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  1. I think the seat fabric on 8075 has been replaced... Oops nevermind that, They did it to all refurbished 2000 D60LF's.
  2. B8079 is back in service. I was lucky enough to catch it on the 135 and 145 today. http://www.flickr.co...06/11661159173/ http://www.flickr.co...06/11661671316/ http://www.flickr.co...06/11660905705/ They also replaced the seat fabric. http://www.flickr.co...06/11660918605/ http://www.flickr.co...06/11661276554/
  3. 7391 has been moved to RTC. It hasn't seen service since the December Service Changes. Now we wait on 7389, which should be at BTC for some repair...
  4. Goodness, It's even new years eve. Prayers th those affected;They won't be celebrating new years with them (
  5. Express691


    Some horrible ones: What do you call an elf that sings? A wrapper. Did you hear about the Kidnapping? He woke up. How did deaf mathematicians communicate? Sine language!!! I would tell you about the joke about the car trip, but it's too long. I was about to tell you a secret about the butter, But I was afraid that you might spread it. What does the clock do if it's still hungry? It goes back four seconds. Why do pirates have a hard time saying the alphabet? They get lost at C.
  6. I remember a few years back, my mom told me that Someone had called the church office in a panic and asked what time midnight mass was for new years day.
  7. I got called a bigot and disrespectful for not supporting gay marriage. I would also like to point out that I am a catholic, therefore I dread talking about religious debate. It's what I'm supposed to believe in so...
  8. December 27: 9228 did a 340. (They phased out orions on 340 few years ago...)
  9. Banned for not keeping the thread alive
  10. From what I remember as an elementary school kid, Back in around 2000-2005, I would notice a different pitch coming from the sound of the brakes. It was a semi-tone sharper. I also know an operator at the OMC who mentioned that they had different brakes. Nowadays in 2013, I can hardly hear the different tone coming from the brakes. Either they chamged them or something... We can conclude that they had them from the beginning. Don't know if they were changed to the ones on the older trains. I'll have to ask the OMC worker. Oh one more thing to add: They also feature a different door mechanism. Their doors seem to click when they close. Older trains would close with a slamming noise.
  11. Just some more additional facts: 121-136: No end doors 137-156: Feature revised brakes 063-064, 011-012 feature current translink livery, alternate seating arrangement, repainted interior 035, 019-020 feature repainted interior.
  12. DELETE; It's only a small temporary job. I can ask for content to be edited on the content addition thread right? I can also rely on my 2 fellow vancouverites here to edit stuff too.
  13. I knew 98 B-line Richmond Centre in elementary... It wasnt until this year that I discovered we had the same hobbies.
  14. Pet peeve of mine is on escalators where people stand on the left side. Gosh, I almost missed my train that morning.
  15. I was on the Canada line and the following ensues between an older asian man and a younger asian man. Younger one puts stuff on ledge (windowsil) on the front of the train Older man sees the sign "Keep area clear) Then takes the youngers man's stuff and moves it. Younger man complains about stuff being touched Older man claims that it's his responsibility for others to follow rules Argument ends after younger man says "You have a problem? Talk to those who work here. You don't work here and have no rights o touch my stuff"
  16. Decwmber 12: went transitfanning, 3 buses had broken fareboxes. All in one row. I only paid for my 4th and last trip
  17. I just saw 7369 just sitting past 104/140th E.B. Shut down, with pylons around it. B/O'ed?
  18. Another Orion on a (323, 326) block. This time it is 9231.
  19. Already mentioned in the retirement thread for D40LF's but it belongs here too. N7182: Out for a few months (Oct.15), has been re-activated. It is also transferred back to NVTC.
  20. I managed to film the new announcements for trains going to columbia the other day. I also noticed that they started to split up the (341, 364, 375, 595) block. I don't see the 4 routes all together in one block, theyre either split up with one left out, or with a 320 and 502 added in the mix.
  21. Skytrain 077-078 wrapped for 2 days in seattle.
  22. Its also low demand. They reduced it to every 2 hours.
  23. It continues. 7233 on the 603 7250 on the 602 Here's more from December 20: 7381 on the 352 7256 on the 620 December 23: 7147 on the 601 3289 on the 354 3296 on the 352
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