school and I'm looking at this as one of my options. I heard they get verbal abuse and are ticked by mechanical problems.
  16. Everything mentioned here, as of today, has since been reverted, except 8082.
  17. Oh haha sorry I think I was one off
  18. You mean 9224 right? It has since been swapped out.
  19. Just saw P7420 heading EB on HWY 1 in Burnaby.
  20. N19 makes a stop there. 365 artic buses per year.
  21. 8017 on N19 tonight, assuming that the last time we had a 1998 D60LF doing the final artic trip supported by BTC was at least several months ago. ALSO: Transit police asks people of B.C. NOT to use the skytrain to transport drugs, after some dumbo was caught with 1.5 pounds of marijuana onboard.
  22. http://www.translink.ca/en/Schedules-and-Maps/Transit-Service-Changes.aspx DEC. Changes OFFICIALLY RELEASED. on translink website. No 503 yet.
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